Mom, Dad, and Us Part 9

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Mom, Dad, and Us Part 9I am not the author. Found story on old desk top. Original name of story is ‘F***ly Games’ Mom, Dad, and Us Part 9 Glynn poured a drink of bourbon for his mother and took a can of beer for himself. He still felt a little funny, walking around in front of her bare assed, but she didn’t seem to mind being naked. In fact, she acted proud of her nude body, and he sure didn’t want her to cover up any of it. He would never get tired of looking at her.She was sitting on the couch, with her polished legs crossed, so that only a tufting of her ebony pubic hair peeped out, and right now the long nipples of her captivating tits were flaccid. But the heavy breasts themselves stood out magnificently, ripe and full. They swayed when she reached out for the drink he handed her.”Thanks, dear; I need this. You’re a marvelous lover, Glynn, so good that I’ll never let you go. Even when you grow up and get married, I’ll visit you every time your wife is away.”He sat down beside her and took a long, cooling swallow of beer.”I may never get married; I love you too much, and no other could ever be so beautiful.””How sweet. Am I really as exciting as that other girl you laid?”Up close, her skin was flawless, pale and translucent; he could see the tiny blue veins beneath it. He said, “She was the first, and yeah– she’s pretty exciting. But you’re special; you’re the best.”He wished he could tell her who had taken his cherry, but this wasn’t the time. And when he thought of Lorena, he remembered that he was also supposed to be working the plan along, making some of the moves that might keep his mother and father married. He couldn’t possibly let her go now, and had to do everything he knew how to keep them from breaking up. It had been a hell of an idea Lorena had, the k**s seducing the parents, but where did he go from here?Watching his mother finish her drink, he said, “How could dad stay away from you?”She put down the glass and raised her arms over her head, stretching. The movement threw her tits out, flattening them just a little as the skin grew taut over the delicious mounds.”It was just as difficult for me to stay away from him, at first. I need loving, dear; I need a lot of loving. Now that I have you, things are going to be much easier. You make me so crazy that I do things with you I never have with your father, and I love them. Teaching my son all about sex is going to be the most fabulous thing that ever happened to me.”Glynn drank some more beer.”Maybe you don’t want to talk about him, but I wish you would. You know, I told you about hearing the two of you screw, and how wild it made me. Wow–if I had ever seen you making it, if I’d ever watched him kiss your tits and feel your pussy, I’d have gone off without even touching my cock.”She lifted an eyebrow at him.”Get me another drink, dear, and I’ll tell you how it is. One time I brought home a huge mirror and fixed it beside the bed, so we could watch ourselves fucking. But your father didn’t like it.”Hurrying, Glynn splashed her glass half full of whiskey and carried it back. He could feel his prick moving and a new strength growing inside his balls, even though he would have sworn that he was completely drained. He wanted to hear all this, and hung on each of her words with rapt attention.”I would have liked it,” he said.”I was crazy about it,” his mother murmured. “Seeing myself being screwed was great, but I had to take down the mirror. I’ve often wondered how it would be, right in the same room with two people who were fucking, watching every movement, every wiggle of her ass and seeing the way his prick slid in and out of her cunt.”Glynn emptied his beer can. His cock was rising, hardening.”But about you and dad–how does he go about it? What–“sleepy-lidded, her sultry eyes focused on his, and her damp, red mouth güvenilir bahis siteleri said, “Suppose I tell you all about the time I got pregnant with you? Would you like that, darling? All right, then: we had been at a party and were pretty high by the time we got home. We didn’t even take showers, but started taking off our clothes right here in the living room. In fact, he fucked me right on this very couch.”Glynn’s breath caught in his throat and he put his hand on his mother’s plush thigh. She uncrossed her sleek legs to give him room, so he moved on in to pet the crisp, ringletted hairs of her enchanted pussy.”I was so hot that night,” she recalled, sipping her straight bourbon. “I wanted to fuck and fuck, and your father stayed with me for a long time. He stretched me out here, and lifted one of my legs up to put the foot on the back of the couch; my other foot was on the floor. He pushed a sofa pillow under my ass and fingered inside my blazing cunt until I came on his hand. Then, when I was really boiling over, he crawled in between my legs and fed that gigantic prick into my pussy. I thought we were going to break the couch, we slammed so hard at each other. I came with him, I remember, and he pumped so much semen into me that I overflowed, and we had to have the couch recovered to hide the stains.”Sighing, Glynn asked, “And that was the time you got pregnant with me?”His mother saluted him with her empty glass.”Yes, and what a fortunate screw it was. Now I’m sitting here naked with my son, looking at his long, hard prick and thinking what a wonderfully ironic thing this is. I only wish I could have your father brought in, all tied up, and prop him against that wall, so he would be forced to watch his horny son fuck his equally horny wife. We’d make his eyes pop out, wouldn’t we, dear?”Before he could answer, she put her glass on the coffee table and slipped off the couch, twisting her full, ripe body around so that she was between his spread knees. He knew then what she was going to do to him, and hot lightning raced up his spine. “Sit very still,” she breathed. “Don’t move, and I’ll do everything.”With his legs veed wide, when she kneeled erect, his mom’s tits were right at his upright shaft, and he watched with bated breath as she cupped the delectable melons and leaned forward to place them on each side of it. Glynn saw the swollen head of it poking from between the white mounds, and felt the caress of the twin nipples.She rubbed her tits up and down, squeezing them together, and with every sliding motion her nipples slid over the throbbing head of his iron hard prick. He couldn’t help waggling a little, but she hissed a warning at him, and he forced himself to stay quiet, since his mother wanted to do this her own way.She let her breasts fall apart then, and dipped her head forward to draw the perfumed mist of her black hair over his painful cock. Glynn reveled in the tickle of it, in the indescribable feel of the silken hair as she ran its luxury along his shaft. He dug his fingers into the couch when his mom’s cheek brushed the head of his rod.Taking it in one hand, she pressed it against her face, rubbing her cheek and chin over it, guiding the knob over her forehead and her closed eyes. He could feel the gentle sc**** of her eyelashes, and a shiver traveled the length of his tensed body. Slowly, teasingly, she kissed the bulb, her lips soft as the lighting of butterflies. Several times, she kissed it, paying a loving homage to this sex organ that had developed within her own body in the beginning. She toyed with it, bent it slightly, and allowed it to snap back erect.He thought, ‘She’s going to do it–she’s actually going to suck my prick!’ It was something he hadn’t even dreamed about with her, not until after his sister had done it to him. He had always canlı bahis siteleri imagined fucking her, riding between those terrific legs and pounding his hard cock up into the special richness of her velvet cunt, but the image of his mother eating his shaft hadn’t come to mind.Now it was about to happen, and he couldn’t control the little muscle spasms that shook him. When her tongue came out and licked the end of his glans, Glynn fought a groan behind locked teeth, but had to let it escape as she curled that artful tongue around the edges of the knob. When his mom ran the end of her tongue down into the slot, he clawed at the sofa and his heels drummed a tattoo on the carpet.Her lips came down and around, and her tongue temporarily retreated so that the cockhead could follow into the hot cavern of her mouth. The distended flanges passed through her teeth and lay for a while along her supine tongue, then she moved her head and he felt his glans against the roof of her mouth.”Mmmm,” she said around his shaft, and drew still more of the rigid meat into her mouth, so that at last the tender head bumped itself against the matchlessly soft satin of her throat. Her fingers were at his balls, fondling and probing, and her other hand was wrapped around the root of his prick, holding tightly, pressing down and releasing in rhythm.Glynn’s head was turning from side to side, and he bit into his lip when she started to apply suction, as she pulled his cockhead deep and shoved it back out with her tongue. The cheeks of his ass clenched at the slippery sucking, as she moved her head slowly up and down and the inner velvets of her cheeks flowed back and forth over his knob.Of their own volition, his hands came hesitatingly up and held her head, his fingers going deeply into her bountiful hair. She didn’t seem to mind now, and he rested them there.Her own hands moved, too, sliding down his thighs and behind his knees to fondle the calves of his legs. They came back up, gripped his knees again, and urged them up. Glynn slid forward a bit and hiked his pelvis, lifting his feet from the floor and helping his mother d**** his legs around her shoulders.His feet rubbed up and down her back and he could feel the resilient pressure of her tits in his crotch. She tipped his cock down slightly, and gnawed on it, her tongue busy over the head. Glynn’s fingers clamped harder into her hair, and he began to hunch at her mouth, moving his shaft deep into it, nudging the back of her throat.Fucking her head; he was screwing her face, pouring the prick into her mouth, into his own mother’s loving hot mouth, and she increased the sucking, bobbed her head more quickly up and down, timing her pumping motions to his thrusts.”Oh, mom! Ooohh–I can’t take it–so hot–you’re eating me, eating my cock–you’re sucking me off and I love it–oh! Ah! Oh you beautiful cocksucker, I’m about to come. I’m going to let it all go in your mouth and down your throat–c-coming; COMING!”Groaning, she pulled harder as he shuddered and gave one more hump that ground his pelvis against her teeth. The orgasm came roaring up from his leaping balls, sizzled along his swollen shaft and burst from the head of his prick in a deluge of semen.Holding tightly to her head, rolling his hips and digging his heels into the curve of her smooth back, Glynn spurted his hot juice into his mom’s throat. She took it down, lapping and swallowing, sliding the sweet creamy fluids thirstily into the narrow cave of her throat, chewing gently upon the dripping knob to bring forth more.Glynn thought that his backbone was turning to water, or to more cum, and that she would suck him completely dry. He didn’t give a damn if she turned him inside out, if his balls shriveled up and fell off. It was so far out, such a crazy, groovy sensation that he turned weak and bahis firmaları his legs fell away from her shoulders. When his feet hit the carpet with a thump, his mother seemed to come back from some far and ravenous place.With a final licking of his cockhead, she lifted her face and let the bulb slip wetly from her smiling lips.”Was it wonderful, dear? Did it just tear you apart?”Glynn couldn’t trust his voice not to squeak, so he nodded, his head kind of loose and rolling on his neck. She kissed his flinching belly and drew her tongue up his chest; then, leaning into him and pulling his face down to hers, she stuck out her tongue.”Here, lover; taste your own wet semen.”Inside his mouth, her tongue moved around, fondling his teeth and cheeks. There was a flavor of musk unlike hers, a different spice that had been manufactured deep within his own testicles. Gasping, he broke the sticky kiss and gulped deep breaths.”My turn to bring you a beer,” she said, and climbed from between his spread knees.He watched her go to the bar, seeing the enticing swinging of her hips, the jiggle of her ass and the supremely graceful scissoring of those tapered legs. Dizzily, he wondered if any k** his age had ever been so damned lucky.Any guy would give his left nut to have a crack at that beautiful ass, and give up the right one for a chance to get that kind of head given him. Glynn thought that his father must be out of his tree completely, to even consider giving up such fucking. But he really didn’t want his old man moving out, not even if that meant he’d have his mother all to himself.There was still that other thing he had, the need to watch his mom fuck, and there was nobody he would rather see in action with her than his father. Besides, Lorena was no doubt going ape over the old man by now, digging him as much as Glynn was enjoying his mom, and she wouldn’t stand for his leaving. He didn’t want his sister to follow, either. That would be too much of a split, and Lorena was a crazy piece of ass herself. No harm in fucking both of them, he thought, her and his mother.”Here’s to us,” his mother said, giving him a can of beer and holding up her own refilled glass. “May we always have this much fun.””Oh, we will,” he assured her, and wrinkled his nose as bubbles from the beer tickled it inside. Was this a good time to talk to her some more, while they were resting? He glanced over at the clock behind the bar and thought there should be plenty of time, Lorena wouldn’t let go of their dad in a hurry.”Mom,” he said, “did you ever think about swinging with anybody else? Maybe even a–a girl?”She sat down in the big chair across from him, and crossed her legs.”Why not? The way I see it, especially since your father insists upon being such an utter ass, it’s that I don’t have all that many good years left. If he doesn’t want me, then I’m sure others do, and that might include a little girl-to-girl activity, too.”He saw that she was on the way to being smashed, and thought he’d try to steer her away from drinking any more, but he was glad to hear her say she wouldn’t mind playing around with another girl in the act. From the things he’d read, and pictures he had seen, Glynn knew that chicks sometimes dug other chicks sexually, and even though that wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind, it was okay.”Do you have anyone in mind?” His mother asked. “That little girl who got to you before me?”He drank more beer and said, “I kind of fibbed to you, mom. I’ve screwed two girls before you, and I don’t want to tell you about one of them; not yet. But the other is my babysitter.”She sat erect. “What? That perfectly beautiful little thing with the exquisite red hair? You have good taste, lover.””I think she’d join us,” he said. “I’m just about sure of it, because I laid her and the other one together, taking turns with them, like–so many strokes into one pussy, so many into the other; they held hands all the time.””Well,” his mother said slowly, “and I was going to teach you. Could you really get her to–to make love with us? When?””Let’s try for tonight,” he answered