Mistis’ Adventures Part 173

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 173Misti and Sam spent much of their time, now that she was home so much more, with Mary. With the end of summer growing near, they spent much of that time naked. Mary, at first, didn’t do as much “streaking” as she had before, due to having the nurse in the house. Then she noticed, several times, that the nurse DIDN’T wear any panties, or bras, but, she DID wear skirts. One morning, as she was arriving, Mary invited her to sit down, and talk for awhile. At first it was about Uncle Charley, and his progress. They had, for the longest, thought that he might have to be placed in a care facility. He had objected as strongly as he could, in his weakened condition. “NOT NO, BUT HELL NO!!!” he told them. “If ya wanna get rid o’ me, just go ahead and put a pillow over my face, or gimme some sleeping pills, but don’t put me in one o’ those places. I seen too many of ’em. They treat people so bad, it makes ’em WANT to die.” Mary and Aunt Mildred had asked him if a nurse would be suitable. “As long as she acts decent, yeah. I don’t want some bitch that comes in and tells me that I’m puttin’ on an act, to get sympathy, or pushing me around, and making me more miserable than I am, already.”Mary and Aunt Mildred had talked it over with his doctor, on the phone. The doc had told them that they would need a nurse that had experience in rehabilitation, and long term care. Mr. Phelps had suffered a MASSIVE stroke, and it wouldn’t be a matter of days, or even weeks, but, at best, months, or even years. His left side, thankfully, since he was right handed, had been 80% paralyzed. If it had been his right side, he would be totally incapacitated. He could still write, and his other motor skills hadn’t been effected, so, except for walking, had NOT been damaged. He had, with help, and work, a chance to, in time, recover MOST of his life.They had asked him, also, if he had any recommendations, as to who to ask for to get a nurse. He had suggested a couple of places, and they had called. The first place had sent several ladies, and one gentleman, but none of them had any experience in rehab, one was a newly certified RN, who had STUDIED rehab, but had no experience. The second place had told them that they had 2 nurses that had been rehab nurses in military hospitals, and one that had done long term care. They were asked to send them over for an interview.The first nurse, was a cheerful lady in her early 40s, and had worked in a military hospital, and, after her retirement, had worked in a private facility. She was thanked, and the next day the second lady had shown up. She was also in her mid 40s, and had a similar resume, except that she had experience in Job Rehabilitation. SHE had asked if she might be allowed to meet her prospective patient. She was taken up to Uncle Charley’s room, and talked to him. He answered her questions about what he expected of her, and was he willing to face a certain amount of pain to get where he wanted to be. Uncle Charley had answered that he wanted to do as much as he possibly could, and that he would take pain, WITHIN REASON. They had gone back downstairs, and had talked for a bit more. The nurse told them, “He’s been hurt, and hurt bad, but I’ve seen much worse, and THEY recovered almost to their “pre stroke” condition. He has heart, and the drive. I could see it in his eyes, and felt it when he squeezed my hand. I think he’ll make it, and I would like to be a part of it, if you will allow me.” The only thing they asked her, was, “WHEN can you start?” She replied, “Immediately! Just let me get a few things, and I can even be a round the clock care provider, if you chose. I was in the military for 24 years, and had quite enough of the formal treatment, so, if you would, just call me Marge, or Margie. NO ma’am, nurse or what not. I’m widowed, and have more time on my hands than I want. I have a son and a daughter, that are both in the care field, and are overseas, right now. I don’t socialize, but very little, and don’t smoke, and, except for an occasional beer, don’t drink. My weakness is coffee, and ice tea. I am a bit unconventional in my ways, but, for me, they have always worked.”Aunt Mildred had smiled at her. “What do you call, “unconventional?” Marge had stood up and reached behind her to unfasten her bra, and remove it. Then she reached under her dress, and pulled her panties off, putting them in her purse. “This is my “Unconventional. I NEVER wear any undergarments. If patient wants to feel me up, he can. I judge his progress by how he reacts to copping a feel of me. The more he does, the better he feels. I say “he” all the time, because all of my patients have been men. Mostly severely wounded or injured soldiers.”Mary smiled at her, and asked, “How do you feel about complete nudity?” Marge chuckled, and answered, “If you want me to give him the “jaybird treatment, I can, but it works better if they have to work to get their hands, or other things, on me.” They had been sitting at a small round table in Mary’s kitchen, with Mary on one side, and Aunt Mildred on the other side of Marge. Now all three of them stood up and Marge was hugged and kissed by both of them. “Uncle Charley took my cherry, when I was 13, and screwed me 3 or 4 times a month for the next 6 years, until I went to college. He screwed my Mom several times a WEEK, and Aunt Mildred, every time she slowed down enough to let him stick it in her. Aunt Mildred smiled and told her, “The only times he didn’t bodrum escort fuck me was when I was in the last 2 months of my 2 pregnancies, or when I had my periods. I gave him blow jobs during them. Call ME Mildred, or Millie, and my God Daughter is Mary. I think we are gonna be friends. Mary’s husband is Jerry, or Jer.”Later, Sam and Misti had come over to see Uncle Charley. Knowing that he liked to look, both of them were naked. Ben had stayed at the house with the twins. He had bought a shallow wading pool and had put it in the yard under the trees, so his Granddaughters wouldn’t get sunburned, and sat for hours, playing with them. He was the definition of a PROUD Grandfather. He had taught them to call him “PAW PAW.” He was with them from the time they woke up in the morning, until they went to sleep in the evenings, and looked in on them several times during the nights.The came into the back door, shouting, “Is anybody ta home?” as they always did. Mary and Millie both looked around at them. “Just us old hens.” and leaned back for the inevitable hugs and kisses. “How’s Uncle Charley?” Misti asked. Millie laughed. “He’s ornery, as usual, but in better spirits than usual. We found him a nurse.” They launched into a full description of Marge, and her methodology. “She’s gone to get a few things, and will be back in a little bit.” they explained. “For now, she’s gonna be in the room next door to Charley. We already told her about you 4, and the twins. She’s looking forward to meeting ya. How’s Mike faring with HIS shindig?” Misti told them that he, Robbi, and Bruce, were spending as much as 12 to 14 hours a day in the shop, with him building specialized sets, and Robbi and Bruce writing and setting up “ANTI” programs. He was installing, depending on the specialty of the set, as high as 10 layers of protection for each of them. He wanted to have 50 different sets ready to go when they opened the doors. He had some set up for Games, some for business, and others for shopping. The shopping were the most protected.The ladies went up to visit with Charley. He looked forward to having them come in, for OBVIOUS reasons. He told both of them, that, he wished he had known Jerry and Mary had had such sexy neighbors, so he could have visited them long ago. Both of them promised that, when he was able, he could do as much as he wanted to both of them. It gave him something else to think about. Each of them went over and stood next to his bed, on his right side, and allowed him to feel them as long as he wished. When he pulled back his hand, they would lean over and kiss him, and tell him, “Hurry up and get well, Charley Phelps!!! We want to get to know you as good as we can. The best way WE know of, is to make love with you. Don’t make us wait a long time, PLEASE!!!” They would stay around, in case Mary or Millie had something they needed, or wanted, to do. While there, they would cook special things for all of them. Jerry was becoming spoiled at having a rich assortment of treats when he came home.Mary had her appointment at the doctor’s office, and Millie was going with her, to be introduced. It was beginning to look like they would be there for a while, and she wanted to see about getting in as one of his patients. Jimmy and Kellie were coming in this afternoon, and they wanted to be back to greet them. Jimmie was a private pilot, and Kellie was a steward on his flights. He worked for a major corporation, and flew in usually 2 or 3 times a month. Kellie was one of the top stewards in the company, and Jimmie was, if not THE best, ONE of the best pilots they had. He flew for the owner, and CEO of the company that Mr. Kamp worked for. He enjoyed this flight, because not only did he get to visit with Mary, but Mr. Kamp’s secretary. Kellie enjoyed visiting with Mr. Kamp. She had been the other lady his “girls” had alluded to. She often stayed the night with him on these trips.Jimmie had won a scholarship, and used it to go to Flight School, earning rates on multi engine aircraft, and helicopters. Kellie had worked for a major airline, and had been noticed by several of the companies top people, and had been hired. Both loved their work.Jimmie was just under 6 ft. tall, and had inherited his Mom’s dark hair and eyes. He had been a swimmer, and had developed the muscles to match his sport. The ladies thought he was a dream, and if they got the opportunity to spend a night with him, left the next morning, walking funny. he had kept his ability to hold himself for the longest any of them had witnessed. His stamina was nearly boundless. Kellie had learned from her Mom, and from Mrs Thomas, who she called her “Mommy,” the ways to please men. SHE had turned it into an art form. She had been the Head Cheerleader all through Junior High, High School, and in college. She had studied Phys. Ed. and had the sort of shape that men dream of, and the attitude of an angel. She had boys standing in line to ask her out. Millie and Charley were justly proud of them both.They arrived while the older ladies were still in the doctor’s office, and went up to see their Dad. Jimmy went in first, asking, “WHERE’S THAT WORTHLESS OLD MAN HIDING?” Up here getting lazier by the minute, EH?” Then he would lean down and kiss his Father. “How ya feelin’ Pop. Better I hope.” Then he would move over, out of the way, for his sister, “HI, DADDY!!!. Getting better for me, I hope.” She would kiss him as tenderly as she could. Then they would talk. escort bodrum They would talk about the things they had seen and heard, and tell him about thing they knew he was interested in. They talked for well over an hour, and heard the voices of their Mom and Mary. They went down, hugging and kissing them. Jimmy still called Mary his “big sister,” and Kellie just called her “Sis.” They would both make up with Misti, and Sam for rushing by them, to see their Dad, by kissing and hugging them like they were family, too. Misti liked that Jimmy would stand with his arm around her waist, with his hand rubbing her butt. They had both spent the night in Misti’s home, and had enjoyed them both, as had Kellie. She loved Mike, but she ADORED BEN. She teasingly told Misti that she was going to “steal” her husband. Misti had laughed and told her, “You couldn’t afford him. He’s too “high maintenance.” They would laugh and joke at each other, building enough memories to last until the next visit. Jimmie was just a tad younger than Mike, and Kellie and Misti were nearly the same age. They had a dearth of things to talk about, and the conversations, when the men would get around to aircraft, would get heated. Mike and Jimmy both had opinions about military versus civilian aircraft. They would argue until they couldn’t contain their laughter any more, and call it a draw.They both asked if Jerry was at his shop, and Mary said he was. They went do see what his latest project was. Jimmy liked looking at the cars he had rebuilt, or modified, especially when he “souped them up,” and Kellie liked just to look at the pretty cars. It was a treat for both of them. Sam went over and put her arms around Jimmy. ” Got time for an OLD woman? It’s been awhile. Jimmy leaned down to kiss her. “Heck with cars. You’re what gets MY motor running. Sam took his hand and headed out the back door. “We don’t want to make any noises that will upset your Daddy, so we’ll go to our house. As they passed Jimmy huffed Ben, greeting him, and picked uup each of the twins, hugging and kissing them, as well. They went inside, and down the hallway, to the bedroom. Sam asked if he wanted to take a shower, first, and when her nodded, took towels off the end of the bed, and started undressing him. She kissed everything that she uncovered, until he was quite naked. She clapped her hands to her cheeks, smiling and shaking her head. “I don’t know how, but you get more handsome every time you visit. Someday I’ll see the most handsome man in the world in front of me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand it.” He never failed to wonder at the beauty of the woman that was old enough to be his Grandmother. She would easily pass for 1/3 of her true age. He knew where he was going, and scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the shower door. She pulled it open, one arm remaining around his neck, and turned on the water. He kissed her as they waited for the water to get to the right temperature, He breast were rubbing the hair on his chest, making her nipples rise to the occasion. She could feel herself getting wet from being in his arms. He always made her feel so young.He turned so she could grab the shower bonnet to cover her hair, and put it on. He took the sponge, down from its hook, but she smiled and shook her head at him. She took the sponge and filled it, to wash him first. She had to reach to wash his neck and face, and went down. She soaped and rinsed, from his face to his feet, taking care of his growing erection as she washed it, and gave it a kiss. She turned him to face the wall and repeated, until she got to his butt. She put her hands between his legs and pushed so he would spread his legs enough for what she had in mind. He moved his feet a little more than the width of his shoulders. She reached through, massaging his penis and testicles, working the soap until it was to her satisfaction, and, hooking her fingers, scratched the line of flesh that made marked the division of his balls, back to his anus. Then she rimmed his ass with one finger to clean it, too. He sucked in a lung full of air at the intrusion. It always drove him up the wall when she did that to him. Her giggle told him that she KNEW what she was doing to him, and was enjoying it. It had made his cock swell like a balloon, and she turned him and took it in her mouth, cupping his balls in her other hand.At tat moment, it felt like he was trapped in a hot, wet vacuum cleaner. Her lips and tongue were busy bringing him to a peak. After a few minutes, to few, he felt himself coming. She sucked even harder, as her tongue massaged the underside of his cock. Every drop was swallowed as soon as it was in her mouth. She raised up and caught a mouthful of the semi hot water, swished it around in her mouth and spat it out, then kissed him on the lips, for the first time, today. “Welcome Home, my godson. I love you as much as if you had come from my own body. Now wash me, and take me into the bedroom, and make love to me. MANY times. I want to feel your hot cum going inside of me. It’s been too long since I felt you inside of me.”He washed her the same way she had washed him, but used 2 fingers to clean her pussy, and made her cum in the process. She came so hard that she had to hold onto his shoulders to keep her footing. She giggled and asked, “Was that the way you get even with me” If it is, you can get even with me as much, and as many times, as you can. Then you can “get even” with bodrum escort bayan my daughter. She loves you almost as much as I do.” They dried off, and went back to the bedroom. She pulled the thick pad that they slept on, up to the head board, and took 2 pillows for their heads, and the thicker pillow for their use, under her hips, down. They lay side by side kissing and feeling each others bodies. Finally Jimmy couldn’t stand it any more, and rolled her to her back, leaning over her and kissing her face, neck and shoulders. She was kissing him wherever she could put her lips, and pulling him nearer to her. She felt him massaging her breasts, and then her nipples were inside his lips, being suckled, and licked. She sharply inhaled at the sensation. Her breast being played with, and kissed, got her almost as hot as having her pussy eaten. Jimmy felt her body tense up, and, having paid strict attention to his Mom’s teachings, recognized it for what it was. One of her erogenous zones, or “Hot Spots.” he kept on kissing and sucking at her breasts and nipples until she had cried out form it, and pulled his face to her so hard that it had to have hurt.He licked her nipple a few more times, and got like results each time. She had reached down, and was jacking his dick. It was of no concern, as he had already cum one time. Now he could hold it for an hour or more as he was fucking her. All it would do is make him harder. He went down to her so soft Mons, and licked the line of her slit, pulling the fine, black, soft hairs with his lips. As he got to the lowest part of the slit, his tongue struck out like a snake’s, and parted the lips to reveal the pink interior. She was soaking wet, and he licked up every droplet, savoring the taste and texture on his tongue. Up and up he went, until he felt the tiny bump at the very top of her crease, and placing his lips on either side, pressed down to pop her clitoris out, so he could worship it, now. His tongue struck one more time, and made her cry out, again, as she pushed his face deeper into her. His tongue would go over her clit, and then enter her vaginal passage, making her bow her back and yell. He enjoyed that he could elicit this kind of response from her. THIS is what made sex so much fun. Watching a partner go wild at what you were doing to, and for, her.He heard her voice, barely over a whisper, telling him, “Please, Please, Please, fuck me. Fuck me so good. Make me cum so many times. Fuck me hard as you can. Push your cock in me and make me crazy for you. I love you so much. You fuck me so good. Fuck me, now. Please fuck me. Put your cock in me and fuck me. i want your cock inside me. Give me your cum.”She felt him reach for the pillow, and raised up to give him room to put it under her hips. She put her weight down ahd her legs opened much more than he could imagine, and pointed at the ceiling, her hands grasping her own thighs to hold them open. He saw and felt the tiny, tight opening to her body, and started pushing into her. he eased in slowly. He had found out before that she actually got tighter as she got excited. he had to push and pull back for the 4th time before he was all the way inside of her. Her legs had gone around his waist and her arms were pulling on his shoulders. He started to raise up, with his weight on his arms, and she whispered, again. “NO!!! i want to feel you laying on top of me. Just fuck ,e as hard as you can. Make my pussy so very happy. Make her cry so you can kiss the tears away for me. You make her cry so good. Please, I beg you. Make her cry more. Fuck her and make her weep her tears for you. Please fuck me. Please, please, please fuck me.”He began to thrust into her, and, the harder he thrust, the tighter her legs got around his waist. Her ass was moving like a windmill, in circles, as he went inside her as deep as he could push, and pulled back as far as he could, without falling out of her. She had a movement to match every one of his, that complimented his efforts. She was bouncing as she had one orgasm after the other. Crying and begging him to “fuck me harder”, until he was jarring her with each thrust. On and on he went. A half hour, then an hour. She was screaming with each thrust, and holding him so he wouldn’t pull out of her. He legs were wrapped and locked so he couldn’t get away from her. Finally he felt the tingling in his groin, and new that he was about to cum. He drew his knees up to give him more leverage, and started jack hammering into her. She was screaming out loud, now. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARDER CUM FOR ME!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! CUM INSIDE ME!!! FILL ME WITH CUM!!! FUCK ME HARD!!! FFFUUUUCCCKKKK MMMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” She fainted as his sperm shot inside of her. He felt her internal muscles milking him dry, but all he could do is lay there. He was almost ready to faint, himself. Suddenly, he felt several pairs of hands on him, some pushing, and some pulling. He manage to look to see who was there. His Mom and Mary were just outside the door, Kellie was beside him on the bed, and Mike and Ben were on either side helping him to roll over. He flopped to his back, whispering his own thanks. His Mom handed a towel to Kellie, who washed his face, and Mike took the pillow from under Sam’s hips allowing her to lay flat. Ben lowered his face down to eat the fresh creamy pie from his wife, and Jimmy felt lips enveloping his dick. He turned to see who it was. It was Kellie. His little sister was cleaning him as she had so many times in the past. “Cant let my big brother sleep with a sticky dick, can I? Hold still. You owe me a good fucking, now. Rest first, and then you can show Mom some of the things you learned on that last trip. She’ll love ’em.”