mmf – me wife and another male, a big dick for her

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mmf – me wife and another male, a big dick for herife and i have done swinging and threesomes with females. we decided for her a change would be another male and one with a larger cock. in our swinging events there was never a large cock involved. i told her it would be a turn on to watch her stroke suck and fuck a bigger cock, and she liked the idea also.the next sat night , we accesed a telephone site we had used before and spoke to gary who loved our idea. he said he had a 9 inch thick dick. which is 2 inches longer than me. we were on the phone with him for a while and i could tell she was getting hot so i started to lick her clit while she was on the phone, she was telling him what i was doing. then she would stop talking and she would breath heavier as i ate her pussy, and it was obvious that he was speaking to her, i didnt know what he was saying but she got super excited listening to it. they would talk back and forth and it was obvious that he was jerking off, as i could now hear his voice better since he was ready to come. he was telling her how big his dick was and how much he wanted her to suck it and then fuck her. she got very excited and before long and had a major orgasm in my mouth. i could hear him moaning over the phone while he shot his cum. after calming down, we all agreed to meet the following friday night.we met at a local bar and had drinks, talked about our phone session and we all got along fine. we sat in a half cirle booth, wife was between us. he asked her to place her hand on his crotch and was surprised to feel his thick limp dick that he had managed to pull out unnoticed. she let out a laugh and whispered to me. i looked over and saw a dick that was thick and getting bigger. she was very pleased and it was a kind of turn on for me also. he did put it away before it got too big. he made a point of mentioning twice that he has not cum since our call a week ago and would have a lot of cum to shoot. again, it was a turn on for us both.she and i got to the motel room first as he drove seperate. we got undressed and i laid back on the bed, she got between my legs and started sucking me. a few minutes later gary arrived. he watched a minute then got undressed. he was behind my wife ,she was on her hands and knees. he laid across the bed and started to eat her pussy and she gave up alot of moaning. he said she was really wet. i could see his dick growing longer and fatter and was going to be alot bigger than me. i told him to take her hand and put it on his cock. she stopped sucking me when she touched it and looked at me. i could tell she really liked it. she looked back as he started eating her and watched as his dick grew. she told us both how much she was turned on by his cock. she said she wanted to suck it and then took it in her mouth. it was still semi hard and thick which got real hard after it went in her mouth. his dick grew to impressive length and width with a large head on it and she said she was ready as ever to take it. she laid on her back as he climbed between her legs. i told him i wanted him to take it slow and rub his dick around her pussy lips. first he put some oil on her pussy, which is natural hairy, the way a woman should be, at least in my opinion. he also put oil on his cock and then slowly caressed her opening with his dick head and then slowly fucked her atakum escort clit by rubbing the full length of his dick up and back on her clit which was driving her crazy. she then sucked his cock again. i went down on her again and was surprised how wet she was. truly the wettest she has ever been. i then pushed her back on the bed, his dick came out of mouth but she put it right back. she kept his dick in her mouth and i started to fuck her. she was really loose and wet. earlier she said she was afraid that his dick might hurt her. i told her that from what i was feeling she will be able to take that big head no problem.she moaned while she was sucking him with my face right next to hers as she blew him which was a great turn on. i kept fucking her and kissing the corners of her mouth as she sucked him. my tongue touching her lips and his cock also. i could tell she was very excited every time she could see my lips and tongue touchinghis dick and was turning me on also. gary seemed to not mind at all and actually moaned in approval each time. i had a great urge to take it further and when at one point his dick slowly left her mouth i put my tongue along it and licked his shaft and licked that big cock head. my wife and gary both started moaning at the site of me licking his dick. she and i then took turns sucking it. it was an extreme turn on to be doing something so taboo but seemed so right at the time.i laid on my back and the wife mounted me riding my dick. gary stood next to the bed and pulled her head down to suck his dick. with her sitting on my dick, watching her suck his dick and taking his big balls in her mouth one at a time. she seemed to really like how big his balls were.i could not resist licking under his cock again. then she stopped sucking and pushed his dick to my mouth and told me to suck it which i was happy to do. i continued sucking and licking that big shaft, the feel of the shape of that big cock head in my mouth was an unxepected turn on. we took turns sucking him until he said he was near cumming. he said he would be able to cum while we suck him, letting some of the load out but hold half of it in. so we continued sharing his cock until he moaned and said he was coming. we shared the head of his cock and he started to shoot cum on our mouth,lips and face. an explosion of lust hit us both as we took his cum. the feel of it, the smell and taste of it was off the charts exciting. he was grunting to hold the rest in and somehow succeded. she kept riding my dick and we both came as we continued to eat and lick up the rest of his cum fromour mouths and face. the cum did leave our face and lips feeling a little sticky which wiped away on sheets. he then dropped his semi hard dick in front of us and we happily sucked it until hard. she said she could cum again she asked him if he still could cum again and the answer was obvious with his dick hard again and dripping cum. he told me he really wanted to fuck her and feel that tight pussy that she must have. my wife was excited seeing another man that wanted her so much and with cock that big and he could tell she wanted that cock in her.he took her by the hand and layed her down. he told her how turned on he was and wanted to feel his cock inside her but first he caressed her chest, stomach and pussy with his mouth and hands. i escort atakum knew she was about to get fucked with the biggest fattest cock she ever had inside her. also he was excited to fuck a very tight pussy and get a great fuck cumming inside that little hole. i knew that his cock is going to make her feel amazing and make her cum harder than she ever imagined. but i was ok with it. what was i going to do now anyway? say no ? i wasnt jealous he had a big cock and my wife likes it and wants to get fucked with it. and since she and i both sucked it together it was somehow okay. i would soon find out how turned on she is. when ever we swapped before we never engaged in kissing the other person, saving intimacy. i had a feeling she would cross that line that night. she did.he layed on top of her and spread her legs. he started pushing his cock against her hole. i had a perfect view of that big cock head pressing on her pussy lips. his body stiffened a little as he put more pressure against her and the head of his cock disapeared inside her. the sensation of that big cock in her tight pussy made them both take a deep breath at the same time. she as she felt that big head enter her and he as he felt how tight and hot she was. he pushed it in a little more and her face showed her pleasure as she took in another big breath as it slid into that tight hole. she only said – o my god – then he pushed it in slowly until it was buried inside her. she clutched the sheets and held her head back, consumed with lust feeling it buried in her. he kept it deep in her and started rotating it inside her pussy, it was plain to see she loved it and never felt a dick like his. she was breathing hard and repeated – o god it feels so good, its so big and feels so good. she looked at me and asked if it was ok, i said hell yes. he was mumbling about how tight she was and how good it felt, over and over, and she telling us how big and good it felt, the sex things that get said at that moment. i asked him to pull it out slow and then push it back in all the way and keep doing that. he fucked her with long in and out strokes nice and slow. erotic to see it come out of her and then slowly reenter over and over. the sounds they both made and the words of lust was turning them and me on. he was telling her how tight her pussy felt and how he loved fucking her. he started just a little faster in deep and all the way out and she melted in passion. she put her arms around his neck, pulled him to her and started deep kissing with him. when that happened they both got really turned on, and brought it to an even higher lust, each moaning due to the sensations they were giving the other. she was completely into his fat long cock spreading her pussy and obviously giving her feeling deeper inside than she thought could be real. their kissing got more intense, both of them moaning and talking to each other, saying how turned on they were by each other. gary gradually increased the speed of his strokes, making her reach sensations that made her moan and grunt in sexual heaven. their tongues were busy fucking each others mouths, her arms holding onto his neck, while he was on his elbows being considerate not to lay full weight, but probably so he could reach her nipples and her neck. he was hitting all the rights spots , kissing her, caressing atakum escort bayan her neck and nipples, in a sexual frenzy as he continued with more fucking. my wife was completely turned on, making sounds that i never heard before. he was grunting and calling out how good she was while he drove his cock deep over and over. she grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth to hers even more passionately than before. she wrapped her legs around him which allowed him to get in even deeper which she loved, judging from her response of more moaning. she told she wanted him to fuck her as hard as he could and make her cum. this hit a switch for gary that unleashed raw desire to use his dick to shred her pussy. the fucking grew very strong and it was obvious they were both wanting the same thing which was they wanted to cum together. it only took 3-4 minutes to reach the point of no return, when there would be no way to stop him shooting cum into her. the frenzy got more intense as they talked to each other with words and bodies , making sure they would share this explosion of orgasm. there was no dragging out this moment. they were two people connected with one desire to have an orgasm. gary told me how good it felt fucking her and i told him i love watching him. gary continued the assault on her hole with the fucking of my wife, slamming his dick in and out with strong thrusts. she was begging him to fuck her and cum inside her. he was determined to fuck her better than she ever had it. he started driving those long deep hard strokes into her. she started moaning and kissing and talking in sexual frenzy demanding his dick in her, both kissing so hard that only the muffled moans of sex and skin on skin could be heard. i was mesmerized by watching my wife taking this big dick inside her and fucking him back like an a****l. they continued fucking ,kissing, tongues fucking each others mouth, she said she wanted his cum inside now, because she was coming.they both let out load moans and groans, and he rammed home those powerful strokes that come from deep 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