My annual physical

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My annual physicalThe nurse called my name, and took me to the exam room, stopping only to get my height and weight. She put me in one of the exam rooms, and took my temperature and blood pressure. Along with the usual questions, “how do you feel, any memory issues, how is the job” we chatted back and forth, all the while she was making notes in my chart. She then handed me a gown, and gave me instructions how to wear it. I looked at it quizzically, then she said, “as you are having a physical, the doctor wants to do a skin examination for cancer, have you ever had one in the past”? “No” I replied, she then said “its not as bad as perceived, however you will have to wear this for the time being, the skin check will be done along with the usual physical exam”. “And the ties go in the back, please put your clothing, including shoes and socks on the table”. As she left she said “the doctor will be in shortly”.I got busy removing all my clothing, getting into the gown, and seated on the exam table, hoping the paper did not find my butt, as it turned out the gown did cover me pretty good.After what seemed a long time the doctor came in, a lady about 35 or close to 40, very professional looking, not attractive or plain, just professional, and with a nice calming voice said “good morning, I see you have the gown on, I hope you didn’t have in trouble with the ties”. We both smiled, I replied “no not a lot of trouble but I don’t think I got all the ties tied”. “Thats ok, as long as you are comfortable is what counts, lets get started, please stand for me on the little box and turn around”. I did as instructed, and she put on her latex gloves, and untied the ties, exposing my entire backside.“I will be touching you as I do the exam, if that makes you uncomfortable please let me know, but it is all part of the exam”. “No, just do what you need to do, I just want to know my health is good”. With that she began to slide her hand over my back, stopping occasionally to look at something with a 10 power loop, a small magnifying glass instrument, she had to get her face very close to my body, and I could feel her exhaling, elazığ escort bayan a very nice, soft, warm breath on my skin, erotic to say the least. As all this was taking place we talked about many things, sometimes she would make comment about the things she was looking at, stating there was no issues to be worried about. Eventually she was done with the backside and asked me to “please lean forward from the hips and place your head on the exam table, and spread your legs a bit for me”.I did as instructed, and she put her hand on my inner thigh just above the knee, left leg first and slid her hand up to my balls, then she slid her hand down the other thigh to the knee. That was very erotic, and I could feel the sensations in my cock and balls. My balls actually contracted, and I knew she could see everything hanging down, what a sight that must have been. After a bit she told me to stand and turn around and take a seat on the table. She slid her stethoscope under the gown and listened to my chest, then she asked me to lay down. She then lifted my feet, putting the heels in the stirrups, left and right, this raised my knees up, I was uncomfortable. She said “I know this is not very comfortable for you, please bear with me, we are proceeding along nicely”. She pulled the gown off my left side, and up to my right arm. Except for the gown on my right arm I was totally nude, and my cock was beginning to feel excited, the mere thought of being nude in front of another woman was very exciting, no matter what she was doing.I was getting an erection. Not a full sized erection, but I could feel the tingle.She then said “I am going to be touching you, so please bear with me during this part of the exam. She then pushed my semi erection up and held it there with her left hand while she took her right hand, examined my balls, gently squeezing them, feeling all the insides for something that should not be there, probably a form of cancer, however it did feel good. There is something erotic and sexy about a womans touch, so gentle and soft, but firm. As the exam continued elazığ escort my cock was definitely getting hard, and she held it down with the palm of her left hand, and I thought I could feel a momentary squeeze, probably my imagination, but it sure did feel good, besides the warmth of her palm was good. This part only lasted about a minuet or so, but the effect was lasting. Only when she said “I need a closer look at a spot”, then picking up her loop she lowered her face very close to my groin. Momentarily just mere inches from my balls she exhaled, slightly, but enough for me to get the warmth of her breath, she stood and said “just some skin discoloration nothing to worry about”.Next she started on my cock. Holding it with both hands she pulled it around, by now I was at full erection, tight skin, purple head and a bit of wetness in the slit, she looked at it all over. Remarking about the head, she said, (I guess to herself), “rather large circumcised glans, the penis is of average size and girth, I see no signs of any cancers or diseases on the patients penis or testicles”. With that she looked me in the eye and said, “everything is normal, however we still need to do the prostate exam”, and she turned to get the tube of KY jelly, putting a liberal amount on her middle finger she looked back at me and said “ready”? I said “I guess but all the others have been with me standing”. She said “I do a more through exam and have found this position, you on your back knees elevated, makes for easier access, this will take longer than the other examinations but is much more thorough”.With that she spread my cheeks a bit, and began to probe the anus, my cock twitched, and it did not go unnoticed by her. As she began to slid the finger in, first one knuckle then the other until she was all the way in, and my cock twitched multiple times, I thought I was going to ejaculate. She looked me in the eye and said “ok”? I replied “yes, and I’m sorry about that,(looking at my fully erect cock and the precum dripping out if the slit), that has never happened before”. She said “it is normal escort elazığ and please don’t worry I’ve seen it before, happens all the time”. She then put her left hand over the cock head and partly down the shaft, she began to move her finger over the prostate, I could feel her finger going in and out of my anus, slowly. It really felt good, I could feel the pressure on the prostate, and the precum was really flowing, almost like she was pushing it out with her middle finger, it felt really good!I clinched, involuntary, and could feel the slickness on her left hand, she gripped my cock head, trying to keep it from pointing at her head, I guess, and continued rubbing the prostate, saying “I’m almost don’t, and so far you appear to not have any issues, almost done”. I ejaculated into her hand around my cock head, once, twice, thrice, then just oozing cum from my cock. My eyes were closed, the orgasm was terrific, the best in a long time, I couldn’t move it was so good. Eventually it subsided. I opened my eyes, she had already withdrawn her finger, and removed her exam gloves, she handed me a box of tissues. I took some and wiped the cum from my stomach and penis, then wiped the jelly from the crack of my butt.Lifting my heels from the stirrups I sat up and tried to cover with the gown, then thought, why, I just sat there dumbfounded. I looked at her and said “I’m sorry about that, it just happened, I don’t know what came over me, sorry”. Her reply “sometimes that is what happens, the exam the exam I do is designed to cover as much of the prostate as possible, other physician only do a quick exam testing for enlargement, I want to make sure there are not any lumps, indicating cancer”. “Other than that the exam was good, no swelling and no lumps, you’re in good condition’, I learned early on to put a hand over the glans, it helps to control the ejaculate”. I smiled and said, “I think I’ll get dressed”, and started to put on my cloths, she was writing in my chart at her desk, not facing me, but speaking, telling me how my heart, lungs, and internal organs all seemed to be ok, and saying she wanted blood work, and she wrote new prescriptions for the next upcoming year. Standing and facing me she handed me the paperwork. After taking it I said “I guess we will be doing this next year”? She replied “yes of course, unless something happens I will see you in a year”.I did not realize how long a year was.