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Subject: Meeting Dale This story is a spinoff from “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” Characters are property of Warner Brothers. *** Rusty heard the lock click as his cousin closed the bedroom door. Dale turned and smiled. The smile worried Rusty a little. It seemed a little too happy for the situation: two mismatched cousins just meeting and going off to hang out and get to know each other. Rusty Griswold and his family were on vacation, driving across the country, and this family of relatives were a stop in that journey. It was a case of city folks visiting country folks. His mom and dad were in the living room with his Aunt Catherine and Uncle Eddie and their 2 youngest children, while his sister Audrey had gone off with Cousin Vicki to her room. Rusty was not too impressed with Cousin Dale. While both boys were 13, Dale seemed older. He was heavier. Rusty thought he was too heavy for his choice in clothes. His cutoff jeans were tight and quite short. His t-shirt was cut off as well, exposing a full mid-section. His arms and legs were much thicker and stronger than Rusty’s. He was odd, yet he seemed to have a sense of solid confidence as well; an easy strength that Rusty found confusing. Rusty was skinny. He was pale, as redheads tended to be. He dressed conservatively in jeans and collared shirts. He was easily intimidated. He had little experience of the world beyond his video games. What could he and Dale have to talk about? Dale continued to stare at Rusty, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, scratching various itches and occasionally pulling at his tight denim shorts. Rusty spoke into the silence. “Do you have any video games?” “No.” “So what do you do here, Dale?” “I’ve got a stack of nudie magazines this tall.” Dale said indicating a height of two feet between his hands. “OK …” Dale went to his closet and pulled a worn cardboard box from the back. He tossed a magazine to Rusty. The cover read “Swing Shift.” “Check that out, little cuz.” Rusty was well-acquainted with the results of looking at or thinking about anything sexy, so he climbed to the top bunk bed to explore “Swing Shift” so that his erection would not be obvious. The magazine did not disappoint, and Rusty was soon in a haze of hotness with a hard 3 inches in his briefs. “How do you like that, cuz?” came a voice from below him. “Oh yeah … awesome … would you want to sell any of these to me.” Dale moved across the room to the dresser. He picked up a hand gripper and started to squeeze it, looking at Rusty in the mirror. “Shit no. I cherish these things. I use them a lot.” “How do you use a magazine?” Dale grinned at Rusty as he pumped the gripper. “I was getting to that. See, a guy taught me something really neat last year.” Dale paused. “Did you ever bop your bologna?” Rusty looked away from his cousin’s smirking face and fumbled uncomfortably with the magazine. He knew what his cousin was talking about. He knew all about jacking off. bursa evi olan escort He just wasn’t ready to talk about it with this strange guy he just met. Dale crossed the room and Rusty looked up. Dale leaned close and stared into his eyes. Rusty felt strangely excited. His cousin’s eyes were really blue and his smile was kinda nice. “You bop it, dontcha.” He nodded slightly. Reaching up, Dale rested his hand on Rusty’s thigh. “That’s just the beginning, cuz.” Rusty gasped and felt even hotter than before with the magazine. Dale pulled Rusty toward him. Rusty’s bulging crotch was right in Dale’s face. “Ooh, what have we got here. Looks like somebody is ready to play.” Rusty stared, frozen in disbelief as Dale unfastened his belt and jeans. He lifted his hips as Dale slid them and his briefs down his thighs. “Nice cock, cuz. I like your red hair” Rusty was burning up and his face glowed red as well. “Relax man. Let me show you what my friend Mike showed me.” Dale leaned forward, moving his hands over Rusty’s stomach and thigh. He pulled at Rusty’s balls and Rusty lifted his left hip to give him access. Dale fondled his balls and took his cock in his fingers. He gave it a few strokes and took it in his mouth. Rusty swooned at the feelings radiating throughout his thin frame. Dale was a better companion than he expected. He had never felt anything as good as this. After a few moments of sucking his cousin’s cock, Dale backed off and began removing Rusty’s shoes. Rusty lay back, his head spinning. Dale removed Rusty’s shoes, jeans and briefs. “Hop down, cuz.” Naked except for his shirt and socks, Rusty slid off the upper bunk into Dale’s arms. His hands went around his cousin’s waist and under his shirt, up his back. Dale held him tightly to him and Rusty felt electrified as his stiff dick rubbed against denim and he felt his cousin’s hard cock against his stomach. It felt much larger than Rusty expected. Dale’s hands moved on Rusty’s back and down to his butt. “Oh cuz, you feel so nice. I love your sweet little ass.” Rusty felt his butt cheeks being pulled apart. Cold air tickled his asshole. Then a finger tickled it. Lips kissed his neck. The next thing he knew, his pale yellow shirt was being lifted up his sides and pulled off. “You are one sweet little item, cuz.” Dale leaned down kissing and licking Rusty’s left nipple. His hand cupped Rusty’s cock and balls. Holding on to his solid cousin, Rusty moved his legs apart. Dale shifted to kiss Rusty’s right nipple and slipped a wet finger back behind Rusty’s balls and pushed at his tight hole. Rusty grunted as the finger entered him. He squatted slightly. “You like it too, don’t you? I’ve had a lot of fun with Mike. He has taught me a lot. He got me my nudie mags.” Dale removed his finger and stepped back from Rusty, who grabbed onto the bunk bed frame to remain standing. He watched as Dale removed his shirt. His cousin looked much better altıparmak escort to him now. He seemed less chubby and more sexy somehow. Then Rusty noticed the lump in Dale’s tight shorts. He felt a chill knowing he would be seeing more soon. Sure enough, the shorts were soon peeled away and Dale stood before his cousin stroking six fat inches of boy cock. Rusty was surprised to find himself thinking it was beautiful. “Stroke me cousin and I’ll stroke yours.” The boys grasped each other’s hard cocks and began to pump. Moans filled the small room. Rusty found Dale’s cock fascinating. It was the first, other than his own, that he had ever held. He was surprised to find himself swallowing as his mouth watered. “You want to suck it, don’t you cuz?” Rusty was surprised to find that he did. He had never even considered such an act before today. He further surprised himself as he dropped to his knees before his beefy, hot cousin. The skin on Dale’s erect cock was smooth and glossy. It begged to be licked and kissed and sucked. Rusty yielded to the begging. He surprised himself again by thoroughly enjoying sucking his cousin. “Yes, dude. That is so good. Have you done this before?” Rusty shook his head “no.” “I’m gonna cum soon. Do you want it in your mouth?” Rusty nodded. Soon he found himself swallowing cum for the first time. He knew it would not be the last. “Oh yeah.” Sighed Dale as Rusty sucked him dry and cleaned up the leakage. “Your turn.” Dale helped Rusty up and kneeled down. Reaching around, he took Rusty’s ass in both hands. He caught Rusty’s bobbing erection with his mouth and resumed the blow job from earlier. Rusty was amazed as his cousin sucked him, swirling his tongue around his cock head and taking him to the root over and over. “I’m cumming … oh oh oh oh.” Dale licked him clean and stood. He took Rusty in his arms and planted a kiss on the dazed city boy. “Lunch, kids!” came a call through the locked door. “We’ve already eaten …” whispered Dale, laughing. “Creamed cousins …” whispered Rusty, smiling. *** After lunch, Rusty was anxious to return to Dale’s room, but his cousin had other ideas. “Don’t worry, we’ll do more tonight. Let’s go for a walk” The boys headed down a quiet country road, talking about little besides sex. In the distance they saw a young man working on a tractor. “I need to talk to him,” said Dale. The hunky teen greeted the boys. Dale introduced his cousin. “This is my neighbor, Mike. He’s seventeen.” Rusty started, hearing the name, but hid his reaction. “Come up and sit on the porch. Want a cold drink?” “Are your folks around?” “Nah, they went into town.” They talked about Rusty and his family’s trip as they sipped lemon-aid. “Rusty, if you’ll excuse us for a few minutes, there is something I want to show Dale in the workshop.” Dale and Mike walked off and vanished into a shed. Rusty sat back and relaxed for a bit, but as he thought about Dale bursa merkez escort and Mike’s history, his curiosity and horniness got the better of him and he followed their path to the shed. He stopped outside the open door and listened. “Oh yeah. Oh God. That is so good.” Rusty peered into the building to see a naked Dale bending over a workbench while their host buried his face between his cousin’s ass cheeks. The sounds of wet slurping carried to his ears. Mike stood and unfastened his pants. He took out a long, hard cock and stepped toward Dale. “It’s been too long, babe. I’ve been missing this hole.” Rusty watched as the tall, muscular farm boy slid into his cousin. He thrilled to the sounds of their coupling. Finally, he dropped his jeans and briefs and fondled his own erection. His awareness began to fade as the moment engulfed him. Mike suddenly pulled out of Dale and in two quick steps startled Rusty spying on them. “You were right. Here he is. Come in here, dude. Join us. Dale tells me he has been teaching you some new tricks.” Dale and the Mike removed Rusty’s clothing. “Come over here to the work bench.” “Uh. I don’t know …” “Nonsense. You are going to love this.” “Yeah cuz. I wouldn’t lead you wrong.” Rusty found himself in the position his cousin had occupied a short while ago. Mike stood behind him running his hands all over Rusty’s body. He parted his ass cheeks and Rusty was shocked by the best feeling ever, as their host licked his hole. “Oh man. Oh man.” Dale laughed. “Yeah cuz!” Rusty felt Mike’s tongue open him. He couldn’t believe the feeling or how deep he could go. He squirmed on the table surface. Then the tongue was replaced by a slick finger. Rusty was not sure he was ready for where this was going. “I`d better be heading back.” He said softly, not sure he meant what he said. A second finger entered him. It hurt a little, briefly, then he was cooing. A third finger brought the same results. “Fuck him, Mike!” Rusty was unable to resist and raised his ass as he felt Mike’s cock at his relaxed hole. It began to enter him and everything else faded away. He was so glad for his family’s vacation and the stop at Uncle Eddie’s, and going for a walk with Dale and meeting the mentor who was now his mentor, too. All of this played through his mind as a lovely cock played in and out of his new boy pussy. Life would never be the same. He felt himself being lifted and turned as his wonderful fucking continued and he found himself once again face-to-face with Dale’s hard, fat cock. He opened his mouth and Dale began to give him his first spit-roast. *** Walking back to the house gave Rusty a chance to get his legs back under him and exercise his ass back to a more normal state. Dinner was nearly ready as they entered the house, so they went to wash up. Later, after visiting with the families, bedtime came at last and the boys returned to Dale’s room. Rusty heard the lock click and got a thrill at the sound. Both boys stripped naked. “Top or bottom,” asked Dale. “Aren’t we going to be together?” “Oh hell yeah, cuz. Here in the lower bunk. I was just asking which you wanted to be first.” Rusty had never been happier as he snuggled into the narrow bed with his country cousin friend and lover.