My Best Friend’s Wife

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My Best Friend’s WifeJust recently my wife Lucy and I hadn’t been getting on. Neither of us were cheating, we’d just grown apart. We both realised what was happening and had tried to make a go of things, but, it’s just wasn’t working. We had a massive row, so I packed some things into a bag and left. “Where are you going to stay?” asked my wife. “I don’t know yet. I just know I can’t stay here tonight. If one of us doesn’t go we will just spend the night at each other’s throats,” I replied, and I left. I got in my car and drove off. I got to the end of the road and turned left; I had no idea where I was going. After a few minutes driving I decided to stay at the local Holiday Inn. On the way there I decided to stop at a friend’s house. He lived close to the hotel, so I could stop on the way. He was one of my oldest friends, so I intended to tell him what was going on and ask his advice. I pulled up outside his house and sat for a few minutes composing myself, before knocking on the door. The door was opened by his wife Jane, who was surprised to see me. “Hi Bob, on your own?” “Hi Jane. Yes, it’s the reason I’m here. Can I come in?” “Of course, go through to the kitchen.” I went through to the back of the house and into the kitchen.My friend Brian, was sitting at the kitchen table. “Bob, what are you doing here at this time of night. Where’s Lucy?” “She’s at home. I decided to stay at a hotel tonight.” “Why, what’s happened?” “I think it’s over between us.” I answered. “I knew things weren’t right. I had a feeling something was happening between the two of you,” Jane said. “Do you want a drink?” “Tea will be fine, thanks.” “Okay, tell us then,” said Brian. I told them what had happened. How we had drifted apart over the last few months and how we just couldn’t seem to fix it. We’d tried marriage counselling and a few other things, all to no avail. We sat quietly for a while, before Jane asked where I was going to stay for the night. “I’m going to the Holiday Inn.” “ No, you can’t stay there. You can stay here. Can’t he, Jane?” “Of course. We’ve got the spare room. You can sleep in there.” “I don’t want to put you out,” I replied. “Don’t be stupid. That’s what friends are for,” said Jane. Bob and I sat chatting, while Jane made up the bed in the spare room. “All done Bob.” “Thanks, Jane. I appreciate this.” “Not a problem. What time do you want waking up in the morning?” “It doesn’t matter. I’ve got a couple of days off work.” “You can stay here until you sort something out,” said Bob. “If you’re sure you don’t mind. It’llhelp me a lot and save me a shit load of money.” “Stay for as long as you need,” said Jane. “Right, I’m going to bed,” said Brian, “I’ve got an early start in the morning.” Jane and I sat talking for a while, trying to work out what had gone wrong and where. I eventually fell into bed in the early hours. I awoke about 9.30 and lay there for a while. There was a knock on the door. “There’s tea in the pot,” Jane called from outside and went down stairs. I got up and put on a T-shirt and shorts and went downstairs. Jane was sitting at the table in her dressing gown looking slightly muzzy. Her hair was all over the place. “I’m not quite awake yet. I don’t normally stay up late in the week. Once I’ve had a shower I’ll feel normal.” “Don’t worry about it. The disheveled look suits you.” “Ha. It doesn’t suit you. You look like you’ve been pulled through a bush backwards,” Jane replied. I got myself some tea and we sat chatting for a while, before Jane went to shower and change. “I’ll put a towel in the bathroom for you; so you can shower when I’ve finished.” “Thanks. I need it, I think?” I sat in the kitchen for a while and went upstairs when I heard Jane’s hairdryer go on. I got to the top of the stairs and went into the bathroom, passing her bedroom. The door was slightly open and I could see Jane standing in front of the mirror naked. Instead of going to the bathroom I stopped and watched her for a minute.She had her back to me. As she dried her hair, her arms were raised and I could just see her left breast. She was a well endowed woman with a very good figure for her age. Her bum was still tight, with no sagging and no cellulite, and she had long slender legs. I was shocked to feel my cock hardening and so I hurried into the bathroom. I locked the door and got under the shower. What’s wrong with me, I thought. She’s my best friends wife. istanbul escort I hadn’t had sex for a while, but that was no excuse. When I was dressed I went downstairs, Jane was in the living room. “I’m in here Bob,” she called. I went into the room. She was dressed in jeans and a halter neck top. “I’m going to the mall. Fancy coming with me?” “If you don’t mind. I’ll be bored if I hang around here all day.” We got to the mall and had a coffee, before spending the next few hours wandering round. In one shop Jane picked out a dress and went to try it on. She came out of the changing room and asked what I thought. I told her honestly that she looked stunning in it. “I’ll take it then. I wish Brian was as honest as you. He just says if I like it I should get it, but rarely tells me how good I look,” she said. “I’m always honest. If your bum looks big in something, I’ll tell you.” “Does it look big?” she asked, looking me straight in the eye. “Not at all,” I answered, looking right back at her. “Okay, let me pay for this and then we’ll have some lunch.” We got home about and I helped Jane with the dinner. “What time is Brian home?” “I got a text earlier. He won’t be home until late and then he’s got to go to Germany for a few days,” Jane replied. “Oh, why’s that?” “Something to do with the new boat his company are building. He’s got a flight. He’s going to be in and straight out again.” Jane finished the dinner and when Brian got home we ate together before Brian packed for his trip. “Sorry about this mate,” he said. “There’s a problem that I have to try to sort out on site.” “How long will you be away?” “I don’t know. It could be three days, then again, it could be a week or more. Will you look after Jane while I’m away?” “Of course I will.” “Great. I’ve got to go. I’ve got to meet the boss at the office to pick up all the plans, before we go to the airport.” He gave Jane a kiss and was gone. “Does this happen often, Jane?” “No, fortunately. It’s a good job. He’s well paid. Fancy a glass of wine?” “Why not?” I answered. We finished the wine and started another bottle before we went to bed about midnight. I lay in bed, I couldhear Jane moving about. I was thinking about that morning. Jane hadn’t said anything, so she couldn’t have known I saw her. I got hard thinking about her and started to masturbate, but, stopped myself. “For fucks sake,” I thought. “She’s Brians wife. Pack it up.” I finally went to sleep about an hour later. I got up about nine, made myself tea and sat and watched the early morning news. Jane made an appearance about ten. “Have a good sleep?” she asked. I turned off the television and turned to look at her. She was wearing a short robe that was loosely tied at the waist. Her breasts were just about covered, but, she made no effort to cover them. I don’t think she knew they were nearly on show. “What’s on today for you, Jane?” “Gym, swim, lunch. That’s about it. Why don’t you come along?” “Do you mind. What about your friends?” “They won’t mind. A few of them are single. It could be good for you.” “I don’t know, it’s all a bit soon.” “Well, the exercise will be good for you; if nothing else.” We got to the gym around Eleven. Jane came out of the changing room with her friend’s. She introduced me. There were some grins and comments when she told them who I was and about my staying with them and why. I took no notice. We all ended up in the hot tub after the swim and I was getting some stick from them. A couple of them were flirting with me. I ignored it. I tried not to look at Jane, but she was wearing a tiny bikini that just about covered what it needed to. When we got home, Jane went for another shower so she could wash her hair. She had been upstairs for a while when I needed to use the toilet. As I got to the top of the stairs, I noticed her bedroom door was slightly open again. I looked in and got the same sight as the day before. I paused and watched her for a minute before using the toilet. Again, I felt myself hardening and cursed myself for it. We sat chatting in the kitchen when she came down. She never said anything, so again, I don’t think she had noticed me watching her. That was a relief. That night we went to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner. We got home and opened some wine. Before we knew it we had finished two bottles and were onto avcılar escort a third. We were both a bit drunk. “What did you think of my friends today?” she asked me. “A couple of them were making it a bit obvious that they were available. As I said this morning, it’s a bit soon for me.” “So the fact that you had some trouble keeping your eyes off of me, had nothing to do with it?” “Sorry, was it that obvious?” “Yes.” I was going to apologise again, but she held up her hand. “I found it rather sweet actually.” “Thank god for that,” I replied, relieved she was taking it so well. “Brian hardly takes any notice these days.” She then went on to tell me that they were more like friends these days. It got a bit uncomfortable when she went on to talk about their sex life or, lack of it. “Jane, should you be telling me this? Brian’s my best friend.” “That’s exactly why I can tell you. You’ve been friends for so long; you’re like a brother to him.” “But what can I do. I’m hardly the person to ask for relationship advice, remember. I’m here because my relationship’s gone to shit and I couldn’t fix it.” “I know, but, I can talk to you without any embarrassment, or you judging me,” she replied. We sat quietly for a few minutes before Jane said, “Do you like what you saw?” Oh fuck, I thought. She knows I saw her in the bedroom. “What do you mean?” “Today in the hot tub. I know you were looking at me. I could feel your eyes burning into me. Don’t be sorry; it’s very flattering.” “Was it that obvious?” “No but, I knew.” “Sorry.” “Don’t be. I’m fine with it. It’s nice to know someone still finds me attractive. I don’t get much attention from Brian. Oh, I know he loves me deeply, but, he’s either watching the telly, or pouring over his plans. I’m a woman who needs to knowI’m appreciated. So, I’ll ask again; did you like what you saw?” “Yes, I did. I think you’re a stunning woman.” “Good, thanks for that. I was getting worried that I was over the hill.” I thought, over a table, but said, “There’s a lot of women half your age who’d love to look as good as you.” “Oh Bob, that’s so nice.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. My cheek felt like it was on fire. I felt like a f******n year old and I could swear I was blushing. Jane laughed, “You’ve gone bright red.” I quickly poured us another glass of wine. “Lucy must be off her rocker,” she said, out of the blue. “You’re such a nice bloke.” “I try to be. I’ve always paid her compliments and I’ve never strayed. We just don’t click anymore. I don’t know why?” “Is that true; you never played away? What about her?” “No and neither has she. It was first thing I asked her when things started to go wrong.” “Brian has.” I looked at Jane, shocked. “No, really?” “Yes. It was on one of his trips. I could smell perfume on his clothes when I went to wash them.” “He never said a word to me.” “Is that true? I thought if he was going to tell anyone, it would be you.” “I swear. It’s the first I’ve heard about it. What a twat. If you knew, why didn’t you say anything?” “I did. He explained it away and I wanted to believe him, but he slipped up once and I knew he had, and he knew I knew.” “Shit Jane. I’m so sorry.” I could see she was upset. Her eyes were welling up with tears. “Thanks, it’s not your fault.” We sat for a while longer, just lost in our thoughts. “Bob, can I ask you a question. If you think I’m out of order, just say so?” “Yeah, of course. What do want to know?” “Do you fancy me?” I sat for a minute not knowing how to answer. “Jane, you’re my best mates wife.” “I know, but, do you?” I just sat for a minute looking at her. “I do. I shouldn’t, but I do. I would never do anything because of who you are.” I thought that honesty was the best policy. “I thought so. I could see the look on your face when you were looking at me in the bedroom.” “Oh, bollocks! Jane, I’m sorry. It’s just that… oh shit I don’t know what I mean.” “Don’t be sorry. I like your honesty and the fact I can still have that effect on someone. It makes me feel that I’m still a desirable woman. The question is; what are we going to do about it?” “Eh?” “You know what I mean?” “Jane, I think you’ve had too much wine.” “No I haven’t. I’ve just decided I want some more, and I want you.” “Please, Jane. You’re putting me in a difficult position.” “Which position do you want to be in?” “Cut it out before we end up doing something we both şirinevler escort regret.” “No. I know you want to fuck me. I bet you were laying in bed last night with your cock in your hand thinking about me. Did you have a wank while you were thinking of me?” I couldn’t answer that. “I knew it. I was thinking of you. I got wet thinking of you.” She reached over and put her hand on the front of my trousers, my cock was getting hard. “Jane, stop. We can’t do this.” “Yes we can, and we’re going to.” She kissed me as she undid my trousers. I swear, I tried to resist, but the combination of the wine, not having sex for a while and the fact Jane was here, doing this, well my resistance didn’t come to much. She was stroking my prick, which she had now got fully from my trousers. I was so hard. My cock was throbbing, pre-come was oozing from the tip. She knelt in front of me and kissed the end and then took me into her mouth. She sucked and licked and swirled her tongue around, bringing me to a very quick orgasm. As I came she pulled my cock from her mouth and held my cock tightly, as she let the spunk go over her face and down her top. I was panting like a man who’d just run a marathon. “Did you enjoy that?” “Yeah.I’m sorry I didn’t last long. It’s been a while.” “I can tell,” she said, as she wiped my spunk from her face. “But you’ll last longer when you fuck me.” She took my hand and led me upstairs to her room.“Are you sure you want to do this? In your bed?” I asked. She put her fingers to my lips to silence me. “Don’t say anything.” She stood in front of me and looked me in the eyes as she disrobed. Her skin shone like alabaster in the dim light. I felt myself getting hard again as I watched. She sat on the bed and whispered, ”Take me, do what you want. I need you badly.” I knelt and opened her legs and leant forward and kissed her just above her pussy. She shuddered and opened her legs wider, inviting me in. I moved down and licked the length of her pussy, then I sucked her hard clit into my mouth. I bit on it gently and flicked my tongue from side to side. “Oh my god. That’s so good, please do it more,” Jane cried. I licked her and sucked her for as long as she wanted, until she pulled my face up to hers. She looked me straight in the eye. “Please fuck me.” I undressed. Jane watched me hungrily, licking her lips in anticipation. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and pressed my cock to her. The head of my cock parted her puffy lips. “Slowly. I want to feel every inch of you.” Jane wrapped her arms and legs around me, as I slowly slid my length into her. I began to fuck her with long slow strokes. She was squeezing me so tightly and quietly moaning in my ear. For twenty minutes we made love.Enjoying, savouring and basking in the joy of each other, until I exploded into her. Jane was squeezing me even harder. I could feel her body against me, could feel the sweat on her skin, could smell the odour of her sex. We stayed like that for ages. I could feel my come seeping from her, oozing out and running down my legs. Jane fell backwards and I slipped from her. She looked at me through half closed eyes. I stood and went into the bathroom and returned with some tissues. As we cleaned ourselves up we were quiet. I was thinking about Brian and began to feel guilty. “Penny for them,” she said. “Eh, oh, I was thinking of Brian. Bloody hell Jane, what have we done?” “We’ve enjoyed each other. Don’t feel bad. We needed each other. I don’t regret this one bit.” “He’s my best friend and I’ve betrayed him. How am I going to look him in the eye ever again.” I went to my room and closed the door and got into bed. I lay there staring at the ceiling, trying to come to terms with it. The door opened. “Can I come in?” “Yeah.” Jane sat on the bed, her robe was hanging open. “Are you okay? Don’t be feeling guilty. I led you to this.” “I didn’t stop you though, did I?” “Did you want to?” “No.” “Then stop worrying about it,” Jane stood, slipped off her robe and got into bed with me. We cuddled for a while and ended up having sex again before falling asleep. When we got up in the morning, Jane had a message on her phone from Brian. “Jane, Bob, I’m going to be here for longer than expected. You two have a good time. Do as you please. Remember, that’s what friends are for.” Did Brian guess it was going to happen, or did he plan all this? He loves Jane very much and she loves him, but, she a woman who needs sex. I suppose if Brian does know, and I think he does, he knows that it’s his friend who his wife is doing it with and not a stranger. I think he takes some sort of comfort from that. I don’t know for sure, nothing has ever been said, but Jane and I are still lovers. I still live with them. You decide