My audacious girl friend

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My audacious girl friendI had this girlfriend once upon a time, who loved to tease me and who loved to do crazy dangerous things that could get us caught. I guess the getting caught part just added spice to our sex, but she often would do crazy things with her own family nearby! It wasn’t long after we first met. I guess we hadn’t been on more than four or five dates. We’d gotten past the huggy bear, kissy face stage, and I was beginning to get more bold, but she wouldn’t let me go any farther than feeling her up. Almost anything would be good except undressing her. We were starting to be a couple. Well, ane day she called me, crying. Her mother had fallen ill and was in the hospital. It was winter, and there was a lot of snow, and the roads were pretty bad. I lived a couple hours away from her, so I jumped in the car and carefully drove to her town and to the hospital where she was doting and worrying over her mom. Her whole family was there! Her sister and her four k**s, her brother and sister-in-law, and her other sister-in-law and a couple of her k**s.Everyone smiled at me when I walked up to them in the waiting room. They all seemed to like me for some reason. Barb was the last one to notice me, and when she saw everyone smile she turned around. The look on her face internet casino was priceless! Her mom was still in the examining room, and no one knew what was wrong other than mom had gotten sick and was taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room.We all chatted nervously for some time, and finally the doctor came out and told us that she was stable but that they had to do more tests, so we should all go home and come back tomorrow when they knew more. Barb was clinging to me, and no one wanted to leave except her brother who had to work the next day. So I sat there and talked to Barb and her sister, Marge, and some of the k**s until the wee hours of the morning. Finally everyone was so tired that we all decided to go over to Marge’s house to spend the night. Doris and her k**s, Marge’s oldest son and daughter who were both home from college, and Barb and I were all issued blankets and pillows and we all camped out in Marge’s family room. Marge and her other two k**s went upstairs to bed. I guess there were about eight of us in that big room.Well, we talked for a little while until everyone pretty much fell asleep, and not long after everyone got quiet I was awoken by a hand sneaking under my blanket and into my shorts. It was Barb! She was reaching into my underwear güvenilir casino to grasp my cock in her hand! She fondled and played with me for several minutes, quietly, while I listened for noises from the others in the darkened room. All I could hear was several people snoring and breathing loudly and evenly. Finally I felt something more than a hand playing with me. Barb’s head was under my blanket, and she was starting to suck my cock! I dared not move or even breathe! The least noise might wake someone up! Barb would be caught sucking me off, and I would surely be banished from the house and from this entire family, never to be invited back! The sound of her slurping on my rising dick was deafening to me! I just KNEW someone would hear and wake up, but she kept sucking and slurping and running her tongue around and under and over my now quickly hardening cock. She sucked like she was trying to get me to cum as quickly as she could. God, she was good at what she was doing! I kept thinking that someone would wake up and catch us, so it took me a while to approach full erection. But I also marveled at how good she was at blowing me! I couldn’t tell if I could hear her or feel her do it, it was so intense!She kept on suctioning my cock, never letting casino firmalari up, but swirling that maddening tongue all around and around and around! I felt only the sounds of the room in my ears along with the deafening slurping sound of her sucking mouth, and the increasing urgency in my cock to cum! Nothing else occurred or mattered to me. I couldn’t even breathe; I was so acutely concentrated on listening to the rhythmic breathing and feeling her hot mouth, tongue and lips on me, insistently pulling pushing, and plunging up and down and and sucking me. it seemed like it took her forever, but it may have been only a couple minutes. Finally I could feel my nuts draw up and explode, and then the cum rush up the length of my cock and shoot into her hot, sucking, waiting mouth! She gulped and swallowed and gulped and swallowed some more. My ears were pounding both from the straining to hear and from the climax I’d just begun. It seemed like I came for HOURS that night! I know time was suspended in the exact instant that I came! She even cleared her throat as quietly as she could when she was done swallowing, and she breathed in swiftly and silently to clear her sinuses before she brought her head out from under my blanket. Then she kissed me lightly on the cheek and laid back down on her pillow, pulling her blanket up to her neck. She relaxed then and soon fell asleep, while my temples pounded from the heightened blood pressure of my having just cum down her throat. It took me some time to fall asleep after that!