Mother-Daughter Club?

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Mother-Daughter Club?Why is it always hot and humid here; the sweat dripping from my body drew the dust from the barn like moths to the light. As I walked with the small group of customers, mothers and their daughters, participating in a mother/daughter weekend, the group was spreading out with several trailing along behind slowly. I had kicked on the huge air fans above us hanging in the loft open areas to at least move the air around, but the heat was still oppressive. Having a brilliant idea, I led them into the horse-washing stall, and turned on the misting sprayers, designed to cool down the horses after a ride, it seemed perfect for my visitors as well. “Oh, this is wonderful. It’s so hot and this mist is so refreshing,” one woman commented, as she turned round and round, letting the spray flow. There was a chorus of similar comments as they sat along the concrete wall on the tiny wooden benches. I stepped directly under the sprayers and soaked myself in the cool water. My thin t-shirt clung tightly to alanya escort my body, not realizing it was immediately transparent, hiding nothing from view. I had not bothered with a bra this morning as I dressed in the t-shirt and short shorts that barely covered my asscheeks in an attempt to stay comfortable. As I turned to the group explaining that the horses required cool in the heat, I saw all their eyes, mothers and daughters, were unabashedly looking at my breasts. I blushed red and started to cover myself with my hands and arms, when several of the group, got up and joined me under the direct spray. “God, this is so naughty! Can we stay here the rest of the day?” a buxom mother asked looking down at herself seeing her breasts were also almost totally exposed. As I looked around, I saw that every one that had now joined me was now displaying their assets. The daughters giggled as they skipped around in the spray.Amazed and speechless, I watched two of alanya escort bayan the moms begin kissing each other passionately, letting their hands rove over each other’s bodies. Several family pairs began kissing and fondling each other intimately, as if this was an everyday activity, as I stood still watching, I felt my nipples harden and a tingling in my crotch. I felt a small pair of hands groping my breasts and another set slipping up the legs of my shorts and I gasped.One mother, who had disrobed completely, stepped over, lifted my t-shirt up, and over my head, as the small hands continued fondling my breasts pulled my face into her cleavage, holding me close. I felt my shorts tugged down around my ankles revealing my trimmed landing-strip pubic mound and the small fingers begin to explore my pussy. All around me, I saw the naked bodies of mothers and daughters, entwined in embraces, mouths on breasts and pussies, roving hands fondling each other. escort alanya I felt a small tongue begin working on my vagina, parting my labia easily; the girl lapped and plunged her tongue into my pussy. My legs parted as they gently lowered me to the smooth cool concrete floor, and my body started shuddering. In moments, I felt hands everywhere on me, my neck, shoulders, chest, breasts, stomach, thighs and legs were being touched by the entire group of women and girls; all I could do was lay still and allow the intense feelings of pleasure overtake my consc1ous body.My hands were guided to wet pussies, pulling my fingers into their willing and wanting holes, manipulating my wrists to fuck them vigorously. Huge vagina’s loomed over my head and were lowered to my lips, rubbing themselves using my nose, encouraging me to use my tongue on their love canals. I am not sure how long this went on, I lost all track of time as my orgasms took control.As I regained my senses and the waves of pleasure subsided, I lay there, dumbfounded but extremely satisfied. Still naked, I saw the entire group was fully dressed and refreshed.”Well, you passed the initiation to our Mother/Daughter club with flying colors. We meet one a week, if you care to join us. We hope to see you next week.” As they filed out of the stall and headed for the barn exit.