Milking Time B3 Chapter 1 Midnight Meeting

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Milking Time B3 Chapter 1 Midnight MeetingThis story involves a group of shemales who live on an island thatexists in our world, but they chose to remain mostly isolated. That’s partof the reason I also call them amazons.The shemales in my stories have genitalia that start at JohnHolmes’ size, and then get much, much bigger. (This is a work of fantasy afterall.) So if extreme size is not to your liking, I suggest you go elsewhereand pick another story.This story is copyrighted and may not be posted anywhere without myexpress written permission.I welcome comments and feedback from anyone who takes the time to read this.You can contact me via e-mail at: grsisk@gmail.comMilking Time Book 3: IntrigueChapter 1: Midnight MeetingTiffany closed the door behind her as the last of the amazons filed in to the room.”I want to thank all of you for coming here tonight,” Tiffany addressed the dozen girls sitting in the room with her. “I appreciate your all showing up on short notice. I’ll try to make things short and sweet, so we’re not too terribly obvious to everyone else on the Island about holding meetings in the middle of the night.”Along with Clyda and Dee Dee, nine other girls who Tiffany considered to be her oldest and most trusted friends made up the group in the room.”As you all probably no doubt know, things are building to a head ever since Jordan came to the Island,” said Tiffany. “We’ve basically got two groups, or two ‘schools of thought’ here. There’s our group, who believes in treating everybody more or less equally. When girls perform well, we reward them fairly and often, and move them along regularly in the develop-ment of their cocks, and sexual advancement, so they can become members of the family here.””And then there’s Barocca’s sect,” continued Tiffany. “Don’t ask me how or why she turned out the way she did, but Barocca’s a control freak. She believes in absolute domination and control over the girls under her. She makes them work outrageously hard for any sexual favors, and then she doles out the pleasure and the rewards with an eyedropper. It’s beyond me why any of the girls are loyal to her, but she’s got a handful of followers.””The last time we counted, we had just over fifty amazons on the Island,” said Tiffany. “How many would you say are loyal to our way of thinking?””Easily two thirds of the girls on the Island are faithful to us, Tiffany,” said Dee Dee. “There can’t be more than a dozen in Barocca’s little clique. But most of them are fanatics, and would do anything for her.””I know that ever since we announced we were giving Jordan special treatment, we opened a bigger can of worms than any of us could have imagined,” said Tiffany. “Things are going to come to a head, one way or another, regardless of whether Jordan makes it all the way through the main event or not.””That’s a foregone conclusion love,” said Clyda. “Jordan took everything Ebony could dish out at her. And my balls are still sore from the finale this afternoon with her.””I’m afraid Clyda’s right,” said Dee Dee. “Barring something totally unexpected, I don’t think there’s any way Jordan won’t make it through the main event. Then we aren’t going to have any choice but to make her one of us.””The fact is,” said Tiffany, “Barocca’s going to use this string of events to try and push for more changes, whether Jordan makes it or not. Barocca would like nothing better than to run this Island with everyone under her thumb, just the way she wants. I don’t think any of us here want that to happen.””All right, Tiffany. So we can expect some sort of challenge or power play from Barocca in the near future,” said Darlene. “So what do we do when she makes her move?””What we need to do,” said Tiffany, “is stack the odds in our favor, and give ourselves every chance to come out on top. Two things would push Barocca over the edge, and have her so fucking mad, she’d play right into our hands, and we’d have her just where we wanted her.””The first one is obvious,” continued Tiffany. “We make certain that Jordan istanbul escort passes the main event, and becomes a shemale like the rest of us. Seeing Jordan reach the Holy Grail in so short a time, after she had to work so long and so hard to become one of us, will drive her wild.””And just what’s the second thing you have in mind, Tiffany?” asked Clyda. “As if I didn’t know.””That should be even more obvious,” said Tiffany. “We see to it that Jordan comes out of her operation with even more cock between her legs than Barocca!” “Damn, Tiffany!” exclaimed Darlene. “You sure aren’t asking for very much. Just turn everything upside down from the way we’re used to doing things around here, and promote Jordan to the head of the fucking class while you’re at it.””All right, I’m sorry that things are so drastic sounding,” said Tiffany. “But we’re going to have to confront Barocca whether we like it or not, sooner or later. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather stack the odds in my favor ahead of time, and have a chance of controlling the outcome, rather than wait and let her force things upon us.””There’s also a couple of things I think you ought to know about Jordan,” continued Tiffany. “Dee Dee and I have already had a couple of long talks with her, and I assure you, we’ll have many more.””Talk is cheap, Tiffany,” said Roxanne. “Suppose you do have Dee Dee work her magic on Jordan, and suppose she does turn out bigger between her legs than Barocca is. How are you gonna control her then? If she doublecrosses you, and sides with Barocca or Ebony, we could be worse off than we ever were.””I’m well aware of the risk we’re taking,” said Tiffany. “But Dee Dee and I have given this a lot of thought, and I think I know how we can keep Jordan in check.””It’s actually very simple,” said Dee Dee. “If there’s one thing Jordan wants more than anything else in the whole fucking world, it’s to have a cock, and to be a shemale amazon, just like the rest of us.””The cock that I make to give Jordan will be a very special one,” continued Dee Dee. “Yes, it’ll be fucking huge, and it ought to make Barocca’s eyes pop out of her sockets when she sees it on Jordan. But I’m also installing more safeguards and failsafes in this one, than in anything I’ve ever created before. If Jordan gets out of line, I can cut her off with the flip of a switch, or a couple of keystrokes. She’ll still have her cock, but she’ll never see a hard-on again, and that would absolutely devastate her, after everything she went through to get it.””Dee Dee and I have already laid down the law regarding certain things with Jordan so far,” said Tiffany. “Not to mention the fact that after an afternoon with Ebony, she calmed down considerably. If and when she makes it through the main event in one piece, we’ll hit her with this next. Given a choice between living out her fantasies with us if she behaves, or risking it all and possibly losing everything by siding with Barocca, I think she’ll choose us.””Like I said before,” continued Tiffany, “I know what I’m proposing here is very risky, and that there’s a lot of things that could screw up in one way or another, and backfire on us. If anyone’s got a better idea, or another way they’d like to try and do things, now’s the time to make yourself heard.””What about taking a vote, and simply having the majority be officially in power here?” asked Roberta. “There’s easily many more of us than there are of Barocca’s clique.””A good idea,” replied Tiffany. “But that would only solve things temporarily. Unless we get Barocca out of here, she’ll continue running things behind the scenes the way she is now. Things will continue to fester, and in a few months, if not even sooner, we’ll be back to where we started from all over again.””Then why don’t we just kick Barocca’s ass, and show her who’s boss?” asked Darlene.”Believe me, Darlene, that’s crossed my mind too,” said Tiffany. “We could just boot Barocca out of here, without avcılar escort any explanations, and even use force if necessary,” said Tiffany. “But that would just be exchanging one set of problems for another. Other girls would wonder why we did what did, and possibly come to resent us in the future for it. We’d probably have another set of malcontents on our hands.””Don’t forget another thing,” said Dee Dee. “Although we’re in decent shape here on the Island, must of us are lovers, not warriors. We came here because we like to fuck, not to fight. And if we do something like that unprovoked against Barocca, then I know damn well that Ebony will side with her; as well as anyone else who’s loyal to her. We’d wind up having a mini gang-war on our hands. It’s bad enough getting fucked by Ebony. I don’t think any of us are ready to challenge her to a battle.”A few girls muttered under their breath, and shook their heads. No one seemed to have any plans that seemed better than what Tiffany had just proposed.”But Tiffany,” asked Roxanne, “even if we can get rid of Barocca, what are we gonna do about Ebony?””That’s a good question,” admitted Tiffany. “I know Ebony and Barocca are tight, but I’m not sure just how she’d react without Barocca here to lead things.””Ebony’s not as bad as everyone thinks,” said Dee Dee.”Easy for you to say, girl!” exclaimed Clyda. “You haven’t been reamed by her when she’s got no thoughts, except for her own pleasure and release.””Oh yes I have,” said Dee Dee. “Not as often, or as recently as some of you here. But I’ve felt Ebony’s wrath plenty of times. I’ll be the first to admit that during sex, she can be a regular Frankenstein.””But I’ve also worked with Ebony more closely than any of you have,” continued Dee Dee. “Ebony’s a hell of lot smarter than she looks. She helped me set up a lot of the computer systems we’ve got here, as well as overseeing and installing the security operations. I know that because she’s big, black and hung like a fucking bull, that Ebony intimidates the shit out of a lot of the girls here. Having Barocca play things up the way she does only adds to the effect. I’m probably the only one besides Barocca, who’s sat down and had some sincere talks with Ebony. This is going to sound crazy, but I’m willing to bet that if Barocca weren’t here, Ebony wouldn’t be nearly the ogre that everyone thinks she is.””All right, Dee Dee,” said Clyda. “If you’re positive we’ll be able to live with Ebony, if we should have to oust Barocca, that’s good enough for me. I agree with Tiffany that we’ve got to take some sort of stance, otherwise things are going to start crumbling all around us here.””I’m afraid I agree with Tiffany also girls,” said Roxanne. “We’ll have to force Barocca to make some sort of power play, and then use that against her, to get her out of here.””So here’s how I see things happening,” said Tiffany. “First, we see to it that Jordan passes the main event. That’ll begin to start Barocca’s blood boiling for certain. And then we make certain Jordan’s got more cock than Barocca does when we unveil her to the rest of the colony. When we display her to the rest of the Island, and Barocca gets a good look at her, she’ll go fucking ballistic. That’ll provoke Barocca into acting rashly, and she’ll probably issue some sort of challenge or ultimatum to us.””If that doesn’t piss Barocca off enough to come forward and make her move, I don’t know what else will,” said Darlene.”That’s the understatement of the year, Tiffany,” said Roberta. The rest of the girls laughed among themselves for a moment at that.”Tiffany, you do realize that Barocca will be so livid with anger, she’ll probably direct her challenge directly at Jordan herself,” said Clyda.”That’s exactly what I’m counting on,” said Tiffany. “So once Barocca makes her move, and issues her challenge, or her demands, the ball will be in our court, and that’s just the way I want it.””I don’t see how forcing things to escalate to the boiling point is şirinevler escort just what you want, Tiffany,” said Darlene.”The reason is this, Darlene,” said Tiffany. “What few rules and bylaws that we have here on the Island are very clear on certain points. One of them is that if one amazon should ever challenge another, whoever is challenged gets to choose the type of contest, or ‘duel’ that will take place. It’s kind of like the old time code of honor. We’ll have Jordan respond to Barocca with a contest that we know Jordan can win, and we also take whatever devious steps are necessary to ensure that she wins.””Remember a few things girls,” said Clyda. “At the time, Jordan only has to accept the challenge from Barocca. She can name the type of contest, and when it’s to be held in a couple of days. That’ll give us time to think of something, and make certain that she comes out on top.””All right,” said Tiffany. “For the time being, I think that covers things. Not a word of any of this to Jordan. For now, I still want her to think that she’s got to do things on her own.””It looks like you’ll be putting in more time than usual in your lab, Dee Dee,” said Clyda. “Do you think you’ll need any additional help to get things done?””How about it, Dee Dee?” asked Tiffany. “Do you think you can come up with something that’ll make sure Jordan passes the main event?””I doubt that Jordan will need help of any sort myself,” chuckled Dee Dee. “But yeah. I’ll come up with something that’ll guarantee the results we want. And don’t worry, I can handle creating all the special effects and requirements you’ll want. But there’s a couple things that I think everyone here ought to know. I told everyone that the reason I had to give Jordan a partially effective pill when we turned her over to Ebony, was due to a lack of time. That wasn’t entirely true.””The real reason,” continued Dee Dee, “is that someone tampered with my PC. The entire partition that holds all my formulas, my research and development files, was gone. All I could do was throw together a patchwork pill for Jordan, and we’re lucky she survived her afternoon with Ebony. I didn’t let this on to anyone until I was certain what had happened.”I did a tape restore later on, and was able to give Jordan a proper pill the next day, when we turned her over to Clyda. I think everyone could see the difference in the results. The point is, we’re having to deal with something else I never thought we’d have to here on the Island: sabotage from within. “If I had to name anyone, I’d pick Barocca or one of her cohorts who came in and screwed with my PC. Of course, I have no proof, and it’d be my word against hers, but that’s my gut feeling.””That’s terribly unsettling news,” said Tiffany. “But it just might help us in the long run. I agree with your hunch that Barocca’s probably at the root of that problem too. If we can ever find a way to prove that, it’ll be that much easier to get her out of here. The rest of you take extra caution with your PC’s and with general security the next few days.””Since we’re using a Windows image here, I’d suggest that you all lock your PC’s when you’re not using them,” said Dee Dee. “Or better yet, go in to the BIOS, and set a Power-On password. Then turn them off whenever you’re not using them. That’ll make damn sure that nobody gets into it that shouldn’t, without a major effort. Anyone who needs help setting that up, be sure and call me.””Okay. Everyone get back to your quarters, or wherever you’re supposed to be this evening,” said Tiffany. “Everybody on the Island knows that something’s brewing in the air, with all the shit that’s been happening. If you happen to find out anything important that you think I should know, come tell me in person. We’re not going to risk using the phones or even e-mail, for confidential matters, until this is over one way or another.”Last but not least, leave Jordan to myself, Dee Dee and Clyda. So far, she seems really receptive to our way of doing things, and siding with us. We’ll give her the news as she needs to know it. I guess the only other thing would be to tell the other girls to lighten up and be a little friendlier with Jordan; but tell them to try and not to make it too obvious. If we can make her feel more at home here, we’ve got a better chance of pulling this whole thing off.”