more neighborly benefits (pt 2)..

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more neighborly benefits (pt 2)..This is the continuation of my previous “neighbors with benefits” post here…As we laid on the futon recovering from the intensity of our passion, I had my arm wrapped around Jenny and was teasing and caressing my fingertips over her flushed areola and still tingling hard nipple. Tracing my other hand over the smooth curve of her hip I replied, “Hmm, well, I’m thinking it would be fun to help my neighbor some more tonight…need any help in the shower?” Catching my eyes with a devious smile she moved over me, kissing down my chest and stomach and caressed her hand down over my cock and balls, inspiring my resurgence.Jenny wrapped her hand around my thickening shaft and teased, “Oh, I could always use an extra hand in the shower”, then her eyes narrowed with a seductive grin and she stroked her fingers over the length of my shaft and added, “And a nice, hard cock too!” Holding my cock to her lips, Jenny looked into my eyes as she teased her tongue over my tip, and purred, “Will you help me with your hard cock?”. I sucked in my breath at the sensation of her tongue and fingers, then recovering with a wide grin I teased, “Ma’am, my hard cock is always ready to help.” Giggling, she kissed my tip and replied, “Your such a good neighbor to me”, then playfully flicked her tongue around my swelling crown before sucking it between her lips. Swirling her tongue around my tip in her mouth, Jenny lightly stroked her fingertips over my shaft, feeling my cock thicken and harden for her, as I groaned with pleasure. Then wrapping her hand around my shaft, Jenny sucked my crown between her lips, gently pulling, then let it pop out with a wicked grin, hearing my moan at the sensation as my cock twitched in her hand. Laughing at my reaction, she suddenly released my swollen dick, and rolled herself off the futon to the shower, as she said “I’ll get the shower warmed up”. My eyes were instantly captivated by the sway of her hips as she walked away from me. Jenny looked back, catching my gaze and the sight of my rigid cock at attention for her, and teased, “Save that thought for me.”Stepping into the steamy shower behind her, she turned to me and our eyes locked, our lust swelling as she slid her hands up my chest and around my neck. Rising up on her toes, she met my lips with hers in a passionate kiss. I pulled her tighter against me, feeling my firm cock pressed up against her stomach and her full breasts against me. She wrapped a leg around mine, pressing the canlı bahis wet heat of her pussy against my thigh. Our hands massaged and explored over each other against the shower spray, as our tongues played between our lips. She grazed her nails down my back, then firmly squeezed my ass, pulling me closer into her as she rubbed her clit against my thigh, she sighed between my lips. I caressed my fingers through her wet hair as I slid my other hand down her back, savoring the feel of her smooth curved ass, then exploring between her firm cheeks to massage my fingertips over her rim, and tease against her pussy lips. She moaned softly and broke our kiss, whispered deeply, “Mmmm, feels sooo good” and nipped my lower lip as she pushed her wet ass back against the pressure of my fingers, then kissed down my neck and over my shoulder, pressing her hand down between us, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, feeling me twitch for her. Bracing myself against the shower wall, I reached down behind her and firmly grasped my hands under her ass, then lifted her up against me and she wrapped her arms around my neck, clasping her legs around my hips, as our lips pressed together in a hard kiss. My hands squeezed under her ass, fingers massaging against her rim and pussy lips, teasing into her slippery hole as she gyrated against me. She moaned against my lips as she rubbed her clit against my thick wet shaft pulsing between us. I kissed over her neck as my fingers played in her pussy, and murmured in her ear, “I want to feel my cock in you”, Jenny pulled herself up harder against me and purred, “Mmm yesss, let me feel it”. Lifting her up, she slid her pussy lips over my hardness and I guided my cock-head into her slit. Lowering her down over my hard shaft, our eyes met as we both moaned out with pleasure at the feel of my cock sliding up into her, pushing into the wet heat of her pussy. Our hips moving together, my cock pushed deeper, filling her as she squeezed her pussy around my hardness. Joined together under the steamy shower spray, our tongues playing between our lips as we slowly gyrated in unison, massaging our lust. My hands clasped firmly under her ass, fingers rubbing and teasing against her pussy lips and rim of her ass, feeling my cock stroking in and out, she moaned against my lips. Grinding together, her aching clit rubbed against me as her hot slippery pussy walls rhythmically squeezed and massaged around my rigid swollen cock, pumping within her, pushing deep against her bahis siteleri pussy. Feeling the ecstacy of our orgasms building, our motion became more frantic as we thrust against each other. My hands gripped under her ass and I pressed my little fingertip against the wet rim of her ass, rubbing and teasing her puckered hole. She looked into my eyes and as she pushed her ass down against the pressure of my fingertip. A soft gasp as my little finger eased into her ass, then her eyes closed as she bit her lip and moaned with pleasure, gyrating over the pressure of my finger massaging inside her asshole, feeling my cock pumping in her pussy. Suddenly she threw her head back and groaned out, “Ohhh fuuck yesss…make me cum!” as she broke our embrace and reached up, grabbing the shower curtain bar, squeezing my finger in her ass as she lifted her weight from me, legs still wrapped around my waist, she slid her pussy up the length of my shaft. With only my engorged tip in her pussy, I sucked in a sharp breath at the sudden loss and break in our rhythm and she looked into my eyes with a devilish grin as she lowered herself down the length of my hardness, my finger pushed deeper into her ass. Grinding her hips with the motion of my finger and cock inside her, she lustfully urged, “Oooh gaawd, that feels sooo goood…mmmm, yeeaah…fuck me!” With most of her weight suspended, I rapidly stroked the full length of my cock in her pussy, thrusting deep, my tip bumping against her pussy wall as her clit thumped against my pelvis, aching with pleasure, as my little finger massaged in her ass. Leaning into her I sucked her nipple between my lips, nipping her bud, she squealed out and pushed her breast hard against my mouth. Her eyes closed, breathing rapid and shallow, she gasped out as I teethed over her flushed areola and nipple with each thrust of my cock. She pushed her hips against me, rapidly mashing her clit against my pelvis, gyrating her ass over the sensation of my finger within. Gripping the curtain rod, she tossed her head back and suddenly moaned out a loud “Ooohhhhhhhhhhh” as her legs tightened around my waist, pussy walls squeezing around my shaft, she shuddered in orgasm, still grinding against my thrusts into her flowing pussy.Feeling her body relax, I slowed the pace of my cock strokes into her, straining to prolong the pleasure of my cum boiling in my balls, savoring the edge of orgasm. Her face flushed with a luxurious smile, our eyes met and she let go of the curtain rod güvenilir bahis and wrapped her arms around my shoulders in a passionate kiss as she settled her hot swollen pussy down over my throbbing cock, legs wrapped behind my thighs. My finger slipped out from her asshole as I gripped my hands under her, leaning back against the shower wall, I slowly pumped and stirred my cock inside her, feeling my balls tighten with my urge to orgasm. Breaking our kiss, I groaned out, “Oh gawd, I love the way you feel…your gonna’ make me cum! She looked into my eyes with a mischievous grin and grabbed my shoulders, raising herself up off my aching cock. I moaned at the sudden loss as she unwrapped her legs around me and eased herself onto her knees between my legs, she squeezed her hand around the base of my cock, holding back my orgasm, and purred, “I want to taste you…let me feel you cum”. I could only moan, “Mmmhmmm” as I braced myself against the shower wall with my hands, water sprayed against my chest and streamed down around my hard shaft as I leaned back and spread my legs for her. Nestling herself between my thighs, she cupped and caressed my swollen sac, heavy with cum for her, then wrapped her lips around my engorged tip and voraciously swirled her tongue around my purple crown, tasting my pre-cum intermixed with her juices. My balls tightened at the sensation, on the verge of eruption, as I pushed my cock against her lips and tongue. Sensing my orgasm, she relaxed her grip around the base of my shaft and plunged her lips over my cock, sucking and fucking me with her mouth. Succumbing to the sensation of her lips and tongue stroking over my throbbing cock I impulsively grabbed the back of her head, fingers tangled in her hair as I guided her rhythm over my thrusting cock, feeling my cum rise. With a deep guttural groan, my body tensed and shuddered as lost control and my orgasm burst through me, hands clasped around her head, my cock pulsed streams of cum in her mouth, as she gasped and ravenously swallowed my juice. As the intensity of my orgasm mellowed, I slumped breathlessly against the wall. Savoring the erotic sight and feel of the sultry smile on her face as she intently milked my cock, then gazing into my eyes as she lapped up my cum as the shower sprayed down her back and the steam rose around us.I reached down and held her face between my hands, drawing her up to me in a passionate kiss. Massaging my hands down her back, I broke our kiss and nuzzled my lips over the nape of her neck, then whispered against her ear, “So, is there anything else you need help with tonight?” She giggled and replied, “Mmmhmm, I’m sure we can find something.” …and of course, that’s another story…