mom Anniversary Fuck From Son

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mom Anniversary Fuck From Sonvisit on website to see more top rated stories like theseIt is just the beginning of summer and high school vacation is finally here. My parents’ anniversary is just a day away. But in the afternoon, my parents had a big fight about the fact that my dad’s co-worker who supposes to be on a business trip to a convention is on a sick leave and my dad had to take his place in this short notice. Tomorrow will be my parents’ big night out to celebrate, but now my dad has to be out of town. Mom was so furious she slammed the door on dad as he leaves the house for the airport. Mom called her best friend, Mrs. Stanson, over to our house and they are talking how men are inconsiderate and unromantic. Out of all those girl talks that they have which I have listen to, this was the most interesting one of all. Because they are drinking vodka instead of tea or coffee for the first time, and it made them really talking freely.“This is not the first time that Jim breaks our plans for our anniversary. I really hate him right now” said my mom with an angry tone.“Well, you know is the same with my husband, he doesn’t even care for our anniversaries anymore. At least your husband still remembers. My husband just says that our son is already in high school and that we are already too old for this stuff” said Mrs. Stanson also with an angry tone.“What can we do to get our husbands attention here? If I fucked another guy, I bet he’ll be sorry” said my mom and then slowly pass out on the couch.“Shawn, I need your help to get your mother to bed” Mrs. Stanson calling for me.I rush down from the stairs and we got my mom on her bed. It was getting late and Mrs. Stanson left our house afterward. I went back down to clean up the mess in the living room. And while I am cleaning up, I hear my mom calling out for my dad. I walk up to mom’s bed and there she was calling out my dad’s name and rubbing her pussy through her panties. I can tell she is horny from her tipsy.“Jim, you better come back and fuck me right now or you’ll be sorry” said my mom while still masturbating.I just turned 16 last month and I have been horny as hell. Seeing the sight of my mother playing with herself turns me on so much, especially when my mom is such a hotty. I drop my pants and boxers and I am just standing across from the bed masturbating at the sight of my mom.My mom saw me and said “Jim, what the hell are you standing there for? I am so horny right now, come make love to me.”I can’t believe she thinks I am dad. I have always dreamed of fucking my mother, can this be my dream coming true? I don’t know how to react but just stood there.“I need you so bad, fuck me Jim” said my mom with a sexy horny voice.I onwin giriş see my mom’s face all red. She must be heating up. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I climb on her bed on top of my mom with my hard dick and ask her, “are you sure you want me to fuck you mom?”“My pussy is so wet, I need you in me now” my mom replied.I know mom thinks I’m dad and it would be so wrong for me to fuck her, but I just can’t take the temptation. So I didn’t think twice and I shove my hard dick into her pussy.“Ahhh… god you feel good inside me…” mom screamed.I fuck her slowly to enjoy the pleasure of being inside my mother. But as I pull in and out of my mom she commands me to fuck me harder, so I increase speed on my thrust and each time my balls would hit her ass.“Ahhh… ahhh… why can’t you fuck me like this last night?” said mom while moaning.As mom continues screaming for pleasure, I started pumping her faster and faster. I can now feel my dick is about to blow.“I am about to cum, don’t cum yet Jim” said my mom.“I can’t hold it mom, ahhh…” I replied while my dick explodes in mom’s pussy.I collapse on top of mom after I cum and she wraps her arms around me and kisses me on the lips.“I didn’t cum yet, fuck me again Jim” my mom demanded.“I don’t think I can mom, I am a little sore.” I answered.Mom suddenly pushes me off of her to the other side of the bed and while I lay on my back she strokes my dick giving me a handjob.“I don’t care, I need it now” said my mom while working on my dick with her hand.My dick got hard again from her handjob and mom just climbs on top of me and sat on hard dick.“Oh…. Shit….. It feels good mom” I said.As mom moves up and down on my dick she said while moaning out pleasure, “I will fuck your brains out Jim if you don’t make me cum, so if you don’t want to be a retard you keep your dick hard until I cum”.This is my first time with a woman grinding on top of me and she is my mother. Mom is riding me like there is no tomorrow. She is really fucking my brains out.“Oh… God… Yes… I’m cumming” my mom screamed.Mom was unaware that I burst another load inside of her before she started to cum, but my dick was still hard from her riding up and down on me. After mom cum she moves her hips up to free my dick from my pussy. A concoction of my man juice and her pussy juice starts to drip out of her pussy and onto my still hard dick. Seeing my juice dripping out of my mother’s pussy is the most pleasurable moment. Mom collapses on top of me and passes out. I am too exhausted to move a muscle, so I fell asleep.In the morning I heard a voice screaming out something but I open my eyes to see that I am still in bed with mom.“Oh my god, what have I done? I knew I shouldn’t have too much to drink” onwin yeni giriş mom said loudly.“Son, tell me that we didn’t do anything in bed last night” said my mom.“Well mom, you were drunk and we got you to bed. I’m sorry, but you kept insisting me to fuck you, so we did and you almost fuck my brains out mom” I said.“Oh god, I didn’t! Did you use a condom son?” asked my mom with a shivering voice.“I’m sorry but I didn’t use a condom” I replied.“Don’t tell me you cum inside me?” my mom asked.“I did, and twice” I answered.“How could you do that to me? I could get pregnant from you. And how could you fuck me, I am your mother” said my mom with an angry voice.“But you demanded me to fuck you” I quickly replied.“I thought I was making love to your father” my mom said as she is getting up from bed naked to get dress.My mom’s naked body turned me on so much my dick got hard instantly and was nakedly exposed without cover. I just stare at her as she gets dress and couldn’t say anything.“Turn around young man, I need to get dress, and you should put your pants back on” my mom demanded. Mom was trying to avoid looking at my hard on, but I can see that she peeks every so often as she dresses herself.I took a deep breath and with some courage I said, “Mom, it is your anniversary today and dad is not going to come back until next week, can’t you treat me like the man of the house? I just want to make love to you again. My hard on is killing.”“Do you know what you just said? You’re asking to fuck your mother again. You’re absolutely insane. You are not touching me again you hear. And god forbids if I am pregnant with your c***d, you will be so grounded. Now get out of my bed and get dress.” My mom angrily replied.I got dressed and went to the kitchen to grab a bit. My mom is in her room trying to call dad. But soon I hear arguments with mom and dad over the phone when I am in my room. I am on my bed trying to relive the moment of last night in my head, but suddenly my door opens and enters my mom with an upset face.“Son, you said you wanted to fuck me again right, so I want you to fuck me now. I am not going to be alone again on my anniversary” said my mom.“If you fuck me now, I’ll let you fuck me this whole week while your father is on his stupid trip” my mom continued.Shocked from what my mom said, I couldn’t say anything for a while. But then I pulled myself together and said, “Are you sure mom? You were just furious with me that I fuck you.”Mom slowly walks toward me and strips her clothes off as she walks closer to me.“If you don’t want to fuck me, then I will just have to fuck someone else. I don’t need you.” Mom said loudly.I don’t know what got into her, but I really wanted to fuck onwin güvenilirmi my mom again, so I seize the moment. Mom, who is now complete naked, jumps into my bed and helps me remove my pants and boxers. My dick wasn’t quite ready yet, but without a word mom just swallowed my dick whole in her mouth. My mom gave me my first blowjob and it was breathtakingly pleasurable. My dick is rock hard is less than a minute. Mom climbs on me and mounts my hard dick into her pussy. It is nice warm and wet.“Ahhh… God you feel good son!” said my mom while moaning as she rides up and down on my dick.After a long riding from my mom, I wrap my arms around her and flip her on her back. I am now on top of her with my dick still inside her pussy.“I think I should be the one fucking your brains out today mom. It is your anniversary.” I said manly.“Oh little boy, your dick will be fucking sore and swollen before you can satisfy your mom. You are still not strong like your dad yet.” My mom said.With that said, I wanted to prove her wrong. So I put in all I got and gave her fast strokes one after another, pumping her pussy hard and deep.“Oh shit, I can’t believe you are really fucking my brains out, just a little more, I am almost there. Fuck me harder and a little faster.” My mom cried.“Mom I think I’m going to blow, but I don’t have a condom on.” I said.“I cum already, do it son, I want your dad to be sorry. Fuck me! Cum in my pussy son!” My mom demanded.I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I burst inside my mom’s pussy. I collapse on top of my mom and said “Happy Anniversary, Mom!”“I can’t believe I just let my son fuck me and cum inside me again.” My mom said.I cuddle with my mom and we were in each other’s arms naked for a while until we got up to clean ourselves up in the shower. I begged my mom to get in the shower with her and she finally said yes. And one thing lead to another, I fucked her doggystyle in the shower while the water is running.“Ahhh… You are such a bad boy. But I guess I am a bad mother too for letting you fuck me. I didn’t even let your dad fuck me in the shower.” said my mom with pleasure.I pump as hard as I can in and out of her pussy, one thrust after another in a fast pace until we both collapse in the shower as the water runs down on us. We were like two lovers unable to keep each other’s hands off of one another. And during that week, I fuck my mom all over the house day and night. Until that week ended, and dad came home from his trip, but we continue to fuck at least once a week behind dad’s back and sometimes while dad was still in the house as well. But then of course we had to stop when my mom got pregnant with my c***d. Dad was happy to have another baby at his age, and he didn’t suspect a thing. I have now a new brother and my own son. However my mom got hornier after the baby and we fuck like husband and wife whenever we get the chance in the house under my dad’s nose.remaining story you can contiune on website