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Group Sex

MOMS GETTING FUCKED IIThis story picks up where MOM IS GETTING FUCKED suddenly stopped. A 40 ish man name John invited Mr Black, a friend from work, over to his house to meet his 69 year old Mother (Mama). John failed to tell his mom that company was cuming over that night. He knows his Mother very well and decided to surprise her. And what a surprise for her it has turned out to be.One minute Mother and Son are sharing a meal and the next Mom is stark ass naked with her pussy full of her son best friends huge cock. To add to her surprise, her son Johnny’s mouth is gagged only inches from her fuck hole but his eyes are wide open. If she only knew that he had set this all up, so he could finally have sex with her, now that would be a surprise. This is Johnny’s account of that night: This feels like a dream but I know its for real. I have pictured watching her pussy get plowed for as long as my cock has been getting hard. Now that I am close enough to smell her hot snatch my cock is unbearably hard. My hands are bound behind my back, the back of my head is on the seat sahabet güvenilirmi of her dinning room chair with my ass planted on the floor. Mr Black has my mama standing above me, my head between her legs with her body leaning over the backrest of the chair. His huge cock has been grinding her from behind for more then 10 min. I know he is about to nut and I have no idea how he hasn’t blown his nut fucking her like that.This asshole Mr Black is not following the plan. I get to eat her and nut in her, then he has his choice. But he is being a Motherfucker and going to fuck her first. Fucking asshole, can’t trust anybody. As soon as I convinced my self that I was going to get sloppy seconds, he gave me a surprise of his own.He shoved moms ass above my head and reached down to my gag and pulled it from my mouth. Before I realized what had happened and began to yell at his ass, I saw the look in his eyes and knew what was going to happen. His throbbing cock was like a guided missile, with the back of my throat in its cross hairs. He caught my sahabet yeni giriş mouth open with aghast. Before I knew it I had a dick in my mouth for the first time in my life and realized I was going to first become a cocksucker before a motherfucker.Much to my surprise, I wasn’t even bothered by this. I was so fucking horny after seeing moms pussy, it made me even hotter. Fuck now I want his cock to explode in my mouth. Sooner my cock is going to be inside her. I relaxed and tried to take as much of it as I could. As soon as his cock head slid in a couple of more inches, he began to twitch and moan. Then it began to throb and swell and I was tasting another mans cum for the first time. It was a bomb of seamen and it found it target.Before I could catch my breath and start to feel like a fag for enjoying what had just happen, Mr Black made me forget what had just happened. His huge penis was out of my mouth for all of 10 seconds before he slid my mama’s wet pussy down my forehead and held her fuck hole right over my nose. I wasted no time and sahabet giriş wiggled roman nose inside moms pink lips. Mr Black being the pro he is controlled he pelvis and rubbed it back and forth and up and down all over my face. He smothered me in her flowing juices and I didn’t care if I came in my pants. I finally am eating her pussy.and life is good.I’m not sure how long this lasted but it could never be to long. But I knew things were even going to get better when I realized that I was naked from the waist down. Mr Black is a true friend and he would tell me later that he realized I would be blowing my wad inside my pants if she began to cum on my face. So he wasted know time moving my mother’s pussy to the tip of my dick. He grabbed her with both arms lifting body weight and dropping her right on the biggest cock that has grown from between my legs.With the order FUCK he lifted her a did it again then again and yet again. I lost track after 5 drops because Mom began to make a moan that was so primal, I thought she was going to give birth to me all over again. I remember her screaming FUCK ME FUCK YOUR MAMA FUCK FUCK FUCK OH OH and that was all it took, an orgasim that had been building for decades began to swell in my nuts, soon my breath was gone then my sight left me and last thing I remember yelling was FUCK ME YOU MOTHERFUCKER