mum in law

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mum in lawWe have been having my mother in law to stay for a while. she does not look her age and she has a body to match. If we are out together we often get mistaken as being a couple which has always been a bit of a turn on for me as secretly I have always wanted to give her a good seeing to. well! it is strange how some times your dreams come true. My with has recently had a lot on at work due major changes being introduced by her company which has resulted in her working long hours and in me spending a lot of time with her mother on our own, which has ment we have got quite close. Three weeks ago my wife had to spend four nights away due to the changes she has to impliment in her stores, which ment I spent the time at home with mum in law. The lotusbet güvenilirmi second night I was out side having a smoke before I went to bed, and my mum in laws bedroom window is on the same side of the bungalow. I just could not resist it I had to have a peep through the window. There is about an inch gape at the edge of the blind on her window. So I could see into most of her room. I whatched her take off her make up, thinking for god sake hurry up and take your clothes off. I was onto my second smoke when she stood up and pulled her top over her head. My hand went straight to my hard cock to give it a good rub while I whatched her undo her skirt and slide it off her hips. I never thought I would see her like lotusbet yeni giriş this! but then her hands went behind her back and undid her bra and as it fell to the bed in front of her it was as much as I could do to stop cuming there and then. Her tits are still as firm as a thirty year olds. I have often seen her nipples poking through her top but it did not prepare me for seeing them in the flesh, and oh!!!! my god i have never seen nipples that big before, in fact a lot bloody better than my wifes. I thought that would be it and she would put her nighty on and I was just about to go in doors when she bent over and slid her briefs from her hips! I could not believe my luck as she stood up straight to show off her cleanly lotusbet giriş shaven hole! She then turned and walked into her bathroom and I went in side and to bed, having a good wank playing what had just happened over in my thoughts. The next night I could not resist it I had to have another look and got exactly the same show. The last night I had to see it again but this time I filmed it on my phone so I would be able to wank when ever I felt like it. I thought I had got away with it but as I was going into my bedroom mum in law called me. James have you got a minute? yes, whats up? can you come here? as I entered her room she was on the bed with nothing on. I thought you might like to see this close up instead of through the window as she opened her legs wide. You will have to be a bit gentle as I haven’t had a cock up there since your father in law passed away. I was gentle with her and I have been gentle with her the other five times since then. The other day I had mother and daughter the same day but thats for another day.