My black lover

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My black loverAfter one year as a sissy whore and secret wife to my turkish Pascha, I felt the desire to look for a black man. I looked for ads online and put ads online myself. One day I saw an ad from a young black man looking for a crossdresser and wrote him an email. I actually thought I would never hear from him but within a few days I got a reply and two pictures. I couldn’t believe it, he was 28 years old, very tall and slender and very handsome. He wrote he is a musician and that he travels to the city where I live a couple of times a month. He wrote he never had experience with a crossdresser and that he had a girlfriend but he would like to meet. I wrote back that I would love to meet him and that I was only interested in meeting for sex. No small talk, just hot sex. He arrived at my apartment and I could hardly believe my eyes. He was gorgeous. Very tall and athletically built. Very handsome. I asked him what I could offer him to drink and he said whiskey cola. I brought him his drink and set beside him on the sofa. I laid my hand on my pants and felt his cock semi erect. He told me that he wanted me ikonbet giriş to be his sissy bitch.I slid down on my knees in front of him and pulled off his shoes and pants. He had a very big and thick cock. I stoked it and felt it get hard in my hand. I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking it and licking it. He moaned and called me his bitch. “Suck it bitch”, he told me. I sucked it and realized how different a black cock. It was delicious. After sucking his cock for about 10 minutes I asked him if I could lick his balls and suck them. He said yes.I got both his balls in my mouth and I could tell he really liked it. He told me he want to fuck me. I got off the floor and got on all fours on the bed. I put lubricant on my shaved ass. I put a condom on his cock and applied the lubricant on it. He came from behind and put his big hard cock in my ass. I had prepared for this with a dildo before he came but still his cock was bigger and longer. It really hurt but I was determined to be his woman and show him I could take all of him. I wanted to impress him and hope that he would like it enought ikonbet yeni giriş that he would come back to visit me. He fucked me hard and fast from behing and forced me dowm to lay on my stomach and hold my ass up for his cock fucking me. I had learned this from my ex girlfiend. This was her favorite position and it was how I liked to fuck her the most. I imagined this is how it must have felt for her when I fucked her from behing. But he was much bigger me. Laying on my stomach actually allowed his cock to go in deeper and not hurt as much. He increased his speed and I could tell he was close of coming. He laid all his weight on top of me and slowed down to four or five very slow but deep strokes and came. He moaned and I told him “fuck your bitch, put your big cock into my tight white pussy”. He pulled out his cock and I could send the condom was full with his sperm. He took off the condom and set back down on the sofa. I got him another drink and set beside him and very tenderly touched his semi erect cock. I played with it for some minutes and then again started to suck it. ikonbet güvenilirmi I could taste the drops of cum dripping out of his cock. He told me he wanted me to suck his balls again. I knew he liked this the first time I did it. I set on the floor in front of him and sucked his balls, He stroked his cock until it became hard again. He told me” yes bitch, suck my balls”, and jacked his cock. After some minutes he started jerking harder and then he came. His cum ran down his hand and I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth. I then took his cock back into my mouth and started sucking on it very tenderly and enjoying the last drop of his sweet sperm. I then took his hand and sucked on every finger to get every last drop of his cum. His visit lasted for about an hour. He told me he had a very good time and would like to visit me again. After he left I found the condom he had used and saw the big load of sperm in it. I laid on the bed on my back and let his juice slowly flow into my mouth and enjoyed how it felt and tasted in my mouth. An hour later I wrote to him an email and told him that I would glady be his bitch anytime and all he had to do is give me a two hour advance notice and I would be available for him anytime he needed his bitch.We have met many times since then. I love black men. The taste of their skin and cum. I like being used as their bitch and told what to do.