My 1st experience with a “Special Girl”.

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My 1st experience with a “Special Girl”.Let me tell you something about myself. I’m your average Hispanic male. I can honestly say I’m not gay or attracted to men. In contrary, I’ll truly get turned off by that scene. Im also turned off by hair/hairy skin and bad hygiene (who isn’t… LoL). It’s just not for me. Yet something about a cute shemale with a booty is something i cant resist. I found myself enjoying shemale porn. A cutie with a booty takibg it up her booty hole. My favorite scenes involve a passable tranny (Ts Foxxy, Sianna Grace, Ts Celeste, etc.) Wrapping her ass cheeks around a dick. Skip the scenes were shes getting a BJ or of she becomes the top. LoL. Anyways i love a nice juicy booty, a thong hidden between a big juicy smooth ass and I’ll be all over it. Have a bootylicious cutie in front of me…face down Ass Up…and I’ll automatically get hard. I’m a very passionate person, therefore love to kiss…but only with my girl or with someone I feel comfortable with. I’m weird…sue me…lol. My next love is anal sex…something about placing my dick in a hole a girl just a few minutes ago said would never let me…is a turn on :-). Now its time to tell you about my 1st and only experience with a shemale. I originally met Viviana through MySpace…lol. She was a cute tall thin hispanic special girl who lived one town over. She’s very passable (at least in my eyes), yet only dresses up on weekends. So i guess you bursa escort would say she’s a CD. Which is coo with me. After some time passed we became friends. eventhough we had yet to meet in person. I was always honest with her and told her about my issues and vice versa. I told her found special girls like herself attractive. And how im not into men, but in my eyes she was a girl…so that was that. Anyways..we would always message each other Hi, WYD, What’s new, etc. This went on for years, all without ever meeting up. I was in a relationship, so therefore never truly pushed the envelope with Viviana. Eventually after a few years passed, I’m single and she hits me up with a Hello on FB. After eventually swapping numbers, we set a date for us to meet up. I had roommates at that time, and she still lived with her folks. So she made arraignments to go out with her friends (other CD/Drag Queens) and would hit me up on her way home (she would be pass my home on her way back). So there I was, nervous, yet intrigued by finally meeting Viviana…but in all honesty, didn’t expect her to show up. Well I was proven wrong, sometime after 2 am she sends me a text asking if were still on for that night. Luckily i was awake and replied with “of course”. She parked in front of my house and I went outside, got into her SUV and gave her a hug. Wow…there she was and she looked sexier than I could have imagined. We spoke for a good 30 minutes bursa escort bayan and before we called it a night, I give her my good bye hug and than a kiss. That kiss eventually became a semi making out session. She had soft lips and our mouths, lips, tongues couldn’t get enough of each other. It was one of them sessions that get you hard, without even having your dick touched. It was so legit, we made plans for her to come over the following night.Since she lives with her folks, she had to wait till they knocked out. In order to Start getting ready. Which I was coo with, especially since the later it would be…the less chance my roommates be all up in our business. Around 11 pm she calls me and let’s me know she’s outside. I meet her out there and walk her to my home and straight to my bedroom. Yet remember were friends 1st, and didnt want to disrespect her. Plus I’ve never been with a special girl. So I took it slow…we sat next to each other on my bed…we both had a beer and basically had another conversation while watching some TV. Time went by and I couldn’t resist. I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back and we had another passionate make out session. Yet this time I would nibble on her neck…lick her ear lobes. While this is occurring, I start rubbing her ass with my free arm. Things were getting intense…eventhough the 2 of us still had our clothing on…luckily I thought ahead of time and had put escort bursa on a pair of Nike shorts, boxers not included. LoL. So while our toungues were exploring each other, my hand on her ass. She joins in and starts rubbing my dick through my shorts. I got so turned on I laid on my bed, picked her up and placed her on top of me. Now both my hands were rubbing her ass and she was grinding on my dick. My dick was as hard and ready. yearning for her lips. Without having to ask her, she slides down and pulls down my shorts. She wraps her hand around the base of my dick…looks up into my eyes..smiles…and starts making love to my dick with her mouth. I had my hand on her head, guiding her mouth in and out. She would stop for a second, only to give my balls some loving attention. Dammit, nothing like a legit sloppy ball licking blow job. I had to blow my load ASAP. I asked her if she would swallow for me, and her smile game me her answer. Right before I’m about to unleash my cum in her mouth, she sweetly asks me If I would kiss right after cumming in her mouth. I groaned and said yes. She looks up at me…dick in hand and with a hint of lust in her eyes tells me “that’s so sexy”. Licks my balls all the way up to the tip of my dick. Opens wide and swallows my dick. I immediately starting cumming while her lips wrapped around my dick. She made sure not to pull away and until she noticed I had stop Cumming. she slides over me and we exchange another passionate kiss. She swallowed most of my cum, yet the taste was still there. By that time I didn’t give fuck…lol. I walked her to her car and give her a goodbye kiss.Part 2 will be cumming soon…