Me and Alex

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Me and AlexIt’s a beautiful day and I’m stuck at work. MY son calls me and asks if it’s ok with me for him to go camping with some of his friends for the night. He said they were going to the campgrounds by the Ymca. I said yes and for him to be careful. I also asked him who was going, he said it was his friend Zack, his dad and some of their friends. All I ask is that I have Zack’s dads cell number, just in case something happens.I so badly want to go home, so I walk into my boss’s office and begin to talk with her. She’s all cool with things, when I told her my son was getting ready to leave for the weekend and that I really need to go meet with the k**’s dad that he’s going with. She understood what I was saying and told me to go home and enjoy my weekend. I say thank you and leave.When I get home, Andrew had a note on the table saying how much he loved me and the numbers of everyone that was going. I was surprised that Alex wasn’t going. But, I’m sure he has to work tonight. I unbuttoned and took my jacket off, dr****g it over the kitchen chair. I make myself a large iced tea and head to my bedroom. My shoes are kicked under the bed, I unzip the back of my skirt and take my blouse off. I look into the mirror and see my perky nipples through my spaghetti string top. I rub over my nipples, grip my breasts. I love to feel my nipples grow and push out from my shirts. I head to my bathroom and turn the shower on. I take my panties off and feel the temp of the water. It’s perfect: I step in leaving my shirt on. I feel like teasing myself some. I get my hair wet and turn towards the wall to wet the rest of my body. Once the water touches my breast, my nipples got hard. I turn to open the shower curtain and see my wet shirt with perky nipples. I hold my breasts again and tell myself, that my 36c’s look mighty nice and firm. I turn around again, to wash my hair.I take my shirt off, wring it out and toss it on the floor by my panties. I’m massaging the shampoo in my hair and celtabet giriş scalp, when I hear a strange noise. I ask who’s there, but no answer. I begin to rinse my hair, when I hear the shower curtain open. At first, I thought it was my boyfriend and he was going to join me, but his hands weren’t his gripping my breasts. I turn around and see Alex with a large smile and a very hard cock. I push my head back and finish rinsing my hair. Alex stoops down a bit, to suck on my nipples. His hands are all over my body, gripping my ass, over my belly, reaching down to barely touch my slit.I grab his cock and begin to stroke him as he sucks on me. Alex, lifts and kisses me. He turns me to have my back on the wall and lifts my left leg on the edge of the tub. His hand then goes between my thighs. He just slides his fingers into my slit and rubs up and down, getting me more excited. I grip him tighter and stroke him more. He lets out a moan as he has precum ooze on my hand. I lift my hand to lick it off. Alex, trys to put his cock in my pussy, while facing me, but he’s to tall. I turn around and he has easier access to get me from behind.Alex is pumping my pussy with his engorged cock. I can feel his balls slapping on my ass. I tell him he feels great, to continue fucking me. He slams into me, making me bump my head. With that, we stop turn off the shower and head for my bed. Alex lays me down and goes to lift my legs and spread them wide. He bends down adn begins to lick me silly. Spreading my pussy lips and shoving his tongue into my hole, licking me to a cumming frenzy. I beg him to finger me and make me cum again. Two large fingers are inserted and he’s fucking my hole, and thumbing my my nub, until I’m twitching as I have an orgasm. Alex goes down again and cleans up my cum, then comes up with his pussy juiced lips and kisses me, making sure to let me have some of my own juice. Alex is laying on top of me, I have my legs wrapped around his waist. celtabet yeni giriş His cock is just laying there wanting to enter me, Alex moves his hips to tease me before he will enter me.I’m begging for him to put his dick in me. Alex lifts up, grabs his dick and barely puts his head in me. I’m wiggling trying to get more, but he won’t budge. Alex then pushes himself partly in, then out again. A few times of this, he then rams my pussy with all his might. He’s fucking me like a mad man, lifting my right leg high, then both legs up around his shoulders, He fills me with every inch of his manhood, so deep he pushes into me.Alex pumps faster as he’s ready to cum, I tell him I want to suck him dry. He pulls from me, I lift up and begin to suck on his wet cummy dick. Mmm I say as i lick my cum off of him. Alex pulls my head onto him and makes me fuck him with my mouth. Alex grows harder and begins to shoot his hot cum into my mouth. I swallow and suck him more, making sure to swallow every drop. I pull away and tell him, he tastes so good. Alex, then falls onto my bed, with his dick just laying there in the open for me.I lay next to him, and tell him if we ever got caught, we both would be in a heap of trouble. he said he got caught by his mom the other day, when his girlfriend was giving him head in the garage. His mom seen what was going on, closed the door and he went limp real quick. he let his girlfriend go out the garage door, so she wouldn’t have to face his mom. I giggled, because i caught Andrew and his girlfriend in the same position. I just shook my head and walked away.Alex asked if i got mad at him. I said no, but i did stress to him to make sure he wears a condom, when he’s having sex with his girlfriend. he says it’s the only way he will have sex. Alex agreed, said i was the only one he has gone bare with. i told him I can’t get pregnant, so no worry there. We laughed as we began to tickle each other. i could hear a phone ringing celtabet güvenilirmi a strange tune. Alex’s phone was going off, he said that he’s got to get dressed for work. he jumped in the shower real quick, got dressed in his white button down and his black slacks. He got a new job at the Italian restraunt down in town. I asked if he got good tips. He says he always does with the pretty ladies. When he came over to me, he had another hard on and kissed me. I said i knew why he got good tips, because the ladies could see his hard cock press against his pants.Before Alex left, I told him to call me before going home. I said if I was alone, he could come over for a good night kiss. Alex smiled and left. I laid on my bed rubbing myself and fingering my pussy. I fell asleep after playing. It was after 8 when I woke from my nap. I put on an over sized t shirt and went to make me something to eat. I sat in the living room, watching tv and drinking some wine. As the evening went on, I called my boyfriend to see if he was coming over tonight. He said that he is in a big poker tournament and was getting ready to call me. I said ok, and I hope to see him tomorrow.Once I went to bed, my phone rang, it was Alex. I told him to come through the backdoor and I will be in my bed. Alex came in my room with nothing on. I giggled and told him I was nice and wet and I’m wanting to sit on his dick. I told Alex to sit on the chair and i will be right over. I walked to him rubbing and pinching my nipples. I rub his cock a few times, then turn my back to him and sit on his dick. I begin to pump him fast as I have a huge orgasm and my cum drips down his dick. Alex grabs hold of my waist and fucks me, til he shoots wads of cum inside me. I lift from him, walk to my bed and begin to tease him some, with my vibrator. I turn it on, slid it into my cum filled pussy and fuck myself. Alex comes over and takes the toy from me and pumps me faster than I can do to myself. I scream as I have another orgasm. Alex, lifts and says he must go home, his mom will have a fit if he stayed out all night. He was already grounded from being caught in the garage. I kissed him and thanked him for the fun filled fucking. We will do this again, and that I can’t wait to have him inside me again.