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Subject: More World Peace Chapter 9 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, stop reading now ! The following is complete and utter fiction. It did not happen. These characters are not related in any way to any actual person or persons, living or dead. Got it ? Good ! Nifty needs our financial support to survive. Men and boys. Remember. Donation before masturbation fty/donate.html Please send me constructive comments at hoo. Thanks, guys ! More World Peace 9 Our actor buddy, Matt, FaceTimed us from his plane to tell us how much fun he and his stud son, Kit had during their long weekend with us. Kit broke in, “Hey, Little Bro, Raven. My big pole misses your hot hole. Seriously !” Matt took over and said, “Exciting news, guys. I submitted your applications to Fathers And Sons Together and you are in. The Sheik who’s hosting the next event is a big fan of your YouTube videos. So in istanbul travesti 5 weeks, Kit and I will pick you up for the Lear jet flight to New York and then a first class flight to Dubai. We Overnight in a luxury hotel tower. Followed by a VIP helicopter ride to an oasis with a huge luxury villa and a weekend of Father / Son sucking and fucking. Oh, and the Sheik / Prince is making Raven’s fantasies a reality. Jake Gyllenhall will be there and has agreed guys can suck him and eat his ass. For 2 million bucks. Same for actor Logan Lerman. We can Suck him and eat his ass. He gets 1 million. I am making 1.5 million and I was able to get a million for Mac. The Sheik liked your Kyle the alien character. Oh. And he is paying Lil Nas 2.5 million and that horny fucker said he has no limits. The Sheik has some special requests ” “Like what, Matt ?,” I asked. “Well, you guys have five weeks to stretch and get ready. Sheikh kadıköy travesti is horny to see you two dads spit roast Raven on stage and then DP him. And he wants to watch your son swallow your dad loads and swallow his and his sons’ and maybe the loads of a bunch of others. Oh, and he wants to watch me lick and kiss boy feet and paint boys toes with my cock snot. Then he requested that I shoot my sperms on boy feet and lick it off and feed it to him and his sons.” “Sounds fuckin’ hot to me,” said Black. My husband, Black continued “Good job,Matt !,” Over the next five weeks we worked out our bodies and ate and slept well. Black and I gave very special and close attention to our son, Raven’s young teen hole. We took extreme care lubing and inserting the increasingly large butt plugs to stretch our 13 year old’s boy hole. This young man is doing so well. He’s tough and sexy, horny and very eager to please. We think bakırköy travesti the idea of getting double fucked by his dads in front of a big crowd of fathers and their sons is really turning Raven on. Our boy rubs his balls and pinches his sensitive young nips. Just like his dads. Black and I play loud rock music. Raven’s favorite, AC / DC Highway To Hell and heat up our son’s butt with spanks and ass rubs to dull the pain. Then we use one then two dildoes, about the size of our 2 Dad Dicks to Double Penetrate his tender pink Boy Pussy. Fuck Yeah !! That’s all he gets until the night of the party in the desert when our son gets the real thing. Fucked senseless by Double Daddy. Dick ! Sex Coma. And Raven often requests one of us to suck or wank him off. He is still dry cuming hard and two fingers sliding in and out of his tight asshole gets our fit son off every fuckin’ time. “Good boy. Love you, Raven !,” I said. “Love you too, dads ,” We trained as a Father / Son Power Fuck Team up until the day of departure. Today, we catch a Lear jet ride with Matt and Kit. Desert Oasis, Here We Cum ! More World Peace ! Please send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks, guys !