Mountain Storm

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Mountain StormA fiction. the names of the participants are nothing more than figments of my imagination…The last couple month had been very hectic, with a series of new projects and programs to get up and running, so we promised ourselves we would get away to the mountains for a short break.We had hired a small unit overlooking the Capertee Valley. It was a two unit complex so there would be other people nearby, but the units were built in such a way as to maintain their privacy and retain their own views.The sun breaking through the trees brought us crisp a morning in an environment so unlike the one we had just left.This is where our holiday began.After breakfast, I rummaged around in the bottom of our suite case and found my book, as Wendy was hitting the on button on her kindle.There we were, the two of us, totally focused on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.It was mid-afternoon when we heard the sound of a car heading down the gravel driveway stopping in front of the other unit.Wendy raised her head listened for a moment, with curiosity getting the better of her she slid the curtain back a fraction to see a middle aged couple, our vintage, carrying their bags into the other apartment.It was just before dusk when she said “c’mon lets go for a quick walk before it gets dark, we’ve just been sitting around like lumps all day”We walked hand in hand along the little path that meandered through the sub-tropical rain forest on the edge of the valley.No sooner had I remarked that the path looked like it didn’t get much use, we picked up the sound of two distinct voices somewhere ahead of us.Rounding a bend came two people we recognised as the couple who had arrived this afternoon.We exchanged pleasantries; they like us, had assumed we were their neighbours in the other unit.As the light was fading fast we decided we would walk back together.During the conversation it was revealed that he was a clergyman and his wife was a lay minister at a small parish about six hours drive further west.The following morning we decided an exploration of escarpment would keep usoccupied for the day.We had been on the trail for an hour or so, when the vicar and his wife, Alice came into view, we caught up with them in a few minutes and chatted for while on the incredible views, given our plans for the day were very similar, it was logical that we join forces and explore the park together.The one thing that had been brought to our attention in all the park brochures, is that the weather can change dramatically in the mountains. It can be bright and sunny one minute and a howling blizzard the next.After about twenty minutes we noticed the world around us had got dark, looking up, the sun had disappeared behind a massive black cloud and there was a definite chill in the air.Dylan, the vicar remarked that perhaps we should head back, or at least look for somewhere to take shelter, just in case.There are small wooden cabins marked on our maps that have been built to provide emergency shelter for hapless hikers like ourselves, who find themselves caught out in the open during one of the many storms that lash this part of the dividing range.We located a bush cabin approximately two kilometres from where we were. It was thought prudent that we start walking in that direction.It was a wise decision, after about ten minutes, the sky opened up.We were drenched, as we trudged up the steps and into the pitch black of a single roomed cabin.There was dry wood and a fireplace, tined food, plates and cups, powdered milk, tea and coffee. All we needed to wait out the storm.So we set about lighting the fire, the kindling was very dry and there was a roaring fire in no time, and we all stood around shivering in our wet clothes.Alice was the first to mention the practicalities of how we were to get our clothes dry while still being able to maintain some degree of modesty.So it was decided we would undress behind a blanket and hang the clothes in front of the fire. grandbetting giriş After much struggling and a few giggles we managed to disrobe and preserve our modesty. Dylan and I managed to secure a blanket each while Wendy and Alice snuggled down under a single cover.We talked about our homes and work, they talked about their parish life and how hard it was to get young people to take on a career in the church.We huddled together as best we could, Alice and Wendy taking in the warmth from the other’s body.The girls, In the dark, with their flesh pressed against each other under the blanket were leaning back on the old wooden bed making themselves as comfortable as the could under the circumstances.Then without warning, In mid conversation, Wendy, felt Alice’s red finger nails in light tracing movements across her flesh.Her belly, here side, across the tops of her breasts.Then the sharp sensation of a pointed fingernail tracing a nipple.It all happened so quickly she was not sure it was happening at all.We were quite in the darkness of the cabin, lit only by the glow of the fire as the storm raged outside.I leant forward and tossed some wood into the flames, as I leant back I caught the faint scent of Wendy, aroused, a scent that was combined with that of another, Alice, the woman of god.My heart started racing. Dylan sensed it too. The sexually charged scent of two women in the subdued light of a cabin in the middle of nowhere was quite off-putting, but very electric.Dylan noticed that the rain had started to ease.The fire had faded and our bodies were now covered by a shroud of darkness.Wendy dropped her section of blanket and reached for her clothes.At that, we all proceeded to dress in the dark.We ventured outside to find that conditions had moderated to the point that now was probably going to be the best time to makes a dash, back along the escarpment to the units.We set out, but this time it was different, the Vicar Dylan and his Lay Minister Wife Alice were no longer just acquaintances. Something odd had occurred and it had changed the four of us.We arrived at the units and after parting goodnights we adjourned to our rooms.We showered and snacked and enjoyed a couple of wine’s, then got ready for bed.As we prepared, I picked up the scent of Wendy, just like in the cabin.I had to ask the question, what was happening under that blanket back there.She told me about Alice’s fingernail caresses.We were naked and took each other.Her body was aching for pleasure with the memories of what had taken place in the darkened cabin. Her scent was overpowering.She was very ready and was flowing freely.Our bodies took over and we were driven solely by that innate need for physical pleasure.The next morning when we awoke and threw back the covers, we found the bed and our bodies still reeking of sex.We showered, took breakfast and went outside to see what the day would bring us.After about twenty minutes, with thoughts of coffee I returned to find Wendy already there with the coffee brewing. No sooner had she gone outside she had bumped into Alice and Dylan and they had collectively arranged to have us over in the afternoon for a late lunch.Neither of us said anything, but the erotic potential was there, suppressed in the back of our minds.We arrived, embarrassed at the thoughts that we were try to keep in check, as we reconciled with the fact that we were to lunch with two people who had devoted their lives to God and the Church of England.Lunched progressed into the afternoon with light small talk and gossipAs the afternoon wore on, the clouds began to roll in very quickly, in much the sameway as yesterday.Then down came the rain in a torrential downpour. We sipped our wine and gazed out over the valley.After a few tremendous thunder claps the lights started flicker and then went off altogether.Again there was a sudden drop in temperature, so with each unit having a plentiful supply of wood, Dylan and I worked grandbetting yeni giriş on lighting the fire.With the fire now well alight we turned to see the ladies, were once again under a blanket.After some time Dylan and I noticed we were the only ones talking, the conversation with the girls had tapered off.I noticed that the girls drinks were now resting on a sideboard and their hands were nowhere to be seen.Dylan noticed too, and I wondered if the Vicar would say anything, but instead there was silence.We sat quietly, listening to the now heavy breathing coming from Wendy and Alice.Again, in the air was their scent, much stronger today.The intensity of what was going on behind their blanket caused it to drop revealing Wendy’s open blouse and her light summer dress up around her thighs with the outline of two pairs of panties at their feet.Alice was now taking in deeps breaths and the rate of her breathing had undergone a rapid increase. Unlike Wendy, her blouse was totally off, her bra undone and her breasts heaving with forbidden excitement.Dylan was looking straight at them, everyone froze expecting a Christian condemnation, but instead in a quiet voice he said “we are all gods creatures and we do not live by bread alone” and with that he leaned forward and tenderly kissed Wendy, it was a long slow kiss on the mouth. Then he turned and kissed Alice.He stood up and removed his shirt and jeans. He stood there as Alice and W continued to fondle each other, then slid his underclothes down over his hips revealing his rather large and very erect penis. Its head bobbing with each rush of blood from his pounding heart.Alice was kissing Wendys neck and running those red fingernails down over her breasts and in circular motions over her belly.While Wendy had clasped Alices’s left breast massaging her and needing it like some kind of sensuous dough.She gently place two fingers under her chin and lifted Alice’s mouth to hers. It was a long hot kiss and their tongues were entwined as Alice reached behind Wendy’s head and took a handful of hair and pulled her head to hers as her tongue probed deeper into Wendy’s throat.Dylan’s hand was now encircling the shaft of his erection, lightly sliding with an up and down motion.I watched as Alice’s hand caressed Wendy’s lower belly just above her pubic area, her fingers began exploring the soft blonde hair just above that place of ultimate pleasure, Wendy, waiting in anticipation, beckoning those bright red fingernails to slip down between her very wet and engorged lips.It was as if my clothes had somehow removed themselves from my body as I became conscious that Dylan and I were standing naked with our throbbing erections pulsating almost in time as we stood in awe at our wives exploring each other.Alice’s fingers then disappeared between W’s lips and sought out that most sensitive area hidden within her well oiled flesh.W gave a sharp whimper and thrust herself back as Alice slid two fingers up inside her vagina, then slowly proceeded to move them in and out, with Wendy’s hips rising in unison as she attempted to extract the maximum pleasure from each thrust of Alice’s hand.The thrusts increased in speed and I could see Wendy was getting to a point from which there would be no return.Wendy’s breathing was becoming very deep and sharp as Alice continued to use her fingers inside her.I knew now that it was only a matter of seconds and she would fall across that precipice of pleasure and into what would be a very loud and very intense climax.Dylan could sense it too, heightening his own pleasure.As Wendy continued to build on her own intensity, he moved closer, so he was over the heaving bodies of the womenWendy started to cum, slowly at first then reaching a crescendo, she gave way to wave after wave of what she described later as unimaginable pleasure.Almost at the same time the Vicar started to tremble and I saw just a trickle of cum at first, then a huge eruption grandbetting güvenilirmi landing on Wendy’s neck and breasts, I saw beads of cum on Alice’s face and arm, as he now totally lost control, his body was pumping out incredible amounts of pure white, thick semen over both of them. The purity and the amount of his seed could not be that of a mere mortal, surely, this must be the climax of not only Dylan, but also that of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost in unison.Dylan staggered back to his lounge chair, laying back, allowing his breathing return to normal.With Wendy, reclining on the lounge with her eyes closed slowing regaining her composure, I saw the rivulets of his seed gliding down from her neck and breasts to form a single stream of white semen just below her belly button. It formed a white river that continued to flow over her abdomen onto her pubic area and into the cleft of her pussy.I was still standing there stroking myself, my eyes closed, going over the scene that had just been played out, when I felt the warm lips of Alice close over the head of my cock.I held her head to me, feeling her tongue stroke the length of me.She turned and climbed onto the couch with her bottom facing me, I let my hand slide down over her buttock and in between her warm wet lips.My fingers sank into her. I was still for a moment as I took in the sensation of her wetness.I took removed my fingers and guided the head of my shaft to her, resting the head against her outer lips. As she pushed back against me, I entered her.It was the first time she had experienced another man, apart from Dylan inside her body.Alice and I pumped each other until I reached the point where my physical needs took over from self-control and I was taken by a tidal wave of pleasure, my body pumping my seed right up inside her.We slumped back onto our chairs sticky and wet not knowing what to say to each other.Wendy broke the silence, holding up her glass she asked for a top up.Dylan obliged, pouring us all a measure wine.We sat and listened to the storm outside, the air in the room was a mixture burnt wood and sex.Wendy was on the floor at the feet of Dylan and I was on the couch next to Alice.As the wine disappeared Wendy let her fingers trail up Dylan’s thigh and trace the outline of his now flaccid penis.In the half light of the room I could make out her head moving closer and taking him in her mouth. She gently, and with patience, sucked his limp penis back to life.She ran her tongue up and down the length and around the once again throbbing head.I moved of the couch and reached down to between her legs feeling that she was now drenched with the need to be penetrated.She had drawn her legs up and then opened her thighs forming a cradle .I motioned to Dylan. Instinctively he was over her, lowering himself down.She held his body between her open thighs. His hips meeting hers, It was a perfect fit, with his penis resting against her blood filled lips.She felt him move a little. Then with a slight adjustment of their bodies, the head was inside her.She pushed, raising her hips, this time taking in his entire length, he took a sharp breath, the sensation of being inside another woman other than Alice was sending his mind into a spin. He was weak and shaking. Wendy held him inside her, feeling his mind and body adjust to hers.She pushed again and he responded, thrusting evenly, building into a steady rhythmDylan started to relax and let himself sink into the abyss of pleasure as he thrust into her. She held herself still, with her head back, feeling the Vicar moving inside her.Dylan’s pace increased and he started to moan, a long guttural moan, then with a sharp upward push, the man of god exploded inside her.She felt a series of intense muscular convulsions has his cock filled her with his thick white cum.We all lay there in the dark, listening to the rain pouring down, the room smelling of female lust and the pungent odour of semen.As we drifted into dawn, the silence was only punctuated by the occasional whimper and soft moan, as we took each other a number of times during the night.I contemplated our next meeting with the reverend and his wife.Next time it would be in their parish and I mull over what we will contribute when our turn came to provide during the offering.