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Subject: My Boss Steve 2 Chapter 3 My Boss Steve 2 Chapter 3 This is part 2 of the story about my boss. It’s based on a real character who I’ve been chatting to after he read one of my other yarns. I hope you enjoy it and if you haven’t already read part 1, I suggest you read that first, though that’s not vital. I’d love to hear what you think of the tale: my email aol The story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Nifty can only continue with donations, so please give any Pounds, Dollars, Yen or Euros etc. that you can. After several minutes, Don got off the bed, “Fancy a cuppa?” He walked over to his chest of drawers, stripped off and then pulled on a pair of small red briefs. “Look Don,” Steve started, “I didn’t mean for that to happen. I mean, hell, I just fucked another guy’s arse!” “Don’t beat yourself up over it mate, it’s what happens when fellas are stuck for female company. Been going on for centuries. Nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not gay are you, and you know I’m not eh” “You don’t seem too bothered though Don. Don’t you mind that you’ve had my dick up you? Are you um, are you bi or something?” Steve stammered. Don thought for a while. “I don’t think of it like that. I just like sex; any kind of sex. Always have.” They drank their tea in silence, Steve trying to process all that had just happened. “C’mon,” Don stood up off the bed, “we need to shower.” They walked to the large shower enclosure, and after Steve had undressed and hung his uniform over a chair, Dom handed him some similar briefs to the ones he was wearing. “Put these on Steve.” “Why would I do that? I need to wash my….”. “I’ll show you. Just a bit of fun, trust me.” “Trust you? Trust you? It was the last `just a bit of fun’ that started all this you sod.” “No, it’ll be good, you’ll see, and anyway, there’s only us here isn’t there.” Steve reluctantly pulled the small, red briefs on. They were made of a shiny nylon and were flimsy and cheap-looking and felt too small. “Right then. Let’s get you in the shower.” Don led the way, turned the water on and checked the temperature. “In you get.” Not knowing what to expect, what all this was about, Steve stepped into the large cubicle and luxuriated in the warm, needle-like spray of the powerful shower. Don followed him in and the two men took it in turns to stand under the shower-head. “I need to take these off and wash myself,” Steve went to pull the now wet garment down. “Hold on.” Don turned the spray away from them and grabbed a can of aerosol shaving foam. He lifted the elastic a little from the front of the leg of the pants that clung tightly to Steve’s body, held the nozzle just underneath kocaeli escort and filled the front of Steve’s pants with the foam. He put the container down and gently massaged the inflated garment, squashing the foam so it was thoroughly distributed over his pal’s cock and bollocks and oozed under his crotch. He pulled the shower head from its holder and starting at his feet, ran the hot spray very slowly up the inside of Steve’s right leg, up over the red fabric just missing the large bulge there, then across the man’s stomach and down the inside of his left leg. It felt nice. Steve relaxed against the tiled wall, resting his head back. “That’s it matey. Just relax and enjoy the feeling.” He re-ran the path of the tiny water jets, this time moving very slightly closer to Steve’s soapy package, so the spray very gently touched the side of his large balls. Steve gasped. The shave foam must have made the skin there ultra sensitive. Down his inner thigh, then oh so slowly up again getting closer to his thickening dick each time. “Oh yes. That’s so good Don.” “I told you you’d like it.” The tickling of the tiny jets was now stimulating his balls with every pass, but maddeningly slowly. Steve’s cock was stiffening and sliding in the slippery foam, moving up to lie across Steve’s hip. The relentless movement of the watery needles now momentarily caressing the underside of his knob, made unbearably sensitive from whatever was in the soapy foam. Finally, Don held the shower head closer and just ran the needle-like jets up and down the other man’s impressively swollen erection, barely contained in the flimsy nylon cloth that seemed to amplify the sensations. “Oh. Oh yes. Don you’re going to make me cum.” Steve once again felt his semen rushing to his aching cock, demanding urgent release. “No you don’t; not yet. I have plans for you my friend. You need a lesson on how to make the most of that amazing asset between your legs. Now finish off washing yourself.” He pulled the briefs down Steve’s legs and off, then did the same with his own. When Steve was dry, he walked into the open-plan room holding his small army-issue towel in front of him. “That felt really good,” he said,” I’m definitely going to try that out when I’m on my own!” Don was standing by the bed finishing off drying himself. “Am I forgiven?” “I’m sorry. I lost it mate,” Steve said guiltily, “it’s just….” “I know. Come here.” Don put his arms around his fellow soldier and pulled him close in a tight hug. “OK?” “Yes OK. Seriously OK. Don, I can’t remember when I was this close to another warm human body.” He felt really emotional now, almost tearful as he pulled himself even closer and rested his head on the stockier man’s shoulder, the tender feeling of another’s skin against his own. kocaeli escort bayan “Is this just two friends being close?” he breathed, unsure of how he should feel. “Yes, Steve my friend. It’s just men being men; supporting each other, helping each other.” The slight feeling of shame, of guilt left him now and he let himself just enjoy the wonderful sensation. The towels had been dropped to the floor a while ago and Steve knew he would not be judged as his penis started to swell and stiffen against the other man’s thigh. Don sat on the bed. “Come here,” he said. Steve stepped up against the edge of the mattress and saw Don, in one swift movement, turn so he was lying on his back on the bed, his head hanging slightly over the edge. His tongue began lapping the underside of Steve’s balls. “Oh mate. Oh. Don, that’s not what I …” He knew he was lost and just gave in to the delight of the intense feeling. “Come on matey-boy. You can make me feel nice too. Just lean over.” It took his brain some moments to realise what was being suggested. “I’m not putting my mouth anywhere near your stinking cock mate,” Steve said firmly. “You know I’m just out of the shower Steve, and I’m doing yours after all. It’s only fair, and it’s just a bit more grow-up fun eh?” Steve looked at the half swollen organ lying on his mate’s stomach, the bulbous head just peeking out from his foreskin, then looked into his eyes. “Go on. It’ll be all right,” Don encouraged. Steve leaned forwards slowly and as he did, he felt warm, moist lips encircle his engorged cock. Up close, all he could smell of the fat penis in front of his face was the faint scent of army issue soap. He lifted the shaft and sliding the foreskin back, gingerly ran his tongue over the part he knew felt nicest on his own knob. The growl he heard in response proved him right, and encouraged, he took the whole dark pink end in his mouth and sucked. It tasted OK and it felt good that he was giving pleasure to his friend who was making him feel so good. He tried to copy what his pal was doing and ran his tongue round the fat knob he was holding tightly in his mouth. “You’d better stop that,” Don said, pulling off Steve and tugging him onto the bed. He turned to lie alongside him and moved up close. “We need to see how slowly you can go now, after that frantic fuck just now.” Steve, unused to this much intense sexual stimulation found that his mind was focussed on one thing only; his need to rut and when Don found the nearby hand cream and gently rubbed it over his heavily engorged dick, he was lost. His most base instincts made him thrust his hips up and down into the slippery hand, but then he felt himself being pushed onto his back and the warm body next to him move to hover over him. “Oh fuck Steve, izmit escort you are such a big boy aren’t you,” his room mate and now `teacher’ breathed above him as Steve felt his tender bell-end penetrate that tight hole once again. He tried desperately to ram it home. “Woah; steady soldier”, his friend said,” we need you to take this slowly. Pretend I’m some tart you picked up. Make me enjoy every single inch of that beast.” “Every inch?” Steve knew now what he had to do. He rolled over so he was towering over the man. “How about every centimetre?” He slid very slowly into the ring of muscle that was gripping him tightly, then stopped. “You want some more? You like that don’t you; my big fat knob sliding up you.” He looked down and saw Don nod. “Yes. Yes please, give me more of your hot prick. Push it in.” Now it seemed, it was Don that was the desperate one, wanting more rapid action, but Steve was a fast learner. “No Don, every centimetre, remember?” He slid very slowly into the warm sleeve of tight muscle as he heard Don gasp and plead for more. “God, you’re one sexy fucker Steve, give it to me you big bastard. Get it all the way up there. Oh. Oh yes.” “Are you feeling every bit of my big fat cock Don? Is my thickness rubbing the right spots?” He was almost all the way in now. He felt his balls brush against his mate’s bum-cheeks and thrust the last inch or so in hard. No decipherable words came from Don in reply, just a whimper and a series of gasps. His eyes looked completely wild. “Just fuck me,” he said when he’d caught his breath, “fuck me hard. You’re doing it for me man,” he panted, “my god that dick feels good.” Steve was feeling good too. It seemed that his size had the ability to please his pal and he intended to make the most of it. He pulled out very slowly and studied the face inches from his own. He saw the glazed eyes and the mouth slightly open, panting, the expression of slightly pained but lustful need; a little shocked at his own intense feelings. He pulled back slowly, enjoying the effect his movement had on the man he was inside. The tight grip on his tool made him want to cum, but he also wanted to make this last; show his lothario mate that he was not completely hopeless at sex. He slid slowly in again, then pulled out, then back in, revelling in the power he felt over the soldier and the apparent ecstasy he was giving him judging by the small sounds he was making and the gasped words. “Steve, Steve, oh, oh. Every movement….., oh fuck Steve….. You’re rubbing just the right…. Oh god…” He carried on the slow movements; in and out, feeling the rubbing, the sounds of the man he was pleasing so much, making it nearly impossible to hold back. Then it was impossible. He lay his whole body on the hot flesh beneath him and hammered his hips fast, thrusting his overheated, over-sensitive dick inside the slippery sheath. He felt his brain close down for the seconds his cock throbbed out the built-up cream as he held still, deep inside his friend.