Mira – 3

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I woke up alone. I think it had been the clattering of a helicopter that had disturbed me. The sun was filtering through the drawn curtains of my suite and I lay between silk sheets and remembered the previous evening. My hand moved without my consciously directing it to my pussy where, as my legs spread, I stroked myself languidly. Mira’s smell was all around me and there were still damp patches on the sheets as evidence of our lovemaking. I lifted my knees and my finger slid into me, stroking deep inside and all too quickly I felt my breath quicken, my back lift and the orgasm rolled over me like a warm wave. I rolled onto my side and squeezed my hand between my legs, clinging to the last vestiges of my climax. A rap on my door was followed by Irina’s arrival with a pot of tea for me. I am sure she knew what I had been doing but seemed completely unfazed. She placed teapot and cup beside my bed, poured milk and tea and stood back to stand patiently waiting for me to come to. I sat, oblivious to my nakedness and thanked her and drank my tea gratefully. ‘Miss Ivanova, the Mistress’s assistant has arrived.’ That, perhaps, explained the helicopter. ‘She is waiting for you in the main saloon, Miss. She said to tell you not to hurry.’ I got out of bed and Irina held a robe for me. Did her hands stroke my arms just a little as she helped me into it? I tied it and followed her to the saloon. ‘Not to hurry’ always meant the opposite I had found in this company and I joined Ivanova who was seated at a table kaçak iddaa with cps and pots set. She looked stunning, no hint of her obviously early start. ‘I have six candidates for your secretary.’ She handed me a file and while I read through the papers for each candidate she poured tea for herself and coffee for me. “They are arranged in the order I think most suitable.’ I could not fault her choices and finally said that I’d like to meet the first two of her candidates. She smiled and nodded in acknowledgement. Mira burst into the room as we sat. She was dressed in jeans and a white silk blouse, her glossy black hair tied back. ‘You are not dressed? We have work to do. Please go and prepare while I talk to Ivanova.’ I stood hastily, feeling chastened and hurried to my suite to change. Irina had made my bed and cleared my tea and left clothes on the bed for me. I showered and dressed and made my way back to the saloon. Mira’s hand was under Ivanova’s skirt. They were talking and both turned to look at me. Mira’s hand did not move. I was, somehow, becoming used to this sort of casual sexual behaviour and felt no shock or jealousy where, only a few days ago, I should have been appalled and hurt. ‘That’s better. Please ensure you are ready for work by 8.30 every morning. Irina will be punished for not preparing you correctly.’ She took her hand, reluctantly it seemed to me, from between her secretary’s legs and stood. Ivanova tells me that the textiles will be arriving in 30 minutes. Follow kaçak bahis me.’ She led me once again to the ballroom and as we entered she slipped her finger into my mouth. ‘Taste Ivanova,’ she whispered. Then she kissed me very hard, her hand roaming over my breasts, across my arse and between my legs under the pale yellow dress I was wearing. As abruptly as she had started, she stopped and was all business. Clearly, the workday had started. It did not finish until 8 that evening. We had one stop for coffee with the textile people and nothing to eat all day. ‘I have to spend time with Ivanova this evening. Irina will ensure you are fed.’ Thus dismissed I went to my quarters and poured myself a welcome drink. Irina came to me around twenty minutes later. Her eyes were sad, dark rings under them. Mutely she served me some food and as she turned to leave I caught sight of a livid bruise on the thigh. I enquired about it. ‘I failed to prepare you correctly this morning, Miss. I was punished.’ I lifted the hem of her dress and saw she spoke the truth. ‘Who did this to you?’ ‘The Mistress, Miss.’ I stood and felt myself shaking with outrage. I went to the door but Irina tried to stop me. ‘Please, Miss. If you argue with her I will be punished again after you have been dismissed. I beg you, do not go to her.’ I took her hand. ‘I will not have anyone beaten. Stay here.’ I pushed her aside and made my way to the saloon. There was no sign of Mira or Ivanova. I walked around the ship, my anger growing. Finally illegal bahis I came to Mira’s suite and rang the bell. Ivanova answered the door. She was naked below the waist. Mira was sitting in a chair, her girl cock poking up from between her legs. She was naked. “To what do I owe this intrusion?’ ‘You beat Irina.’ ‘And?’ ‘I wont have it. It was as much my fault as hers that I was late. How could you do such a thing?’ Mira reached for a champagne flute that stood on a table beside her. She took a draught from it and replaced it casually. She returned her gaze to me. ‘How could I do such a thing? I can do it for a number of reasons, because I choose to, because she deserved it, because it was necessary, perhaps even because I enjoyed it. You know nothing of my life, my ways. I will forgive this, this time but you will never again question me. Do you understand? Now leave.’ Ivanova opened the door for me but I stood my ground. ‘I will leave – in the morning and for good. Goodnight.’ I turned and left the suite, noting as I did so a smile on Ivanova’s face. When I got back to my room Irina had left. My bed was turned down, my nightdress laid out and a glass of water stood beside the bed. I sat in a chair looking out over the harbour, dark save for a few twinkling lights. I rose and poured myself a brandy then pressed the bell to summons Irina who arrived within seconds. ‘I will be leaving in the morning. Please let me see your wounds.’ ‘They are nothing, Miss.’ ‘Show me.’ She turned and lifted her dress – her arse was naked and striped with what looked like cane strokes. I led her to my bathroom and put cream on her welts. I held her as she sobbed. ‘You do not understand. It is right that I was punished.