Monday morning thoughts

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Monday morning thoughtsMonday Morning ThoughtsThis is from a blog with permission from thinkerbelle00I have had comments from my readers, who say “so you like cock” in that sarcastic online tone.Would it be cruel of me to stop talking about how I love cock so big and hard and smooth and soft. I love when a cock becomes fully erect and the little eye opens and winks once. It is like an eye of a lover who blinks once in the early morning to see in what devilish way i am waking Him this morning. He blinks tiredly, sees, he is in no danger, and closes his eyes again, waiting for the moment when he is needed and they will pop open again. Then with each stroke i watch the eye open wider and then close.I watch as His head turns purple and the shaft bobs in eager anticipation of my warm lips. He sits up a bit now,to watch as his thick head slide into my wet lips, eager and warm. My morning gift to Him. Or His morning gift to me, i am not güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sure, and don’t care. He burrows His cock into my throat, slides his fingertips through my tousled hair, but lets me have Him. He submits for this moment to the pleasure i am giving to Him. He watches greedily as i suckle his cock, making love to it, it disappears again into my lips. Then i pull back up and press the glistening wet head against my lips, paint my lips with his oozing precum and i look up at Him and smile a morning greeting to him. Then slide down onto His shaft. His turgid cock lodging into my throat, and i grunt and he holds my head down gently, tiredly.Then i slide my mouth back up over the veiny shaft. My lips circling his tip gently, he bucks up toward my lips, wanting to feel his tool back in my warm mouth, like a couple that snuggles together in the cool morning. But, i tease him and hold my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lips at the crown of his cock. Letting the cool air touch His sensitive shaft. He growls at me, and tells me he needs to have His cock inside of me.He rolls me over, lays me on my side and guides himself into me. Slowly he slips his already hard cock into my wet warm opening. Teasing me, torturing me, with the slowness of His descent. And then it settles past my bony entrance and nestles into the soft moistness of my depths mmmm…. i love how a cock feels inside of me. My soft slippery walls caressing the sides of His cock….. that’s heaven, how at the same time I want it to last forever, and end at that exact moment. Thrilling agony.He takes what is His. He pushes deeply into me, settles there and slowly rocks back and forth. Feeling my velvety petals circle Him. He whispers into my ear. “That’s a good slut, güvenilir bahis şirketleri hold me in your tight pussy.” He is perfectly still now, He whispers again, “Don’t move”I obey and lay submissive, and supple to his every movement whilst he works himself in me, i clutch at the pillows, so not to move as he thrusts into me. I feel the erotic pain of delightful nearness. I am ready. He knows it. I feel his balls hitting my perineum and I beg silently with my soul for MORE. I know if i speak my thoughts He will make me wait longer. I grip hard on his shaft nestled inside of me. He made me his whore, to lay and take Him. Then he says very softly, like a breeze in my ear, “cum for me, My sweet slutty girl.”Those soft words sends me right over the edge. I grip his cock, pulling it deeper into me milking it for all its worth with my cunt. He thrusts in and out…. feeling my slick walls sliding so deliciously over his hard shaft. He drags his shaft against my clit as he pushes in and out. I close my eyes and buck up against Him, my body convulses around Him, and He frantically thrusts harder into my tight spasming tunnel. He holds me close, i feel Him erupting into me. He lays still and whispers, “that’s a good girl, what a good little slut I have.”