Mistis’ Adventures Part 156

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 156The men were sitting, patiently waiting to see what the women were cooking up. Whatever it was, it was sure to be surprising. In the meantime, Wayne had told them about his car. He had bought the Mercury, and, the very next day, he saw his “dream car” in a lot a few blocks away. He had been given a 48 hour try out period, and the decision was instantaneous. It was a VERY nice car, and he had had to stretch to find a reason to bring it back, but the dealer had lived up to his word, and returned his check. It DIDN’T happen often, but, sometimes it did. Wayne called a taxi and went around the block, and then down to the other dealership to get a closer look. He was greeted by a guy that, at least to an extent, didn’t seem to care if he bought something, or not. They walked around, talking about all kinds of things, and Wayne had described his wishes to the salesman. He had shown Wayne 5 or 6 different cars, and Wayne had pointed at the Ford Station Wagon, and asked about it. The salesman had told him that the previous owner had installed a bigger, high-performance motor in it, and made a few other modifications. He had used it to pull a Recreational Trailer House, when he took his family on vacations, and he also used it to hunt and fish. He was a music lover, so he had put in, at first, a cassette player, to augment the AM/FM radio, and later, still, a CD player. He had also put more speakers, adding to the original 4, until he had 16 speakers. They had been professionally done, and looked like factory originals. They walked over for Wayne to get a closer look.He had lifted the hood and found a 429 Cobra-Jet engine sitting there. He spied, also the booster for power brakes, and the power steering pump. He had also seen the condenser for an A/C. He closed the hood while the salesman went to get the keys, and saw that the windows and back hatch were power driven, also. The previous owner HAD done a good job on his installations. A speaker in each of the wheel wells, 4 more on top of the sill, 4 mounted overhead, 4 in the rear doors, and one in each of the front doors. It looked like one had been in the dash, but had either been taken out, or stopped working. The dealer came out, introduced himself and explained that the salesman had requested him to talk to Wayne. HE knew the previous owner, and his family, personally. They had 6 k**s, and the oldest two had driven it at times, along with the owner and his wife. They had traded for a Suburban to take its place. The 3 oldest were gone from home, now. So they didn’t need so much passenger space, but still needed something to pull the new trailer, which was larger than the original one. The man had been a fair hand at mechanics, and had fixed most problems as soon as they came up, but had been injured a few months ago, and there were a few “bugs” in it now. HE, the dealer, was selling it on consignment. HE, the owner, was asking 4000 dollars for it. He offered Wayne the keys and invited him to start it up. Wayne did and was happy to hear the big engine’s rumble. The owner had, wisely, in Wayne’s opinion, installed Glass-Pack mufflers on it. They went out on the street and at the first light, heard the brakes squeal. It would need new rotors on the disc brakes. He drove up the street for a ways, and made a turn and started back. When they got to the lot, the motor hiccuped and burped, when he turned it off. He turned on the headlamps, and the inside light, on the left side was burned out. Wayne made his decision. THIS car was HIS, now. He wrote a check for the full amount, and went straight to the tag office to get it registered. He took the title, and registration, and put them in a zip lock bag and put them in an overhead storage pocket. He went down and paid for a year of Full-Coverage Insurance, and went on to a mechanic that Carl used. He went in and they took him right away. An hour and a half later he was going out their gate, and the car was in perfect order. It had cost him less than 200 dollars to fix everything, and they had filled the windshield washer to boot. The mechanic had also found a nail in one of the tires and had patched it, too. He went out of town to a piece of blacktop, secondary road and stopped, revving it up a bit, and tromped it. He was surrounded by smoke and squeals from the burning rubber, and the tires took hold, and he was flying. The acceleration pushed him back in the seat like he was in a rocket, and his speedometer, which was marked to 130, was pegged and he was STILL accelerating. He let off of the gas and braked down to 55, and topped a hill. A Deputy was sitting there with a speed gun. THAT WAS CLOSE!!! He would have maxed out the counties budget with his speeding tickets. He turned around and went to see Dolly. He spent a few hours with her, and they went for a ride. He took her to a place he knew, and, since it was such a nice day, almost evening, now, they took a blanket, and put it on the hood, and made love right in the wide outdoors. It had been just as good as the other times, even though it was their second time, today.They heard a sound from upstairs, and looked up to see the women standing at the first landing, all of them completely naked. They were speechless. Carl had seen Julia naked, and in the most intimate ways, less than 3 hours ago, and had seen Dolly the same way, with Wayne, just last night. BOTH were unbelievably beautiful. but NOW, had surpassed even those times. Rhonda was a vision of loveliness. ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING, as were ALL of them. Wayne couldn’t believe his eyes. The 3 most beautiful women he had ever seen, and standing there, before him. displaying their beauty to him. Scott was just as dumbfounded. He had thought he had seen some fantastically gorgeous women before. but these three were besting the best he had seen in HIS life.They all noticed that the women were speaking, and laughing, but the only words they heard were “got their tongues.” Rhonda finally broke through when she asked, “Do you want us to go back upstairs?” They ALL heard THAT! NO, NO, NO!!! COME ON DOWN HERE.” The women came in and sat next to the men who had accompanied them earlier. The women, smiling, had apparently elected Dolly as their spokesperson. “We decided, she started, to make this evening, Lady’s Choice. We have, this evening, all made love with our partners. NOW, we will chose a new partner for this time. We all appreciate having a choice, just as you men do. Since anadolu yakası escort I am the one speaking at the present time, I’m choosing Scotty as MY partner. I have always been fascinated by REALLY tall men, and since Scotty, I also chose to call him that, as I like the sound of it, is, Rhonda told me, 6’5″ I want to see if I can work WITHOUT a safety net. I also wish to see if that height gives me nosebleed. Come on, Sweetheart. Rhonda tells me great things about you. I have also found that I like to be watched, and to have lights on around me. IT SEEMS TO BE MUCH MORE FUN LIKE THAT.” She went over and sat on Scott’s leg. The next to speak was Julia. I have chosen Wayne as MY partner. I watched him make Dolly lose control last night, and want him to demonstrate his technique on me. If he makes ME lose control, the way he made HER do, I will think Carl and I should open a school for instructing lovers. It was amazing at the way he did her. I want to try it for me own self!!!”Rhonda looked at Carl, as Julia went and fell to her knees in front of Wayne, and laid her head in his lap. DON’T YOU EVER THINK I’M PICKING YOU, BECAUSE YOU WERE WHAT’S LEFT!!! I WAS THE FIRST TO PICK YOU, WHILE WE WERE STILL UPSTAIRS!!! I felt all those musckles, my Popeye vernacular, when I hugged you at the restaurant, and couldn’t believe what I was feeling under my hands. I’ve ALWAYS been crazy, DON’T NOBODY AGREE WITH ME, about the He-Man type guys. I have to find out if it was my imagination, or if they’re real, and what ELSE you have that gets that hard. IF it’s all true, Julia better be on her toes or I’m gonna give her a run for her money.” Julia turned to her. Like HELL you will!!! I’ll let you borrow him, once in a while, but HE’S MINE!!! HE AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE’S WITH YOU, OR ANY OTHER WOMAN!!!” All of them were laughing at Julia’s outburst. Dolly looked up from kissing Scott. ” WHY are we wasting time? We should be doing what we intended instead of talking about it.”Julia told them that they had put a tub full of hot water and towels, and some pillows, just above the landing, and would someone go get them for them. Wayne almost tripped in his haste to get the items they had named. He sat them out of the way, and each took her partner and slid down in the floor, leaving just a little “roll around” room between them. All chose different methods to please their partners.Soon the room was a cacophony of grunts, groans, moans, whimpers, and sighs. Carl had been delighted that Rhonda had chosen him. Her technique was above reproach. She had brought him almost to the point of no return several times, and she had cum in his face twice, at least, for every time she had brought him to HIS boiling point. His hands were feeling the overwhelming softness of her ass and those gorgeous bazoombas. THEY were the REAL McCOY. He had thought they might have been enhanced, but they were FAR too soft for that.He rolled and she took the hint and went with him, turning to be face to face with him, and kissing him so hard that he was left breathless. Her breath tasted like butterscotch, and had a freshness that was special. He took his time with kissing her face, neck, ears, and collarbones. “I don’t mind if you give me a hickey.” she told him. “It makes me so wet and hot for a guy to give me a hickey.” He took her invitation and soon had a tiny red mark on her neck. He went down to suck on her nipples, all the time massaging those fantastic knockers. They felt even softer like this. Her nipples were hard as marbles, and blushed a bright rosy color. He flat tummy was just as soft as the rest of her. He kissed across it, and arrived, once again, at the portals of her femininity. His tongue delved into her vagina, for the second, but, he hoped, for countless more times, and the full length of his tongue found the familiar spots. He was in a better position, and made the most of it, capturing her clitty, and teasing it awake for a second round. She cried out from his labors, and dug her fingers into the back of his head, crying for him to do her more. He obliged until she passed out, and he took one of the pillows, and placed it under her hips, getting ready for her awakening. A second or two later her eyes fluttered open, and he pinned her legs behind his elbows, and paced the head of his dick in the favored spot. She looked dreamy-eyed, and he began to push. Gently, but, firmly. Her eyes opened wide as she felt him sliding into her. Deeper and deeper he went. “OH MY LORD!!! Are you using your arm on me? It may be more…. NO!!! DON’T STOP, NOW!!! GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!! IT’S SO FUCKING BIG!!! OH, MY LORD!!! IT FEELS FANTASTIC!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! I LOVE THE FEEL OF YOUR COCK INSIDE ME!!! IT’S SO GOOD!!! I LOVE IT. FUCK ME HARDER!!! PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!! MAKE ME SCREAM!!! OH MY LORD!!! I’M CUMMING!!! PLEASE CUM INSIDE ME WHEN I CUM!!! FILL ME UP!!! PLEASE, PLEASE CUM!!!” He felt himself tingling, and dug his toes into the carpet to shove it as deep as she wanted. He started with a few droplets, but soon turned into a torrent. She wrapped her legs and arms around him, grinding her pelvis into him to get each drop of his sperm. She was whimpering from the onslaught. She relaxed and fell to the floor, pulling him down with her. “That was so good.” she whispered. “We’re gonna have to make THIS a HABIT!!!” She raised up enough to give him another kiss, and reached for a wet towel. He grabbed her arm and held it tight, shaking his head at her. “Allow ME!!!” he reopened her legs and started eating the cream pie he had just given her. He eyes rolled up in her head at the feeling of his tongue and lips cleaning her. She came several more times, before he finished. He laid back and felt her hands pulling him nearer. She returned his courtesy, and was amazed at how good their fluids tasted in harmony. She finished and started to lay back and found his arm waiting for her. “I could GET USED to THIS!” she said. “Most guys just walk away once they bust a nut in you.” She snuggled into him, kissing his neck and almost purring.Julia was pleasantly surprised at the way Wayne was treating her. He had put her on her back, and kissed her with all the tenderness she could imagine. He took his time with her, and, before long, had worked her to a fever pitch. She was breathing rapidly and he was massaging her from her neck down to her thighs. His touch was so light that if was like a feather was being dragged pendik escort over her skin. Her senses had taken over, and it was a little slice of Heaven for her. It was almost like she had found things she had never guessed were in her. She felt him kissing her even more. He must have either brushed his teeth, gargled, or chewed a stick of gum. It was musky and sweet at the same time. She felt his tongue parting her lips, and opened her mouth to allow him to enter. He almost counted her teeth with the thoroughness of the kiss. He went down a tiny bit, and she felt him, more than saw him, sucking her nipples. His hand was still behind her, and was rubbing in circles, up and down her back and legs. He finally squeezed her butt cheek, but very softly, and moved his hand to grasp her thigh, between her legs. He pulled it until it opened and was over him. She had rolled to her side, and he was putting her on her back, again. He was going down her body for the second time, and was sucking at her nipples more than the first time.He kissed her stomach and inserted his tongue in her belly button, licking it like he had done her pussy, but different, somehow. It had felt good the first time, but this time it was even better. She felt herself shaking, and quivering, with anticipation. He was opening her legs, and lifting her up to his face. She felt a strange tickle and realized he was rimming her. His tongue was entering her butt hole. Had she cleaned herself after she used the potty? She, at this point in time couldn’t remember. She COULD remember that Carl had stuck his dick in her ass a little while this afternoon. His tongue went in her, deeper and deeper. It felt SO DAMN GOOD! HIS TONGUE WAS EXITING HER AND GOING INTO HER VAGINA!!! THAT FELT EVEN BETTER!!! His tongue was as long as Carl’s, and he used it so well. She jumped as his mustache tickled her clitoris. Her breath came even faster, and she was moaning. He was smiling. She could feel the movement of his face as it was pressed to her pussy. He was sucking her clitty, now, and she was groaning and whimpering. NO WONDER Dolly was falling in love with him. He was treating her so GOOD. if this was how he treated HER.He raised up and took the pillow that was next to her head, and put it under her hips. She lifted herself enough that he could easily slide it under her. THIS ONE was ESPECIALLY thick. He had it where he wanted it, and came up to kiss her several more times. HE was VERY nice. He let his cock rub its way to her opening, dry humping her, until it found the small hole. He pushed and it was going inside her. The skin was slightly rough, from a bad circumcision, and she felt the scratching as he went deeper and deeper. THIS must be what a “French Tickler” feels like, she thought. He was in her as far as he could go. NOT as deep as Carl, but VERY nice. He began to hump her. It was a strange sensation. it scratched a tiny bit, and it felt so good doing it. Her legs went around him, and she answered his thrusts with her own. They complimented each others movements, and he leaned down to kiss her more. She grasped his head and really laid it into him. Her tongue went berserk inside his mouth, and she made sure to be tender about it. She could feel the tightness of him inside her, and the gathering tension in her body. It was gathering strength until there was no holding back. It exploded with the force of a bomb, and she screamed her pleasure. She felt the hot liquid pouring from him into her. She screamed again and again. It left her nearly breathless. She was so weak that she fell back, her arms and legs open wide. Her breathe came in gasps. She had cum as hard as she EVER had, with ANYBODY. Wayne was leaning on his elbow, looking down at her. He silently mouthed the words, I LOVE YOU, to her. He was looking at her with what her Mom used to call “Puppy Dog Eyes.” It surprised her and shocked her at the same time. She realized, at that moment, that she had another admirer.Dolly and Scott had been in the floor for just a few minutes, and she kissed him, and lifted her chin, and said “The chair, Sweetheart. Go in it.” He raised up from the floor, holding her around the waist, and sat with her in his lap. She slid back to the floor, on her knees, and grasped his manhood in her soft hand, and ducked her head to take it in her mouth. She slowly licked it, and inserted it into her mouth to take him completely. He wasn’t as big as she hoped he would be, but he was showing her something that was JUST as interesting to her. His cock was around 7 inches, and FAIRLY thick, but NOT so much as Wayne’s, but it curled upwards, and to his left. The head was larger than the rest of it, and was almost round. She had felt the difference in her mouth, and now wanted to feel it inside her twat. She giggled at the thought. She had heard the other girls use that, and many other words, to describe their vaginas. She had heard words from other countries used by her friends in High School, and at college. A Mexican girl had called it her “panocha”, and a German girl had called it her “fut.” While she was in college she was acquainted with a Vietnamese girl, that had called it her “kiloam.” They ALL had been fun to listen to. The Vietnamese girl and her, with some others, had been in the cafeteria one day, and a Vietnamese GUY had came up and spoke to her. She had flashed him an EVIL stare, and spat the word “Suc Mai” at him. HE had smiled and left. They had all wondered what had just happened, but it was HER tha had asked. The girl had blushed a bit, and admitted that he had told her that he wanted to fuck, choi, her, and she had told him that it would NEVER happen. Suc mai was the word she had chosen to tell him so. The girl had found out that Darla, as she was called in college, was interested in her country, they began spending much time in their rooms talking, and had become BFFs. They still called each other, often.She had Scott to a point where she was just as anxious to make love as HE was. She put her hands on his thighs, and raised up, placing one of her knees on each side of his legs and raising up to first kiss him, and then to reach down, grasping his cock, and placing him in just the right spot. She had to raise a bit more, since she had miscalculated, and there was more to him than she had allowed for, at first. She rubbed the head of his dick against her slit, and began to lower herself, holding him where she wanted, and guiding tuzla escort him inside her. She settled herself as he pierced her vagina, HER CUNT, and took him slowly until she was sitting in his thighs, fully impaled on his pecker. It felt so GOOD!!!She raised a bit, and lowered, again, and it began to make her feel so warm inside. He was hitting her at a place that was making her want to move faster and faster. It was like electric shocks inside of her. She gave in to the feelings, and began to take him faster and faster. Each time it made her want to go EVEN FASTER, though. She felt the warmth spreading through her, and explode inside of her. She gasped and whimpered, as the feelings took her. She had NEVER cum this fast with Wayne. She caught her breath, and resumed her ride. She made herself cum 6 more times, each time more intense that the time before. The last had almost made her faint. She was asking herself, in her mind, Does this mean that I am becoming a Harlot, as Mom called “easy” women. She shook her head. She had something BETTER to think about for now.Scott raised up in the chair, lifting her with him, and place her on the floor, on her side. He lay down behind her and raised her leg up higher, and she felt him going inside her, again. His arm was under her head, and his other arm, or hand, was guiding him into her, again. This way was nice, too. She felt him inside of her and he began to slide in and out of her, holding her leg up and out of the way. He let go of her leg in a bit, and reached over to fondle her breast, getting her that much hotter. She couldn’t help herself. “PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK ME!!! GIVE IT TO ME HARD!!! MAKE ME CRY FOR YOU!!! MAKE ME TELL YOU WHAT I WANT!!! SHOVE THAT THING DEEP INSIDE OF ME!!! FLOOD MY GUTS WITH YOUR CUM!!! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!! FUCK ME MORE!!! I LOVE HOW YOU’RE FUCKING ME!!! BUST MY ASS!!! MAKE IT BRIGHT RED!!! JUST KEEP FUCKING ME!!! FFUUUCCCKKK MMMMEEEEEEE!!!”She was pushing back at him and reaching back to try to push him, but her arm didn’t get far enough back. It frightened her, that she thought he was stopping, when her drew away from her, but he had reached over and took the pillow, and was turning her over on her back, and placing it under her rump. She felt him putting her legs over his shoulders, forcing her legs up, and then, he was re entering her. This time she jolted with the force of his penetration. He raised up on locked elbows, and dug his toes into the carpet, slammng into her repeatedly. His thrust were in no way gentle. He was driving into her with all his strength. She felt a newer, and more intense sensation building inside of her. It felt as if someone was blowing up a balloon inside of her. She felt it growing bigger, and getting hotter. Just as it felt like it would smother her, it exploded and she felt it filling her with the warmest feelings she could ever remember. Then she felt something ELSE! He was filling her with his sperm. OH GOD IT FELT SO GOOD. How did she live, before she experienced these feelings. It seemed like she was a new person. Somehow, more complete than she had ever been in her previous life. MOM and DAD had cheated her badly, by not telling her it could be this good. She had almost stopped moving, except for the contractions inside her. Each time if felt like Scott dribbled a bit more cum inside of her. NOW SHE WOULD HAVE TO GO GET SOME BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!!! Mom and Dad, would freak out if she got pregnant. Her brothers, especially Steve and Chet, would laugh themselves silly. Both would simply say “We told ya so.” They had, unknown to their parents, jacked off in front of her, and Chet, after watching his girlfriend, had taught HER to Jill off, as he called it. All her brothers had seen her pussy and tits MANY times, just as she had seen their dicks, both hard AND soft. She had felt them too, with her hand, at least. They had learned how to use hand signals, or whisper softly, so as NOT to be heard. At home it was no problem. They simply went for a ride on their machines. Daddy had 2000 acres of open land, on the edge of a sandy place, that was perfect for riding on. They also had some woods, and the “lake” by the back of the house. There were several places they could, and DID go, if they wanted to “explore” each other. She had been running around naked, in front of her brothers, since she was old enough to know there WAS a difference in how they were made. They had NEVER tried to fuck her, but they had all played with her, ON THE OUTSIDE, and had eaten her pussy, MANY times. SHE, in return had blown their dicks, but never tasted their cum, many times, as well. Chet and Steve had come the closest ti fucking her, when they had rubbed their hard cocks on her pussy, a few times. She had just reminded them of what Mom and Dad had said, and would do. They would have freaked if they could have seen that Steve and her were sitting on the dock, feeling each other up. Sometimes he sat and had his arm around her shoulders, reaching down to feel her tits, and other times, he would have his are around her waist, with his hand inside her clothes, rubbing her clit until she came. She would put her head in HIS lap, and lick his dick until he was ready to cum.Scott was raising up and kissing her. He smiled at her and slid down her torso, re spreading her legs, and dipping down to lap at her pussy. Eating his cum from her, and cleaning the insides of her legs, and the crack of her ass. IT FELT SO GOOD TO BE EATEN SOME MORE!!! She felt herself cum so many times while he was eating her. She had to catch her breath, first, but she pushed him over on HIS back, and started sucking HIM clean. The only problem was that he had cum one more time, THIS time, INSIDE of her mouth. She had tasted her and Wayne’s cums, mixed together, but had NEVER tasted a man’s cum, all by itself. It was NICE. That must be why so many girls liked to suck dicks. She held it in her mouth for a bit, enjoying the flavor, them went ahead and swallowed it. She should have done THIS with her BROTHERS.They finished with each other, and Scott offered his arm for her to lay her head on. She did, and looked around the room. All the others had been watching THEM fuck. They must have finished and started watching her and Scott. She felt a small pang of hope that she hadn’t done anything silly, but was happy that they had found them, HER so interesting. Wayne was looking at her like he was proud of her, and Julia was smiling. She could tell that Carl was thinking about what it would be like to fuck her, himself. Rhonda was smiling, too. “See what I’ve been getting for a long time. HE made me a sex maniac.Carl looked her in the eyes. “THIS time, it’s MEN’S choice, and I CHOOSE YOU, DOLLY!!! GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!”