Mistis’ Adventures Part 177

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 177Mel was feeling the effects of her oversexed day. She was so sensitive that a slight touch could get her off. THAT was the fun part. The bad part, to her, was that she would have to greet Bob in her naked glory. No sexy panties, or form fitting shorts, or even her yoga pants. Anything that touched her pussy in ANY way would send her into an orgasm. For her, VERY GOOD, but for him, VERY BAD!!! He would have nothing to do except to shove his dick in her to send her into orbit.Al had given her a wall job in the shower, and she had fainted from that, at least 3, and maybe 4, times. She wasn’t sure which it had been. She had asked Al, but he had smiled and replied. “Think about it, Mom. How many do YOU think it was? I’ll let ya know after a bit, but I want ya to think about it, first. By the way, Mom, a couple of the guys are coming by on Saturday morning. I think it would be nice if you’d answer the door in the little white number, with no panties or bra under it. Couple of ’em said ya look finger lickin’ good in your starring role. The one we named Mom takes it Doggy. They can’t wait for ya to put a lip lock on their love muscle. They both said ya got the whitest teeth they could hope to cum across. The coach told me that he’d put me on the starting line-up for a copy of the movie. He thinks your fantastic. Even better without any clothes. I’m still taking reservations for the rest of the week. We have 4 lined up for the morning show, and 6 for the evening. Sunday morning ya can rest, but that afternoon ya have 8 visitors coming ta see ya. We’re up to 20 for the rest of the week, so far. Ya may have ta quit your job to handle all the admirers ya have. Even old man Jardine, down the street wants ta dip in your honey pot. Yeah, Mom, if your not too choosey, we can get ya set up in a real profitable business. Think about it. Hot and cold running dicks, 24 hours a day. Hang a sign outside, “MY ASS, LEGS AND LIPS NEVER CLOSE!!!”I’m sure glad ya told me how ya love ta have a hard pecker in ya. Now I don’t have ta worry about tuition money. My MOM will take care of it for me. By the way Mom, since ya won’t have the time or energy ta drive it, why don’t ya sign the title on the Beemer over ta me. I can use it ta round up some new talent. There’s a bunch of Freshman and Sophomore girls that would do ANYTHING to get a date with me. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind spreadin’ their little legs ta let some friends fuck ’em. Any thing for the Captain of the team.Just then, she started awake. She jumped so hard it woke Al for a second. “You okay, Mom. Did ya have a bad dream? Just relax and go back to sleep.”She had finished in the shower, where Al had held her against the wall and made her cum at least 4 times, then he had put her on the big soft mat on the floor and she had got off at least 3 or 4 MORE times. Al had finished drying her when they finished, and asked her to suck his dick. He had stopped her before she made him cum in her mouth, and turned her around and had eat her pussy until she was beside herself. THEN he had fucked her some more. She had lost count of how many times she had cum with him for that, but he had also give it to her in her ass. She had fainted twice over that. It had felt so good. She had forgotten how good taking it in the ass could feel, until today. Bob had awakened the sleeping tiger in her. She was going to make a point of getting him to fuck her in the ass in the morning.She reached over and drew back the sheet that covered him. He was still naked. His dick was soft, too. THAT was good, too. It HAD been a dream. Was she seeing the future, or just having a nightmare. HER son would NEVER do that sort of thing. WOULD HE? She scooted down in the bed and adjusted the covers to suit her, reaching over Al, who had turned over to go back to sleep, and took hold of his dick. It felt nice like this, too. It felt best inside her pussy, but almost as good in her mouth. She would have to find out how it would feel in her ass, though. For now the sticky, semi-turgid thing felt so good in her hand.She hadn’t told him, yet, but she was taking him to a Nudist Amusement Park, named Sunnybrook Family Nature Colony. It was said to cater to “open minded” family groups. It offered so many things that most places didn’t. Like the nature trails that had plenty of “Private Spaces, and the co-ed exercise groups. There was the mixed dating, with overnight lodging too. THAT could end up being interesting.She could carry her things in an overnight case, and he could use his back pack. All the dining was clothing optional, as were the snack bars. They even had an old fashioned ice cream parlor. Movies for those who wanted to relive the experiences of an old fashioned drive in theater, and a smimmin’ hole that was strictly no suits allowed.She drifted off to sleep, but this time it was dreamless. Al shaking her woke her up. “Mel, the doorbell is ringing. I think your guest is here.” She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and looked into the bathroom. “Honey. Would you see who is at the door. If it’s Bob, tell him I’ll be with him in a second. He came out of the bathroom, sporting some morning wood. “Guess I’ll have to take care of this, myself, won’t I?” Ya gonna use your bedroom or some of the others, today?” She smiled at him. “Don’t have any idea, right this minute. I’ll play it by ear.” He cocked his head at her. “That’s a new one on me. You’ll have to show me how to do it in your ear.” He pulled his swim trunks on as he went out of the door.She jumped out of the bed, and dashed into the shower, turning the water too cold for a second and pulling her shower cap on. She knew that she had at least 3 more bottles of douche under the sink, so a quick clean up and this shower would make her good as new. She didn’t bother to rinse Al’s soap out of the sponge, but added hers to it. It would, after a few uses, dry her skin, and she would have to use a moisturizing cream on herself. She rushed through her shower, hitting the high spots, as her Mom used to say, but when she started to clean between her legs, she felt the tingling start. UH-OH!!! She was STILL sensitive down there. Maybe a good douching would ease it for her. She dried off and hung her shower cap on the hook, and sat down on the toilet. She reached out and took 2 of the bottles out unsealing them, and putting them under the hot water to warm. Cold douche could be mind blowing, at the very least. She tested the first one in about 2 minutes,the same way she had tested Al’s bottles when she had stopped nursing him on her breast. urfa escort It was cool, but she was in a hurry. The first was cool enough to make her suck in her breath, and she let the second one run a little longer. She felt of it. YEAH! THAT’S MUCH BETTER!!! She squeezed it inside of her, and felt the tingle start again when she withdrew the nozzle. Damn! It was like a small dildo. She ran some warmed water into the bottle and squeezed it in to rinse herself out, Then did it, again. THAT should make her pussy kissing sweet.Just as she started to raise up a gigantic fart escaped her. She hit the pull cord to turn on the vent fan, and reached up to grab the water bag, to give her self a quick enema. She didn’t want Bob to get his dick covered in shit. THAT would be NASTY!!! She gave herself a good dollop of water, and sat for a second. She dropped a loaf that would make a body proud, and wiped herself, using the wet wipes. Now she was clean and fresh. She made a quick stop in her room, and took out the terry cloth robe she had used as a teenager. Now it came just past her crotch, and left her pussy and ass in plain sight when she walked.She went into the living room, and Bob stood as she walked in. “MERCY ME, MAMA!!! LOOKS LIKE A MILLION FUCKS, er BUCKS TO ME.!!! YOU’RE EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YA WAS YESTERDAY!!!” This is what I’ve been dreamin’ about, ever since I came home in ’70. Almost makes the whole thing worth it.”She went over and put her arms around his neck, and kissed him. “I hope so. I have been thinking about YOU ever since we left your lot. I’ve had some wonderful, wet dreams about you and me. Where do you want to start?” He looked at her and asked, “Do you have a menu, by chance?” She smiled and pulled the zipper on the robe, opening it to reveal all to him. “I just happen to have one with me. If you’d care to look at it and make your choices.” His smile told her that she had done the right thing. His arm slid around her waist for a second, then his hand took a firm grip on her round ass, squeezing gently. This seems to be a good choice. What is it called? She smiled at him. “Pate Derriere.” It’s quite good at room temperatures, too. Even better for open air dining. Shall we go out by the pool for a taste test?” She led him out to the pool, and dropped the robe for him. “I see something better, I think. It looks to be a fantastic appetizer. May I try it?” She wrinkled her nose at him. “Please do, would you like it in the shade, on the diving board, or on one of the lounges?” He led HER to the nearest lounge, and held her hand as she sat back. He worked the catch and laid it all the way down. “”I hope the dining is informal, here. I didn’t bring a thing to wear.” She smiled even bigger. “All of our dining is au natural. It makes the customers more at ease. Please make yourself comfortable.”Bob was quickly as naked as she was. He took her in his arms and kissed her, feeling her up all the while. She giggled at his touches. He was purposely dragging his fingers across her skin, and it tickled. He smiled at her. “That’s the way I like to see a beautiful lady. Smiling and happy. Now let’s see how happy I can make you.”She was led to the chaise, and sat down on it, and Bob seated himself next to her. He was kissing her all over, it seemed. Her lips, her neck, then he was sucking her nipples, from them, he kissed her shoulders. There was no rhyme or reason for the way he was doing her. She felt herself responding to him, and returned so many of his kisses that it made her dizzy. GOD!!!, she thought, THIS guy is doing a number on me. He’s marvelous. She had only expected to be his punching bag, and for him to fuck her a few times. Maybe 3 or 4. POSSIBLY 5, but no more than that. He had mentioned that he was 45, yesterday, so she wasn’t expecting “Superman.” She was well aware of the limitations that men had, as they went into their middle years. The drive lessened, and faded, until it was an event to get a hard on. Eventually they were left with the desire, but, NOT the ability. These were the ones you saw driving around in the hot convertibles, with a sweet, young, thing beside them. Doing their best to be cool, and sexy. MOST came off, instead, as pathetic. Unless they had a load of money, the sweet, young thing was gone as fast as she was told, “I can’t afford it.” or “Maybe, later.” There was another “oldster” down the road to fleece, and give her what she wanted. The happy ones were usually marked by driving a sensible sedan, or a mini-van. MAYBE an SUV of some sort. There would be a lady of nearly the same age as he beside him, and THEY would be talking, and, usually laughing. Enjoying something from long ago. AND loving each other.Bob had paused in his caresses. “What’s the matter, Sweetie? Ya got a funny look on your face, and it looked like you were somewhere else. Something bothering you?” She turned and faced him. “How old do you think I am?” To say that he was shocked at her question, would be an understatement of the first magnitude. “I never gave it any thought.” he replied. “WHY! Is it important?” She searched his face with her eyes, seeing no deception in them. He was just enjoying having her with him. ” Is it important?” he repeated. “I really want to know.” she replied. “How old do you think I am.”He examined her, taking in to account the age of her son. “Probably 35 or 36, judging by your son’s age. By your looks and all, most likely, around 24 or 25. I’d be surprised if you didn’t get carded in some places. You could, if you chose, pass for a teenager. Yesterday, when you first got there, you were trying too hard. That was a give away. A girl with nothing to prove wouldn’t have put on a show like you did. She would still be trying to hide it. You were putting on a production of showing your pussy, and tits. You wanted to make me think that you were a teenybopper. The fake southern accent was the icing on the cake. Anybody, but an asshole, would see right through that, “I want to buy a cawr.” bullshit. And the way you swished your ass, when ya was walking in front of us, was almost funny. It was screaming, “LOOK AT ME!!! I’M SEXY!!!””What do you think, NOW?” she asked. He reached over and took her hand. “Honey, I’m thinking that I am sitting next to a beautiful, sexy, and completely adorable lady, that I hope will allow me to make love with her, at least one time, before she kicks me out of her house, and laughs at me.”She pulled him near to her face and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Thank you, for entirely honest answers. I learned, long ago, to read escort urfa people’s faces. And yours told me you were, as we say, “shooting from the hip.” Being honest with me. I am going to do something few women do. My true age is 33. I had my son when I was 15. The boy was killed a few days later. My parents raised him, while I finished school, went to college, and earned a degree. I am confident that you and Mr. Pollard have spoken about me, so I surmise that he told you that I am an Attorney at Law, and have represented him in the past. Bob was smiling. “We talked about you for a long time, after you left us, yesterday. Mr. Pollard said you were one of the best he had ever seen, or done business with, and that he was not only pleased with the way you conducted business in his behalf, but you have a drop dead gorgeous ass, and some killer tits. He asked me if they were as soft as they looked, and I told him that they were even softer, and that you had one of the tightest pussies I had ever fucked.She threw her head back, laughing. “HE had the chance to feel em up, for himself, in his office, but he was too busy eating the last cream pie you gave me.”Bob looked at her, frowning. “I suppose, now, that it is time for me to go. Rest assured that this is the most fun I’ve had, with a woman, in many years.” He reached out and picked up his clothes. “I’ll get dressed and be off. I DO appreciate the smiles, and the laughter, though. It felt good to laugh, again.”She shook her head at him. “Hold on, Hoss!!! You ain’t going nowhere’s. Ya ain’t even give me a single shiver. I told you, yesterday, I expect great things from you. We haven’t even messed up my hair, yet. Let alone one or more of the beds. As you have probably noticed, my son and I are unusually close. We shared the same bed last night, and a shower, before that. He has had carnal knowledge of me for a few days, now, but I went without for 16 years. What you did to me, yesterday, was just a drop in the bucket. I want LOTS more, from you, now, but others, later. You and he woke up a sleeping giant. I WAS a teenybopper in my younger days. I lost my cherry when I was 14, got knocked up, and had Albert when I was 15, almost 16. I had a sign on my belly, that had an arrow pointed down, and read “Dicks Drive Inn,” on it. I know that I’m taking a chance, telling so much about myself, and my past, but, I have enough money put away, and invested, to live VERY comfortably for the rest of my life. I could quit today, and never have any financial worries. I’m looking for someone who enjoys his freedom as much as I do mine. No promises, no lies, and, above all, NO WEDDING RINGS!!! Someone I can have a laugh, or a cry, with, and sit and watch anything from the Evening News, to the raunchiest porn with. A pal. You would have full “benefits,” and access to me anytime except when I was ill, or having a period. We could even find a substitute for that, too.”He sat there and listened to her. “You realize that I am 12 years your senior. My days are limited, sexually. I snore, I fart, and I have other, much worse, and disgusting habits. I tend to drink too much, I get moody, and I have PTSD. Do you think you could stand being around me for any length of time? She reached over and pulled him to her. “I think it would be interesting, at least. Now, are you ready to fuck me? We can do it here, or in a bed.”His answer was short and sweet, like the kiss he gave her. “I tried it in the water, once, a long time ago, and in another country. It was fun. Could you go for that?” “If you can stand my hair being wet, I can.” she replied. He picked her up and dropped her in the pool, and jumped in after her. They splashed each other, and laughed like they had both taken leave of their senses, acting like a pair of teenage k**s. Finally, though she was against the side with him holding her in place, and humping them both senseless. She was responding as she had figured. She had her first orgasm as he was entering her, and the way she lost control, was amazing. Her legs were wrapped around his body, and he drove wildly into her. This was agreeable to both, and they enjoyed several times that she came, before the ultimate, mutual orgasm. He spared nothing for her pleasure, nor she for his. They d**g themselves out of the pool, to lay laughing, and gasping for air, on the tiles, being warmed by the late summer sun. They rolled together and kissed, each enjoying the others company. “THIS is the way to LIVE!!!” he exclaimed. She nodded to him. Are ya hungry, yet?” she asked. He nodded to her. “I didn’t take time to eat anything, this morning. I was in a hurry to see a beautiful, YOUNG, lady. I was horny, too.” She kissed him, again. Why don’t I fix us something to eat. I got oodles and gobs of stuff in the fridge. Just name your poison.”They were mostly dry from the sun, and padded into the kitchen to see what looked best, to them. They settled on toast and jam, sausage and eggs, and cups of coffee. She got up when they had finished, and washed everything but their cups, which were refilled. She sat back at the small table, and told him, “I want to hear some of the stories of your time in Vietnam. NOT the combat stories, unless you want to tell me of them, but the “pussy stories.” I’ve heard a few from the guys in the office. They talk when they think that I can’t hear them. They don’t know that my hearing is so good that, as my Dad used to say, I can hear a fly fart at a hundred yards. Some of the ones they tell are funny, some are sad, and some are interesting. I enjoy some of them, and like the way they tell them. I want to hear about some of YOUR experiences with the ladies over there.”He looked at her, for a second. ‘The best one was kind of on the sad side, possibly. You sure ya want to hear it?” She nodded to him. He went into it. “We was in a place up north, and were close to the border. We slept in the bunkers, and stayed on alert all the time, except when we went out. Each bunker had 4 people, and there were lights up to let us see at night. We had cyclone fencing in front so RPGs couldn’t hit us as easy, and all kinds of stuff on the ground around us. We had what we called ‘”sappers.” People that would crawl in and try to do us a damn-damn by cutting a throat or two, or putting a satchel charge in, to blow something up. A satchel charge was a bag of explosives, in a small bag. We got those mostly at night. They would find a place they could crawl under the wire to do their thing, and, hopefully, get out in the confusion. Most of them were very young girls. urfa escort bayan They would be naked and covered in something to hide them, like camouflage. They moved slow, so they wouldn’t attract attention, and it sometimes took them most of the night to go 15 or 20 yards. The girls were, if I had to guess, around 13 on up to around 15 or16 years old. Most wouldn’t weigh 60 or 70 pounds, soaking wet. We would catch one of ’em, and somebody would whistle, so the other bunkers would know they was around. We’d take her inside the bunker, and secure her, and search her, to see if she had anything we couldn’t see. To do that, we did our kind of body cavity search. Some of us hadn’t had any pussy in several months, but there were stories about girls that had a razor blade stuck inside their pussy, so we stuck a finger in first. When it came out without being cut, we all took turns “searching” her with our dicks. She might get all 3 holes searched as many as 4 or 5 times, then the SOG and the OD would come after them, and they would search ’em, too. The only thing we didn’t do was cut ’em open. Got cherries many times like that.Mel asked him, “Didn’t they try to fight you?” Bob laughed. “Think about it. All you’ve got is a bag of explosives, usually with some kind of timer on it, and you’re a 60 or 70 pound girl, surrounded by 4, or sometimes,5 guys, that don’t give a damn whether they kill ya, or not, and all of the guys will make 3 of you. All you’re gonna hope for is they don’t hurt ya too bad,or kill ya. They knew what was gonna happen if they got caught. They was gonna lose the cherries, if they had ’em, and was gonna get fucked as long as any of the guys could get their dicks hard. NO rescues,and no knights in shining armor to save their asses. They walked, or was carried out, full of “round-eye” cum, and were expecting to get more when they got to a prison camp. The male VC took good care of ’em there.””Is that enough,or do you want to hear more?” She nodded, “I think I’d like to hear more of the funny stories if you have some.” “He thought for a minute. We went on In Country R&R a few months before I cam home. We were in the Center, and one of the guys met a girl, and stayed with her, at her house for the whole week. She let him fuck her all he wanted. Night or day, inside or outside. The place had a tall wall around it for privacy, and to help keep the cowboys out. Cowboys were what we called the hoodlums gangs that roamed the streets. Rob ya blind if ya gave ’em half a chance.””There was 4 of us that went together. The guy brought her to the Center to listen to a band, and dance a little bit, and then took her to her house. We went with them when she told us it was okay. We had a few drinks, and went back to the Center, and he stayed there to get some nookie. We got some good stuff at the PX. Seagram’s, Smirnoff, and Grandad, and some mixers, and went back to where he was staying with the girl. Turns out that there was more that stayed there. 4 more girls were living in the same place, and all of them were di ngua. Bar girls.””We started drinkin’, and offered them drinks. Didn’t take long for all of them to get wasted. Drunk out of their minds. Now here are 4 horny guys, and 5 drunk, very sexy, and almost naked girls, in the same place. All any of them had on, was a short shift dress, that barely covered their asses, and MAYBE a pair of bikini panties. Two of the girls weren’t wearing any at all. The girl that our friend was staying with had panties for a little while, but she lost them, and walked around with a fresh trimmed pussy hanging out. 2 of the others didn’t have hair between them. One of the others had a landing strip, and the other had a pussy that needed a weed whacker to cut through. Never saw a girl with that much hair on her pussy. Before or since.””We was barely feeling the booze, and they was blasted. They was putting on a show. The only one that wasn’t acting crazy was the one our friend was with. She got a towel and went into their outhouse to take a shower. She went in and took her towel, all she was wearing, and hung it over the door.Shetook her shower, and washed her hair,and while she had the soap in her hair the door came open. She’s standing ther as naked as the day she was born and we’re takin it in. First time any of us had seen her naked, and BOY, did she have a body. Except for size, she was like something out of “Playboy.” Great body, and fantastic knockers. And that trim was GREAT!!! We stood there and watched her till she got done. She had to turn around to get the soap out of her hair, and we was staring at that sweet ass jiggling while she was getting rid of the soap. She didn’t know that she was giving us all kinds of jollies, watching her take a shower. She turned around when one of the guys said something, so we got to see it all. Took a long time for me to find something else THAT good. All she said was “You guy have some fun look look me. No sweat. Look look me all you want.””She finished drying off, and started to her door, completely naked, still, holding the towel in her hand. She stopped and kissed the guy that was staying with her, and told him she needed some help from him. Couple of minutes went by and we heard her moaning. We went to see the show, and he had her on the edge of the bed, giving it to her doggy style. DEFINITELY putting the serious meat to her. Her ass was wagging like a friendly puppy. Our bud finished off inside her. Narry a word about cumming inside her pussy. She shoved back on HIM. He pulled out and left a stream of cum running down her legs. NONE of us has had any pussy yet, so we line up and throw a bone to her, one after the other. All these girls outside, naked, and we’re busy fucking the one, girl that was staying with our buddy. We all got her twice. All she said was to ask us how we wanted to fuck her. The only reason we stopped fucking her was that there were 4 more outside that were asking if we wanted some of their pussies. Later one more came and she joined the party, too. 6 women that acted as horny as us and 4 men that WERE horny. We stayed there ’till an hour before our bus left to bring us back to the unit. We were barely able to walk, and they was dancing. None of them put on clothes except for one or two to go after food or beer.””A few years ago, I was visiting an old bud, and he had married one of the girls, and brought her home with him. She remembered me, and gave me some pussy while her husband watched. Even told me to cum inside her pussy.””Is that the kind of pussy story you wanted to hear? If it is, I’ll introduce ya to some friends at the VFW, and they can tell ya some doozies. If not, remembering those things had made me horny, again. Which bed are we going to use”Melody stood and took his hand, leading him to the promised land.s