Mom’s Past

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Mom’s PastIt was Sunday and all three of them had to go back to work tomorrow. They spent last night drinking and fucking and had been wandering around the house today watching TV, eating and recovering from their wild weekend. Inevitably, one of them got horny. The sexual energy in the house was constantly sky high. If someone wasn’t fucking, then there was a guarantee that at least somewhere there was porn playing and a hand hard at work. This Sunday afternoon it was Krista that broke first. Chris was up stairs in bed with his mom watching TV and they heard some slut downstairs on the TV getting gang fucked. From the murmur of the crowd on the TV it was either a party or it was a pretty big studio full of guys and only 1 or 2 girls. Chris’s cock crept to life, twitching and jumping as he listened to the fucking downstairs. Carrie looked over and giggled, taking a hold of his cock in her warm hand and slowly stroking it. She gripped it at the base and playfully shook it from side to side. It got even harder and soon he was at full mast, a droplet of precum slowly rolling down the head and to her fingers.”What ever she’s watching sure sounds fun.” Chris said as the two lay there listening, ignoring their TV. “You have no idea.” his mother said. “Oh, you know what she’s watching?” he asked.”No. But it sounds like a gang bang. Which are fun.” Carrie adjusted her self and propped herself up on her elbow, still stroking Chris’s cock with her other hand. Her palm and fingers were soft and warm and she wrapped her hand around the thick shaft. “You sound like you know from experience.” Chris said as he reached out and began massaging her soft titties.”Maybe a little.” Carrie grinned and looked up at her son. She loved holding his cock. It was so smooth and the flesh was hot to the touch. They had gone camping months ago and when the night got too cool she slid her hand down his sweats and just held his hard cock all night. In the morning, he was so horny, Chris didn’t even wait for her to wake up before he lubed her up with spit and slid his cock in and started fucking. She woke up from the hard fucking and as soon as she realized what was going on she wrapped her legs and arms around him and held on. In no time the small tent was filled with a heavy scent of pussy and sweat. “Well, don’t leave me hanging. Let’s hear it.” Chris gently tugged on her nipples. “Mmmm…ok. Well, the first time it happened I was in high school. It was a few months before graduation and one of the girls on our debate team was known for having crazy parties. Her dad was some kind of an executive for a distribution company that dealt with baked goods, breads, pastries, what ever.””Hot!” Chris interrupted sarcastically.”Shut up!” his mother playfully slapped him on the chest and went back to stroking his cock. “Well, he took her mom on vacation as an early anniversary present and they canlı bahis were going to be out of town for the week. She had made it clear that she planned on having some kind of party every night until they got back. Lucky for her her parents were prudes. They just wanted everything to stay in the basement and make sure the neighbors didn’t end up getting pissed off. So-” Carrie leaned forward and dribbled a glob of spit on to her son’s cock and continued stroking. “So I went to the last party of the week. I wanted to go sooner but my parents weren’t too keen on me staying the night at a friends house on a school night. And that’s all they were told, they wouldn’t have allowed shit if I told them it was for a party. So on Friday night, I threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and some tennis shoes, and packed duffel bag for my “slumber party with the girls”. Carrie’s voice was quiet and husky. She knew Chris loved listening to her talk about her sex life and this was a chapter she hadn’t really described in detail. It was new information. It was like seeing “Star Wars” for the first time. “Well, even though I was dressed like I normally dressed, inside my bag I had a mini skirt, a tube top, and some white cowboy boots and a make up bag. I drove to my friend Taylor’s and I changed at her place and left, her folks were also out of town so when I got there she was dressed in barely anything. Her pussy was barely covered by her Daisy Dukes and her ass cheeks were hanging out and her tits were like mine so there was a line of cleavage at least a foot long.” Chris moaned and humped against her hand as she continued with the story. Precum was dribbling down his cock and mixing in with her spit. The girl on the TV downstairs was in full stride as she kept getting gang fucked. “So,” Carrie continued, ” we get to the party and there’s about 40 people there. Not a huge party but still a good crowd. We made out way into the basement and the music was loud, there were people everywhere, and alcohol everywhere. I didn’t go there with the intention of getting laid, Taylor certainly did, but I just wanted to look hot. Well, eventually we both got a few drinks in us and things got a little wild. We were good friends with Mayra, the girl throwing the party and ended up hanging out with a little cluster of people and her in the corner of the basement on the couch playing pool, truth or dare, trading shots, telling stories and just all around having fun. Eventually that fun started getting a little raunchy when Taylor was dared to do a strip tease. She was half naked as it was and didnt’ need much convincing.” Carrie couldn’t stand it any longer and needed to have a cock inside of her. She straddled Chris and slid down on his cock, a gasp leaving her lips as her pussy swallowed the whole thing. “Sorry, I need to have something in me.” Carrie began to slowly rock back and bahis siteleri forth while she continued her story. “Well, Taylor didn’t get dressed the rest of the party. She sat down next to me and soon a dare came up and we ended up kissing. That opened the door and I ended up getting my tits licked, which turned into rubbing each others pussies. Mayra ran up stairs and brought down a sex toy, either hers or her mom’s, I don’t know but that escalated things substantially. Before we knew it, the whole party was around us and the music had been turned down a little. Taylor was sucking some guy’s cock and I was getting fondled and played with by a bunch of random hands from behind me on the couch. My tits, my tummy, my pussy and thighs, there were hands everywhere. I loved it, I’d only had sex 5 or 6 times, so I was pretty much always dripping and wanting more. This was exactly what I wanted. I heard some girl’s voice I recognized from the crowd giving me some encouragement and I stripped naked along with Taylor and when i turned around there was a dick in my face. I grabbed it and started a slow blow job. I’d only fucked a few times but I’d given plenty of blowjobs.””That’s why you’re so good.” Chris said, slowly driving his hips against his mother’s.”Mmmhmm…I started young. The other guys got a little more gutsy and came around the other side of the couch and started playing with me while I sucked the other guy’s cock. I got on my knees on the cushions and faced the back of the couch so the guys behind me could play with my ass and tits and pussy. And it felt amazing, I loved feeling used. I loved feeling like I had no where to go because I was surrounded. I glanced over and Taylor was already laying on her back getting fucked. Her huge tits were flopping all over and her legs were in the air. Before I could say anything, I felt a cock slip inside of me. I gasped and turned to see who it was, some guy from my math class. He asked if that was ok and I just nodded. I felt his condom and told him it was ok if he wanted to take it off since I was on the pill. That statement made the rest of the night a whole lot messier. I felt him withdraw and slip the condom off, then slide back inside of me. He started thrusting kind of slow and I was moaning with a cock in my mouth. I think that was the first night I deep throated a guy, I had practiced taking cucumbers and my dildo deep before, but not an actual guy.””How did you do?” “Come on baby…you know how I did.” Carrie smiled at her son and scooped some of their juices from off of his pelvis and held her finger out for him. He sucked it clean. “Well, the fucking was in full swing a few minutes later. One of the guys asked if I minded if they cum in me and I told them go ahead. Guy after guy after guy just stood in line to fuck me while I was bent over this couch sucking some guy’s cock. He eventually came güvenilir bahis in my mouth, another first and i swallowed it. Mayra clapped and cheered for me, apparently she’d done that plenty of times. Taylor came by and kissed me on my cheek telling me she was proud, apparently she was done fucking for the moment.” Carrie picked up her rocking pace, grinding her pussy into Chris harder and harder. “So, my pussy is getting filled with cum and my tits haven’t been left alone all night. My knees start to get tired and I want to lay down so I take Taylor’s place on the pool table and the guys start fucking on my back there. I just hang my knees over their shoulders and they pound away, filling me up one by one. A few guys blew their loads all over my tummy and on my pussy, making an even bigger mess out of me. And the party went on like that, me getting fucked and filled with cum. Buy the time it was over, I was walking like I had been in a wreck and there were thick trails of white cum rolling down my thighs. And I mean thick trails, white, chunky globs of cum were just spilling out of me and sliding off of my stomach. It was so fucking hot.”Chris was speeding up his thrusting. He loved knowing his mother was a slut even back then. He reached up and held on to her heavy tits. “You want mommy to finish us off, baby?” Carrie asked, grinding even faster.”Yeah, tell me when.” “Ok baby…” Carrie started rocking her hips faster and faster. Her pussy was a slick mess between her legs and Chris’s cock was almost in her stomach. She lifted up high and pressed down hard on her downward stroke, dragging her clit across his pelvis. He had shaved a few days ago and the fresh stubble above his cock gave a unique sensation for her clit. The piercing pulled and made her tingle even more. She saw Chris’s eyes getting desperate for relief. “That’s it, baby, almost there…just a little bit more…” Carrie kept fucking. She knew her son was close to cumming and so was she. She liked riding him like that. She felt like he needed her, like he depended on her. It was that same as when she breast fed him, he needed her for food, he depended on her for survival. Now, he needed her for sex, he depended on her to cum. Her pace quickened and she leaned over him, dangling her tits in his face. His lips locked around the nipples and he began sucking. They heard Krista screaming as she began cumming, her porno winding down. “Please mommy…please let me cum…” Chris was begging her. Carrie couldn’t stand to see her baby needing something so bad. “Ok, baby. Mommy’s close…mommy’s close…mommy’s clo—-now! Fucking cum now baby! Cum in mommy!” Carrie frantically slid her pussy back and forth, spraying her cum all over her son’s balls. At the same time she felt him filling her pussy up with hot cum. It was searingly hot at her cervix, then the heat dripped and drained down her insides. She collapsed on top of him, a thin film of sweat on both of them. A few moments later, Krista came bouncing in and jumped in bed with them, a big smile on her face, her pussy and thighs dripping.”Hey guys, whatcha’ doin?”