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Subject: Mr. Burke chapter 11 Please donate to fty. It is the only way to keep the site that we all enjoy so much! If you are not of legal rights and/or age to read any type of adult literature or if you find the material offensive, please do not read any further. The author and site cannot be held liable as you agree to accept all responsibility for reading said material. If you wish to contact the author of this series, please do so at ail, I will respond to all e-mails. This story is fiction. All names, descriptions and actions of the characters are not real. ———– End of Chapter 10 I stroked and stroked. My balls were emptying. I felt five shots hit my stomach. A few more spasms caused more cum to pour out and run down my hand. I let it slide all over my shaft. I slowed down my kissing and stroking. I imagined cuddling with Tommy after we both fished. I would kiss my arm softly every so often like I would Tommy. My cum was sliding down my sides. I was a mess. I didn’t care. I kissed Tommy today! ————- I was still lying there just in my socks when I heard my mom come home. I was all sticky from my cum. I tossed my clothes on and headed to the bathroom. I washed my hands but decide to leave the dried cum on my dick and stomach. I liked that it would remind me of Tommy when I would feel it. My pubic hairs were all knotted up with cum. It was going to take a long, hot shower to free all that. My mom was in a good mood as she received a promotion at work. She decided we should go out to dinner to celebrate. She made me go up and change of course. I guess she didn’t think my blue school socks, red basketball shorts and orange t-shirt was a good look. I went up to my room and stripped down to my boxers. I enjoyed a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I remember the day I kissed the mirror pretending it was Tommy. I smiled with the thought that I actually did kiss Tommy today. I also took the opportuty to wet my finger with my tongue, swirl it around on a patch of dried cum on my stomach and stick it back in my mouth to enjoy the taste. It certainly wasn’t as great as if it was fresh, warm glop but it was still enjoyable. I heard my mom encourage me to hurry up from downstairs, so I threw on some jeans and a new shirt. I even changed my socks. I put on my Jordans and headed downstairs. My mom was chattering away in the car, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking about Tommy. I hoped he got back to practice in time, so his mom didn’t know he left. I wondered if he was ok with what we did. I was worried about how upset he was. I am sure I made things worse by kissing him. He didn’t need any more stuff to be thinking about right now I looked up and we were pulling into the restaurant. I felt bad. I didn’t hear a word my mom said on the way. I vowed to stop thinking of Tommy and enjoy dinner with my mom. “I’m happy for you mom, you deserve that promotion,” I said as I put my arm around as we walked to the restaurant from the car. � It was true what I said but I was also trying to gauge if she noticed I didn’t pay attention to anything she said on the way. I think I was in the clear because she responded cely: “Aww thanks sweetie. You’re a good son for saying that.” This was our usual restaurant. We didn’t eat out that often but when we did, it was usually here. The hostess sat us and then we saw a server head toward us. My mom reacted like she saw somebody she knew. The waiter had caught my eye, so I was focused on him. It turned out that was who she knew. Surprisingly, I knew him too. I just didn’t recogze him right away. It was my babysitter, Antwan. I mean I hadn’t had a babysitter for a few years, but it was him. I hadn’t seen him since my dad died. He watched me a lot while my mom was at the hospital. It was when I was 10 and 11. I think he was 15 then so he was 18 at this point I thought My mom asked him a ton of questions. So, I was able to confirm he was 18. He was a seor in high school and was going to a small uversity on a football scholarship the next year. I found myself staring at him. How did I not remember how fucking beautiful he was? He was absolutely perfect. His body was long and muscular. His dark brown skin was perfect. He had beautiful, big brown eyes. He wore his hair in corn rows which extended in the back a few inches. He had perfect white teeth. I had trouble seeing them very often though as they were covered up by his sensuous, puffy lips. I blushed when he talked to me: “Look at you little man. You’re all grown up. Looks like you got some muscle on those bones now.” His eyes were like lasers right through me and his smile was infectious. I don’t know why he said that about my body because I didn’t anadolu yakası escort really have any muscles, but I guess I was really skinny the last time he saw me. Each time he stopped at the table, my mom and him shared some memory. Usually, it was an embarrassing story about me, but I didn’t mind as it felt good to look at him and laugh with both him and my mom. As we were leaving, we both got hugs which might have been the highlight of the eveng. My mom invited Antwan to come by the house sometime for dinner. “Oh, I would love to; you know how I loved your cooking!” He replied, and then turng to me he said, “plus it would give me a chance to destroy you in Madden like old times.” “No way, I owned you!” I shot back. We shared a laugh and a deep stare. Oh gosh, I could feel my cheeks reddeng. I almost fell over when he asked his next question: “Hey what’s your number, Mikey?” I think he realized I was struggling with the question, but probably not for the reason he thought. “So, I can text you about coming over,” he explained, “I don’t want to be bothering your mom’s cell.” My mom picked up on his thinking and defended herself: “Hey, I’ve gotten a lot better with all this texting stuff since you babysat Antwan! Haven’t I, Mikey?” “Sure, mom,” I said while I rolled my eyes playfully. I quickly gave him my number before my mom decided differently. I was excited to start texting with Antwan, even if it was about making dinner plans. It would be fun to hang out with him. My phone buzzed before we got to the car with a text from Antwan: “It was good to see you, little man. Hope to hang out soon.” I replied immediately: “You too, Antwan. I’ll hit you up soon.” I got into the car. My mom was smiling but had tears in her eyes. “Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked. She replied as she started to drive: “It was great to see Antwan, but it reminded me of when he was babysitting a lot, you know, when your dad was in the hospital dying.” I hadn’t put it together until she said that. I instantly was struck with the same sadness. It was an awful time for us. I always tried to block it from my memory. It was probably why I didn’t recogze Antwan. I tried to reply positively: “Yeah, it was so great that he was around, so you didn’t have to worry about me.” She agreed, but I could tell she was a little down. I’m sure she was thinking about my dad. She missed him even more than me. It was late when we got home, well for a school/work ght for us, so we pretty much said good ght and headed to our bedrooms. I had some homework to fish up since Tommy was over earlier when I would’ve normally completed all of it. After I fished it, I got ready for bed, and then stripped to my boxers and slipped under the covers with my phone in hand. The busy ght had helped me keep my thoughts away from Tommy and what happened earlier in the day. But I was alone in my bed, so I started recapping what happened. I didn’t want to directly talk about it with Tommy, but I was dying to find out what he was thinking. I decided I would text him. I had a good way to start the chat: “Hey Tommy, did you make it back in time? Your mom didn’t find out you left practice, did she?” Tommy replied pretty quickly: “Yeah, it was all cool. I ran back so I was all sweaty and out of breath when I got in the car, so it looked like I just fished practice, haha.” “Lol cool.” I texted back. I stared at my phone. I didn’t know what to text next. I did feel better that things didn’t seem weird between us. I decided I would just say good ght or something. Before I could start to type, another text came in from Tommy: “I wish I didn’t have to leave” My heart skipped a beat. I was so relieved and excited! I replied as fast as I could: “Really?!?! I wasn’t sure if it freaked you out. I wish you could have stayed too. It was amazing” I think Tommy was wanting to talk about it too because he replied fast as well: “Yeah, it was a total surprise, but I was liking it. Have you made out with anyone else?” “No, first Time. Hbu?” I lied obviously. “First time.” Tommy lied back as I assumed he would. “Do you have practice tomorrow?” I texted, now feeling comfortable. “Yeah, why?” He replied. “Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to come over after school.” I texted back. I was hoping he wouldn’t act all innocent and pretend he didn’t know what we would do. “Well, I don’t have practice on Thursday, so I could come over then.” He replied. “Awesome! Well, I’m going to sleep now. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I sent. I decided to not risk any awkward conversation. I’m sure he was nervous too. I was also sure he wanted to know more about what I was thinking about the ankara anal escort whole thing but was afraid to ask. We would eventually talk about it more, but that was enough for toght. “Kk, gte Mikey.” Tommy replied. Of course, I wasn’t really going to sleep just yet. I needed a good jack session after texting with Tommy and setting up our little date on Thursday. I was already hard just from texting with Tommy, but as soon as I grabbed hold of my cock, I thought of Antwan. His face was in my mind. His amazing smile and those eyes! I don’t really remember what he looked like or how we got along back when he was my babysitter, but I had such a rush of good feeling come over me when I saw him. I defitely didn’t recogze him until my mom told me who he was, but I defitely had noticed how hot he was as he was walking up to the table. He was a wide receiver on the football team. It would be so hot if that’s what he was in the locker room too. Maybe the stud quarterback would bend him over the bench or pin him against the lockers with his equipment still on, except his football pants which would be at his knees. Or maybe the coach calls him in to his office on the way to the showers. He reluctantly goes in to see coach who eventually has Antwan on his back on his desk fucking him hard with his big, thick coach dick. Antwan has to take it without any complaing as it his coach and coach controls his playing time. These scenarios had me stroking pretty good, but the one that got me to slide my boxers down and pull the covers back played out in the shower. Antwan was the star of the team, but in this made-up scenario in my head, he dropped an easy catch in the end zone causing his team to lose. When he got into the shower, the offensive linemen were all in there. The first few minutes were normal with everyone lathering up with a little chatter about plans for the ght but mostly everyone keeping to themselves. Then, Antwan noticed things got unusually quiet. He turned around to see the 5 linemen staring at him. Even more strange was that they were all openly stroking their cocks. The center, who is also the team captain, informs Antwan that he has to pay for losing the game. All 5 players take a step closer to Antwan. They are blocking his way to the entrance so he can’t make a run for it. He pleads with them that if they hurt him, he might not be able to play the next game and he swears he will not drop another pass. The center laughs as he explains to Antwan that they aren’t going to hurt him but rather they are going to fuck him. Antwan looks at the 5 young men. All five are bigger and stronger than he is. So, he knows they can do what they want to him. He pleads further, but it is halfhearted. They don’t know it, but Antwan is gay and the idea of being used by his teammates is a bit of a fantasy. Antwan is a virgin so is worried about the pain. A few of these cocks heading towards him are long and thick. Antwan is careful not to seem excited about being fucked so he makes a futile run for it. Two of the football players easily stop him. All of them are lathered up with soap so he slips and slides out of their grip, but they are wide enough that he can’t get by them. He eventually loses his balance and falls to the ground. Now, the offensive linemen make their move. In seconds, Antwan is encircled by his teammates. He looks up and sees stroking cocks. The right tackle is front and center. He stands 6ft4 and weighs 270. He is the biggest of them all. He has a decent cock but not near the biggest. He has black hair which matches his thick bush, trail, and the start of a hairy chest. He points his cock at Antwan expecting him to suck it. Antwan has sucked cock before and very much wants to suck this one, but he has to pretend that he doesn’t want to and defitely doesn’t know how. The boys laugh at him as he tries to fight them off. The left tackle who is only slightly smaller than his counterpart, easily forces Antwan’s face to the target and before long Antwan is gagging on his teammates cock. Antwan is in heaven but trying to act like this is terrible. The left tackle is still holding his head while the right tackle fucks his face. The other three are hooting and hollering as they watch their fellow lineman’s cock disappear into the wide receiver’s mouth. One of the other players moved in next to the one getting his cock sucked. This one was the shortest at just under 6ft. He was also the leanest at 230-pounds, but it was all muscle. He had long blonde hair on his head and a slightly darker, well-trimmed bush, but other than that, his body was smooth which helped to accentuate his 6 pack and flared pecs. Antwan could ankara anal yapan escort see the new cock and wanted it but had to wait until the left tackle allowed him. The blonde boy became antsy urging his teammate to let him have his turn while banging his cock against Antwan’s face. Now, the other guard jumped to the other side and began banging his cock against Antwan’s other cheek. The teammate controlling Antwan’s face finally moved Antwan from one teammate to another. He loosened his grip as he noticed Antwan wasn’t resisting anymore. Soon, the tackle released Antwan completely. Antwan gave up the charade altogether and bounced freely from one cock to another. The other two players, still stroking, moved behind Antwan. Without asking and with little effort, they had Antwan on all fours. The team captain begins to work fingers into Antwan. Antwan screams out and tries to resist. Antwan isn’t faking now. It is real pain. The other lineman springs into action and holds Antwan in place while the center forces his fingers into Antwan. Antwan focuses on the one cock still in front of him. It’s all he can do to tolerate the pain. Once the center feels that the three fingers he has successfully stuffed into Antwan are moving freely in and out, he nods to his teammate. The center has the biggest cock by far, so he lets the skiner dick go first. The other men hold tighter as the skinny-dicked lineman drives into Antwan. Antwan thrashes and screams but the bigger linemen were ready and held him relatively still–at least enough for their teammate to go balls deep into Antwan. He slowly began working in and out of the tight, virgin hole. The shower room echoed with the yelling and laughter of the linemen as they watched Antwan get fucked. The tackle who Antwan continued to suck began to groan. His teammate recogzed the sound and rushed to get beside him. He pulled Antwan off the cock and onto his own. There would be no cumming early. When the skinny dicked player started to groan, the team captain pushed him aside. It was time for Antwan to take the monster cock. The captain wasn’t gentle with the newly fucked hole. Again, Antwan wanted no part of the invasion, but he was trapped by the teammates. He went back to sucking cock while the center pounded him hard. Antwan was being rocked back and forth by his teammates. One would thrust into one hole and then the other would drive him the other direction with an equally forceful thrust. Antwan was being fucked at both ends. His mouth and butt were stuffed with his teammate’s cocks. The other three watched in amazement while they stroked and slapped their cocks against Antwan’s muscular, brown body. The room was now filled with grunts and groans as the linemen neared climax. Antwan was back to sucking three cocks while the other two took turns fucking. Antwan stopped resisting mostly out of exhaustion. The room got louder, and the intensity rose as the 5 teammates were ready to cum. they quickly flipped Antwan and tossed him on his back on the wet, shower room floor. They encircled him and almost simultaneously began to shoot their cum on their teammate, the star of the team. Antwan, without worrying about what they would think, opened his mouth, and tried to catch as much of the cum that was pummeling down upon him. By the end, his face and chest were coated, but he still managed to fill his mouth more than once. The linemen rubbed out every last drop and then returned to their shower heads for a final rinse. They shut off their water and exited, leaving their star wide receiver lying on the shower room floor. The captain was the last to leave and said: “Maybe next time you won’t drop that pass.” “Aaaahhhhh fuck yes Antwan,” I said as my cum exploded from my cock. It was the hottest fuck scene I had ever cooked up in my sex crazed head and I wasn’t even in it! Thinking about my former babysitter being manhandled and used by even bigger and stronger dudes was amazing. Thinking about all those cocks made me so hungry. I kept stroking as I thought about those big high schoolers. As I settled down, my eyes got heavy. I didn’t even bother to try to clean up. My phone was on my desk next to my bed, and as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard it buzz with a new text message. I smiled figuring it was Tommy sending a funny message or something. I was just going to wait until the morng to read it, but then I started to wonder: “Was it Tommy cancelling for Thursday? Was he having second thoughts about what we did?” I reached over and grabbed my phone. The message wasn’t from Tommy, it was Antwan: “Maybe we could find some time to play some of our old secret games…” ————- Chapter 12 coming soon. What did Antwan mean old secret games? How will Tommy and Mikey’s date on Thursday go? Stay tuned! Feel free to email me with comments. JC ail. I am behind in answering some but will be replying soon. Thank you for all the great responses! Don’t forget the only way this site survives is if we donate. 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