Morning Leisure

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I woke up to the light hitting my face through the crack in the curtains. Rolling onto my right side, I grab my phone and check the time. The screen reads 8:30. I groan internally, knowing I’m not going to be able to get back to sleep at this rate. Throwing back the covers, I propel myself forward and out of bed to pee. After nearly tripping over the cat, on my way back to the room, I silently shut the door and climb back into bed, cuddling up behind my sleeping husband. Shoving one arm under his pillow, I drape the other across his torso. With our height difference, my hand falls right above his pelvis. Normally I would just rub his stomach until he wakes up, but this morning I was feeling frisky. Lowering my hand, I am delighted to find his morning wood. Not all the way hard, but enough that I can put my hand around it and pull softly over his shorts. For a while, I mindlessly play with his cock and his balls while he softly snores. After a bit, I place small kisses on ankara escort the nape of his neck and down his shoulders, softly at first and then with more force. He starts to stir, so I carefully reach my hand up and push under the waistband of his shorts, taking his erection in my hand and squeezing. I can feel it jump in reaction, and the sensation makes my pussy quiver. Stroking a bit more forcefully now, I turn my head to watch him as he starts to come to reality. He stretches and I move so he can roll onto his back, never letting go of his erection in my grasp. Sleepily, he sighs and turns his head to kiss me. I gladly accept his affection, giving his balls a light squeeze, eliciting another sigh. Playing with his balls makes his cock twitch in a delightful way, but I can tell it’s being constricted. Withdrawing my hand from his shorts, I toss back the covers and he helps me pull his shorts down to give me easier access. Once freed, his erections springs to full attention. ankara escort bayan Before taking it in my hand again, I take a moment to admire the thing that gives me so much pleasure. Grasping it once again, I squeeze it before pulling all the way down to the hilt, and then back up. After repeating this a few times, I can finally see some pre-cum forming at the tip. I lubricate my hand and his cock with it, making it slide up and down his hot meat more easily. While I play with his cock, he takes my nipple between two fingers and pinches lightly, making me gasp softly in pleasure. With his middle finger, he flicks the tiny bud back and forth, making me moan and push my body tighter against him, getting closer and giving him better access. His other hand snakes into my hair and grabs a fistful, pulling my head back and up so he can kiss me hotly. I gladly accept and slip my tongue past his lips to find his. Luring his tongue into my mouth, I bite it gently before escort ankara sucking on it, making him moan and grip my hair tighter. In return, my grip on his cock tightens before letting go. I roll onto my back and pull him onto his side. Grabbing his hand, I guide it down between my thighs. His fingers hook under the gusset of my panties and find the wetness already waiting for him. His middle finger finds my clit and I gasp at the sudden spark that shoots through my body. He kisses me with ferocity as his fingers make quick work of my hardened little nub. Sliding his fingers up and down my slit, he slowly pushes two fingers into my tight, wet hole and I push my hips down to meet his hand. As he starts to fuck me with his fingers, the hand on his cock matches his rhythm, sliding all the way down to the base when his fingers are all the way inside me, and back up to the head when he pulls them back out. He continues to kiss me, breaking away to allow a sigh or “fuck” to escape before he’s shoving his tongue back into my mouth. After a few minutes of this, he pulls his fingers from me and the sudden emptiness makes me groan. Happily, I don’t have to wait long before he’s between my legs.