Maui- my first rim job

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Maui- my first rim jobI had been working hard and needed a break. Unfortunately right after we landed and checked into the Grand Hotel on Maui, my girlfriend decided to become a bitch and we had a big fight. I wasn’t in a great mood and I let her return to the mainland. The next morning I realized I could have compromised some but it was too late.I headed to the beach and the fun there. There were lot’s of hard bodies but I realized this is a couples destination.Oh well, I’ll make the best of it.As I returned to my room late afternoon I bumped into the couple in the room next to mine. They were about 28-30 and both very attractive.We exchanged pleasantries and agreed to meet in the restaurant for diner and drinks.We had great steaks and just kept drinking until about 11:00. We somewhat stumbled to our rooms, the three of us leaning on each other. I kept glancing at Lisa, she had a rock hard body, very tanned with long lean legs. Her dark hair was long and she had a pretty face and mouth.As I arose the next morning I caught them heading to the beach at the same times as me.”Hey Rick” Drew said, “Why don’t you come with us?””Okay”We walked towards the secluded end of Kanaapali as we tempobet giriş didn’t have any desire to hear the noise that comes with the busy end of the beach.We grabbed some loungers and ordered drinks.Lisa eventually laid on the sand for some tanning. Drew rubbed some lotion on her and she undid her top strap. She glanced at me and caught me glancing, trying to catch some side boob. She didn’t seem disturbed. We continued to order umbrella drinks and we got along really well. I wasn’t sure but I thought Lisa was gazing at me at times.Late in the afternoon we decided to call it a day and head to our rooms. We all got up and Lisa forgot (perhaps) to fasten her top. Her beautiful tits were exposed to the world. She has small firm tits that seemed perfect to me. I couldn’t help staring.She and Drew laughed and he helped her fasten her top.As we approached our room Drew again invited me to share dinner with them.”I feel like I’m a third wheel, surely you want to be alone?””Nonsense Lisa said as she smiled. We want you to join us”This evening we got really gassed. I could barely make it to the room. Just before I swiped my key Drew interrupted me.”Join us for a nightcap””What tempobet yeni giriş the hell, sure”We went into their room and I almost crawled to a chair. Drew made some drinks and Lisa headed to the rest room.As Drew handed my a bourbon Lisa came out of the rest room, wearing a sheer outfit. I could see her whole nude body.I almost gasped, she is incredibly pretty.”Rick, Drew said, we like entertaining a third person sometimes, especially someone as attractive as you.”hey I’m drunk but I’m not gay””That’s okay, he smiled. I’ll watch”Lisa walked over to the bed near me and slid off the top of her outfit.I just stared at her beautiful titsShe played with them as my dick grew”Want to play with these?”I almost leaped at her. My lips went right to her nipples. She moaned as Drew egged me on”That right Rick”I kissed her as I rubbed one tit and sucked on another.I sled off her negligee and gazed at her entire nude body.She didn’t have a spare pound anywhere and she is tanned all over. My dick was throbbing and I stood to remove my trunks.Drew helped me remove them, that made me a bit uneasy.I laid Lisa back on the bed and ribbed her pussy, it was already wet.I knew tempobet güvenilirmi it wasn’t going to be the best fuck but I needed it quick.I spread her legs and gave her a quick licking. I came up and went right for her pussy with my throbbing dick.As I thrust in and out I thought Drew was taking video. I was drunk and didn’t care.I came quickly. My back arched and I was almost yelling as my hips thrust into her sweet pussy.After I came big gobs in her pussy I fell asleep.I awoke to a great relaxing back rub. It was dark in the room.The hands started on my shoulders and then moved to the small of my back and then my buttocks; that felt great.My legs were spead and I felt a breath between my butt cheeks. I tensed but it felt good.The hands spread my cheeks and I felt a tongue caress them. I relaxed. My cheeks were spread further and the tongue moved in between them. I couldn’t believe it. I had heard of the concept of a rim job but I couldn’t believe I was receiving one. How wonderful!Then the tongue swirled around my anus. I gasped. It felt great. Finally the tongue plunged all the way in. The hands nudged me and I hunched up a bit. My dick was being stroked from behind. Incredible!As the tongue swirled around my ass I got a grab hand job. I came again. I fell asleep again, exhausted.I awoke a few hours later, Drew and Lisa were asleep. She was on the bed, he was on the couch. I grabbed my trunks and headed to my own room.Who gave me the rim job?