Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 3

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Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 3Pam’s cunt had been hot and wet all morning.She could not rid her mind of the image of the hot little p*****n peeking at Josee and her the night before. She had not realized how exciting it could be to have someone watch her with Jose. Being seen fucking her daughter with the big dildo daughter had created such a perverse pleasure, her cunt had been pulsating and wet since she got up that morning.She wondered if the eleven year old blonde with the tight little body and perfect bubble ass had peeked on her before, when she would lie naked on her bed with the lights on, either finger fucking herself or using the dildo to get herself off. Alice was the lovely girl’s name.Pam knew her mother Celia, a devastatingly beautiful woman, also blonde who was a dance and yoga instructor. Celia had the kind of body that Pam only saw in fashion magazines. Alice had Celia’s lovely blue eyes. Celia was about 32 but her breasts stood straight out from her tight body and rarely did she ever wear a bra or for that matter panties under her tight designer tights and tops. Many times Pam felt her tongue go dry talking to Celia, trying not to check out the prominent camel toe in the crotch of her tights. Countless times Pan had made her cum at night with fantasies of tongue fucking Celia’s cunt running through her mind. Pam wondered if little Alice was watching as she came thinking nasty thoughts about the young girl’s mother.Celia seemed so comfortable in her body and often hugged Pam when she saw her thrusting her perfect breasts into Pam’s. When she did this Pam could barely speak for a few minutes as her body tried to get itself under control. It was almost as if Celia knew how much she turned Pam on as she would often touch her on the arm and back and sometimes rub her soft tities into her arm as part of casual conversation. Such an encounter would send Pam rushing to her bedroom for a long lustful rub sessionWhile Pam often fantasized about Celia, this day the little Alice was never far from her thoughts. Pam had always loved seeing Alice in the skin tight shorts and little tank tops that Celia allowed her to wear. Maybe Alice had been peeking in Pam’s bedroom window for a long time. The thought sent shivers racing up and down Pam’s body.It was when Pam reached over to the bedside table drawer to retrieve her dildo, when she saw Alice’s lovely face in a slash of light in the mostly darkened window next door. There was her hot daughter Josee, spread eagle on the bed in front of her, and her lovely young cunt dripping with juices, Pam was sure she saw two lovely eyes open wide and peering into her bedroom.Pam’s heart skipped a beat, but she didn’t turn her head abruptly to see if her eyes were mistaken. Instead she glanced into a wall mirror on the other side of the bed that perfectly framed her window. Ah, there it was again, the furtive stare of two young eyes. Suddenly Pam’s cunt was on fire. If Alice was going to watch, she was going to give the hot little bitch a show.Pam got Josee to stand on the bed so she could turn her ass to the window, and spread her legs. This way Alice could see the cunts of both the mother and the daughter. Josee was oblivious to the fact that she had an audience, but that just made things hotter for Pam. ‘Oh mommy fill my tight little cunt with that fucking cock…please?” Josee pleaded.“Open your pussy for me baby girl, show me that wet pink cunt of yours!” Pam hissed. Groaning Josse slapped her fingers to her cunt lips and spread them wide in front of her mother. Pam was sure Alice would love the view and likely had her own fingers up her tight p*****n cunt.“Oh baby girl your cunt is so fucking hot, let mommy take care of it for you,” sighed Pam as she let the bulbus tip of the cock dildo run up and down the puffy lips of her daughter’s slick slit.“Oh fuck mommy, that feels so fucking good, grind that fucking cock on my stiff clit.” Josee pleaded, as she pulled her cunt lips wider apart so her mother would have free access to her pink stiff clit.Pam spread her own legs wider and slipped to fingers into her sloppy cunt…knowing little Alice could see the whole thing. Pam crushed Josee’s tender clit on the head of the cock and her lovely daughter moaned and began to shift her hips to make the cock circle her love button. ‘Oh fuck mommy, I love it, see how we your are making me. Oh fuck mommy I’m so wet I think I can take that cock now. Do you want to fuck your little girl, do you want to fill my tight little cunt with that big cock of yours?” Josee whimpered.Pam loved that she could see right into her little girl’s cunt hole and as Josee leaned back she knew that little Alice was also looking straight down that lovely wet teen cunt. Pam pinched her own clit hard, to show Alice how turned on her daughter was making her.“Oh baby mommy is going to fuck you so good with her big dildo…see how it slides down your wet slit, oh baby its right at the opening of your hot wet cunt. Lean forward little girl and take mommy’s big cock inside your pussy!” Pam commanded.Josee moaned as she shifted her body forward and downward impaling her tight teen cunt on the stiff dildo, she moaned and grabbed her mother’s shoulder for support. Pam glanced in the wall mirror, and noticed that Alice’s face indicated that her unseen body was rocking forward in back, no doubt with grandbetting giriş her own fingers buried in her tick little pussy. Pam rammed three fingers violently in and out of her own sloppy cunt to draw the attention of the girl next door. Then slowly she twisted the bulbous head of the dildo into her daughter’s grasping cunt. Josee shifted her body in a fucking motion, bending at the knees and taking the cock deeper into her lovely little cunt. Pam held the cock firmly in place for her daughter and Josee began to ride it up and down, moaning with each stroke. Pam was astonished at how deep she was taking the big cock with each thrust, but then she had likely borrowed the dildo on a number of occasions. “Oh mommy, I love how you fuck me. Don’t stop, I’m so excited after tongue fucking you, I’m going to cum so hard for you mommy…oh fuck!” growled Josee as she began to grind up and down on the cock with more momentum.Pam glanced at the mirror, little Alice must have been sitting down because now there was a wet little cunt in the slash of light where Pam had previously seen the young neighbors lovely blue eyes.Pam groaned as she stared at the mirror. Alice’s fingers were ribbing back and forth over her clit in a flashing motion while her other hand reached back between her legs and plunged two fingers into her tight little hairless cunt. Pam wondered if Alice knew she had been found out, but she doubted it. She twisted her own clit hard and pushed back hard on the cock so that nearly the full length of it disappeared into Josee’s cunt. “Oh fuck mommy, yes, fuck me rough like that…oh fuck mommy, destroy my little cunt!”Pam growled and began twisting and slamming the long length of the cock deep into her daughter’s tender cunt hole. Josee threw back her head and was whimpering uncontrollably. Pam could feel Josee’s tight cunt pull back on the dildo and knew her little girl was about to explode. The fact that little Alice was about to see it all sent her close to the edge as she stuffed four fingers into her dripping cunt for little Alice to see.Josee grasped her mother’s shoulders for support as her knees buckled. Pam screamed loud enough for Alice to hear her, “Take my big cock you dirty little cunt!”Josee screamed, “Fuck mommy I love you!” she thrust her hips forward, so her cunt was visible, and churning as Pam thrust the cock into her again and again. Josee squealed at the top of her lungs and thrust her hips uncontrollably. A flash flood of girl cum squirted from around the big cock in Josee’s cunt catching Pam full on the face. She removed the cock and jammed one of her big breasts against her little girl’s hot churning cunt. The next squirt of cum wet both her breasts and dripped down her tummy and over her cunt. Pam turned to face the window, jamming four fingers into her cunt, and pinching her clit she came. The mommy cum squirted in a high arch raining down on the dark window pane next to her bed. A second squirt landed on the carpet between the bed and the window as Pam squealed like and came again.Pam looked directly into the window next door just as cum splashed from little Alice’s cunt and dribbled down her tight little thighs. Then in an instant the little girl retreated into the shadows of her room.Josee slapped her mother’s ass, “Hey mommy, I wanted to drink that cum…what a waste.” Her little girl giggled, and pulled her mother down on top of her cum soaked young body. Pam had taken a long bath after Josee had gone off to school. Her cunt tingled and even her asshole flexed.Now that she had become lovers with her hot young daughter, she wanted Josee with her twenty-four hours a day. She wanted to eat her daughter’s sugary cunt. Pam thought that something had been turned around in her. Something had happened to make her mouth and cunt alive like never before. Pam made a point of spying on Alice as she left for school that morning. Alice was dressed in tight stretch jeans, and Pam could see the little girl’s cunt slit outlined in the crotch of the jeans. It made Pam’s pussy pulsate and she moaned peeking out the window as Alice’s tight little ass swayed down the sidewalk in front of her house.This was a fantasy that she had never had before, to have a young eleven year old girl, a cunt even tighter than her own daughters. The glimpse she had of Alice’s cunt from the night before, had made her own pussy wet all morning. Pam wanted the young girl. She had to have her completely. She groaned as her clit twitched.At noon, Pam had not been prepared to hear the knocking on the door. Before she could get to the door Alice opened it, wearing those skin tight jeans and a soft nearly see through blouse. Her tiny titties were braless and her nipples strained against the tight fabric, outlined beautifully. Alice knew how exciting she looked, and was pleased with her appearance.Hot young Alice stood there, her eyes bright.“Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Pam asked, her eyes gazing over Alice’s little tities and the slit in her crotch.“I left,” she said with a wicked little grin. “I’m playing hooky.”Pam took Alice’s hand and she pulled him into the house. “Won’t you get into trouble?”“I don’t care if I do,” Alice said defiantly, looking at Pam’s body. Alice had seen Pam naked so many times through her bedroom window. How many nights had Alice rubbed her grandbetting yeni giriş wet little cunt to a climax while watching her sexy neighbor rub and fuck her own cunt? Pam was wearing a short skirt and her long legs excited Alice, as did her boobs with the way they strained against her tight top. .Pam knew why this hot little bitch was in her house, and from the look in Alice’s eyes, she did too. Pam smiled down on the lovely little girl and ran her middle finger into the slit in the crotch of Alice’s pants, feeling the dampness of her young cunt. Pam leaned down and kissed the hot eleven year old girl on the mouth. Pressing her urgent tongue into Alice’s waiting moth.Alice moaned and sucked on Pam’s tongue. Then it was Pam’s turn to moan.It was obvious to Pam’s touch that Alice wasn’t wearing panties under the stretch jeans and she let her knuckle rub up and down the girl’s slit grinding down hard on her stiff little clit through the stretchy wet fabric.Alice groaned into Pam’s mouth and the older woman broke off the kiss.“Oh fuck you are still turned on from watching me and Josee fuck last night, aren’t you Alice?”Alice could only nod and moan.Pam undid the top button of the tight jeans and slipped her hand down the front, cupping the young girl’s wet cunt with her hand. Pam began to grind the heel of her hand on Alice’s clit while a curled finger circled the wet entrance of her tight little cunt, “You shouldn’t go around peeking into windows, baby girl.”“Oh Pam you and Josee are so fucking hot together, I couldn’t resist looking.” Alice sighed as her small hands, caressing Pam’s tits and pulling at her nipples though the top.“I watched you too,” Pam said. “I saw your hot little cunt gush with cum. Fuck I was so turned on cause you were watching me fuck my little girl.”The p*****n girl blushed. Pam laughed at her. “It’s okay, little Alice” she soothed; caressing her lovely blonde hair as she slowly slipped a finger into her tight wet cunt. “I loved it baby girl, and I am so pleased you came to me, I have been thinking about your hot little body all morning.”Alice groaned loudly as Pam’s finger entered her to the knuckle. “Oh fuck baby girl, your cunt is so tight!” groaned Pam.Pam went to her knees in front of Alice and roughly pulled the tight jeans over her bubble ass and down thin thighs and legs. Her little cunt was so wet and pink it made Pam moan. Alice’s thin little cunt lips flared open for her older lover. “Did you come here so I could eat your sweet young pussy Alice?”Alice nodded silently her face now a shade of crimson. “You suck your daughter’s cunt all the time don’t you?”Pam laughed and nodded her head. “Yes, baby I love young cunt, but yours will be the youngest pussy I have ever had.”Pam grabbed Alice’s firm little ass in both of her hands pulled the girl’s cunt so close she could use the tip of her extended tongue to part her thin cunt lips, lighting for an instant on the pearl of Alice’s tender clit.“Oh Pam! Oh Pam!” the p*****n girl whimpered.Pam was ever so gentle lightly teasing Alice’s cute little clit with light brushes of her tongue, as he roughly squeezed the hot little ass she had lusted after for so long. Her mind flashed to Celia. She wondered if she knew that was a little slut? The fact that she was about to taste Celia’s young daughter’s cunt was such a turn on. She wondered if there was any way she could use Alice to get to Celia’s amazing body.Pam looked up into Alice’s eyes as she slowly traced her cunt lips with the tip of her long tongue. Now inside her cunt lips– up and down with only a feather touch of her tongue. Pam loved the firm softness of Alice’s ass, her mind flashed to Celia, thinking that Alice had come by honestly, given the her mother’s hot ass. Alice was trembling with anticipation, teased by the light touches to her little pussy while Pam devoured her tight ass with her hands. Then without a hint of warning Pam buried her long tongue into Alice’s tight wet cunt in one slick movement. Pam’s mouth was pressed tight to Alice’s wet cunt lips. Pam clutched Alice’s ass even harder allowing her to grind her mouth on the little girl’s cunt lips and push her tongue even deeper into the intoxicatingly tasty pussy.Pam couldn’t believe how tight little Alice’s cunt as. Pam’s tongue virtually filled the hot p*****n’s cunt hole. When pam started pumping her tongue in and out of Alice’s pussy the older woman moaned at the resistance she felt as Alice’s cunt walls pressed in like a vice around her thrusting tongue. The sweetness of the little girl’s cunt washed over Pam’s tongue and she slurped and sucked it all into her eager mouth. “Oh fuck Pam, oooh” was all Alice could said as she thrust her hips forward and Pam’s tongue went deeper into her little cunt. Pam, remembering how Josee had finger-fucked her the previous night. Pam let a pinky circle Alice’s hot little ass hole. Pam looked up as Alice’s eyes went wide and she moaned loudly. It was certain, no one, not even herself had played with her enticing little ass. As Pam let her tongue flick up over the girl’s clit, she slowly put the tip of her pinky into the ass hole of the hot little slut. Alice’s eyes rolled back in her head and she groaned loudly as Pam, roughly rammed the her little finger all the way into Alice’s virgin ass. Alice was humping Pam’s face grandbetting güvenilirmi now. The young girl threw off her top and was squeezing her tiny tities and pulling on the puffy nipples. Pam fucked her little finger in and out of Alice’s ass in rhythm to her talented tongue that was relentlessly fucking the sexy eleven year olds pussy. Pam wrapped her arms about Alice’s narrow hips and clutched at the girl’s trembling ass, and sucked hard on her tender little clit. Little blonde Alice mewed in pleasure as Pam sucked her sensitive clit flesh deep into her mouth, taking the slick nub gently between her teeth. Pam’s mouth sucked with the same intense hunger that she felt when she went down on her daughter’s lovely cunt.Little Alice was screaming now, rocking her cunt on Pam’s mouth as if to free her clit from the clutches of the sucking mouth, as if the pleasure was too intense. Pam was unable to be gentle with the young girl’s tender clit, not with the lust boiling through her body since she got out of bed. This hot little peeping tom needed to cum in her mouth. She wanted to taste her p*****n cum juice badly, and she didn’t want to waste any time right now. The heat of Alice’s cunt burned Pam’s closed lips, sending thrills to her cunt. She could feel the crotch of her thong becoming wet as juices boiled from her shaved cunt lips..Pam cupped the continued to assault Alice’s ass while fucking her as hard as she could manage with her pinky finger, twisting it back in forth in a crude attempt to stretch the hot little bitches ass. Pam tortured Alice’s clit threshing with her tongue and teeth. With a free hand Pam slapped Alice’s firm ass hard as her talented little pinky stroked in and out of her tight back door. Alice was slouched forward now, leaning on Pam for support as if she might pass out at any second. The young girl continued to twist her own nipples so hard she cried out from the pain and pleasure. Alice made soft whimpers of ecstasy, her eyes open, but rolling back or out of focus. Looking down on Pam who had her entire cunt in the grip of her mouth, the little girl felt light headed, it was as if her whole body were drifting into a fire and she could do nothing to stop herself from being consumed by the flames.The way Alice’s swollen little clit slipped back and forth under her tongue was a delight for Pam. Each time she flicked her tongue over the flesh button she could feel the seeping fluids of the little girl’s cunt drip down on her breasts. Her tongue would swirl about Alice’s cunt hole and then enter quickly before returning to her tiny clit to trap and torture it..Alice was swaying t on her feet with pleasure as Pam flashed her tongue back and forth over the swollen little clit. The hot blonde girl was making squealing sounds. And Pam knew the horney little eleven year old was close to cumming. Taking her mouth off little Alice’s cunt, she looked up at Alice. “I want to taste your hot young cunt juice right now do you understand me you little slut. Alice will you give it all to me, will you cum in my mouth, sending your juices down my throat like a good little slut?”“Oh yes! Fuck yes! Anything you want Pam! Fuck make my cunt cum…please!” Alice pleaded with real urgencyAgain without warning Pam pushed a finger deep into the trembling girl’s cunt. The pussy was so tight Pam could barely get it in. She began to move the finger in the girl’s ass and the one in her pussy to the same beat and Alice began to thrust her hips back and forth uncontrollable, watching Pam’s finger pump in and out of her churning cunt.“I’m ready Pam !” he shouted. “I’m ready to come all over your fucking face!”“Mmmmm!” Pam moaned, as her mouth sucked Alice’s clit back into her hot mouth.At that instant Alice’s tight little cunt exploded with such force it pushed Pam’s finger all the way out. Sending cum splashing off Pam’s pretty face. Pam sucked the little girl’s entire cunt into her mouth and moaned as the next flush of girl cum spiraled over her tongue and down her throat. Pam clamped her mouth to Alice’s pussy as two more waves of hot sweet cum entered her waiting mouth. Alice began to grind her cunt inside Pam’s mouth, and Pam placed hands on the young girls stomach to stop her. Pam wanted the pleasure of Alice’s sweet cum splashing onto her tongue and filling her mouth. Pam let her mouth fill before she swallowed Alice’s tasty cunt juice. One last time she felt the little girl’s cunt convulse and splash flood juice downt her throat. Pam let it gather on her tongue so she could savor it before letting the lovely cream slide down her throat.“Mmmm, Alice your pussy juice is so sweet,” Pam purred, licking her lips. “Ohh ” was all Alice could get out as she collapsed into Pam’s arms.The little girl was trembling so Pam carried her to the couch and wrapped a light blanket around her.Pam looked down at the lovely face, running her hand through Alice’s soft blonde hair. She realized that she would have the whole afternoon with this hot little slut. She would grind her own cunt onto Alice’s soft pink mound until her own cunt juice entered the folds of her lovely little pussy.When Josee came home, both of them would enjoy this lovely little body, coating it with their cum then slowly licking it off. Pam smiled and kissed Alice on the lips. She had fallen to sleep.Pam opened the blanket and parted the girl’s lovely cunt lips. Let her fingers bring a large dollop of little girl cum to her mouth and she sucked it down. Her fingers traced Alice’s soft little lips and moaned at the though of them on her clit, sucking hard with her warm little tongue playing with the fleshy nub. It was going to be a lovely afternoon.