Moni’s southern vacation

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Moni’s southern vacationHiI am Marc I wanted to post this story for my wife Moni about the time we went vacationing down south. We were in a small city on our way to Tennessee and booked into a hotel. It was late evening we ate and decided to go for a drink. We happened on this bar which looked decent enough so we went in sat at a booth and ordered. Everyone seemed to stare us up and down when Moni mentioned she was the only woman there. It probably didn’t help that she was wearing a short skirt and t-shirt with no bra. I told her people can see but she said it was to hot and she didn’t care anyway.About 30 minutes later and a few drinks I got up to go to the head,when i came back music was playing and she was up and dancing with a few guys. It was no big dealfor me , been there done that. She came back to sit down agter 1xbet yeni giriş 20 mins. of dancing (and flirting).this big guy came to our table and asked her if she dance and got up. it was a slow dance and she looked lost in this guy,he was 6’4′ and must have been 280 lbs. Next thing I know she is giggling and he has his hand on her ass. They come back to the table and sit down together,moni introduces Al to me and we talk and drink some more. Moni starts telling me that Al thought she was very hot and she told him I would be ok with her having fun with him as long as was there. I nodded ok. By this time Al already had his hand on her leg under the table anyway. She was smiling at him and i saw her close her eyes and I knew right away that he was fingering her pussy, she took her panties off again when 1xbet giriş she had gone to the bathroom.I said we should take this elsewhere. I told him we had a room,but Al offered to take us to his house nearby and said his brother was there as well. Well Moni’s eyes lit up and said sure. We left and she got in Al’s truck and I followed in our car. When we drove up i got out and they had not gotten out of his truck. I walked up to his door and sure enough there was Moni her head bobbing up and down his cock already. Gee I said couldn’t you wait.We went inside with Al and he introduced us to his brother Dave. Now I thought Al was big well Dave was as tall but must have weighes 350 lbs for sure.They offered drinks and moni was to much in the mood she sat on Al’s lap and he pulled of her t-shirt and was squeezing 1xbet güvenilirmi her little 34c’s and sucking her tits. She got up took off her skirt and got on her knees. Both guys got naked and presented to her their 8 and 9″ cocks. She was doing what she loves,sucking cocks. She worked their magic on them and they looked at me and asked if they can cum in her mouth. I said if you don’t she will get pretty pissed at you. With that Dave was the first to unload, she swallowed 3 times to get it all and the same with Al. She got up and cleaned up the little bit that slipped out of her mouth and sat between the guys for a bit,she started to stroke them again to get them hard. She got up and went on all fours and said now fuck me good. They didn’t hesitate Al went for her mouth and Dave slid into her pussy. These guys had stamina they each fucked her for 2 hours and made her cum dozens of times and would have had her screaming if they did stuff her mouth with cock.When we were done she got dressed and thanked them .Was a nice small town welcome, sorry no pictures of this one