Muay Thai

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Muay Thai”Muay Thai! Muay Thai!” — I had heard this call from the truck-mounted loudspeakers dozens of times. “Come watch Thai boxing contest! Five fights, Friday night at nine! Muay Thai! Muay Thai!” A truck with the same announcement in somewhat broken English passed my hotel window every couple of hours, so I had almost left behind the annoyance and became used to it. For us from the West, it seems we are able to ignore successfully almost any advertisement. This one, however, was about to have a totally different meaning for me…A knock on my door. I opened it and I was greeted by the usual Thai ‘wai’ from a staff member. Without speaking a word, he handed me an envelope. I immediately noticed my Mistress’s emblem on it, and my heart started pumping with excitement. The messenger gave another ‘wai’ and left. I opened the envelope.”OK slave, you have been on holiday for almost a week now, and it’s about time for you to get some work done. Today is Friday, and you’ve probably heard that it’s fight night at the stadium. I know you have never been to a muay thai event, so I’m gonna show you a part of Thailand you will never forget. What you need to know is this — ‘nak muay’ fight for honour, but event organizers always offer prizes as well. Usually the award is cash, but sometimes there is something extra on top of that. A local promoter is a good friend and I made a deal with him. There will be a special prize for the winner of today’s main event, and it’s gonna be a good blowjob from a blond-haired white boy! It’s a first here, so I will make decent money out of this. But do not even dare to think it’s going to be easy for you! The fighters are pretty much used to getting serviced by local ladyboys after competition, and you’d better believe they set a high standard. If you fail to please, you will damage the reputation of the promoter, and he will have no-one to blame but me. I don’t want to get my blood pressure up by thinking what I will do to you when you make me look stupid. So you’d better perform, and perform well. All your hours of training will be put to the test now. Get your ass to the stadium by nine o’clock, and at the beginning of fight number five, go to the red corner. From there, you will receive your instructions, and you will do as you’re told!”I had expected something like this for a long time. After all, She had told me several times before that I should be grateful for all the strapon and dildo exercises, because they will be useful when I meet the first real cock.– Muay Thai! Muay Thai! — it’s the truck passing again. The words were the same, but somehow the voice bodrum escort sounded different…I paid my 800 baht for the ticket, and entered the stadium. I think I was a little late, because the first fight had already started. The noise from the music and the crowd, and the thoughts of my assignment made my head spin. I watched fight after fight, the rituals performed by the fighters, the rounds of boxing, and everything that was going on around me, but I was hardly able to notice any details — everything seemed to blend together in a big blur of colours and noise. My heart was racing, my mouth was dry, and all I could think of was that I must find my way to the red corner by the time fight no five starts. As I slowly made my way through the crowd, I tried to find my Mistress among spectators, but despite having a good view (me being about a foot taller than everybody else around me), I was not able to see Her.Fighters of the final event had already entered the ring and were performing their rituals. I was standing confused near the red corner where a number of assistants seemed to be engaged in preparations and nobody paid any attention to me. Suddenly a stubby elderly guy noticed me. Immediately after making eye contact he came up to me and said — “Come”. I followed him to a walkway between the stands which eventually became a narrow corridor inside the building. As we went further away from the arena, the music and the sounds from the crowd were less strong, but I could still hear them clearly in the background. He turned and opened a door to the right. As I stepped inside, he said “Take off your clothes, and wait here”. Then he closed the door, and I could hear him walking back towards the arena. The door only had a hole where once there had been a lock — so technically I was free to walk away. That was the last thing on my mind though…There was an old chair in the corner of the room, and it was the only piece of furniture. As I took off my T-shirt and shorts, I gazed around the room only to notice that there was not much to see — it was almost empty, a bit dusty, it only had a door and no windows, and there was a lamp in the middle of the ceiling which lit up the middle of the room quite brightly. After I had laid what little clothing I had onto the chair, and placed my flip-flops next to it, I walked around the room naked, with all kinds of thoughts flying through my mind. For a while I tried to look if there was a way anybody could see me from the outside via a concealed window or a camera, but I did not find anything that could have confirmed this possibility. escort bodrum I noticed that my breathing was rushed, and I was once in a while I was shivering as if I was cold, despite the temperature being the usual 35 degrees C. Minutes passed, and it seemed a long wait. From the distant sounds I guessed the fight had ended quite some time ago, but nothing happened. I just stood there, completely naked, and it felt the room was spinning around me. Then –I heard the sound of several men coming through the corridor, talking to and over each other with excitement. The door burst open, and a boxer in his robe stood at the doorway. Instinctively, I dropped to my knees. He stared at me for a while, and I was doing the same. The men behind him fell silent. After what seemed an eternity, he smiled and stepped into the room. The door closed behind him. I took a deep breath in anticipation of what was to come. He was a lot shorter than me, and had dark skin and hair of a typical local male. He approached me slowly, but suddenly he stopped as if he had forgot something, turned around and opened the door and said something in Thai. A few seconds later somebody came running through the corridor and I saw the same guy who had led me here entering the room holding a video camera. The door was closed and the man with the camera took position near the wall and started filming. The fighter stepped in front of me, but not very close — we were separated by a meter or so. As he was looking down at me, I suddenly realised that I had been staring at him the whole time. Shameful and afraid of appearing disrespectful, I lowered my head. I heard the two men exchanging few words, but of course I could not comprehend what was said. The fighter slowly walked around me and I could feel his eyes probing every inch of my kneeling body. Finally he stopped right in front of me. Not a word was spoken, but I thought I knew what to do…I raised my head and looked into his eyes. His face was serious now, no smile, and he was obviously waiting for me to begin my job. I moved my hands from my back with the aim of untying the belt of the robe , but the man with the camera interrupted me, shouting “No hands!” My face became red with embarrassment, and immediately I crossed my hands behind my back again. The men again exchanged some words in Thai. I tried to stop myself thinking about what they were saying. I proceeded using my teeth, and after some effort, his robe slid open and I was staring at his manhood. He was obviously fresh out of the shower. Because I was much taller than him, I had to sit down on my heels bodrum escort bayan to take him into my mouth. His penis looked small, and even as it started to grow thicker between my lips, I found that I could take him all the way without difficulty. He was very passive at first, and he did not look down at me at all. As he became fully erect, I tried to keep him down my throat, with my nose pressed into his thick hair and my tongue probing his balls for as long as I could, and moving away a bit to breathe, not letting him go from my mouth however. From the corner of my eye, I could see the guy with camera moving slowly around us, once in a while even reaching to the boxer’s robe and pulling it back or lifting it slightly to get a better shot. Occasionally I gagged, but I managed to control the reflex, so I only had drool running out of my mouth, and some tears. After a while, he moved more on top of me, so that I had to lean backwards and support my body by placing my hands to the floor at the back — he held my head with one hand, and started grinding my face with his dick buried in my throat, then back away a little to allow some breathing while still fucking my mouth. The intensity of his thrusts increased, and he breathed heavily. Suddenly his whole body stiffened, he held my head very strongly against his pubes, and he came, moaning for the first time. I couldn’t taste his cum, all of it went straight down my throat. He waited for a few seconds after climax, then pulled his cock quickly out of my mouth, and stepped back. The camera guy stepped right in front of me, and I was looking straight into the lens before he moved the focus down to my semi-erect dick and the pool of spit on the floor between my thighs. Before I could catch my breath, they both left the room without saying a word.Only when I tried to stand up did I realise that my feet were totally numb, and it was painful to move at first. I crawled to the chair, and after resting a bit, got dressed and opened the door. The was nobody in the corridors, and the stadium was almost empty — the few people there were obviously local workers who did not pay any attention to me. I had tried to wipe the drool from my face with my t-shirt, and it felt pretty damp from this as well as from all the wetness on my chest. I made my way to my hotel, and fell asleep almost as soon as I got there.It was broad daylight when I woke up. As I stumbled to the bathroom, I saw an envelope on the floor — it must have been slipped under the door when I was sleeping. I think I was even more excited when opening it, because my hands were trembling so much that I dropped the note. As it landed at my feet, I saw it contained only two words: “GOOD BOY!”The feeling of gratefulness was overwhelming — it was as if I had achieved everything I ever wanted. My Mistress was pleased! Thank You! Thank You!***