Mel gets a good seeing to

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Mel gets a good seeing toThis is dedicated to my friend Melissa (db-11) from Sydney – Hope you enjoy it Mel————————————————————————————————————————————–My friend Ian and I were down in Sydney for the Ashes test. Before we went the anticipation was high as England had already turned them over in England in the summer and were now looking at retaining the trophy down under.However by the time the fifth test in Sydney had come round we had already wrapped the series up so it was a party atmosphere from the word go. We were staying in a posh hotel in Sydney which had a health spa and everything. I am an early bird so each morning I was in the pool as soon as it opened and the followed by a nice sauna. On the second day I couldn’t help but notice a stunning blonde having an early morning swim. She had curves in all the right places and her swimsuit showed her body off brilliantly. I had to stay in the pool a bit longer than usual as I was sporting a massive hard on as I saw her clamber out of the pool, with her body glistening with the water running off her firm backside. A few minutes later when I had calmed down a bit, I got out and made my way to the sauna. I opened the door and went in to be created by the site of the blonde bombshell sitting there. I went and sat down being careful to cover the growing erection in my swim shorts which wasn’t easy. We smiled at each other and exchanged names, her name were Mel, and made some small talk. I had difficulty in concentrating as although she had a beautiful face her tits were just out of this world. They looked so perfect, natural and firm with a hint of nipple showing through her swimsuit. By now I was rock hard and was getting embarrassed so I picked my towel up and left hopefully not showing her my excited state. I went back to the room, into the shower and wanked myself off while picturing Mel’s perfect body. Within seconds I had shot my load I was that excited. The next 4 days passed without incident and while the cricket was great with England beating the Aussies inside 4 days, I was slightly disappointed I hadn’t seen Mel again in my morning swimming and sauna sessions.That night Ian and I were in the bar when he nudged my arm and told me check out the stunning bird standing further along the bar. I turned my head slightly and was delighted to see it was Mel he was talking about. She was stunning in a sexy black dress which was clinging to her in all the right places. I managed to catch her eye and she walked over to us. I introduced her to Ian and bought güvenilir bahis siteleri her a drink. Turns out she was at the hotel on a works do and couldn’t stay with us long.We spent the rest of the night in the bar checking out all the other good looking ladies in there but by the end of the night we agreed that Mel was head and shoulders above the rest of them. Back in our room we jokingly talked about having a threesome with her and how great that would be. It was just talk as I was happily married and while I didn’t mind looking at beautiful ladies and watched by fair share of porn and chatted to people on porn sites I had never been unfaithful to my wife and had never shared any passionate moments with another women. The next morning I was up at 6 as usual and down in the pool followed by the sauna. While I was in the sauna, I heard the door open and someone enter. “I thought I would find you in here” a voice said which I instantly recognised as Mel. I smiled and said “yeah a creature of habit me”. She explained that she had stayed over last night and didn’t want to miss the chance of a swim and sauna in the morning. She had a bikini on which was struggling to contain her perfect breasts. They were having the usual effect on me and I could feel myself getting hard. Mel came and sat next to me smiling as she sat down.She reached out and placed her hand on my swim shorts. “ Mmm I’ve wanted to get hold of this since I saw how hard you were the other day”. I sat there open mouthed as I was in a state of shock and didn’t know what to do. She started rubbing her hand up and down my cock through my shorts, I reached and grabbed her hand. “This isn’t a good idea. I’m married” I managed to say. “You’re right” she said and moved her hand away from my cock, “let’s get them off so I can get at it properly” she said smiling at me at the same time as she moved her hands and started pulling my shorts down. “No that wasn’t what I meant” I mumbled as my cock sprang out of its confines. Mel grabbed hold of it pulling the foreskin back to expose my helmet totally. “That looks so good I need to suck that” she said as she lowered her head down and took my manhood into her mouth. She sucked me and started running her tongue over my helmet while cupping my balls. The feeling was awesome and within minutes I was on the brink. She took her mouth of me and started wanking me off, positioning the head of my cock on her tongue, she kept pumping away and within seconds I tensed and shot my load into her mouth. She took every last drop from me and swallowed it down. “God that tasted so good. Thank kaçak bahis you for letting me have it”. She sat back up and smiled and grabbed hold of her tits and started squeezing them . I reached between her legs and felt her soaked bikini bottoms. I moved round between her legs and pulled the material to one side exposing her pussy. I lowered my head and ran my tongue over her lips savouring her taste. I licked harder forcing her lips apart and probed the entrance to her honey pot tasting her juices. I moved up and started sucking on her clit which made her moan. I slipped a couple of fingers into her wet cunt and started fingering her while sucking her button. By now she had pulled her tits free and was pulling and pinching her nipples and had a look of sheer delight on her face. I kept licking and fingering until I felt her body tense and her pussy clamp down on my hand and she came hard. My hand was soaked with her juices as they flowed from her.I was eventually able to remove my fingers and she took my hand and sucked my fingers savouring her own taste. “Wow, I have never down anything like that before” I said “but it was amazing”“Don’t think we have finished yet as this is just the start. Now let’s get upstairs where it will be a more comfortable before we continue” she said. We made ourselves look half decent and made our way upstairs. We went to my room and crept in trying not to wake Ian up. He was sleeping soundly so we decided to go and have a shower.We were naked in seconds and stood under to water caressing each other bodies. I stood behind her nibbling her neck while fondling her tits. I was right there were perfect. Firm and perfectly sized with nipples that hardened to my touch. My cock was hard again and pushing against her arse cheeks. She bent over spreading her legs and my cock nudged her lips before I slid it in as deep as I could. It felt so good being deep inside her. I started slowly but a****l lust took over and I was soon pounding away, my balls slapping against her. Amazingly within minutes I could feel the usual sensations that meant I would soon be cumming again and I did shooting me seed deep inside her cunt. My cock slipped out and she turned around putting it her mouth and sucking our combined juices of it. We did actually wash ourselves off after that and I paid particular attention to those lovely tits of hers . I spent what seemed liked ages gently soaping them and washing them again and again. The sight of her nipples poking out through the soap suds was as intoxicating site. We eventually got out the shower when the water started to go cold and towelled illegal bahis ourselves dry. Wrapped in towels we exited the bathroom into the bedroom. The light was on and Ian was sitting up in bed with a big grin on his face. “You dirty old sod” he said. “Anything left for me?” “Sorry I think we have used all the bot water” I said.“Mel, have you got anything left for me ?” he asked throwing his covers back to unveil his erect cock, “as I have something for you” he said.“Oh I’m sure I can do something with that” she said throwing the towel off and running over to his bed, pushing him down and straddling him. She positioned herself and slowly lowered herself onto his cock until she was sitting in her lap. Ian reached up and grabbed hold of her tits squeezing them hard and pulling her down so her could lick and suck them.Mel started riding his cock and sliding up and down. I was standing behind them and was mesmerised by the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. It was something I had always liked watching in porn but it was so much better in real life and I was soon hard again. I moved round to the side of Mel and she reached out and grabbed my cock. She pulled me closer and started rubbing it over one her nipples. “I want both of you in me now” she said. “Who wants my arse?”“Not something I’ve ever done so not for me” Ian smiled and said” Oh yeah let me at it”.We repositioned and I lay on the bed. Mel straddled my and eased her cunt down onto my cock and the bent over pressing her gorgeous tits against my chest. Ian positioned himself and spat on to her arse to add some lubrication before slowly pushing his cock into her arsehole. After a bit of toing and froing he was in and Mel had a massive smile on her face. We both started fucking her and got into a rhythm. It felt really strange knowing that my cock was so close to another man’s but the response I was getting from Mel’s pussy made me forget any negative feelings I had. I don’t think I had ever felt such a wet pussy in all my life. As I had already cum twice I was confidant of lasting a bit longer this rime and so it proved. Ian was also showing massive control and we kept fucking away. Mel was panting hard and was soaking my cock with her juices which were pouring out of her.“I want you to cum on my tits boys” Mel said so we moved pulled out of holes. She knelt between us and cupped her tits up while we rubbed our hard cocks over them. We started stroking away and were soon on the verge . “Cover my tits with your beautiful cum boys” Mel instructed and with that I came. It wasn’t a great load as it was my third time but Ian came loads and it was dripping of her by the time he had finished. Mel massaged the cum into her tits and then lifted them to her mouth and sucked and licked it up.“Thanks boys that was awesome. What are we doing for the rest of the day?”