Matthew-The Awakening – Part One

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Matthew-The Awakening – Part OneMy name is Matthew, though everyone call’s me Matt. I’ve always been very aware of sex, even at the very early age of nine. I remember my sister’s sweet 16 party and her sitting with me on the couch before the guests arrived (I was banned to my room when it started) admiring my sister’s panyhose covered legs. When mom left the room I touched her leg and ran my finger up her thigh until she looked at me funny and made me stop by pushing my hand aside. I suppose that was the first time I could admit to being turned on. I’m now older, my sister Amy is off at college and I live with my Mom, Leslie and my dad Bruce. Mom owns her own accounting firm, dad works for a big computer company and he travels a lot, leaving mom and me alone quite a bit. Mom is 42 and quite tall and very beautiful. She has a great body with her best feature being her legs and ass. She tends to dress down, rarely wearing heels or hose and in fact dressing “frumpy” for work. I don’t know if that’s because that’s her comfort level or because she doesn’t want to distract her clients or her help. All I can say is that when she dresses up to go out with dad she’s a knockout. On those occasions she wears short skirts and four inch heels and it was one of those nights that started all this and is the reason I’m writing it all down. If you’re a guy reading this story you’ll appreciate it when I tell you that at the age of 16 everything can get a guy turned on. In fact my biggest challenge in school is my geometry teacher. I would guess she’s in her middle to late 20’s, blond, beautiful and tends to wear garter belts and nylons under her knee length skirts and who wears those any more? Anyway, all of us in her class know this because at about 5’2″ she stands on her toes to reach the top of the blackboard and her skirt slides up those beautiful legs when that happens and the whole class sees it. Anyway, that’s a story for another time. Suffice to say that everything gets me hard and it’s difficult canlı bahis to not stay hard. These days with s*s in college I get home at 3:30 and I’m alone until about 5:30 when mom gets home. What’s a boy to do except jack off? I can cum three times in 90 minutes with no problem at all, the problem for me was I got bored looking at girls in magazines so one day I was thinking of mom all dressed up sexy and it occurred to me to steal some of mom’s panties from her panty drawer. That was my big mistake as about two weeks into it I stole a pair of bright blue sexy panties. They were the kind that tied at the waist and had a butt floss back. Just the thought of that string between mom’s butt cheeks did it for me. Well how was I to know that they were new and somehow special? Well I got home from school one day, completely focused on wondering if my geometry teacher had a shaved pussy and there was mom, sitting on my bed, legs crossed with my “collection” in her hands (I kept them under my mattress where no one would look, so I thought).Well I thought she would tear into me as her panties were all filled with dried cum. Instead she said, “Now Matt, I understand that all boys your age have urges, but did you have to take my best new panties?”. Now I’m not a shy person but had nothing to say except to hand my head and reply, “Mom you have no idea what it’s like for a guy my age. The girls in school are mostly teases and even my teachers are no help. My geometry teacher Miss Phelps is always wearing nylons and garter belts..”. The conversation went on like that for 45 minutes that seemed like hours. She asked me how many times I masturbated a day (usually three), what I thought of (you, mom, hoping without luck that my direct approach would end the conversation). Do I ever eat my own cum (sometimes, but it would be more fun doing that with a girl). What girls interest me (Becky a 14 year old next door that will touch my hardon but won’t let me touch her much less cum) We ended the conversation bahis siteleri with her taking the panties and telling me that she understood my needs and I could take panties from her dirty clothes but not her clean stuff. I was stunned.I went on like that for a few more weeks, this time taking two or three pairs of panties at a time, sniffing one and cumming in another. I progressed from there to her bras, especially the sexy ones and finally her pantyhose. I would masturbate into the crotch some times. One day everything changed. I got home from school, stripped naked, went to mom’s closet to her dirty clothes and buried just below the surface was a ziplock bag with panties in them and a note. The note said “I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.”. Inside the bag were the blue panties and they were filled with dad’s cum. Doubtless she did the baggie so the cum wouldn’t dry out. I took the panties and a pair of her hose and this time I put on the hose and rubbed myself off into them while savoring the taste of the cum while smelling the panties. Knowing that I would get bored and frustrated by these sorts of activities (who wants to only smell pussy and never touch it?) I raised the ante by taking three selfies. The first was me standing in her pantyhose with a huge hardon pressed against the inside of the pantyhose, the second the same after I came in them (huge wet spot) and the third a shot of me drooling dad’s load down my chin. I edited my upper body off the first two and from my nose up on the third. On that one all you could see was my mouth and the cum running down my chin to my neck. I printed all three picture and put them, the panties and the pantyhose back in the bag with the original note and zipped it closed. You have to admit, putting the original note back was a nice touch.Two nights later and I can’t tell if mom even checked her dirty clothers. No reaction at all. Dad came home from a business trip and sure enough I heard the sound of grunting and bahis şirketleri soft talking from their room. I was half tempted to sneak into the hall and jack off while listening but before I could make up my mind, the noise stopped and I could hear the soft snoring from my dad. A few minutes later mom walked in my room wearing nothing but a tight tee shirt and white cotten panties. She shut off the light as she came in the room. “Matt, I loved your response to my baggie note the other day. I spent most of that night fucking myself with dildos hoping you would come in the room. I even fell asleep wearing those same cummy pantyhose. You are such a naughty boy.”. With that she pulled back my covers to discover my raging hardon. “Son this is between us. Not a word to anyone. Promise.”. “I promise, mom”, I replied. “OK then. You are not to swallow.” and with that she swung over my body with her butt by my face, pulled the panties aside and started sliding it all over my face and simultaneously swallowed my hard cock. I don’t mean she sucked it. She swallowed it. I dipped my tongue into mom’s pussy knowing I would last only moments and as I did so, Dad’s big load slid into my mouth and onto my face. All of a sudden I remembered the “don’t swallow” comment and between that thought and the cum load I exploded, I licked mom’s clit and she came. Hard. I think she might have peed a bit too. As I came she pulled up a bit putting my cock in her mouth instead of her throat, capturing my load in her mouth. She quickly swung around and kissed me sucking the cum in my mouth into hers and depositing the whole big mess into mine. We went back and forth like sucking each other’s cummy tongues until I started to get hard again but she stopped, licked up the mess and swallowed what was left. “That’s enough for tonight son. We don’t want to get caught do we?”, and as she started out the door she looked at my now hard cock, paused, peeled her soaked panties off her long, beautiful legs, wiped her wet pussy with them and tossed them onto my hard cock. “Enjoy, son. Dad leaves town on Monday and you can have any thing you want.”. “You have a much larger cock than he does and I can’t wait to see if you can really give me cum three times in a row.”