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Subject: Max is a Mule (7) This is a purely fictional story of this mule hung dude I met online recently. I look at Twitter all the time. Those ‘my fan’ pages are pure sex and hot men bearing all for you. Max Small is a hot personal trainer/ model/ body builder in new Zealand that has a dick as thick as it is big. And just seeing this stud in shorts that leave little to ones imagination is the hottest thing in the world. The stud knows me only for my comments and stalking him online. Comments back and forth between us the only connection. But what I would give to get a hard painful slamming by this donkey dicked dude. Hope you enjoy. Max is a Mule (7) … I lay there with the hot Max. He came here to see me. He came here to meet me from our online chats. But moreover this hot mule hung dude came here to fuck me. Yes Max was here for sex with me. And after some foreplay. Me sucking on his big big dick. That and him playing with my ass. Finger fucking me to get my hole ready for him. The stud was now on me and behind me. He was now pushing his big fat dick at my hole. And after some quick words and a good hard shove he broke through my sphincter. “Ughnn fuckk!” I cried out “Jeesus. That is huge” “Awe fuck man. Fuxk, fuck, fuckk!” Yes he thrust his big dick into me. He pushed the fat cock he had attached to his crotch into me. A hard forceful thrust as for a few moments my ass resisted him. But now he was in me and in my ass. There was pain. Oh God was there pain. But it was what I expected. I had already clenched my mouth and teeth as I awaited his entry. So I was waiting for it. And yes it still hurt when he pushed into me. But not as much because I was knowing ut would be there on me. “Awe fuck man. Fuckk!” I crowed “Slow. Slow up. Stopp!” He did. Max stopped per my request. He stopped his progress per my asking him to. Holding the 4 inches he had thrust into me there. Just there in me. I could feel my heart beat at my ass. Or maybe it was the blood pulsating through his cock veins and his heart tuzla escort beat. Whichever it was, i felt it. And it was weird and hot back there too. Almost soothing as he held the throbbing cock just inside me. “How ya doing?” He then asked I couldn’t really talk much as my ass was trying to stave off the pain back there. Trying to take his big salami and just the few inches he had shoved into it. “Fuckk!” I finally got out “So fucking big man.” “Damn. Fuck” He stayed there with that dick barely inside me. I felt him move back there, but I feared he may pull out. And it was not what I wanted. Yes that dick was fucking huge. Yes it was so much more than I had ever taken before. But I certainly did not want him to take it out. So I reached back and grabbed his hand as he did See me like he was going to take it out. Shouting ‘no’ at him. “No man!” I shouted “Don’t leave” “Just gotta get used to that monster” “Gimme a bit. Just a bit” So he did just pause. Letting my hole try and acclimate to his big fucking cock. So I breathed in and out as best as I could. Taking in the air to calm me and to relax. Because that’s what I needed to do, relax. For that would loosen up my ass hole so I could accept his dick better. Right now it was tense and tight on him. So I did just that. Breath, breath, breath. Letting my body calm down. And fir the most part it did. For the most part I was calling down to be able to take his dick. Then I moaned as I told him to continue. I told Max to restart his dip into my ass hole. Groaning as he did. He slowly pushed down on me with his schlong. Feeding it into my ass hole. I could almost feel as my hole stretched out to max from him forcing it into me. He chimed on hiw incredibly tight I still was. Feeling my ass hole as it gripped onto his cock like a vice. “Damn man” he said “Still soo tight” “Gonna snap my dick in half buddy” I doubted that I could. It would be like trying to cut through a steel rod. So all I did was bury my face in my arm as he continued the pendik escort slow slid in and out of my ass. But I bit at my arm as he thrust down again and again. Certain my the pain was still at my backside. But as Max continued his motions on me it was slowly ebbing away. Slowly fading into just a dull full feeling back there. Like when you have the discomfort of really needing to go. But I knew it was just his size. Oh his huge size And as Max felt my ass giving away more and more, he began to fuck me a bit faster, a bit deeper. I soon had most of his elephant dick in me. And I swear it had punched into my colon and beyond. Or at least that was how it felt. But now I was was beginning to enjoy it. I was beginning to like being utterly filled up with his huge cock. “Do it stud. More” I huffed back at him “More man. Ughn!” And Max also moaned as he did pick up more speed. Giving me nice long sweeping thrusts. His huge meat plowing into my guts harder and deeper still. Several times I could feel his balls as they hit my scrotum. Him finding no further access as he hit all the way in. “Damn buddy” he crowed “Your ass us soo. Hmmf fuckk!” “Best ass i have had in a long time” “Ughn fuck. Awe fuckk!” Max was soon accelerating to a faster fuck speed. His muscular ass moving on my faster. The humping and grunting sounds from us getting heavier amd louder. The moans in me turning so whimpers as he continued to slaughter my guts with his mule cock. I was panting now. There under him I was breathing like I would have a heart attack or something. Huffing and puffing as I tried to get a regular breath. And Max behind me just grunting as he stabbed that fat dick deep into my ass. The dulled sensation in my ass started to get almost numb feeling. So I pondered had he damaged something in my ass. Killed the nerve endings somewhere inside. “Ohh God. Ohh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckk” he crowed “Getting close man. Getting close” I understood what he was saying. He was gonna bust a huge nut into me soon. Max aydınlı escort was gonna fill up my ass and bowels with his baby seed. He would impregnate me with his baby. Not that that was very likely. But i could almost imagine that this hard and pounding fuck he gave me. This utter fuck that he gave me would somehow find the woman in my genes and find some lost egg that never manifested at birth. And then I would under be pregnant with this studs child. “Do it baby. Do it!” I shouted “Finish me. Just finish me Max” Pump that belly stud. Do it!” Max did continue to thrust for another 2 or more minutes into my ass. Throwing all he had into his last moments. And then he blew. Max stopped, then reared up and slammed back into me. Then he screamed his pleasures as he exploded in my ass. Cursing a few expletives as he came. “Awe fuck. Bitch fuckk!” He shouted “Take it. Take my cum fucker” “Take it in that fucking hole” I then felt as he poured his cum into my ass. 5, 6, 7 blasts as he dumped out the contents of his balls into me. His body falling on my back as he continued to pour out cum. And after almost another minute Max slowed his thrusting. After over a minute he was just lightly jabbing at my ass occasionally. Grunting and humping in short gasps as he lay behind me. And then Max was done. Max just lay on my back for a minute more. Just in me as he collected himself again. “Awe fuckk” I groaned under him. “That was so. Hmmf fuckk!” Max then sighed and pulled out of me. Then he turned iver in the bed next to me. I turned my head and looked at the sexy guy. This had been one Hell of a fucking. I was left beaten and tired and my ass was aching and swollen. I then looked at his face as he smiled at me. He was sure a sexy fucker. So I climbed up on him and made out with Max for a bit more. “Fucking hottest guy” I said as we kissed. I then sat up and jerked my dick off as I sat on his lap. Max opened his mouth as I blew a load at his face. Then went back down to kiss him some more. The tome with him unfortunately went very fast. And he had to get home again. I kissed him good bye and hoped I would see him again, soon. For I wanted back on the mule cock he had. I am still waiting… The End Thanks for reading