Mom’s Panties

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Mom’s PantiesI can still remember the day when I first got my hands on Mom’s panties. I was 11 and on school holidays while Mom was at work. Like every typical boy that age I was just getting curious about girls and didn’t really understand what was happening to my body. Although I had erections I had never masturbated or cum but that was all about to change. I was wondering around the house, bored and looking for something to do. Wondering into my parents room I noticed that in her hurry to get to work Mom had left her panty drawer wide open. Knowing that I was all alone I excitedly decided to have a look at her panties, I wasn’t even sure why but I my heart was racing as I looked at all her bra’s and panties – most of them white and in different fabric – lace, cotton and satin. kadıköy escort One particular pair caught my attention, probably because they were a bit more girly looking than the rest – they were white polka dot panties and looked a bit smaller than the other pairs.I picked them up and ran my fingers all over them, barely able to breath my heart was racing so fast. I was now also very aware of my penis getting very hard in my pants, uncomfortably so, which made me decide to take of my pants. On pulling down my boxers my penis sprang to attention, rock hard and throbbing. I didn’t even know what I was really doing but it felt so good when it got hard like that. Suddenly, while holding Mom’s üsküdar escort panties I decided to see if they would fit me. Gently I slipped on her panties, my cock bobbing hard as if I needed to release something. Slowly I pulled Mom’s panties up my legs, over my kneed, then up my thighs until finally I pulled them on over my penis and ass. They fit perfectly and felt really nice. I decided to lie on Mom’s bed while wearing her panties and as I slid over the covers I rubbed my hard cock against the satin sheets. It felt so good against my panty covered cock that I started to rub myself against the bed, over and over, finding this the feeling in my cock incredible. I felt a funny pressure building in my cock and balls as I started to tuzla escort rub myself faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier until suddenly I felt this explosive release in my cock and a warm wet liquid soaking Mom’s panties. I got such a fright I tore her panties off, not sure what was happening. Looking down at my cock I noticed a thick white substance oozing from the top of my cock and the same liquid was all over Mom’s panties. I didn’t know what to think but it felt incredible. I wiped the white stuff off Mom’s panties but they were still wet so I hid them at the back of her panty drawer and hoped she wouldn’t notice. Needless to say, that started off what became a regular experience as I started jacking off in every pair of panties she owned, especially the white satin, lace and cotton panties. My cock grew bigger over the years and so did my cumshots. One single wank session would soak her panties completely because I’d cum so much and so hard. I also started wearing her bra’s and her pantyhose as my lingerie fetish grew and grew. But I will never forget the day I tried on Mom’s polka do panties for the first time.