Milas first time watched

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Milas first time watchedThis will probably be the last story of our exploits as teens. Only because it is a full story. There were other times we were caught, but it didnt lead to anything i would call hot or sexy.I was summer after our high school graduations. We had each gone to catholic high schools, but different ones, the school had mila in a certain mindset, about sex, how a woman should act, how a wife, and mother should act. We were extremely dirty together, as far as experimentation, but she would get very timid on the subject while speaking with others. She was a good girl, and remains in that mindset. What we did together was normal dating stuff, stuff all of you did.Some of our crowd had “lost” their reputations, and looking back , they suffered from it. It was a bad thing to be labeled a slut, for people to know you enjoyed sex. Its silly if you think about it. But honestly, it remains in her psyche. Of course, i had shared some of our info , mostly with the older guys, as they mocked the younger guys as virgins or whatever. I had shared pictures of her nude, us having sex, her sexy smile, with my cum all over her face. My cock in her mouth. But only with our good friends. This was before digital, or camera phones, back when you had to get film developed. I could tell if the woman at the pharmacy had looked at the pictures by her face when i picked them up, but i got used to her blushing eventually, i felt less nervousness buying condoms than picking up my pictures. I remember the day i opened the picture envelope and their was only a letter from the developing company, that said it was i*****l to print pictures of this type. so i stopped taking them. As i read the letter , the saleswoman looked as upset as me that the party was over.Sorry , got a lil side tracked, anyway the point is we were kind of lucky we werent spoken about. Our secrets were safe.Our group of friends had like a changing of the guard every summer. A time where the older people moved on to the bars, and younger people took their place on the boardwalk. It happened every summer, we made a big party out of it. I had to work that night but only till 6, so mila and i planned to meet at my job and go and get ready. Mila came to my job to wait for me, she was still in her bathing suit and coverup, sandals and hat. My boss told me that frank had called in sick, which meant i would have to work till 11. I was pissed. I really enjoyed this party and didnt want to miss a minute of it. Mila told me she was gonna go to her friend ellens house. Ellen was milas best friend, they were kind of opposites though. Ellen was a much more sexual person than mila. On any given day ellen would dress sexy, while mila would be comfortable in a sweatpants and sweatshirt. She said she would come back bakırköy escort at 11 to pick me was about 1120 when i started walking up to the beach alone. i was angry that mila had forgotten me.I got to the boardwalk at about 1130 in my work clothes. From about a block away, i could see the crowd was very thin. This was like the witching hour when the older people left to go to the bar, and the younger ones had an early curfew. There were only about 10 friends left. I approached the remaining crowd, i could hear mila singing over the radio, and could tell shed been drinking. I greeted all the friends on the boardwalk and looked over towards the beach to see ellen, mila , frank and tricia drinking vodka on the sand.They saw me and screamed and ran up onto the boardwalk. I was in noooo mood for this, ellen and mila, had forgotten me, frank made me work late, and gotten my girl drunk, and i know he wanted her. Of the few friends that had seen pics of mila, two had gone “missing” when he saw them. One of her licking her nipple, and one licking cum off of my cock. I knew he had jerked many loads out of himself thinking of my girl. Jealousy set in and quickly convinced frank that he if he didnt get out of my face rather quickly, i would leave him bleeding on the boardwalk. He went home.So i sat there awile stewing as the crowd got thinner and got more annoyed at ellen mila and even tricia, who hadnt done anything.Looking back, i had no reason to be mad at anyone. ellen and mila got ready at ellens house, She convinced mila to wear her clothes and she looked incredibly hot in a tube top and button down shirt, mostly unbuttoned and short skirt. Her makeup was done differently, she looked very sexy. Frank had gotten them the vodka, but he paid.Tricia (claires best friend from an earlier story) was just there for the ride. But in my head i knew frank wanted her, so i could see him trying to get some, while i was working his hours, and he was getting my girl drunk. Plus the fact that it really sucks being the sober one with a drunken group,I was angry and just sat there on the bench avoiding mila,i was gonna argue with her the next day. Soon enough it was just me and the three girls left and they came over to me. Mila asked what was obviously wrong so i told them.She defended herself and apologised for herself and ellen for forgetting to come back for me. Ellen then chimed in that whats the big deal , we were having fun while drinking with frank. This did not help the situation, and i told them why ellen had just set back our “making up”. I was even angrier. I asked why mila didnt dress that way when it was us hanging out, but did while with frank.Ellen started saying things like, oh , do you like her outfit and beşiktaş escort unbuttoned milas shirt. A few minutes later, she pulled one of milas boobs out of the tube top and said she is going to make it up to you billy, why are you worried.To my surprise, mila just stood there with her breast out, there was no rush to put it back. It took like 2 complete minutes to care her tit was out for all of us to see. This was so unlike mila, if i tried to expose her, as i jokingly had at other times with people around, she would fight hard to stay clothed. She acted a nun when people were around. The liquor had loosened her up alot.Ellen kept trying to come to a way for mila to make it up to me. She suggested a blowjob, i said ok right now! and unbuttoned my pants. Mila of course said no way! maybe when we get home. Ellen was like, oh just do it mila ,hes mad at me too, and whispered something in milas ear.Mila then stepped up to me, unzippered my unbuttoned pants, reached into my underwear, grabbed my cock and said do you want to cum in my mouth and kissed me. She wouldnt do this normally but the vodka had lowered her inhibitions……. significantly.She then walked towards the stairs to the beach pulling me along by my hardening dick. As we passed the other girls, tricia, who had been quiet till now, said awwww ,but you did it for claire. Ellen and mila just kind of gave her a look of huh? They had no idea what that meant, but i did. It made sense that claire would have told her best friend, but i never heard about that from anyone else.Mila led me under the boardwalk right under where the the other girls were standing and turned to me and we started making out while she softly jerked my cock with her hand.I turned her around to grope at her tities while i kissed her neck, that was her weak spot. i pulled down her tube top and lifted her skirt as she kept gripping my cock with her hand. I pulled down her pantys and lowered her down to all fours. I kicked off my shoes and took off my pants and loudly said im going to fuck you hard as I entered her doggy style.She may not have realised , but i knew the other girls were about 5 feet above us and i wanted them to hear the angry sex as i thrusted hard, each time making a slap as my thighs hit her ass cheeks. I also knew that from above, if you looked through the cracks between the boards, that they could see if they wanted to watch.I positioned us diagonaly so they could see better if they were watching, and ocasionaly looked up tryng to find there locations.After a long few minutes of hard fucking, i flipped mila onto her back, straddled her chest, she squeezed her tits around my cock and started titty fucking her, her whole chest and chin were glistening with her juices. beylikdüzü escort In my head i imagined the girls watching us through the cracks and it was making me hotter. To my dismay i heard ellen say , im gonna get out of here, she leaned over the railing and said, do you forgive me billy? I was dismayed that the possibility of being watched was now over, but i said yes.Then she said goodnight lovebirds, we laughed and said gnite ladies, we heard ellen and tricia exchange goodbyes, then their footsteps walking away.After a few more minutes of thrusting my cock between milas tits, i assumed she was getting bored, she kept turning her head to the side, then back and forth between me and her left side. i also wondered if she was feeling sick, i didnt know how much she drank. I decided we should wrap it up, it was no longer angry, and the exhibitionist aspect was gone. i told her i was gonna cum soon. She turned left again, i thought she maybe was cum dodging. She said tits, face or mouth. I just kept thrusting away. About 30 seconds later she said louder…… tits….face……or mouth. Now as shes laying there with her head turned to the left , im thinking she doesnt want it in her face and mouth as i just keep thrusting. She repeated her question again even louder, TITS,FACE OR MOUTH! I said tits!To my surprise, off to my right, i hear tricia say, you said he could cum in your mouth. I turned and looked at tricia watching us, i was shocked, i looked down at mila, she turned from lookin left, looked me in the eye and said….. i want you to cum in my mouth right now! My balls tightened up so much, they may have gone into my belly, i hopped up and knelt next to milas head on the right, put the head of my cock at the corner of her open mouth and started shooting cum into her mouth, and onto her tongue. I fell over in exhaustion and mila just sat up enough to rest on her elbows, her cum colored tongue still hanging out of her mouth. she gulped loudly and said WOW , that was alot. i sat in the sand lookin at tricia, just then realising mila was asking tricia where i should cum, not me, and wondering how i didnt notice that she didnt leave, she only walked to the stairs and came over to watch. OrTrish walked up the stairs, mila and i dressed and followed shortly after. she was still up there, we approached and trish said … well that was a first, i cant believe i just saw that, but it was fun. mila and i walked her home in silence, but when we got to her house, i said…. listen trish, can we keep that between us??? She said of course, but i just may tell claire, but she keeps secrets well and winked at me. Trish told us to wait a minute and went in her house for a minute. She came out with a paper towel and wiped milas face, and said you missed a drop..then went in .Mila and i spoke about this twice with me in the next few days, but now claims im embellishing, but only to relieve her catholic guilt. So ends the tales of claire and tricia.I havent seen trish since that summer, claire doesnt live too far away and is a housewife with 2 k**s. They were good times back then