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MASSAGE MY NEIGHBOR LADYTHE MASSAGE FOR MY NEIGHBOR LADYAt age 16 had completed secondary education, and had entered the university. But had an unfulfilled ILLUSION, had the desire to make love to my neighbor a woman over 50, and single. At that moment I wondered how I could approach her, and get her caresses. She was a thin woman but very elegant.She was single, never married, lived with his sisters and nephews. This happened almost 25 years ago. I had to invent the story that was studying a technical program in physical therapy to all my family and the neighborhood, pretending to practice with anyone who offered. Prepare forms, records, health questionnaires. Check model interviews, basic massage manuals, buy a uniform type enfermero.Lo most important is that she had a lot of confidence and esteem. I grew up and become a young woman. We agreed to have two sessions of relaxation massage. The first time being alone in the house, specifically in his room. Before the session help for 1 hour to move all the lotusbet güvenilirmi furniture of the room, change the curtains, and general cleaning of the floor, walls, and the bathroom with an aromatic essence. Gift will bring a set of body creams. So with a renewed atmosphere of your room, we start with a phase of physical exercises for 50 minutes the tired, increasing the intensity and effort exercises every 10 minutes. She ended up tired, and then follow with a bath tub of warm water with liquid soap smelling exotic fruits for 20 minutes, and a natural essence mask for the face, and a brief session of pedicure. I esf *** and show very serious and professional. At this time, we give away one somewhat transparent white coat to dress in the bathroom. His bed was ready and all the creams were ready. For compliance with the 20 minutes massage session, she was very relaxed and confident. I was very cautious, until you reach the private areas gradually I touch with my hands insinuating lotusbet yeni giriş that notaries were awakening reactions on your skin. I note that the relaxation gave way to excitement. Paralemente this without being rude I was highlighting her good figure and other details of the health of your body. The purpose of this first meeting was to awaken her sensuality, and leave it a pleasant memory and satisfaction for the next session. The only thing I did notice at the end she was noticing that I was excited and had an erection, and therefore faster terminanos the first session, apologizing because he needed to go home. During the week I call apologizing for having retired abruptly last Sunday but felt somewhat indisposed, and that suddenly would not continue with the second session because I had finished the creams, but she answered what I wanted, “not worry about it because I have a more simple creams for skin that can serve. “The next week, repeat all, and definitely lotusbet giriş the first session had served. She was very anxious and I smiled all the time. Until it came time to play her neck, her shoulders, now if I dared to touch his pechospero with the front of my hands or what she said she did not feel the normal massage preferring to use my hands in a natural position. This gave me total confidence and permission to touch his body. I recommended that if the sensations caused him to say something that you do because it was a natural reaction of the body. So she began to moan softly with every touch and rose. By reason of the massage, my legs always touched her body and she noticed my terrible erection. However flinch not at all. Instead, pressure was felt that and follow the opposite movement of my body. his body walked her thighs, buttocks and crotch in a delicate way. I was already shaking. I asked him how he felt. And I said that I was done. And went to kiss him on the cheek, but I gave him a number and instinctively gently kissed her lips, she reacted holding me from this moment I can only say that I keep grabbing my cock and made love right there for half an hour because we knew someone in the family could go.There were many preparations but worth it. It was our secret to this day