More Outdoors (for her) more dancing (for me)

7 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

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More Outdoors (for her) more dancing (for me)As we were driving to see a show across country yesterday we talked about settin g ourselves some challenges. K wants me to dance. For some reason I don’t, never have, run a mile. I love to see her dance – its beautiful and heartfelt love. Happy to see her dance with others and release all that tension in powerful primal energy. But me. I sit it out. So that’s my challenge – and I will take it on and work through to find why I have such resistance.Then she offered to take on a challenge to match. I decided to let her choose her own – and I had a rather wonderful vision of what that might be in my head. And low and beyond, 10 seconds later she matched my vision with her words. More Outdoors…And as we discussed we explored the ideas of lots of sex in the open air for ourselves, as the weather got better, but also the idea asyabahis yeni giriş of a picnic with friends and other couples in the woods maybe where the open air became a shared mix of voyeuristic joy.On our way back the next morning we took the back roads and within a few miles she spotted a wooded hill and suggested we made a beeline for there to start her 2012 challenge. We parked up and found a footpath through a farm. Up a winding path through pine trees to the top. The sun was shining and sky was clear and within a moment her sensuous earthy cries were joining the sound of the birds in the air. We headed off the track a few feet, found a very well placed tree and branch for support, and within a moment my fingers were wet with the juices of my lover. It took almost no time for the first wave of orgasm to flow through her, and after a second asyabahis giriş she turned an took my cock in her mouth to give me a beautiful warming tongue embrace. Looking out across the fields to the sheep and the church beyond, aware that anyone could pass us along the track at any moment, and completely in the moment of her mouth was wonderful.Quickly she wanted me inside her. And with no need to try and take time we built up with shared excitement to a rush of my explosion inside her and the gush of her release again. We probably disturbed some wildlife in that moment with the shared power of our passion and release. And then the gentle breeze across our naked bums and legs brought us back to reality.After a quick squat to pee and a return to full clothed correctness, we walked back through the wood, passed the sheep, had a cheery hello with asyabahis güvenilirmi the farmer, and onward passed a field of newborn lambs to the car. We glowed with the pleasure of a very good morning walk.I look forward to many more woodland and countryside, beach and hillside encounters. The picnic idea is one we will definitely play with – maybe 3-4 couples making love will create an even more exciting soundscape for the local farmers/walkers to identify.As we drove on we remembered some of our glorious coming together moments on our travels and realised that, especially in the open air, in a French cave, on the edge of the sea, looking out across an international city from a high hotel window, looking out at the garden of a B&B on the moors, when we were in a new place, traditionally marking our coupling in that place, the act of lovemaking is stamped in our memories with the view, the smells and the sounds of the surroundings there to treasure. K and I have had some fantastic traditional couplings across the world. Looking forward to more of them. And I had better get dancing to keep my side of the bargain – Nude disco anyone ?