Meeting up with an Xhamster member:

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Meeting up with an Xhamster member:MY NEW FRIEND.I hadn’t been a member on Xhamster very long but in a couple of short weeks I had I met quite a few interesting people from all around the world, I hadn’t really joined to hook up with people I just enjoyed the escapism from my normal life as my husband being away for 10 months out of every year with the army it does become a little lonesome sometimes although I have quite a few good friends, but sex is missing from my life only managing to have a few discrete flings every now and then. One guy in particular just pushed my buttons in every way and if someone pushes my buttons the right way I will certainly push theirs hey, he didn’t pester me, if I was on he said Hi, if I wasn’t he would comment on every post I had made, every pic I posted, he took the time to make me feel special, he took the time to show me I was worth the effort and never once did he keep saying, SKYPE ME, SKYPE ME, WHATS YOUR PHONE NUMBER,, WHERE DO YOU LIVE.? We have to hook up; as it turns out he is only a couple of suburbs away from me. He said he understood from the outset that in my situation I had to be extremely careful that my husband didn’t catch me. I was and am aware that skype can easily be recorded, and up loaded to web sites so pretty much decided early that skyping would only be for WITH a VERY select few friends, those I thought I could really trust. If I did meet up with anyone it would have to be people that had as much to lose as what I had as I adore my hubby and although I KNOW he has the odd fling while he is away I totally accept it as his job is very very dangerous and he does need to let his hair down occasionally when on day leave with his mates. The other obstacle to be aware of I thought would be STD’s as the thought of passing something like that onto Troy worries me so hooking up with anyone that has multiple sex partners would have to be a NO NO. This new found friend has not had sex with another women in almost 15 years and as I enjoy the company of older men and it didn’t take long to realize that this one particular gentleman would be the oldest guy that I have ever fucked if we got together and the thought of that blew me away big time hey. I couldn’t resist, I JUST HAD to meet him, He made me want him. I was going to have a glamour shoot done as I have wanted one for ages, I’m definitely no model but in these glamour shoots they can make you look gorgeous even if it’s only for a day or two and they pamper you and photograph you and make you feel like a super model or a movie star even if it is for a price.We arranged to meet after I did my shoot and he would pick me up from the studio and take me out for dinner, then back to his place for coffee or drinks and whatever we could come up with. I was lonking forward to the- whatever we could come up with LOL. As planed he met me out the front of the studio and off to a nearby car park where for the first time in my life I got to ride in a Jag, wow, those cars are made for comfort and those leather seats I thought would be so comfortable for a back seat fuck that my mind had already started wondering. We arrived at a very luxurious yacht club for dinner and the place was packed with what appeared to be very very influential people, lots and lots of older gentlemen with money to burn but as money is not something I really worry about it seemed bahis siteleri un-important and during our dinner I was introduced as his niece from Melbourne and a friend of his using Als camera took a pic for us . We had discussed fantasies on Xhamster and through private email I had a fair idea what turned him on and was very aware that he was still very much in love with his deceased wife. After dinner we chatted and because of the circular seating it allowed me to pull one of my all-time favourite stunts, so pulling my skirt up high on my thighs I spun round to face him with one knee lying flat on the seat, this allowed him a full but discreet view of my crutch and I had decided for this occasion to wear ultra-sheer black panties which left very little to the imagination, as soon as I flung around his eyes met my now wet cunt and a small but cheeky smile lit his face.We decided to head back to his house which is more a mansion with the most spectacular views of Sydney harbour from his tiered gardens and patio. He went to make me a coffee( his style) and I relaxed in a huge sofa chair with a clear view of the moonlight shinning over the harbour, he came back and placed the coffee on the coffee table and we chatted some more, his knowledge of astronomy captivated me as I do a lot of reading on the subject, he decided to get more comfortable and squatted on the floor just in front of me and I opened my legs so he could sit partially between them giving him a full view again of my now totally saturated cunt which because of the sheerness of my panties and my juices would have made them almost totally invisible. I rubbed the inside of my thigh to bring his attention down to that area and complained how sore my inner thigh felt, he being a complete and utter gentleman offered to massage it for me for which I was EXTREMELY GRATEFUL and soon his hands were slowly rubbing the area very close to my eager wet pussy, I felt the soft touch of one of his fingers brush my clit and I simply MOANED, “ohhh fuck” and putting my arms over the back of the sofa and clinging to the leather I opened my legs wider, he put his head between my legs and softly massaged my clit with his tongue pushing my saturated panties against my hot dripping cunt as I raised my hips to meet his attention, he whispered softly and I moaned in ecstasy as he pushed his tongue and my panties further and further into my love hole and I felt like I was going to cum right then. He then took my legs and forced them up and out so my now gaping wet cunt hole was totally open for him as he slid my panties to one side and sank that awesome tongue deep into my wet cunt lapping frantically and devouring my cunt juices and I could no longer hold off, I started to orgasm and wrapped my legs around his head and hanging onto the back of his head pulled his face, lips and tongue as deep into me as I could, I screamed out loud “ Ohhh fuck,,,ohhh fuck ARGGGGG and my muscles contracted and my body shivered as my orgasm raced through my body. We relaxed for a few minutes and he took my hand and led me to his bedroom, A beautiful four poster bed stood in one corner and two French doors which were open and led out to a small balcony and as the moonlight drenched the room we slowly removed each other’s clothes kissing and grouping each other until we were naked, he looked at my naked body and sighed as he spoke canlı bahis the words. “unreal, just too beautiful to describe” he lay me on the bed and softly lifting my hands towards the bed head he fastened to padded hand cuffs attached to the posts around my wrists leaving just enough slack so I could bend my elbows slightly, He then placed a soft cloth blindfold on me and started kissing me from the neck down until he reached my ankles and after giving my toe a small suck and softly licking the souls of my feet he attached two more soft leather cuffs to my ankles and spread my legs wide to each bed post, I writhered my body slightly to show my helplessness and arched my back towards him breathing out loud as if almost a whimper. He kissed me passionately forcing his tongue into my mouth as the fringes of his beard tickled the edges of my lips, I gasped for breath as he bit at my bottom lip and moved his lips to my ear, softly he tugged on my earlobe licking my ear both internally and externally as I moaned and writhered beneath him and little shivers of ecstasy shot down my neck.He then began his journey southward towards my wet wretched apart gaping hot yet eager cunt stopping at my hardened nipples he pinched them in his teeth and stretching them to the point where I felt they would be ripped off, I gasped and softly screamed holding my breath as the ecstasy of having my nipples bitten so hard shot awesome little shivers of pain through my tits, after tantalizing my tits to perfection he continued down my stomach biting and licking as I shivered and winced and moaned in ecstasy until he reached my gaping love hole and circling my cunt lips with his tongue he bit down on my swollen clit causing me to gasp and scream out in pain and pull my hips away as my clit and inner cunt lips stretched in his teeth, the agony and the ecstasy filled my body with an immensity that made me scream in lust as I thrust my hips in a fucking motion as he continued his erotic onslaught biting harder and harder on my swollen wet cunt. How much more of this could I take I thought as my mind wanted more and my clit wanted relief when he stopped, there was a silence in the room and the only sound was my erratic heavy breathing which resembled short quick puffs similar to blowing out candles on a cake, the silence was broken by a hard and well placed slap as his hand slammed down onto my exposed wet cunt causing me to yelp and buck my hips “ARRRGGGG” I screamed as his hand came down again and again flattening my swollen cunt lips against my inner thighs, I wiggled and bucked under his well-placed slaps and could feel my cunt getting red with heat, I could barely see his hands under the blindfold and wanting more I waited, he slowly parted my cunt lips and tenderly rubbed my erect wet clit then raised his hand and …SLAP… my cunt felt the pleasure of pain again as I moaned and brought my knees in as far as I could, “looks like that’s enough slapping” he said as I moaned ..NOOOooooooo”… I murmmed,,, And spreading my knees as wide as I could raise my swollen wet cunt towards him tightening my muscles and making my pussy jerk in approval of more slapping. He repositioned himself and …SLAAAAPPPP… his hand coming down hard against my eager waiting hot cunt and again moaning loudly pulling my knees together, I immediately opened my legs again and started rocking my hips hoping güvenilir bahis that he wanted to slap it harder and at a moving target, SLAP…SLAP..SLAP,,, I COULD TAKE NO MORE.. as I wriggled in painful ecstasy as my cunt muscles spasmed with heatful stings and he grabbed my now hot cunt lips and massaging them inserting some fingers into my sopping wet gaping cunt as I let out another moan, I was in total ecstasy as he turned his hand and curled his fingers up towards my G spot and began finger fucking me rapidly pulling his hand towards my belly button shaking my whole body as my tits bounced and my ankles strained against the cuffs as he got faster and faster and harder and harder and I realized he had understood exactly what gets me totally off, I could hear the strain in his breathing as the onslaught continued, I was aware that my love juices were splashing out of my abused hot cunt and screamed into an intense uncontrollable orgasm thrusting my body harder towards his fingers, he stopped and let my pussy contractions subside and I was breathing exhaustively as he softly caressed my skin around my hips, “omg” was all I could utter, when he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “You need fucking Sammy, and I’m going to fuck you hard, you can wiggle, you can scream but I’m going to FUCK YOU and I’m going to fuck you hard” I arched my body up towards him pushing my tits into the air as they met his lips and tongue, he positioned himself on top of me sliding his arm under my back making me feel like a little rag doll in his mercy and sliding his big rock hard hot cock deep into my now pulverized hot wet cunt he began fucking me, slowly at first building up speed as I the night silence allowed us to hear the squish of my cunt juice and the slapping sound of his body hitting mine as we both thrust our aroused sex organs to meet each other’s, thump,,thump…thump,thump..thump.. , dominated the stillness of the night as he rhythmically fucked my sloppy wet eager cunt hole until I felt his body stiffen and giving two hard thrusts I felt the familiar feeling of hot sperm shoot deep into my waiting wet cunt, he slumped on top of me and pulled off my blindfold as he went to reach for the hand cuffs, “STOP” I said and then whispered too him, “Don’t untie me, hold me close and caress me I want to be yours for tonight, you own me and you own my cunt to do with as you want, only untie me when you have finished with me, after you have taken from me anything and everything you want, after you have abused and fucked me anyway you want to” He leant forward and kissed me deeply and I moaned as I stuck my tongue down his throat stopping only to catch my breath, we fucked again and again until neither of us had anymore to give and I slipped into dream world totally satisfied with my body.As dawn broke through the French doors I lay snuggled into his mature body as I peeked at the mist which let the soft sunlight s**tter small shadows across the room, I felt warm and satisfied, it had been an awesome evening and a very very sexual one, I knew that this man knew what I wanted and how to give it to me and I realized that this was only the beginning of a long and happy relationship, my cunt felt so satisfied if not slightly swollen and sore, I had been fucked and fucked hard by a beautiful old man and that’s all I wanted for now but he has promised me that he will get three of his friends to give me my greatest fantasy of all, a brutal full on gang bang, so excited, make it soon.!!!4 guys should be good as I only have 3 holes to fill LOL. Sammy:(special thanks to a new friend)