Movie Night with Daddy’s Friend

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Movie Night with Daddy’s FriendDaddy’s friend, Jake, was already warmed up to the idea of fucking me since we played strip bar last time he came over. Daddy had been preparing me for another visit and I knew he wanted more from me. He decided to skip the bar and just invite Jake over for a movie. I wore a pair of casual small shorts with a white camisole, nipples peeking out from behind the see-through fabric, just enough to show Jake that I was open to him. We started watching movies and drank a bit to relax ourselves. To break the ice Daddy told me to change my clothes. I picked out a sweet blue floral set he bought me recently. I was quite nervous, but rum helps with that.I don’t know how it all got started. Sitting between them practically naked is probably a good guess though. I cozied up to Daddy, nuzzling him on his neck while bending over so Jake could get a good look at my ass. I started running my hand up and down Jakes thigh, warming him up to get his cock stroked. Slowly, I moved my hand güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri around his pants, searching for him. He continued watching the movie trying not to pay too much attention to what was happening. I took turns between him and Daddy, each time getting more brave, more deliberate. I reached inside his pants and wrapped my hand around his cock. I stroked him gently until his cock got real hard. He felt nice and thick in my hands. I moved between them, offering them my body. They each helped themselves to my tits, ass, and pussy. Jake inched his fingers near my mouth and I sucked on them, letting him know I was hungry for some cock in my mouth. I leaned over to Daddy and put my head in his lap. I pulled out his cock and started to suck him with my ass in the air. Jake couldn’t really see what I was doing, although I’m sure he could tell. I wanted to tease him and make him anxious for his turn. I could feel him gently caressing my ass and pussy. After I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sucked Daddy, I turned to Jake and reached inside his pants. He wasn’t too hard, so I put my lips around the tip of his cock until he felt thick and full in my hands. I sucked him the way Daddy taught me. I caught a glimpse of Daddy looking at me when he first realized I was sucking his friend’s cock. He had a subtle look of surprise on his face and perhaps a bit of disbelief that what we had been talking about for so many months was actually happening.I went to work on Daddy’s friend, putting him deep in my mouth, licking the sides of his cock, and stroking him gently. He had very little reaction at first. I think he was in disbelief as well. He did me the courtesy of holding my hair back while I sucked him. I quite liked that. Then Daddy stepped outside for a moment to have a cigarette. Me and Jake were all alone. His body seemed to relax a bit. He put his head back and let out güvenilir bahis şirketleri a barely audible moan. He pushed himself deeper into my mouth. He was enjoying himself. Daddy came back to find me on my knees. I was nervous what he might think since I continued to suck his friend while he was gone. I made my way over to him and put his cock in my mouth while I reached for his friend. At one point I wrapped my hands around both their cocks at the same time and smiled for the camera.I knew that Jake wouldn’t take the initiative to fuck me, so I gave his cock my attention again. This time Daddy got behind me and started driving into me really hard. I let him take my body, using the motion to move my mouth up and down his friend’s cock, stopping momentarily to let out a moan. I wanted Jake to fuck me too, so I turned my pussy to him while I sucked Daddy. He wasn’t ready though to fuck me. “Something to look foward to,” he said.I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted to suck Daddy while getting fucked from behind. But that’s okay. Anyway, I don’t think he was ready to defile me the way Daddy does. And I don’t enjoy a soft fucking. After some time, we all decided it was time to call it a night. None of them came on me like I was hoping. But I guess Jake was right because I do have alot to look forward to next time.