mom sacrifices for daughter

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mom sacrifices for daughterME : : good looking guy, 5′.11″ height, 8 inches cock, 22 age.PINKY(sister) : : looks damm sexy, 36-28-36 sizes,5′.4″ height, 18 age.SHOBA (aunt or chachi or chinnamma) : : Innocently sexy, 36D-32-38 sizes, 5′.6″height, 39 age.JYOTHI(aunt or chachi or chinnamma) : : Hell like sexy, 38D-32-40 sizes, 5′.5″height,35age.RAJU : : tall and well built body, dark muscles, 5.8″ height, 8″ cock, 28 age.RAVI : : tall and well built body, dark and well built muscles, 9.1/2″ cock, 14 age.LAXMI : : sex bomb, chubby structure, 40D-36-42 sizes, 5.6″ height, 26 age.SHOBA and JYOTHI are my dads younger brother’s wives and PINKY is shoba’s daughter, RAJU and LAXMI are wife and husband and LAXMI had a one year c***d. RAVI is younger brother of RAJU and they are servants in jyothi home.Now the story begins after i married jyothi and shoba they are serving me so good and my daughter pinky she has became very good slut to serve me. days are passing and mostly i stay at jyothi home as our chacha works for mnc and most of the he stays abroad. as jyothi c***dren will go to school in the morning and comes back by evening by that time we four will have a great fuck…One day iam in my home and jyothi called me, and our conversation is like this,,Me : hello slut how are you ?JYOTHI : ya im fine, i have to say you something.ME : yeah tell me what happen ?JYOTHI : just now i have seen ravi fucking his bhabhi laxmi, i have sent raju to supermarket and I just heard some from outhouse and i went there and i saw them fucking.ME : oh so what ? i fucking you and shoba you are my own chachi and he is fucking his own bhabhi whats wrong in that ? let them enjoy.JYOTHI : its not like that darling, after some time i came back to my room and watching from there and same time raju came back from market and he watched his brother fucking his wife and he dint say anything.ME : oh really ? they must be having good understanding,,,, hmm ok tell me how he is fucking ?JYOTHI : I have seen his body many times, he is really strong and for the first time i have seen his cock.. it was really huge.. it was shining like a burning rod… and he inserted in her pussy in doggie style and fucking her… if he does same thing with me i will die in pain….ME : so my sweet slutty chachi you are interested to get fucked with him,, okay plan this weekend and send you c***dren to there grandparents home, we will have some fun…JYOTHI : no no i dint mean that, you can come for this weekend but i have no intrest in ravi’s penis.Then i disconnected the call and i have discussed with shoba and pinky to come to jyothi home at weekend. on Saturday morning i went to jyothi home, its a very big place and no disturbances from neighbors. I was walking in the garden and i have seen raju and ravi gardening, they both are in just towels and i can see bulge in ravi towel. Laxmi is a cook in jyothi home she is cooking in kitchen and her breast cleavage is clearly visible as her pallu is slipped while she is cooking and her jacket is wet because of milk oozing from her nipples. she wears saree very tightly and her ass shape makes every one crazy…Then shoba and pinky came and i invited them with a kiss and i called all people to come to hall and all came and raju and ravi stood at main door, I said to them “today night there is a party and all should attend compulsory, Ladies must wear istanbul escort new pattu saree and gents must wear pattu pancha” and servants went away and shoba, jyothi and pinky asking me about the party and there are very exited to know about the party. But i dint say to them anything and i ordered them to get ready by 8PM. We all made our selfs very sexy and we are waiting for servants and they came and i invited them and they sat on the floor and pinky served soft drinks to all of us. No one knows about the party and Laxmi asked jyothi what to do now..Then i asked laxmi “tell me truly, your dewar ravi fucks you before your husband,, and you enjoys that and sometimes both ravi and raju fucks you together ! right ?”. All are shocked by my words and they all kept silent, ravi wants to escape from there but i stopped them and i said to them ” dont worry even i fucks my chachi’s jyothi and shoba and i marreged them and i fuck my sister pinky and she is my daughter now”. By saying this shoba was shocked and tried to close my mouth but i said every thing. Now ravi replied ” so what should we do now ? and why you called us here”. I said “from now we all will have group sex, anybody can fuck anyone and all should enjoy”.By listening this pinky was so happy and shoba was completely shocked and jyothi was little confused. shoba went away from the room and she went to another room and locked the door. Jyothi came to me asked me “So this is your party ? why dint you ask us before ?”. I replied ” what happen now ? you are interested in ravi and iam interested in laxmi. we all can have lot of fun,,, go and convince shoba and get her soon here” pinky and jyothi went to convince shoba and i asked raju and ravi that if they are agreed with my proposal they can fuck jyothi and shoba if they are not interested they can leave,,, laxmi said “leave about this bastards sir iam very much interested to get fucked by you,, i bored with this black guys, please fuck me, i want you to fuck me”. ravi and raju also accepted for this and ravi is very happy and said ” its like a great gift to us, i love jyothi madam a lot i want to fuck her in her ass”. Raju was silent and laxmi was very excited and waiting for my call. raju is little innocent and ravi is very smart and silent.By the time three bitches came from the bed room and pinky and jyothi faces are glowing and shoba is little nervous but she had a smile on her face. jyothi came to me and said ” we are ready for the sex party,but this must be secret” and i replied “no problem darling even raju and ravi accepted to fuck you and this will be only among us.”Then the party started, four bitches stood and me, raju and ravi are confused whom to fuck. They all are in new sarees and dressed like a first night bribes. I gave chance to choose there fucking partner for sluts, first Pinky chosen me and then laxmi is eagerly waiting for me and she came to me,,,,,, now its jyothi chance and she chosen ravi and when i watched her face she is smiling like a horny bitch after watching my face. Shoba has no choice and she came to raju… we took our places, ME,PINKY and LAXMI sat on the triple seat sofa and SHOBA and RAVI on the other single sofa and RAVI and JYOTHI are in standing position…I hugged laxmi and kissing her lips and pinky made herself nude avcılar escort and came to me… i was finguring pinky’s pussy and sucking laxmi lips,, laxmi holded my head and pressed in her big milky boobs, I tore her jacket hooks and made her breast nude. She did not wear any bra and her nipples are completely erected and i was sucking her nipples and milk is oozing.. That was my 1st time to drink milk of other woman,, the milk is so tasty and i hardly pressing her breast and she is moaning heavily ” oooohhhh deennnggguuuu raa lanjakodkaa…” (fuck bastard). I sat on the sofa and i stretched my legs and pinky came on knees between my legs and sucking my penis,, laxmi was beside me and i made her completely nude and she has a tiny hair above her pussy. I was fingering her pussy and alternately sucking her both boobs and lips. Pinky and laxmi exchanged their places and laxmi is sucking me balls and penis while pinky stood on sofa and kept her pussy on my face and i inserted my tongue and sucking deeply and she moving her pussy towards me in pleasure and pressing my head into pussy..Ravi and jyothi and completely nude and ravi placed his huge cock between jyothi boobs and fucking her boobs holding tightly. Jyothi was shouting ” lanjakodka evaditho dengichukoni mi amma ninu kannadi ra, ila undi ni sulli.. aaahhh dengu ra baga dengu eh lanje ni…” (basterd how your mother gave you birth,, your penis is this much huge ? aaahhh fuck me, fuck this bitch). Ravi took his penis and inserted in jyothis mouth and she is sucking that, ravi is fucking her mouth and she could not take that for much time…..Raju and shoba are fucking on the single sofa and raju lifted his penis and shoba took top position and both are hugging tightly and shoba is jumping,,,, raju is sucking her breast and nipples… i expected a dialogue from him and he shouted ” ohhh lanjeee,, ni sanllu entha methaga, soft ga unnye.. intha manchi sanllu nen epudu cheekale….” ( oh bitch i have never sucked this tip of soft and smooth boobs)…Ravi roughly thrown jyothi on the floor and stretched her legs and inserted his 9.5″ cock in her pussy and she is moaning heavily” aaahhhh em undi raa ni moddaa, pagala dengu na pooku ni eh roju,,, nu na kodukula putina netho dengichukene danni ra…..”(what a penis you have basterd, tear my pussy,,, if you born to me then also i want you to fuck me). RAVI replied “ni gudda ni chusina prathi sari laxmi ni, ni peru tho pilusthu dani pooku pagaladengevadni,, ivala nijamga ni pooku denguthuna lanje.”( when ever i see your ass i would fuck laxmi imagining you, but now im really fucking your pussy).Pinky lay on the sofa and i inserted my penis in her pussy and giving hard strokes and laxmi stood beside me and she is serving her milk to me,,, pinky shouted ” aaahhhh im cummin…” and she cummed and my penis is still so hard and i asked laxmi to come down and she said “na pooku lo sagam dengina sulli oddu,, ni sulli ni mundu cheeki dani subram chestha,, na paalu nu tagav ga, ipudu ni sulli paalu nenu taagutha..” (my pussy will not take half fuck, let me clean your penis and you are drinking my breast milk let me drink you penis milk). she made me to sit on the sofa and took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it,,, after few minutes i cummed in her mouth and she completely swallowed it. I made laxmi to sit şirinevler escort and stretched her legs and started to suck,,, pinky sucking my cock and made it hard again,,,, now i inserted my penis in laxmi pussy and fucking her,,, her boobs are shaking as per the rhythm of my strokes… pinky came to her and sucking her milk,,pinky took her milk in her mouth and gave to me by her mouth and i was swallowed from her mouth…… Me and laxmi cummed at same time and we collapsed on each other and pinky was cleaning my penis by sucking….RAJU and SHOBA also cummed and shoba was sucking rajus penis and JYOTHI came two times when RAVI is fucking and Jyoth and ravi are in 69 position…..After that we ate our dinner.. we have a great discussion when we are having dinner that is..ME : laxmi ni pooku chala bagunde,, ni paalu inka taagalani undi,, ni mogudlu iddaru chala lucky. (laxmi your pussy is so good, your milk is so tasty,, your two husbands are so lucky).JYOTHI : avnu,, ravi sulli kuda chala bagundi,, vadu denguthune swargam kanpinchindi, vaditho roju dengichukovalani undi. (yes, ravi penis is also soo good, when he is fucking me im in heaven, i feel he should fuck me daily).PINKY : laxmi inka karna anna naku chala sukam icharu,,, ma amma shoba kuda chala enjoy chesindi,, ma amma pooku chudandi ela kandipoindo,,, naku ipudu ma amma nu dengina vaditho dengichukovalani undi..(laxmi and brother gave me so much pleasure,, even raju fucked my mother very well,, watch her pussy its all turned into red colour,, i want the guy who fucked my mother, raju must fuck me)SHOBA : pinky nu nakana chala pedda lanjeve,, nen karna tho denginchukunte vaditho dengichukunav, ipudu raju kudu dengala ninnu ? mi nanna kuda nannu dengadu, thanatho kuda denginchukuntava ? (pinky you have became a big slut than me,, when karna fucked me you got fucked by him and now you want raju,, your dad also fucked me so you want your dad to fuck you ? ? ).RAVI : Shoba madam, karna kuda meku mangalasuthram katti mimalni peli cheskunadu ga, ante pinky thana kuthure ga,, apudu vala nanne pinky ni dengadu ga inkenti ? nenu next mimalni dengutha apudu pinky kuda natho dengichukuntadi. (shoba madam, karna tied mangalsuthra to you and he madu you as your wife,, so he is pinky’s father and he is fucking him, so what ? and now i want to fuck you, then next i can fuck pinky too,,).LAXMI : ha andaru bojanam complete cheyandi malli dengukovachu,,, karna bava nu water taagaku ochi na sanllu chekuthu na paalu taagu daa,,(hm complete your dinner then we can fuck again.. karna darling dont drink water, suck my boobs and drink my milk).We all finished our dinner and we arranged all beds in one room,, there is a triple bed and two single beds. with out saying anything shoba went to ravi and she kept his penis in her mouth and started sucking,, i sucked laxmi breast and i finished her milk completely and laxmi and pinky started lesbian sex,,, raju was sucking jyothi’s breast and sobha was on top of raju and she is moaning heavily and i applied some oil on her ass and i inserted my penis in her ass she is shouting in pain and pleasure,,,, even jyothi and raju fucking in same position and i fucked jyothi ass for some time and i ordered pinky and laxmi to drink my sperm and they swallowed each drop and laxmi asked me to piss on her and happyly pissed on pinky and laxmi face,,,,,,,after than as per pinky wish raju fucked pinky and i fucked laxmi in her ass and we slept nudely….Like this we are enjoying our life,,, there are many incidents in our life and i fucked another cousin sister with the help of my slutt’s,,, and many people fucked them.. you want to know about that,,mail me… gals you also want fuck from me and my team