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Subject: More Fun With Cousins More Fun With Cousins by adk_bj Categories: Young Friends, Incest Please remember to donate to Nifty! As a kid I hung out quite a bit with my cousins Ryan & Devin. We were about the same age and had similar interest. Quite often we would have sleepovers, which really interested me because we usually slept in the same bed. Unlike my encounters with my cousin Dusty (from a previous story), in which I was always the instigator, Ryan & Devin were open about wanting to play with our dicks. It was just mutual masturbation that usually ended with us falling asleep because at that age cum wasn’t something we produced yet. Ryan and I progressed to oral fun after his brother moved away to live with his father. We weren’t very good at it but it still felt great and quite often we would end the day with a 69 on his bed. We later started to play with each other’s asses, rubbing our dicks on each other’s virgin holes. We never penetrated but again, the sensations were good. Ryan always wanted to go out and do some kind of adventure and I always went along but with more devious intentions. Almost everywhere we went we (or more accurately, I) found a time and place for a little mutual cock sucking. Eventually gaziantep travesti he lost interest and I started hanging out more with friends from my neighborhood. I have a couple adventures with some of those guys that I wrote about in my Brian and David stories. I had two more encounters with Devin though when we were older that were both quite hot. When I was 15 or 16 the boys came to visit around Christmas time and one night we crashed together on the floor in one of our living rooms (my parents had a huge house) in sleeping bags. Devin was in the middle with Ryan and me on either side. A little while after lights out I started moving my hand into Devin’s sleeping bag, creeping along slowly and listening for the rhythmic breathing from Ryan that would indicate he was asleep. I got my hand into the side of Devin’s tighty-whiteys and found his dick. It rapidly began to inflate as I squeezed and quietly played with it. He responded by sliding his underwear down so I could have better access. All the while I was pushing up on his hip and eventually he got the idea and rolled onto his side facing away from me. Now I could get to what I really wanted – his ass. I got into position gaziantep masaj salonları behind him and slid my rock hard member between his cheeks, finding the nice warm target of my desire. I pushed but with no lube I couldn’t penetrate his virgin ass. I did get the head of my dick just slightly in and it was so hot it almost made me cum right there. At that point I figured I’d get off just from spasms of his tight ring massaging the head of my member. Even though he wasn’t opening up pushing into him felt so good that I just kept doing it, very slowly. After about five minutes of this his ass muscles relented and my dick slid in slowly until all six inches were buried in the hottest, tightest thing I’d ever experienced. With no lube his ass gripped my dick like a vice. As I pumped slowly in and out it was like getting jerked off by a hot, tight fist. In just a few more minutes the sensations overwhelmed me and I started to unload into his ass. It was tough being quiet when having such a powerful orgasm and not wanting to wake his brother who was only two feet away. My cum lubed his hole and I kept pumping, God it felt incredible, until my dick started to deflate and gaziantep escort bayan slipped out of his newly fucked hole. At this point Devin rolled over so he was facing me and put his hand on my head with a slight downward pressure. It didn’t take me long to realize what he wanted. I pretended not to want it but in my mind I couldn’t wait tho wrap my lips around his six inches of hot boy meat. Slowly I relented and let him push me down to where he (and I) wanted me. He pushed his dick against my lips but I didn’t open them right away. He pushed again and his precum provided just enough lube to split my lips just slightly apart. At this pointed I wanted that dick so bad I slowly opened my mouth and let him slide in. I softly sucked his throbbing cock and very slowly worked my way up and down his shaft. After a few minutes I felt his dick pulse rapidly several times and in seconds my mouth was flooded with his hot load. It was the first time anyone had ever cum in my mouth and I wasn’t sure what to do. There was so much cum the only thing I could do to keep from drowning was swallow, so I did. My head was absolutely spinning. I had just buried my dick in another boy’s ass for the first time and I had just taken another boy’s load in my mouth for the first time. Devin rolled away and was soon asleep. It took me longer to fall asleep but I definitely did it with a smile on my face. My next adventure with Devin was just as hot, maybe even hotter because we were both older and he was on leave from the Marines… but that’s another story. Thanks for reading! adk_bj