Movie Voyeurs

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Movie VoyeursIt’s Saturday night and we’re on our way to go to the movie theatre. You are driving and I am a passenger. The outfit you are wearing is casual, just a sun dress, open top, and sandals. I have worn a pair of slacks and a dress shirt. Perfect attire for a warm summer night. We enter the lobby and have a couple of laughs as we order popcorn and drinks. Then head to the theatre where the lights are still on and the previews are playing. The movie has been out for a while and there are just a few other patrons spread throughout the seats. We climb the stairs and find an unoccupied zone in the back just a few rows in front of another couple.Finally, the lights dim and the show begins. As the thunderous sound of action fills the theatre within the flashing lights amidst the darkness, you feel my hand rest upon your knee and gently squeeze. halkalı escort Slowly I massage your leg and you feel as my palm slowly moves up your thigh in between your legs. You giggle and tell me to stop, so I lean in and give you a deep passionate kiss, mouths open and tongues swirling elegantly. A soft moan escapes your lips as my fingers glide up to your clit and circle around your nub. You quickly become wet as I become a little more aggressive and you are completely aroused at the fact that other people may be observing. Your legs spread with acceptance and your panties are pulled to the side as I fondle your womanhood, gently I begin to finger fuck your sensual pussy. Slowly groping you and m*****ing you in public. The intensity is high and you reach over to my lap and discretely begin unbuckling my pants. şişli escort Your breathing is heavy as you undo my button and zipper and I raise my hips so you can push my slacks down, my erection springing up to my belly and standing at attention. Your hand is soft as you gently begin stroking my shaft, pre-cum oozing all over your fingers. We become completely oblivious to the strangers around us as we succumb to the throes of passion. The intensity becomes too much to bear as you throw your cares to the wind and move over to sit on my lap. My firm stiffness plunges deep inside of you love canal, your silky soft pussy engulfing my entire member. You feel as I swell and pulsate inside of you and begin rocking back and forth. We hear the giggles from the couple behind us and know that sarıyer escort we are not offending anyone as your ass rocks back and forth. Your insides begin to burn and you feel an orgasm coming from this complete voyeuristic act. The eroticism becoming overwhelming, you begin fucking me harder and faster, my hands grasped around your waist, your hands gripping the forward chair for leverage. Your breathing becomes muffled grunts as you try not to draw attention. Faster and faster, harder and harder, fucking me. The movie becoming an encore to our performance, you feel yourself tighten and tense until a blast of euphoria waves over your entire body sending you into shivers. At that very moment, my grip gets tight around your hips and you feel as I unload my hot, sticky cum deep into your womb and it leaks out down to the base of my cock and all over my balls. You gently ride it out until my member shrinks and subsides. Then you move back to your seat, feeling as your panties absorb the remaining drips of my cum. We kiss and hold hands, both completely satisfied with this dastardly act only to be surprised with the sound of applause behind us.