My 5-date-Saturday!

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Five ‘fuck/suck jack-off dates’ one day… Back when I was 18 I decided to play on Facebook and set myself up with some dates. I could not paste nudes but did pose provocatively in my photo albums. I threw it out there that I was looking for boyfriends and wanted to meet up. I picked the guys who were topless showing their abs and were the most handsome. I decided to go a little crazy and set up 4 dates in one day. Maybe too ambitious to work out the timing, but I thought I managed it well. (More like seeing if I could fuck/suck 4 guys off in one day without being a gangbang). Maybe it sent me into the sexual life I lead today.

Anyhow, the night before I was feeling very horny and slipped into my brother’s bedroom to share what I had planned. Just telling about it all got me super aroused and he, hard. I could tell. I slipped finally off my fishnet tee (mom hated when I wore it because I seldom wore anything under it even if we had guests over) and jumped on top of him. We fucked twice and I gave him a BJ before breakfast. My first cum of the day!

I dressed for my lunch date in a plunging neck camisole. It was white with spaghetti straps and rather long, right down to my knees. The matching shorts I left in the drawer and slipped on a g-string, bursa escort patent white heels and a wide black belt to keep the camisole from riding up too far and was out the door. Mike had chosen a nice Italian restaurant and we were seated in a corner alcove. He told me at first he thought it was just a random Facebook add but now he was sure we were meant for each other (bullshit)! I was daydreaming about his abs and the big cock he claimed to have. We started playing truth or dare. He dared me to say out loud “ I am a filthy whore!” when the waiter came to take our order, which I did cause, well I guess I am! So I dared him to unzip and take his cock out for the whole meal. He did but covered his lap with his napkin. I said, “No napkin.” Sitting across from him I slid my foot up his shin and slowly up to his cock. I kept rubbing his cock when the waiter came to finish our order. Just as Mike was ordering dessert I kicked his balls & he accidently ordered a pineapple fritter. I moved over to sit next to him. He took my hand and placed it on his (true to his word very large) cock wanking himself with my hand as a glove. “You are quite a big boy,” I told him. Then I lifted one of my legs up so he could finger my tight pussy. He did and with bursa escort bayan great efficiency had me on the verge of orgasm when the waiter dropped off our desserts. I looked straight into the waiter’s eyes moaning as I came. He walked off smiling knowingly. So now I started stroking Mike’s cock. Faster and faster I stroked that monster until his breathing grew in deep. I grabbed my dessert and put it under the table so to catch his cum. Then he watched me eat his cum off of my dessert piece by piece. I was ridiculously horny! He excused himself when the waiter dropped off the check. I saw Mike had left 100 under his plate and the bill was under 50. The waiter’s number was on a card, which I slipped into my purse for another day. He was a lunchtime quickie but not great.
So it was now about 3:00 and my early dinner date was at 3:30 so I had no time to change. He was an ex rugby player and liked to treat his girls rough which was why he had no girlfriend. He was over 6 foot tall built strong and hard (and he was made of money!) so he wanted to meet in a nice big expensive restaurant with like 10 pieces of cutlery and such. I felt under dressed to be honest (hard to believe I know). He ordered for me (charming!) I was tempted escort bursa to walk out but I composed myself like a lady. Apparently I wanted a salad to start, a lobster steak and a lemon sorbet to finish. I was tempted to walk out but he was so rich and I expected him to be at least an 8 or 9 incher! He turned to me and whispered in my ear, “Stacey, not being funny or anything. But you smell like someone just came all over you, you whore!” Yeah so he smelt the cum on my breath. Most girls would hate that but I found it such a turn on! I gave him a really deep snog and used loads of tongue myself (now he had some of Mike’s cum in his mouth!). I also put my hand under the table made it look like I was masturbating then pulled my three fingers up and made him smell them (that was the hand I used to get Mike off with) then I told him he smelled of cum too! Ok so now I made him get his cock out…. moment of truth! My heart was pounding as he kind of stuttered and hesitated but finally he presented me his massive, engorged, thick 4 and a half-inch penis! I was like WTF? I literally laughed out loud so he pushed me down on him right there he made me gag (which I secretly loved!) and held my head down. It felt good because it was easy to throat it. I told him not to and I didn’t touch it for another 20 mins! (Blueballin like a bitch!) Finally he had had enough of this and he pushed my head down again and gives me a facial! I excused myself to the bathroom where some posh tart was giving another guy a bj.