my 2nd 2020 Dr appointment

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my 2nd 2020 Dr appointmentMy 2nd 2020 Dr. appointmentI know they all start out the same because that’s how Dr. offices seem to do it sorry!Unlike previous years I had a 6 month follow-up this year since the Dr. had his nurse call me and tell me to schedule one since my pussy looked so well used last time and he needed to make sure everything was fine “down there”. Like the previous years I really don’t have to hide the fact that I’m very feminine. This year I wore very short girls shorts that hugged my bottom and rode up my ass crack, well really my pussy crack. They were very tight and I definitely showed my pantie lines. Had a very feminine button up lacy blouse that covered my pretty bra. I always carry a small shoulder type purse since girls clothing do not really have functional pockets. After checking in with the receptionist I took a seat and waited to be called back. The nurse came out to get me and again, told me how cute I looked and did I still have a boyfriend, all the while grinning as she led me to the back. Took me to the ob/gyn room with a table in it that had stirrups, so I knew what I was going to be in for again. After hopping up on the table, she checked all my vitals This time she just assumed I was still using tampons and that she needed to take a quick peek. she had me remove my shorts and panties and then put my feet into the stirrups. she put her lubed gloved finger against my sissypussy and began to slowly caress me telling me it was obvious I had douched like I had been told. After adding more lube she inserted her finger deeper into me wiggling it around and smilingly told me I would thank her when the Dr. came into see me!Like she told me before, since you’re using your ass more as a pussy and therefore the Dr thinks a more thorough gynecology exam will be needed now and in the future I was by now used to her openness and she said “what bartın escort did I expect” after our previous 6 years I was in essence more feminine in my mannerisms and obviously enjoyed being sexually penetrated during sex like a girl. That is why he wanted to see you at the 6 month period and he will be giving you a very thorough exam. Like last year she then handed me a pink gown, telling me to hop down and strip down to just my bra and panties and put on the gown. She waited for me to strip down and she helped me tie the gown in back but not before complementing me on how pretty my lingerie was and patted my bottom She left the room telling me the Dr. would be in soon. Soon the Dr. came in, asking how I was doing, told me to remove my gown and complemented me on my cute bra and panties and told me to lay down on my back on the table, remove my panties and put my feet into the stirrups. I told him his nurse had made me put my feet into the stirrups and lubed me up for his exam. He just grinned and asked me how i was doing and did my nurse treat me alright. I told him I was doing fine and wasn’t really sure why I needed a 6 month follow up. He just told me to lay back and relax and he would make sure my “pussy” was in good shape and see if I had been taking proper care of myself and maintaining good feminine hygiene. sticking his finger into my pussy after lubing me up more and moving his finger around, opening me up a bit like before, he started asking if I still was with my boy friend and was I taking good care of him and was he keeping my pussy well lubricated with his sperm. Was I still experiencing more frequent internal orgasms like a women does from penetration? “Yes and I quiver all over inside a lot more that before.” Good, now you are focusing internally like all girls do when being fucked and penetrated deeply bartın escort bayan by a man’s cock and I guess your tiny clittie just flops around and is no longer a sexual organ. True, my boy friend just plays with my nipples and breast and pounds into me. depending on our position he kisses me as well and I just melt as he holds me tight and just has his way with me. He seldom rubs my clittie except to remind me how soft and useless it is. That’s good a girl like you is suppose to take care of her man. Great, let’s get started and see how healthy your pussy is. He lowered his stool and began examining me. He inserted what felt like a dildo into what he now called my “sissy vagina” and probed around rubbing it against my prostrate and I was doing all I could to not squirm around as he really started probing in me. It was feeling so good I moaned and panted as he continued examining me. working the dildo deeper inside me and started working it in and out of me watching my reaction as my pussy started clamping down around it. god it felt good! I was so exhausted as he slowly fucked me the entire time and I was squirming around like a girl in heat. Dropping my head back down on the pillow with my feet still in the stirrups . He withdrew it slowly and told me that it was time to really see how good I was filling the feminine role I had chosen. He inserted two fingers easily and started finger fucking me. He then stood up, looking down at me, smiled and started unbuckling his pants. I knew what was happening but I asked what he was doing. He said that he wanted to really see if I was being a good girl for my boyfriend and then his hard firm cock was at my relaxed opening and he started entering me. I was so sexually aroused by now that I just wilted as he continued to enter me and then started a back and forth fucking motion. escort bartın Telling me he wanted to see if my pussy was contracting properly around my boy friend’s cock and he needed to feel it clamp around his. I was in shock and lust both I think as he continued to fuck me slowly and then got more rapid and deep. I was beyond doing anything but enjoy the ride as he firmed up and filled me with his sperm. My soft clittie just flopped around and slowly seep out my sissy cum. While he was fucking me he told me My pussy was doing a fine job of contracting around his cock like a girl should be and my boyfriend must be really pleased with me. He then pulled out of me and wiped his cock on my tummy and told me his nurse would be in soon to insert a tampon in me as usual and make sure you were ready to go home and schedule my next appointment. The Dr. then told me to keep my feet in the stirrups and wait for the nurse come in. She came in with a big smile on her face seeing me still with my feet in the stirrups exposing my well used and leaking pussy for her to see. She started by telling me that it was obvious that I was a sexy girl now and I needed to start taking care of it just like a girl maintains her vagina. To include douching regularly, practice muscle tightening around his penis as he fucks you to increase the overall sexual experience for both you and your boy friend. This also ensures your pussy opening remains tight to control all leakage as she removes the paper from a tampon and slowly while looking into my eyes inserts it in me and gently removes the cover while pulling on the string to insure it was securely in my now very feminine pussy. reminding me I needed to change it in about 2-3 hrs. I then was able to get my feet out of the stirrups, stand up and pulled my gown down as she handed me my panties and a panty liner to insert in them, saying I know you know how to do that, all of us girls do. Told me to get dressed and come out front to schedule my next Dr. appointment.these might be becoming too repetitive and maybe I should just stop describing my Dr. appointments please let me know. they sure do make me feel so girly and embarrassed.hugs, Sis