Mia Meets Melissa

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Mia knelt on the floor, her hands resting on her thighs and her head bowed. She had been in that position for half an hour, showing patient obedience. Her mistress, Donna, sat on the sofa reading a magazine, her feet tucked under her, paying no attention to her new slave.

When the door bell rang, Donna looked up and said, “Get that.”

Mia got to her feet as quickly as she could. She had a bit of trouble unfolding after kneeling in the floor so long, but she managed to walk briskly to the door and open it.

Melissa walked into the house paying no attention to Mia, walked to the sofa and gave Donna a kiss and hug. She was a cute blonde in her mid twenties, a couple of years younger than Mia, but taller and with larger breasts. She wore a low cut dress that showed her cleavage to good advantage, short enough to let most of her long legs show, but just long enough to hide the tops of her stockings when she stood. When she bent over to kiss Donna, Mia could see the tops of her stockings and the lacy straps of her garter belt.

Mia envied her easy manner with the mistress. She had been Donna’s since she was eighteen, had been first her slave, then her protégé. Donna touched Melissa’s face with tenderness, and asked her to sit. Mia, not having been told to do anything else, took up her position in the floor.

“Would you like something to drink?” Donna asked Melissa.

“A glass of wine would be nice,” she said.

Mia was already on her feet before the words were out of Melissa’s mouth.

“We have a very nice Chenin Blanc,” Donna said.

“That would be nice,” Melissa said.

Pouring the wine carefully, so as not to spill any, and holding the glasses by their stems when she carried them to the two women on the sofa, Mia wondered if she would even be at ease in the presence of the mistress. She had only been with her a short while, of course, while Melissa had known her for years, but there was something unapproachable about the older woman, a barrier that she had set up to keep Mia at a distance, that the girl couldn’t imagine ever breaching.

She knelt back in her place, waiting, and trying not to eavesdrop as the two women carried on a conversation. It was hard not to listen, of course, and she found herself suddenly looking up when her name was mentioned.

She realized her gaffe immediately, but it was too late. Donna was looking right at her when she lifted her eyes, and snapped at her immediately.

She put her head back down, apologizing as sincerely as she could, but Donna told her to be silent.

“Our little Mia needs a bit of correcting,” Donna said. “Mia, get up and come here immediately.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said.

“I think I’ll take her across my lap here on the sofa,” Donna said to Melissa. “If you’d like, you may watch from the chair, or if you’d rather do something else, I’ll be just a few minutes.”

“I think I’d like to watch,” Melissa said. She got up from the sofa, going across the room to the large chair where she sat down, put her feet up under her and turned her attention to Mia’s predicament.

“Apologize to Melissa for interrupting canlı bahis our conversation, then take off those panties and come get into position,” Donna ordered.

“Ma’am,” Mia said. “I am so sorry that I was listening in on your conversation with my mistress. It was a terrible thing to do, and I hope you can forgive me.”

“We all have to learn,” Melissa said.

Mia took off her thong, a wispy piece of silk and string that barely covered her shaved pussy, and held it out to Donna. Although her backside was bare even with the panties on, Donna always made her remove them completely before being punished.

“You know better than to eavesdrop on conversations, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I am going to spank you hard for it, but since I am in such a good mood today, I’m only going to use my bare hand.”

“Thank you Mistress,” said Mia. She knew how hard her mistress could spank with just the palm, hard enough to make her cry like a little girl, but it was still not as bad as the hair brush or the paddle, or, even worse, the belt. She positioned her self across Donna’s lap, felt Donna’s firm hands helping her into the proper position, and felt tears come to her eyes and her mistress turned her head toward Melissa by pulling her hair.

“Keep your eyes on Melissa,” Donna ordered. “She is the guest you offended with your behavior.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Donna rubbed her backside gently.

“This is such a little tiger,” Donna said to Melissa. “A real little wildcat in bed. I’ll let you sample her later on, but first, I want to show you what a little pussy she is.”

The first smack made Mia jerk. It wasn’t the pain, which was considerable, but the sudden surprise of it. Donna had gone from caressing her naked backside to smacking it suddenly. Mia cried out.

“Keep your eyes open, and on Melissa,” Donna told her. “I am going to show her how you cry and beg like a little girl.”

“Please Mistress.”

A second smack brought a searing pain to the opposite cheek. Tears came into Mia’s eyes, and she saw Melissa through a film of her own tears. Melissa had her hand under her skirt and Mia could see that it was resting on the crotch of her panties. She smiled at Mia, and Mia realized how much Melissa was enjoying her punishment. She wondered if there was a little jealously involved, if Melissa wished it were she instead of Mia across the mistress’ lap.

She didn’t’ have much time to ponder the question though, because the smacks of Donna’s hand came hard and fast, bringing cries of pain and tears from the girl as she struggled to lie still on the older woman’s lap. She knew that she’d be punished more if she squirmed and wiggled too much. The first time that Donna had spanked her she had squirmed nearly off into the floor, and as a result got a whipping with the belt. Avoiding the belt had been one of Mia’s prime motivations since then.

She hated crying and begging in front of Melissa. She had not been whipped in front of company before, and realized that the humiliation of having another person seeing her whimper and plead with her mistress for mercy was almost as bad bahis siteleri as the spanking itself. She couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be to be caned or to have Donna whip her with the strap in front of someone else. She knew that eventually she’d find out, but she wanted to put that off as long as possible.

Donna had said she would make her scream and beg, and she was true to her word. Within minutes Mia was promising to do anything if only the spanking would end. She cried and begged, never taking her eyes from Melissa, who was enjoying the show. When her eyes glanced down from Melissa’s face, Mia could see that the other girl’s nipples were erect, pressing on the thin material of her dress, and when she looked further down, Melissa pushed aside her red panties and Mia saw the fingertips caressing her clit and pussy lips.

Her backside was on fire when Donna stopped. For a few moments, Donna rubbed the girls burning ass, giving her a few soft gentle pats which, despite the softness of the touch, brought little cries of pain from Mia’s lips.

“Your pussy is so wet,” Donna said. “It makes me think that maybe you enjoyed this a little too much for it to be punishment. Do you need a little session with the cane or belt to teach you your lesson.”

“No mistress,” She answered.

“I want you to get up, crawl over to Melissa and ask her very nicely if she will let you lick her pussy,” Donna said.

“Yes Mistress,” she said.

“Please, Miss Melissa,” Mia said. “May I lick your pussy?”

“Of course, dear,” she said. “Would you help me out of these wet panties?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She gently removed Melissa’s panties, sliding them down her thighs and over her feet, being careful not to ensnare them on the girl’s shoes.

“Take my hose off,” Melissa said.

“Yes ma’am.”

Sliding the stocking off Melissa’s long shapely legs brought a thrill of pleasure to Mia. She loved helping the mistress undress, and especially loved the soft silky feel of her hose. Her fingers trembled slightly as she unclasped the garter, and she allowed her finger tips to gently feel the soft skin of Melissa’s inner thigh as she slowly took the hose off.

Melissa raised her knees and slid forward in the chair to allow Mia to bury her face in the warm dampness of her crotch. Mia tasted her, running her tongue over the lips, dipping inside, and darting to taste her clit. She could feel Melissa’s pleasure mounting, and could hear the soft sighs that her tongue was bringing forth.

She felt Melissa’s hand on the back of her head, holding her as she licked and tasted, grinding herself against Mia’s lips and face. In only minutes she was coming, loudly and Mia put her tongue into her as deeply as she could, feeling and tasting the juices of Melissa’s pleasure.

When Melissa moved her hand away, Mia sat up, back on her heels and waited for further instruction.

“Well,” Melissa said. “The girl can eat pussy.”

“Amazing, isn’t it,” Donna said.

Mia felt herself blush at the compliment, hoping the other two women didn’t notice. She didn’t want to be punished for listening again.

“Can bahis şirketleri she suck cock?”

“I don’t know,” Donna said. “I don’t have one.”

“We should find out,” Melissa said.

“Can you suck cock, Mia?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“She gets really into it when I use a strap on,” Donna said. “I’d like to see how she behaves with a man.”

“She’s really very sweet,” Melissa said. “Why haven’t you collared her yet?”

“It’s a reward,” Donna said. “She hasn’t earned it yet.”

“You collared me the first night,” Melissa said. Mia felt a twinge of jealousy.

“You were special, honey. Of course, Mia is special too. She’s just not ready to be collared yet.”

“When are you bringing her to the club?”

“Oh. I don’t know. I wanted her to meet some people first. I want to see how she behaves with other people.”

“I think she’ll do fine,” Melissa said. “She takes a spanking really well.”

“Yes. Come here Mia.”

Mia got up and went back to her mistress.

“Go and fetch the strap.”

“Yes Mistress,” she said.

She hurried back as fast as she could, hoping that her quick obedience would mean less punishment. The strap hung in the mistress’ closet. It was about eighteen inches long, and had been fashioned from a man’s wide leather belt, a handle had been attached to make it easy to hold and use. Mia had had the strap used on her before, and hated it, but it still wasn’t as bad and the belt, about half and wide and much lighter, which the mistress had folded and used on her, making her cry with the first stroke, and beg with the second. The strap was heavier, but somehow less painful.

“I want you to take the strap to Melissa and ask her if she wants to use it on you,” Donna said.

Having another woman strap her seemed a more horrid punishment that anything she could imagine Donna doing to her, but she obeyed without question.

“Please, Miss Melissa, would you like to use the strap on me?”

“To whip you, you mean?” Melissa asked.

“Be clear, girl,” Donna snapped.

“Yes Mistress,” she said. “Miss Melissa, please, would you like to whip me?”

“What Mia means, Melissa, is would you like to whip her very hard on her sore little bottom with the leather strap. She is sorry she has offended you. Isn’t that right Mia?”

“:Yes mistress.”

“Then ask her.”

“Miss Melissa,” Mia said. “Would you like to whip me very hard on my sore little bottom with the strap for offending you with my eavesdropping?”

“No,” Melissa said. “I think that your mistress has punished you enough. You should be thankful to have such a gentle mistress. I would have whipped you with the strap to begin with, and sent you to bed in stripes.”

“Thank you, Miss Melissa,” Mia said. She hoped that Donna didn’t take her advise about the belt and the stripes though.

“Put the belt back up and bring us some more wine,” Donna said. “You and I will discuss this a little more tonight before bed. I think it might do you a little good to wear stripes to bed tonight.”

Mia hurried off, hating Melissa for that, but thanking her silently too, for not using the strap on her already burning ass. She hoped that she could recover enough to take the bedtime spanking without too much begging. Still, the mistress liked to hear her beg, so maybe, maybe it was all for the best.