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Subject: Middle School Swim Team, Chapter 1 Title: Middle School Swim Team Installment: 1 Category: Gay, Athletics, Young Friends This story is a work of fiction and depicts graphic sexual content. Any resemblance to real individuals or places is purely coincidental. If you like what you’re reading, feel free to shoot me an email to let me know – I love feedback! If you like my writing, you can also check out my other series “Exploring at Camp Hardwood.” As always, if you can, consider supporting Nifty at fty to thank them for supporting our fantasies and our wanks. NOTE: The first chapter of this series gets off to a slow start in terms of sexual content so you can get a sense of the setting. Don’t worry, plenty more juicy stuff is coming soon! Middle School Swim Team, Chapter 1 With the buzz of his alarm clock, Sam Johnson woke up. The 13-year-old rolled over and shut it off with a slap of his hand. The act of rolling over sent a jolt of pressure through his hips as he accidentally landed on his painfully-stiff morning wood. Every damn morning, it seemed like Sam was awoken not just by his alarm clock, but by his throbbing erection as well. Ever since he entered middle school last fall, the early stages of puberty had sent his downstairs area into overdrive. He’d gotten in the routine of jerking off every night before falling asleep, and yet still woke up every morning with the same problem. Many, if not most, days he supplemented his nightly wank with 1 or 2 additional rounds during the day, but that didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Still, his mornings began with his overactive teenage cock standing at attention, his cockhead poking out of its foreskin. His dick had grown over the last year, and now it measured over 5 inches whenever Sam took his geometry ruler out to check. It wasn’t huge, but it was large enough to poke out of the fly of his plaid boxers while he slept or creep up his waistband during class. Sam considered relieving the pressure right then and there with a quick morning session, but he was interrupted by a knock at his door. “Wake up, honey!” His mother called from behind the door. “You need time for breakfast before tryouts today!” Ever since Sam had entered middle school, she’d avoided coming into his room unannounced. Sam had never discussed much with his parents beyond his dad sitting him down for a very scientific and awkward “birds and bees” talk last year, but he suspected his mom knew better than to surprise a 7th-grade boy alone in his bedroom. His younger brother, Josh, on the other hand, had no such restraint. Josh was only 10 years old and didn’t seem to mind bursting into Sam’s room to ask his brother to play video games or help him with homework, often forcing Sam to stuff his hard cock in his shorts and close his Internet tab with mere seconds to spare. Sam stood up, stretched, and looked at himself in the mirror. He’d grown quite a bit over the last year, standing nearly 5 feet, 5 inches from his toes to his mop of shaggy blond hair. He hadn’t sprouted facial hair yet, but he had a few armpit hairs forming below his shoulders and a respectable patch of brownish pubic hair that seemed to get thicker every day. His pink, wet cockhead poked out of his boxer fly, begging for attention, but he was running late, and he didn’t want to be under-nourished for swim team tryouts. Sam threw on a baggy T-shirt and walked to the bathroom. “Morning, lazy,” his little brother greeted him, walking out the door before Sam could open it. “You’re gonna be late!” “Shut up, dummy,” Sam said playfully, ruffling his younger brother’s hair because he knew it annoyed him. Once in the bathroom, his hard cock had deflated to roughly 50% of its fully erect state, allowing him to drain his full bladder before breakfast. After shoveling eggs and toast in his mouth and quickly throwing together a bag with his suit, towel, cap, goggles, and shower kit, Sam climbed into the middle row of his mother’s minivan to head to the pool. At his middle school, 6th graders were not allowed to participate in sports beyond gym, so this would be his first year with a chance to make the school team. As a longtime swimmer for his local YMCA club, Sam was a fairly capable, talented athlete, not headed to the Olympics any time soon but decently above average. As he’d grown over the last few months, he’d gotten stronger and his times had dropped as well. Sam arrived at the high school pool, a nondescript brick structure set back behind the school buildings. The building, which had been standing since the 1960s, was far from modern, but clean and well-maintained. Inside the lobby, one could turn left to enter a large weight room mostly utilized by the high school football team, turn right to enter the locker rooms leading to the pool area, or proceed down the hallway where several coaches had offices. Because it was a Saturday, the place was largely deserted, with only a few middle school swimmers trickling in for tryouts. Sam entered the locker room, unsure of whether he was supposed to go straight to the pool to await instructions or change into his suit right away. The locker room was filled with dull gray lockers, some with locks and some without, grouped into clusters around wooden benches for changing. At one end, a propped-open door led to a trainer’s room with a small desk, a few treatment tables, and an ice bath. To the left of the lockers, a bathroom area with a few stalls and a long metal urinal trough was next to the shower area, a tiled room with 15 or so shower heads circling a central drain. At the YMCA, the boys showered off after practices in the locker rooms with their suits on, and bursa escort Sam wondered if this team had a similar standard for modesty. A few boys that looked older were gathered in one of the changing areas, chatting about their summers. Most of them already had suits on, a mix of brief-cut speedos and tight knee-length jammers. One boy was casually sitting on the bench fully naked, but from his angle, Sam couldn’t see anything exciting other than the upper curve of his well-muscled glutes. “Sam, right?” A voice from over his shoulder called out. He turned around and saw a gangly boy with dark hair and bright green eyes dropping his backpack on a nearby bench. He recognized him vaguely as being in his grade, but did not know his name. “Kevin,” he introduced himself, extending his hand. “We were in science class together last fall but I had to switch my schedule around after a few weeks.” “Oh, right, yeah,” Sam smiled, appreciating the boy’s friendliness in a scary new environment. “So you’re going out for the team too? What stroke?” “Back, mostly, but I’m a decent freestyler,” said Kevin. “Do you know if we’re supposed to… check in or anything? Or just change?” Another 7th grader Sam recognized as Danny Benson, a friendly redheaded boy who lived in the same neighborhood, walked in and dropped his own duffle bag on the ground. “I think we just change and meet on the pool deck,” he said. “My brother did swim team when he was in middle school and that’s what he said.” Both boys nodded, relieved. Although the 8th graders were only a year older, their comfort with being on the team already was clear and, frankly, a bit intimidating to the perpetually-self-conscious middle schoolers. By this point, most of the 8th graders began to head out the back door to the pool deck, joking and slamming lockers along the way. Sam hastily took off his shirt, not wanting to be late, and shucked off his shorts, pausing once he got down to his socks and boxers. He subtly looked over at Danny and Kevin to see how they’d proceed, not wanting to draw unwanted attention to himself or his body. Kevin surreptitiously looked back at him, clearly wondering the same thing. His shirt was still on but he’d taken off his sweatpants to reveal a loose pair of gray boxer-briefs. Danny was less hesitant, dropping his shorts and boxers in one smooth motion and quickly pulling on a bright blue jammer swimsuit. Perhaps having an older brother had made him more comfortable with group male nudity already. Sam’s curiosity got the better of him and he tried to sneak a glance to see what his classmate was packing, but the motion was so quick that all he caught was a flash of skin and the unmistakeable sight of red pubic hair. Sam was next, quickly dropping his boxers and fishing his black speedo out of his bag. Nerves kept his cock completely flaccid, and Sam secretly hoped that none of the other boys thought he was small. Kevin followed suit, turning slightly away so Sam got a healthy view of his tan brown buttcheeks. As he bent over, Sam thought he caught a glimpse of scrotum between Kevin’s legs as well. When he stood back up, wearing a navy jammer suit, Sam couldn’t help but notice that Kevin’s bulge was quite a bit bigger than his. The three boys followed the 8th graders out onto the pool deck and were greeted by the familiar sensations of cloudy, humid air, echoing ceramic walls, and the distinct chemical smell of chlorine. Roughly a dozen boys gathered at one end of the pool in swimsuits around two clothed men. “Welcome to tryouts,” the older of the two men announced when the last few boys had circled around. “For those of you who are new, my name is Coach Stern, and I’m the head boys coach here at Woodland. To my right is our new assistant coach, Greg, who swims at Thompson University and will be helping out this season.” Coach Stern was a tough-looking man in his mid-thirties with close-cropped blond hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He was average height and quite fit, his biceps bulging out of his tight red polo and his tree-trunk legs straining his khakis. Greg was much younger, maybe 19 or 20, and had a kind, friendly face with lively blue eyes under a fringe of dark brown hair. He looked every inch the prototypical swimmer – tall, lanky, broad-shouldered with a narrow waist, muscular but slim. Based on his body alone, Sam suspected he was an accomplished collegiate swimmer – and he couldn’t help but notice that, by pretty much anyone’s standard, he was very attractive as well. “There’s no time to waste, so I’m going to divide you up by lane and we can get right down to business,” Coach Stern continued. “Let’s have all the returning guys on the team warm up in lanes 1, 2, and 3 with Coach Greg, and I’ll work with the new guys in 4, 5, and 6 to see what we’ve got to work with this year.” The boys shuffled around to their assigned lanes. There were 13 boys on the team in total, and 5 were the new 7th graders. Sam and Kevin appeared to be built similarly, with Kevin a bit taller but both boys slim and gangly, with the hint of developing muscle. Danny was shorter and stockier, but he had more defined pecs and abs than the other two. Tyler, a tall blond boy Sam recognized from algebra, was built even skinnier than him and Kevin, the wiry body of a growing preteen whose mass had not caught up to his height. His speedo, which had to be a size small, hung loosely off his hips and only accentuated his sticklike legs. Finally, Mikey, an average-height brunette, was pudgier, but not vastly so – he just appeared to have a lingering bit of baby fat. Coach Stern quickly divided them into lanes and put them through warmup drills and bursa escort bayan stroke assessments. Sam quickly realized that the head coach was tough, but fair, not saying many words that were not instructions but offering constructive advice when needed. After half an hour, he gathered all the swimmers at one end of the pool and ran them through 50-yard time trials of each stroke. Sam consistently finished solidly middle of the pack, the second-fastest 7th grader at freestyle behind Kevin and the fastest at butterfly. In the latter, his speciality, he even finished ahead of most of the 8th graders. After 90 minutes of hard work, Coach Stern blew his whistle and gathered the team at the end of the pool once again. Steam fizzled off the mass of young, tired bodies after they got out of the water and dripped onto the deck. “Great work, everybody,” Coach Stern began. “The good news is that I have enough space on the roster to take you all without any cuts, so congratulations: you made the team. But just because you are on the team does not mean I won’t hold each and every one of you to the high expectations I have for you and for this team. We’re going to work hard, and with this level of talent, I think we have a shot at the county championship.” “This year’s captain,” he continued, “will be Drew Stiffey. Congratulations, Drew. That being said, I expect all our 8th graders to be welcoming and helpful to our new swimmers. You’re brothers now, and you should consider yourselves a family.” Assistant coach Greg looked up from his clipboard. “Regular practices begin Monday at 5, boys. And don’t forget to show up at 4 this Monday for your physical exam.” Coach Stern clapped his hands once and blew his whistle. “Now hit the showers!” The boys filed back into the locker room, tired but relieved to get through the first day. The 7th graders were much more relaxed than before tryouts, the pressure of wondering if they would “make the team” gone. The pool door was barely closed before the older boys started stripping off their suits. Sam had never seen so many dicks and butts in his life, as one boy after another got naked and headed into the shower area. Just as before practice, the younger class was slightly more hesitant to strip down. First, Tyler, the tall blond boy, slid his speedo down his thin legs and walked over to the shower area. Tyler’s older brother, Eric, was an 8th grader on the team and he was already in the showers horsing around with the other 8th graders. Tyler’s penis was uncut, not small by any means but clearly still developing as he only had the beginnings of a dirty blond bush above his shaft. His balls were still tightly contained in his scrotum and the tip of his foreskin was the lowest-hanging part of his package. Danny was next, and this time Sam got a good look at this package. He was far hairier than Tyler, with a full bush of bright orange pubes and a small, pink cockhead nestled in the center. Even with the hair in the way, Sam could tell he was a bit smaller than Tyler. Danny’s balls hung much fuller and lower, however, decorated with their own wisps of red hair. Mikey was right behind him, the smallest of the bunch so far. His cock was short enough that it pointed out, rather than down, even soft, and his shriveled balls and wispy hairs suggested he was still relatively new to puberty. Sam decided to drop his jammer next, as he didn’t want to seem like a chicken or a little kid afraid of nudity. His uncut cock was smaller than normal due to the pool water and the constraints of the tight lycra swimsuit, but the sight of so many naked boys was sending a rush of blood back down there and he quickly went from being concerned about his size to hoping he wouldn’t pop an erection. Kevin was the last of the 7th graders to get naked. Sam was particularly curious about the quiet dark-haired boy’s equipment as he’d noticed that, even in the cold water, his bathing suit bulge was sizeable. Kevin untied his jammers and started to slide them off, revealing a dark thatch of black pubes. Inch by inch, he slid the suit down his legs revealing his brown shaft. It kept going lower and lower, seemingly without an end, until finally a heavy, brown uncut cock plopped out above two dark, plump balls. To Sam’s young eyes, it looked like Kevin had the cock of a grown man: it was the largest of the 7th graders by far, and seemed to hang between his legs with the weight and heft of an adult package. Sam realized he’d been openly staring at Kevin’s waist and looked up at his new friend to find that Kevin noticed the attention Sam was giving his cock. He blushed and grinned sheepishly, as if to say, “yeah, I know, it’s big,” but neither boy acknowledged the reveal out loud. The pair followed their teammates into the showers, taking two of the last open showerheads. In the hot, steamy room, it was way easier for Sam to subtly check out the eight graders as well. It helped that they had already been showering together for a year and weren’t shy at all – they joked and laughed as they soaped up their cocks, balls, and asses, brazenly swinging their pubescent goods around for all to see. The eight graders were, obviously, bigger on average than the 7th graders, both in terms of stature and penis size. A few of the boys seemed to have taken up grooming their pubic area, as they sported full hair growth above their groins but the length was trimmed to a short buzz. Drew, the captain, had no hair down there at all, but based on his thick cock and hefty balls that, in the warm, humid air, hung nearly halfway to his knees, he was far along in development. Sam figured that he must’ve shaved down there. escort bursa “Damn, Double D, did that thing get bigger over the summer?” Drew teased Derek, a quiet, mild-mannered eighth grader on the team. “It’s like a third leg!” “Aw, c’mon, man, you always give me shit,” Derek responded sheepishly, shifting uncomfortably and looking down at his cock. Sam looked over too and was floored by what he saw. Derek’s cut cock hung down lower than any penis Sam had ever seen, clearly the biggest on the team. In fact, his flaccid cock (at least, Sam assumed it was flaccid based on how it wiggled as it pointed straight down) seemed to be nearly the size of Sam’s when it was fully hard. “Why do you guys call him ‘Double D’?” Tyler asked Eric, his brother. Eric’s uncut cock looked almost identical to Tyler’s except it was larger and his blond pubic hair was thicker and bushier. Eric laughed. “It stands for ‘Donkey Dong’ because his dick is so big!” All the boys laughed, and Drew gave Derek a playful shove. Derek smiled awkwardly, clearly uncomfortable with the attention but not upset about the praise his enormous member was drawing. “You should see it hard!” A tall, freckled boy whose name Sam hadn’t caught shouted from across the room. “Yeah, it’s crazy,” Drew confirmed. “Show ’em, Double D!” Derek looked over at Tyler and the other 7th graders, who were all watching intently. Sam could feel his cock starting to swell as he looked around at the wet, ripped swimmer’s bodies and dangling genitals all around him, but he didn’t want to draw attention to himself by covering up or looking down at it. He looked at Kevin, standing next to him silently, eyes as wide as saucers at the display. His gaze drifted downward and it appeared that Kevin’s cock had started to grow as well, forming something closer to a 45-degree angle than its normal downward hang. Derek shrugged, grabbed a handful of liquid soap, and began to stroke himself. Like any horny 8th-grader, it look him only seconds to get fully hard, his cock swelling and stiffening to point slightly north of level with a slight upward curve. In the steamy shower, it was hard for Sam to tell exactly, but he guessed it was close to 8 inches fully hard. “If you guys eat your vitamins, maybe you’ll grow a monster like this one day!” Drew said. His own cock was more than half-hard at this point as well without him even touching it, but he didn’t seem embarrassed or self-conscious. His smooth cock was quite a bit shorter than Derek’s, but almost as thick. “Alright guys, cut it out,” Derek said, trying to act mature. “If I keep this up I’m gonna bust.” “Wouldn’t be the first time,” Drew joked, and reached over to grab a handful of the huge, stiff cock of his teammate. Kevin audibly gasped. Sam looked around at the other 8th graders to see how this behavior was being received, but to the rest of the team, their captain touching a teammate’s cock seemed as normal as a high-five. No one reacted squeamishly or called him gay; if anything, most of them seemed to be enjoying the show. Most of the penises in the shower room were noticeably larger than when the showering had began. Sam looked down at his own cock. It was unmistakably fully hard, curving straight upward with his foreskin retracted back behind his cockhead. He tried to resist the urge to stroke it openly, instead getting more soap from the dispenser and pretending like he was washing. As he turned, he snuck a glance at Kevin showering next to him and saw that his teammate was dealing with the same problem. His cock was far larger than Sam’s, but not the behemoth that Derek was sporting. It looked to be about 7 inches, poking straight outward, rather than curving up, and his foreskin didn’t quite retract all the way back when hard. Kevin angled his body toward the corner of the room to try and minimize who could see his boner, but Sam, showering next to him, had a full view. “Dangit, Drew!” Derek exclaimed, and Sam spun back around. Drew was stroking Derek’s 8-inch meat and clearly had pushed him over the edge, as the thick shaft started visibly twitching in his hand. Within moments, Derek was climaxing. A thick rope of white cum splattered the tile floor, then another, then a third. Droplets of cum continued falling from Derek’s swollen cockhead as Drew released him, pleased with his handiwork. “You’re welcome, Double D,” Drew said, chuckling. He turned to the 7th graders who were watching in stunned silence. “Number 1 rule on this team: if you cum in the shower, make sure it gets down the drain. No one wants to step in your sticky spunk.” “There are cleaner ways to take care of it, too,” he continued, turning off his shower head with a thud. He walked out of the shower room, across the small hallway to the bathroom area. In full view of the boys in the shower, he stepped up to the urinal trough. Facing away from the team, the water dripping from his body only accentuated his muscled back and tight, plump ass. Sam thought maybe he was taking a piss, but the repetitive movement of his arm gave away his intentions. Soon, his glute muscles started tensing repetitively, and after a moment or two, he stepped away from the trough and walked back into the locker area to grab his towel. Even from the other side of the locker room, Sam could see the distinct white stain on the back of the steel trough. The 7th graders watched in wonder, but the older boys were barely paying attention. Sam was achingly hard, but he didn’t dare touch his cock for fear of making himself cum immediately. One by one, the swimmers followed their captain out of the shower, some still sporting healthy semis, and toweled off and got changed. Still stunned by what he’d just witnessed, Sam turned off his shower and followed the crowd. “If this is what happens on the first day,” Sam thought to himself, “what is the rest of the season going to be like?” [end of chapter 1]