Mom and I Equal Love 4

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Mom and I Equal Love 4Mom went to her bedroom to get dressed for a night out as I went to my bedroom and got dressed as well and returned to the living room to wait for mom as she asked me to when I had finished dressing.What I had put on was a western dress shirt and my best pair of blue jeans socks and western dress boots.A couple of minutes after I had sat down on the couch in the living room mom came in wearing a sleavless white blouse with a short blue pleated skirt that stopped half way to her knees in a pair of flats. I could see she had a bra on under the white blouse with it being a see through type blouse, which most of her white blouses were see through but I couldn’t tell, if she had pantys on or not at this time.As I stood up, “Wow, you look sexy as all get out mom.””Call me Janet tonight Ray. I thank you and I’m glad you like the choice of clothes I put on for you tonight.””You look good in anything you wear Janet or don’t wear too. When you’re in your birthday suit and with this skirt you look sexy as all get out for sure. I didn’t know you had any thing as sexy as this skirt.””I have a dress that is this short and another skirt this short but they are a bit tighter than this skirt but went with this one, for the night.””Well I love it and will be waiting to see the others some other night, soon I hope.””Good, now I’m ready to go if you are.””Then I say let’s hit the road then.”When I held the passanger door open for mom to get into the car, she made sure to keep me from seeing up her skirt by keeping her legs together and the skirt tight around her legs as she got in, then I shut the door and walked around to the driver’s side and got in with mom sitting in the middle of the seat, next to me.”Did you have any place in mind to go to eat this evening Janet?””How about the Chinese Restaurant with the all you can eat buffet.””Sounds real good to me.”I noticed while I drove to the Chinese Restaurant mom kept her skirt pulled down where I couldn’t get a peek any higher than the hem of her skirt, which had only rode up one forth of her thighs when she sat down in the car, leaving three quarters of her thighs uncovered for me to see.When I got parked and the car shut off in the parking lot of the restaurant, I got out and walked around to the passanger side and opened the door for mom to get out, which again she made sure I couldn’t see up her skirt, then she took my arm after I had the car door shut, then we walked to the door of the restaurant.Once we were in the restaurant the hostes showed us our table and took our drink order, then mom and I went to the buffets and filled our plates full of food.By the time mom and I got back to our table our drink order was at the table and mom sat down next to me then said, “I see you got some oysters on the half shell. I didn’t know you liked them.””I’ve never had them before and wanted to try them to see if I do or not.””Well I can’t say that I like them, I’ve tryed them before and didn’t like them. I’ve been told they are a requried tast to get to like them but I just can’t get myself to eat them enough to get to like them.””I guess I’ll find out now then.” so I picked up one of the half shells and ate it, “Mmm, not bad to me. I think I may be going back for more before we leave here.”As mom and I ate our supper we talked about different things and where our relationship is going, since no one was sitting close enough to hear us talk, and even feed each other a bite of food that the other didn’t have on the plate but wanted to try it, to see if we liked it or not.When our plates were empty, mom and I made another trip to the buffets to get a second helping of foods we wanted more of, then we went back for desserts to finish out our supper.When we finished eating, mom and I went to the check out and mom paid for our supper, then she took my arm and we walked out to the car like we had walked into the restaurant when we had got to it, then while mom got in the car on the passange side, she gave me a fast peek up her skirt which was so fast, I wasn’t sure if I saw it right or not. It looked like she had no pantys on but yet, I didn’t see any hair at all, so I wasn’t sure if she had any pantys on or if she had all of her hair shaved off or not.When I got in on the driver’s side, “Did you like what you saw when I got in?””Had you let me see it a bit longer I would have loved it. It was so fast I’m not sure if I saw pantys or a shaved pussy.””Why don’t you see with your hand then.” spreeding her legs a little bit.Placing my hand between her thighs and reaching up under mom’s skirt, I felt skin and no hair or pantys, “I’m surprised it didn’t take you longer to get ready to go, since you shaved all your hair off down here.””I shaved it while I was in the shower after I cut it short with the scissors.””I see you are wet down there too.””You have a way with making me wet down there and rubbing it the way you are, will make me wet and if you keep it up, you will make me cum right here.””I think we might need to go home and have some fun there.””How about going to see a movieee. I told you. I’m cummingggg.”I kept lightly rubbing Janet’s clit as she rode out her orgasm till Janet closed her legs tight together and managed to say, “Stop please, I’m sincitive right now.”I pulled my hand out from between Janet’s thighs and stuck my fingers in my mouth and licked her cum off from them and with a smack, “Mmmm you sure taste good and it is the best dessert made.””I think this makes the best dessert.” as Janet took a hold of my hard dick through my blue jeans and gave it a squeeze.”Do you want it now or at home or after the movie?””Go to the movie.”I then started the car and backed out of the parking spot and drove to the theater.At the theater, there wasn’t very many people going in and not very many cars in the parking lot which really surpised me, since so many people were talking about it as being a good film but then, it was the time that most people do eat their supper it seems, which mom and I had ate our supper a bit earlier than we usually do.Inside the theater there were about two dozen people seated and about three more couples came in behind us, before the movie started. Mom and I sat in the back, in the corner, while everyone else sat down around the middle of the room.After the movie had started and about a forth of the way through it, I felt mom’s hand take a hold of my some what hard cock and started squeezing it gently through my blue jeans, which made my dick get hard.Before my dick got good and hard, Janet got my buckle unfastened and my zipper down and fished out my cock and started stroking it up and down with her hand, getting me rock hard and when it was real hard, she got down between my legs and started sucking on my cock while stroking it with her hand at the same time.After about five minutes of Janet sucking and stroking my hard cock, the door opened and another couple stepped into the theater room and stopped, then both her, and him, saw Janet with my dick in her mouth and a hand wrapped around my hard shaft.The couple just stood there for a bit and just as I felt my cum start up my hard dick to shot into Janet’s mouth, I heared the woman say real softly to the guy, “That looks so good.””Yea, I bet it feels real good too.”As the guy said that, I shot rope after urfa escort rope of cum into Janet’s mouth.”Oh wow. Hun, let’s go over there so I can suck you off and get me some of what he just gave her.”The guy then lead the way toward the middle of the row of seats, one row down from Janet and me. When the guy sat down, the woman then got between his knees and started opening up his pants and fished out his dick and went to sucking on his hard cock.I was begining to wander if I was going to stop cumming or not and when I did, Janet then gave my cock another suck to make sure she had it all then started putting my softening cock back into my blue jeans and zipped up my jeans and then fastened the button and buckled the belt back, then got up and sat down next to me again, then we saw the guy start cumming into the woman’s mouth.”I must say Ray, you lasted much longer than he did.” Janet whispered to me real low in my ear.”Is that good or bad?””Good that you lasted longer cause it means you can screw longer before cumming, which can help make sure the woman has an orgasm, before you finish fucking her.””Cool, I’m glad then. I want you to all ways have an orgasm when we have sex cause I love you so much.””Oh you do make me have plenty of orgasms when we have sex.””Good.”When the woman stood up from between the guy’s legs, she looked toward Janet and me then with a wink of her eye, where the guy couldn’t see it, she smiled at us and I then figured she winked and smiled at me, since mom wasn’t looking her way at this time.It wasn’t long after the guy had his head reared back like he was asleep next to the woman, then a minute later the woman walked over to the row of seats infront of Janet and me then up on mom’s side of the seat and whispered something in Janet’s ear, then the two stood up, “I’ll be right back in a moment Ray.” Janet whispered in my ear.Janet and the woman then walked around behind me and to the door and stepped out, leaving me siting there alone and the guy sitting with his head reared back asleep, in the middle of the second row from the back over from me.When the woman had walked by in front of me, I noticed she had on a T shirt that stopped just short of her belly button and a very short skirt that fit snugly around her little round butt and slender legs and the skirt, just did cover her butt cheeks, as she walked around to mom’s side of the row of seats we sat in.It wasn’t long till Janet and the woman stepped back into the room and Janet walked around behind me and sat back down next to me and the woman went back to her seat and sat back down in the seat she had been sitting in, next to the sleeping guy.”May I ask what that was all about?””You will just have to wait and see when we leave here.”I noticed that when the woman went to sit back down, her skirt had rode up a tad, showing me just a little bit of her lower butt cheeks, where her legs join at the butt. From the angle that she was from us, I couldn’t tell if she had on any pantys or not and my dick started to get hard again, for that instant.I put my hand back on Janet’s thigh that was closest to me again, as I had done when she sat down from giving me a blow job, and then she put her hand on my thigh up close to my dick, so I moved my hand closer to her pussy sliding the hem of her skirt up her thigh, a little bit higher than it was.When the movie ended Janet, and I, stood up and the woman, stood up at the same time along with everyone else, except for the guy the woman was with, he just sat there still asleep, even with the lights turning on, he slept on without even stirring any.Janet, myself, and the woman, made it out in the lobby of the theater before anyone else in the room made it out to the lobby and as we walked out the door mom slowed and took my arm then the woman took my other arm, “Ray, this is Linda, Linda, this is Ray. Linda is going to spend the night with us to night.””Okay. Nice to meet you linda.””Nice to meet you too Ray. Like I told your other half here, Janet, that I had told my boyfriend that if I gave him another blow job and he fell asleep and didn’t wake up when it was time to go, I would up and leave him right where he is and it will be over between him and me and since he didn’t believe me, I decided to show him that I meant what I said and so I asked if I could come along with the two of you or you could take me to a hotel and drop me off and I would spend the night alone and call my brother in the morning to come and get me.””I told her she could come with us and spend the night with us if she wanted to, but we were going out for a drive first, to the lake out here, after we got something to drink.””Okay.””Sounds like fun and I do hope I don’t spoil it for the two of you.””Who knows, it may be more fun with three of us instead of just two of us.”At the car, I opened the passanger door which Janet got in first flashing Linda, and me, her bald pussy, just a bit longer than she did me, when she got in at the Chinese Restaurant earlier. Linda then got in beside Janet flashing me her shear pantys about the same amount of time Janet flashed us. I saw that not only was Linda’s pantys shear but she had a bald pussy too.I shut the door, “Wow.” then walked around to the driver’s side and got into the car myself.On the way to the lake, Janet had me stop at a store and then we went in and she bought us a twelve pack of beer and again, as the two women got out of the car, I got a flash from both of them as they got out of the car and again, as they got back into the car.Again just like at the theater parking lot, as I got into the car, I saw Linda’s shear panty covered bald pussy and Janet’s bare bald pussy, since their skirts had rode up, when Janet slid over to the middle of the car seat and when Linda sat down in the car, with her skirt being shorter than mom’s skirt and tighter too.When I turned into the parking lot at the lake, we saw a lot of cars and trucks parked in the parking lot, “Man, I wish I knew where we could go, where there isn’t so many people around.” Janet said.As I turned the car around in a circle, “I know where we can go.””May I ask how you know of a place out here?” as I pulled back out onto the road.”I met a couple of guys fishing out here one day that told me about it and since then, I’ve been going to that spot to fish and hunt when I come out, and it is a good spot to campout at too.””What all do you hunt Ray?””Mostly squirrel, since it has a longer season for hunting then in the winter time, during season, I hunt rabbit.””Do you eat them?””Yes we do.””I’ve never ate either one. My dad goes deer hunting but never squirrel or rabbit hunting and I do like deer meat.””I like deer meat too but I don’t have a rifle to hunt deer with and, I’m not sure how to dress one out either, but I have wanted to go deer hunting thou.””Maybe some time I’ll be able to interduce you to my dad and then the two of you go deer hunting, some time during season.””That would be cool.””While dad and you are out hunting, Janet and I can have a womans day out then, if you would like to Janet.””That is something I haven’t done in a long time.””It has been a while for me too. All the lady friends I had at school have all moved away or got married then moved away and I’m stuck here with out a man, as of tonight.””I know how that escort urfa is.””Sounds like you have a good man here.””Yes I have and even thou we’ve known each other since we were k**s, we just got together a few weeks ago.”I then turned off onto a dirt trail to go back to another side of the lake, from where we had first started to park at.”I bet it is pretty out here in the day time.””Yes it is.””I’ve never been back in here before myself and the parking lot back there, has never had so many vehicles there anytime I’ve been out here, so I’ve all ways parked there just to be alone or spend time with the man, I happen to be with at the time.”After just a few moments of driving on the dirt trail, I stopped at the location I knew of, to find it vacant, so I shut the engin off then got out and walked around to the other side of the car and opened the door for Linda, and Janet, to get out of the car, then got in the back seat and got each of us a beer to drink.”There is a log right over there we can sit on and talk if you want, and I can get a blanket out of the trunk to help keep us stay warm from the cool breese, that is blowing across the lake here.””Sounds good to me or we can use it to lay on and genarate our own heat source like in a three way if we want to.””My, are you bold tonight for a change.” I said being shocked at what mom said.”Are you not wanting a three way with two beautiful women. I thought all men would love to have two women to play with at one time.””I’m not saying that cause it is one of my dreams, to have two women at one time but I didn’t think, you would want to be part of it thou.””I didn’t think so either, till meeting Linda here and seeing what she did back at the theater, when she came in with her ex man.””Okay. How does Linda feel about a three way with us?””Okay, how do you feel about having a three way Linda, with us?””I would love to. A good looking man like you have and seeing you giving him a blow job when we walked in, was such a turn on for me and seeing how he didn’t go to sleep on you afterwards, turned me on so much, that it made me wet between my legs even more, than giving sleeping beauty a blow job.”I couldn’t help it but I went to laughing, when she called the guy she was with ‘sleeping beauty’, “That is a good one.”Linda and Janet went to laughing then too.”I’ve noticed most of the guys I’ve been with go to sleep, right after sex or even after getting a blow job, from us women but Ray, is one of the very few that can stay awake afterwards.””I must be looking in all the wrong places for a man then, cause I find all the men to fall asleep after sex myself.””I think you need to spread the blanket out Ray, so that we can lay on it and get this party started.”Between knowing the location we are at and the little bit of moon light, I spread the blanket out on a grassy spot, “Here is the best place to lay right here.”Janet stepped over to the blanket and kneeled down on it then Linda, followed her and kneeled down beside Janet, then I kneeled down in front of both women, with our knees touching each other.Janet leaned over and kissed me first on the mouth, using her tongue so I returned the kiss with my tongue, in her mouth as well.When Janet broke the kiss, Linda and I leaned over into each other and French kissed as well then.As Linda and I kissed each other, Janet took my hand and placed it on her tit and squeezed my fingers to give me the signal as to squeeze her tit, then I moved my other hand up and started squeezing one of Linda’s tits as well. As soon as my hand squeezed Linda’s tit, I felt her nipple poking out into the palm of my hand through her T shirt and she had no bra on, under her T shirt.Then I felt a hand that didn’t feel like Janet’s hand, which told me it was Linda’s hand, on my dick, feeling it through my jeans then I felt Janet’s hand, on my chest and Linda’s other hand on my shoulder, with Janet’s other hand on my other shoulder.The hand that Janet had on my chest moved down and rubbed my balls through my jeans, then Linda and I broke the kiss and I then leanded over and French kissed Janet again.While I kissed Janet, I moved my hands to another tit on the two women and squeezed them for a bit, then Janet and I broke the kiss, “I think you need to get your jeans off and lay down here, so that Linda and I can get a good look, at this big hard dick of your’s here.”I then stood up and got my belt buckle unfastened, then unbuttoned the button, and then pulled the zipper down, and slid my blue jeans down to my ankles then I laid down on the blanket.”Do you mind if Ray takes my thong pantys off and keep them for his prize, if he wants to?””I have no problem with it.”Linda then straddled my head on her knees and lowered herself down, where I could reach her panty covered bald pussy with my mouth, which I then used my tongue to get a hold of her panty crotch and get it with my teeth and pull on the pantys, with Linda helping by lifting up at the same time, causing the pantys to slide down over her hipps and butt cheeks and down her legs and then slip them off of her feet, then she lowred herself back down for me to lick her bald wet pussy.I had got the shear thong pantys out of my way just before Linda got her bald pussy back down over my mouth, at which time, I stuck my tongue out and into the wet folds of her pussy lips which made Linda moan out loud, then say, “Damn that feels so good, to have a man stick his tongue into my wet pussy like that.””Ray does eat pussy very good for sure.”As I started licking and sucking on Linda’s pussy and clit, I felt a mouth lick up and down my hard cock a few times, then I felt the mouth suck my now rock hard cock into the mouth.Feeling the tongue on the bottom side of my dick I figured it was Janet that had my cock in her mouth, then after a few sucks I felt another tongue on the other side of my dick, then the mouth sucked my cock into it and with the tongue on the top side of my cock, I knew it had to be Linda’s mouth sucking on my dick, as I felt a mouth suck my balls into it.After just a few sucking strokes on my dick Linda took her mouth off of my cock and went to shaking all over and squirted cum into my mouth and cryed out, “Oh fuck I’m cumming all readyyy.”The cum I caught in my mouth had a bit of a salty taste to it but it had more of a sweet taste to it, which made Linda’s cum taste pretty good to me. I kept licking and sucking on her clit as she rode her orgasm out till she rose up off of my face, “I can’t take any more of that right now.” and she was still squirting cum, making it go every where on my face, hair, and the blanket, and even on my chest, getting my shirt all wet too.”That’s the way to go Ray. Make her cum all over herself.””More like all over me too. She even has some very good tasting cum.””Let’s trade places Janet.” Linda said between breaths.”Instead of sucking him off, why don’t you sit on him and ride cow girl on him while I ride his face.””I was hoping you would say that. As good as his dick taste, I do want it in my pussy now, after that orgasm he gave me, with that tongue of his.” still breathing hard and heavy.When Janet got stood over my head and Linda got straddled over my hard cock, Janet helped Linda steady herself as she lowered herself down onto my rock hard cock, as Linda then held it urfa escort bayan up to guide it into her bald pussy as she sat down on it, and then slowly sank all the way down till my dick was all the way inside of her pussy to the hilt.”Oh wow. I’ve never had a dick this big in my pussy before now and I thought sleeping beauty had a big dick, but Ray puts him to shame in size for sure.””That’s just how I feel about my ex too, the first time Ray and I had sex together.””Ray has my pussy stuffed full of good ol cock meat, damn it’s thick too.”Janet then lowered herself down over my face for me to lick her, now bald pussy, that was good and wet and ready to be eatten out.I felt Linda start to rise up and slide back down on my hard cock, just a split second before Janet had her pussy low enough for me to start licking it and sucking the juices out of it.”Oh, Ray’s dick is hitting places in my pussy that has never been touched before, fuck, it feels so good.””Fuck her good Ray, as you eat my pussy out good.”I started flexing my hipps up, trying to fuck my cock up into Linda’s pussy as far as I could, in time with her downward stroke as I licked and sucked Janet’s pussy and clit.”Yes Janet, pinch my nipples. I’m about to cum again fuck.””I’m about to cum too.””Oh fuck I’m cumming again.””I’m cumming toooo.”I then felt Linda squirt cum out around my dick and soke my cock and pubic hair and at the same time, get a mouth full of Janet’s cum flowing into my mouth and over my face.I kept licking Janet’s clit as she rode out her orgasm and kept pumping my rock hard cock up into Linda’s pussy, as she rode out her orgasm.After a bit Janet rose up, “I have to get away from your tongue for a bit Ray, I’m to sincitive to let you keep licking and suck on it right now.”I pulled Linda over on top of me and then got us turned over and turned around, to where Linda was on all fours and me behind her in doggy, and when I had my rock hard cock back inside of her pussy to the hilt again, I started pumping in and out at a slow steady pace for a little bit, then I started slowly speeding up.”That’s it Ray. Fuck her good. Linda is over due for a good fucking from the sounds of it.””Oh yes I am, and Ray is doing a damn good job of it, cause I’m about to cum again.”I speeded up as soon as I had a hand hold on each of Linda’s tits and squeezed them and the nipples on her tits, between my finger and thumb on each hand.”Oh fuck meee, I’m cumminggg againnnn.”Janet had reached around and spread Linda’s ass cheeks apart, to let the moon light shine down where my cock was pumping in and out of Linda’s pussy when I had raised up, to get a firm hold on her hips, just as she started cumming and we saw Linda’s cum, squirt out from around my rock hard cock.”She’s even getting my knees wet with her cum too.” Janet said as she turned loose of Linda’s butt cheeks.I kept pumping in and out but at a slower pace, as Linda rode out her orgasm and I saw Janet reach down toward her knees, and then put a couple of fingers in her mouth and suck them clean with a, “Mmm, she does taste good, like you said she does.””I told you she did.””Linda, you better tell Ray where you want him to cum at or he will cum in your pussy if you don’t tell him other wise.””Yes, cum in my pussy,” between breaths.”You heared the sexy lady Ray, fill her pussy up with your baby making cum.”With out pulling out of Linda’s pussy I turned her over onto her back and started slowly pumping my rock hard cock in and out of her bald, wet, and tight pussy, “Wait a bit there Ray, Let me have a taste of my first pussy before you fill it up with your baby making cream. That is if it is okay with you Linda?””Yes, go ahead and taste it and I want to taste my pussy, on that big hard cock, before he mixs his cum, in with mine.” between breaths.As I pulled out, then started making my way up over Linda for her to suck on my dick,Janet laid down between Linda’s legs and started licking and sucking on Linda’s pussy and clit.As Linda sucked on my hard cock I reached back behind myself and squeezed her tits and eraser size nipples and even give her nipples a light pinch too, then she went to jerking around with my rock hard cock still in her mouth but she quit sucking it and moaned out over my dick and looking over my shoulder, I saw Janet getting her face soked with Linda’s cum as she squirted cum out all around Janet’s face.Janet kept licking and sucking on Linda’s clit as Linda rode out her orgasm, till Linda finally squeezed her legs together around Janet’s head and Linda spit my dick out, “Stop I’m so sincitive. I can’t take it any more right now.”Janet quit licking and sucking on Linda’s clit and raised up, “Okay Ray, fill it back up with that hard cock of your’s.”As Janet got up from between Linda’s legs, I made my way back down between her legs, took a hold of my cock and stuck it back into Linda’s pussy and started slowly pumping in and out of that wet tight pussy of Linda’s.As I slowly pumped in and out of Linda’s bald pussy, I leaned over and sucked a tit into my mouth and nibbled on the nipple and Janet leaned over and took the other tit and did the same to it as I did, and we even flicked our tongues over the nipple, we each had our mouth on.I heard a soft moan come from Janet’s mouth and with a slight turn of my head and roll of my eyes, I saw Linda had one of Janet’s tits in her mouth, doing what Janet and I were doing to her tits.After a bit I raised up and started speeding up with the pumping of my hard cock in Linda’s tight, wet, bald pussy.”Oh fuck I’m about to cum again. Cum with me Ray. Fill my pussy up with your cum please. Fuck I’m cumming.”I could feel my cum trying to make it’s way up the shaft of my hard cock when Linda said ‘Fill my pussy’ and when she said ‘cumming’ I started cumming too, with her.I felt my cum shoot into Linda’s pussy as her cum squirted out all around my rock hard cock getting me all wet from her cum again, like she had done before when she cum.”That’s it Ray, fill her pussy up with your baby cream.”I had stuffed my cock into Linda’s pussy just as far in as I could get it into her and held it there, as we both cum together, and the way her pussy was squeezing on my cock, I didn’t think I was going to quit cumming and didn’t think she was going to quit cumming either, for a little bit there.When we did quit cumming, I collapsed down over Linda and managed to keep my wait on my elbows as I French kissed her for a tiny bit there, then Janet leaned down and we French kissed then for a tiny bit.”For a, little bit, there, I didn’t think, I was going to, quit cumming.” I managed to say between breaths as Janet and Linda then kissed each other.Linda broke the kiss and said, “That is what, I was begining, to think too, about both, of us.” between breaths.”So do you think Ray is the best you’ve ever had?””Oh hell, Janet, he is the best, I’ve ever had. I better not come, around very much, or I may steal, him away from, you, by falling, in love with, him.” between breaths still.”How do you feel about that Ray?””I don’t think, she can steal me, away from you, but, I could fall, in love with her, as much as I am, with you, if she will, keep coming, around and can handle, me loving the two of you, at the same time.” with me still breathing hard myself.”Oh wow, I may have to think about that one.””Should we tell her or make her wait, till we are at home later?””I don’t know Janet. What do you think?””Tell me what?””You decide Janet. Either tell her with my hard dick still stuck inside of her or wait, till we are home.”