Mrs. accidental profession…. OMG!

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Mrs. accidental profession…. OMG!we’ve tried this before…… I’m going for outstation and of course I bring my wife together, so at one time my wife said she want to try a different fantasy, what don’t she just been visiting by a strangers for one day since you’ll be left alone while I’m visiting my client outside the town. so i asked her how to find a single guy, she said just use weechat application. so she put a half naked profile photo with greeting notes “single guy need to fuck Asian wife”, so the whole day she personally connecting with the prospective single guy, at during our breakfast the following day she had narrowed down 3 single guys to meet, I asked her, how you want to handle since she got only till midnight (i will be out of town for one day from 9am till midnight), she said each guy will met her 1 1/2 hours each. So i just hope nothing will happen since we’ve been meeting people together and this is the first time she will alone because you don’t know what will happen. But she had calm me saying that all precautionary steps had been taken (because we have out standard set of questions when we want to meet new single guy). so three guys had been choose, 1 Chinese, 1 Kuwaiti Arabs and 1 Belgian Caucasian, all above 35. so the day come, i just reminded her if something fishy comes in, just abort the meeting and just silence the phone, I move to out of town at 9pm picked up by company driver, so it’s quite a long journey takes me 4.5 hours to reach there, I forgot to call my wife, when I reached the place I got call from my wife because I remind her to call me each every session done. I asked her “how’s everything, the she said “ok, very nice gentleman”, I asked her back, “do you want to continue with another two”m she replied ” hell yes” I asked here, “what time the next guy” she replied, “3.40 pm, Belgian guy”, i said to her, “maybe I cannot call you since the signal is poor, she replied, “never mind she will take care of herself”, then we hang up. I call her konak escort back when i reached the place where the signal is active at 8.00 pm. I said to her, “hi honey how do you do”, she said “fine, I’m with the single guy, can I call you later”, then i replied, “have fun”, then we hang up. then at 10 pm on the way back to the hotel, I call her back, “hello, hello, i fall asleep abang, very tired, my wife answered my call, then i said to her, “ok continue your sleep, i will arrive around 1 am”, she replied, “ok, love you”, then we hang up. then when I arrived, i continue to our room, since i had the duplicate key card, I didn’t need to wake her up, when i saw the living room there is unwashed glass, still with wine inside it, then when i look into the sofa it has been moved aside, then I enter the room, my wife is asleep, but when i saw the study table, all the paper had been moved down, hmmm I wonder what is happening, I kiss my wife at her face, hmm the smell of aloevera, when i saw her hair a bit wet, she said to me, “hi abang”, I smile back, “i feel so sleepy, can we talk tomorrow”, she said, then i replied back, “ok, continue your sleep”. I went to the shower when i saw the dustbin there is 4 used condoms, 1 filled with sperms and 3 seems full of lubricants outside of it and 3 pair of polymer underwear. wow 4 times no wonder she looks exhausted. so I take a warm shower and continue to sleep, I kissed her goodnight then we cuddling together, i fall asleep like a baby since I’m also feel tired due to the bumpy road. I’ve been woke up when my wife calling my name, i saw she had been dressed up. I asked her where she want to go, she said that she want to go to the convenience store to buy things for her, I said just be careful. i take the shower then dressed up. i seat at the living hall watching TV, then i saw the door being opened my wife with the housekeeping boy with our breakfast. she said to me to eat the breakfast since it almost 8.30 am, and i started konak escort bayan eating my breakfast… skip all the erotic details, but she had shown me her pussy tunnel there is an quite opening on the vaginal lips, she said 2 of it got enormous size (maybe it quite weird but this is how we make excitement to our swinging lifestyle, I love to look at my wife pussy when she done with any single guy). i asked her why there is 4 condoms, 4 times last night, she said no, she said the Arabs guy suddenly soft inside her pussy, then she tried to make his penis erect back, then he tried the second attempt and finally come inside the condom, he said the last guy, the Chinese guy bang her for almost 30 minutes, she said she feel quite a relief when i call her last night because when she answered the phone the guy penis still inside her pussy pumping her, but he stopped a while when i call, he asked my wife, who’s calling, my wife said her friend, then he continue bang her and she show me her boobs there is multiple love bites, she said the last one is quite rough but he’s a good lover because he licked her while sitting on the study desk, that why the paper all moved down. I ask her why there is 3 disposable underwear (we use disposable underwear as precautionary, since my wife love to get cum on her face, we avoid taking it while she lying down because she cannot control the trajectory of the ejaculation and sometimes end up inside her mouth, so that why we always encourage cum on my wife face while her half standing and the disposable underwear is to become barrier for non-viscous sperms to reach her pubic area), she said that she had give a treat to Belgian guy because he cum only after 6 minutes together, so she said that the Belgian guy earned his reward for being so matured and my wife show me the photo of her while covered on with sperms on her face (this is part of memorabilia for the swinging session, usually its me who always snap the photo, but last escort konak night she asked the single guy to snap for her using her hand phone). 2 of it got very thick jizz all over her face courtesy of Chinese and Belgian guy and in one photo the jizz almost covered her left eyes and the third one only in left cheek, just some non-thick sperms only crystal clear cum. she told me that she want to tell me a secret but remind me not to mad at her, then i started to worried about it, i ask her what, does the guy being rough with you, she just smile and saying no, is the guy trying to slip his penis without using the condom, she said hell no…. then what it is, she then go to the room and bring 2 notes of USD100, 2 notes of each EUR100 and EUR50 and finally 3 notes of each NTD1000, NTD500 and HKD100, i said what!…. she explained that all the single guy give her money when they want to leave the hotel, they said that my wife had given them a girlfriend experience and know how to please them, plus she said even the Kuwaiti Arabs had asked her to become his girlfriend… ayo yo…… she said she never said that she require money but within the earlier conversation the guys always ask her how much to meet her, then she said she replied to the single guy to pay whatever they feel appropriate after having sex with her. she said that I might not agree if she tell me earlier but she said that she always be my only professional slut and my personal porn actress, and i ask her so overall how about the fantasy, she said that she quite satisfy with it and she ask me to forget about the money issue and if I not agree with her in using it, she will donate all the money to charity. then I smile back it up to her and that evening she shopping sakan and need to increase the luggage fees. In my mind i said to myself, what a clever wife, at least she honest to me and this one is part of our fantasy being fulfilled, once you get your wife into swinging you will don’t know what fantasy that she have in her mind. in conclusion if anyone asking me my wife is worth MYR1800 (estimate) if you want to count the money, but she is priceless to me by giving me the experience not all married man get from this wife and technically I sold my wife, lol…. is this a correct word