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Subject: My boy’s boy 37 My Boy’s Boy 37 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: fty/donate.htm This story is fiction. Snippets are from reality with additional kink and dreams of my own added, along with suggestions from readers. I appreciate reader feedback–it’s the only pay we get here, so feel free to email me at derrick1968mwm@. I’m always playing with myself while writing and usually while reading comments as well. Thanks to those who have reacted to these characters and emailed me. Comments from readers are the only pay I get…donations to Nifty are appreciated. Craig’s View Dylan was going to think that I was controlling the dildo during his interview, but he was mistaken. I was shut up in my office doing actual work while he had his interview. Working and knowing what was going on in the office we had made for him was going to have me hornier than ever, but fucking was not paying the bills so work was what I did. But Tom…Tom was going to really enjoy the session with Dylan. The cam was set up so that Tom could hear the interview and work Dylan’s ass remotely with the dildo. I had thought about telling Kevin what was going on, but I hoped he’d discover it on his own and realize what was going on. The element of surprise and discovery would arouse him even more than if he had actually known about it beforehand. I knew that Dylan would be ready as hell for a good fucking after the interview was over and I was going to be ready to work his ass over really good when everything was said and done. There was something about fucking his ass with his cock caged that aroused me. I never really cared if the bottom got hard or not when I fucked him. But knowing that he could not get hard when I fucked him turned me on. Denying him an erection turned me on. Hitting his prostate with my hard cock on every thrust turned me on, but not as much as feeling that tight, smooth, silky hole on my cock. I could feel his ass contract on my dick when his anal orgasm finally hit him. It was like one constant sucking of my cock with his ass as he simply oozed a load out of himself without the throbbing of his dick. It was as if the throbbing of his cock had been replaced with the throbbing of his ass and it felt so fucking good that I drained my cock in his hole better than I had cum in an ass in ages. I could really get used to Dylan milking my dick like this. Tom’s View When Craig told me that he wanted me to fuck Dylan remotely with a dildo, I just about came in my jockstrap. We’d been messaging and he told met that he wanted Dylan to be challenged during the interview. Craig wanted to see if he could really concentrate while a sheath inside his hole was fucking him and rubbing his prostate. Dylan would have his dick caged, so touching himself and getting an erection would be impossible. He would just have the feeling of the dildo inside him. I could hear the entire interview and see Dylan the whole time. I decided to hopefully build him to some sort of climax as the interview progressed and that is exactly what he did. He kept his composure, but I could see from his face that he was enjoying the feeling the dildo was giving on his ass. And there was a second cam Dylan did not know about. One that was pointed right at his dick. That was for me. Craig had no interest in looking at any dick other than his own. But I loved looking at a caged cock, especially while the asshole behind it was getting some attention. I zoomed the camera in and could see a drop of precum forming at the tip of Dylan’s soft cock. The drop looked so delicious glistening at the top of his young dick, his soft young dick. His cock was wiggling istanbul travesti as best it could in the cage. It was twitching as a soft cock sometimes will. I sped up the dildo making it thrust and vibrate against his prostate harder and faster as the interviewer kept asking questions. The drop got bigger and then I noticed it was no longer a drop at the tip of his dick. It was starting a slow flow of clear precum. I listened as Dylan’s voice slightly wavered and turned the dildo up to a higher setting. Dylan maintained his composure but the clear flow increased and I could see a stream of it start to run from the bottom of the cage. His voice wavered more as the interviewer started to ask the follow up questions I knew signified that the interview was wrapping up. I hit the command to put the dildo on the highest setting it had when I sensed the interviewer was about to ask Dylan if he had any questions about the job. I had the image of Dylan’s dick cam on my largest monitor and all the screen showed in high resolution was his caged dick. My own cock was hard in my jockstrap, but I resisted the urge to touch my cock. I did not want to blow my load at this point. I was more aroused than Dylan and my uncaged cock was leaking so much that when I glanced down, I could see that my own pouch was wet. That’s when I noticed Dylan ask his one question and heard his voice really, really waver. Then I saw it. The fluid leaking from Dylan’s dick turned from clear to white. One long stream of thick twentysomething cum oozed from his cock, covered the cage, and made a lovely white stream on it’s way to the puddle under his chair. He was cumming as best he could while his cock was caged. I could hear it in his voice. At that very moment, my own dick started to throb in my jock and for the first time in my own life I had a hands free cum. Fuck! I had cum and cum hard without even touching my dick. When I got my breath back, the interview was over and my soaked jockpouch had leaked a puddle of my own cum on the floor. Just like Dylan had under his seat. I was still horny as hell but based on how wet my jock was, the string of cum still hanging from it and the puddle on the floor, I didn’t see how there could be any cum left in my balls. That was a of a cum, but I couldn’t tell Craig that watching Dylan get dildo fucked had made me cum hands free. But I could tell him that this had been a great idea. Dylan’s View I got the job and Craig had fucked the hell out of me as a reward for the entire process. The email from my new employer told me that I would start in two weeks, but they would send a bunch of links and paperwork via email me for me to use to get ready before I actually started. I was excited and nervous, but at least now I had a job and Craig would be proud of me. Working remotely for a social media company would be a fun challenge. The best thing would be that I could still live with Craig and Dad the entire time. But even though I had cum, the cage had not let me get hard and I was still horny as hell. Craig went back to his office to work until lunch and I decided to go for a run and then shower before lunch. But I was still so fucking horny and my ass still stung from Craig’s spanking. I ran on my usual route around the lake not too far from where we lived. Twenty minutes into my run I realized that I had not taken a piss before I left the house and for some reason the urge hit me really strong. Not many people were running at this time of day and the public restrooms were a distance from me so I decided to just go off into the trees and take a piss and get back on my way. kadıköy travesti There were plenty of spots where no one would easily see me and I would certainly not be the first person to take a leak in these woods. I had just positioned my shorts to where I could relieve myself when I heard a sound coming from a little deeper in the woods. My piss stream had just started and there was no stopping it–I had to go that badly. I looked further into the woods when I saw it: two guys fucking. I could see the top plowing some bottom that was supporting himself up by leaning against a tree. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the scene. I was drawn to look at the fucking, but there was not much left to see and the top didn’t pull out all the way when he fucked the bottom. He wanted his cock in that hole and just kept ramming himself into the guy’s ass. It was apparent the breeding was getting close. They must have been at it a while as I saw the top make one hard thrust and grunt while keeping his dick buried in the guy’s hole. I continued to piss as best I could through the cage while my dick was trying to get hard at the same time. That’s when it happened. The top made eye contact with me as he pulled out of the guy’s hole. He saw me looking at them. He was about the same size and build as Craig, but a little bit younger. He smiled when he pulled his cock out and shook it and then slapped it on the bottom’s cummy hole. Then he turned and faced me and shook his cock at me and smiled even more. I had to keep pissing as I couldn’t stop pissing and I couldn’t stop watching. The guy put his stiff dick back in his shorts and spanked the bottom on the ass, saying something I could not quite hear. The top walked towards me and as he passed, said “nice cage bitch boy. Maybe you should run here more often, you might get something besides some exercise.” He smiled again, walking right past me and went back to running on the path. As I drained the last piss from my bladder, I realized what he meant. He wanted to fuck me. I was now more horny than ever. I finished my run and headed back to the house to shower before lunch. I had just stripped for my shower when Craig entered the bathroom. “Get on your knees. I have to piss.” There was no debating with Craig. I got on my knees. I had heard of guys who like pissing on guys, but Craig? Craig was into pissing in guys. I opened my mouth and put half his dick inside it. The steam was hard and it seemed like it took him forever to finish his piss. I drank every drop he had. He must have been inhaling the ice tea Dad was always making for him. No wonder he always had so much piss. “Good boy. Now go take your shower. And remember, you don’t get fucked by anyone without my approval. You may be a whore, but you are my whore. Is that understood?” I meekly answered “yes” and got in the shower. Fuck? Craig could not have known that I saw two guys fucking on my run and that the top apparently wanted to fuck my ass sometime as well. I washed off the sweat of from my run and quickly got out of the shower. There was probably an email or two from my new employer and I wanted to make certain I kept on top of all the new responsibilities I would have at work. And I still did not know if Craig had been the guy controlling the dildo during my interview or not. Being virtually dildo fucked by someone I did not know just turned me on more than ever. But I realized as I dried off that Craig had to have known about it. He might not have known about the guy I met on my run, but the dildo scenario was pure Craig. Kevin’s View I was proud of Dylan for getting that job. I knew bakırköy travesti that Craig probably had a hand in it, but he wouldn’t have gotten Dylan into something that he could not handle. And I was so turned on watching Dylan get fucked by that dildo during the interview. I don’t think I could have held my composure that well with something vibrating in my ass. It was hot to watch him be tortured in that way. And watching Craig fuck him afterwards was an additional treat. I was getting everyone’s lunch ready when Craig entered the kitchen. “Your son just drank my piss Kevin. He’s such a fucking good piss drinker. I may never piss anywhere but a mouth or an ass ever again. But he needed a shower and the feel of his warm mouth on my dick got me horny as hell.” I knew better than to suggest which of my holes Craig should use. Instead I just kissed him right on the lips. That was my way of submitting to him without telling him where he should put his dick. My only response was “You’re always horny.” “Only horny so much because I live with this hot man and his son who are both hot submissive bottoms,” was his response. He pushed me to my knees, gently but firmly. I knew what he wanted. He’s already fucked once this morning which meant that he wanted a slow blowjob to build up the rest of the cum in his balls and drain him so he could work in the afternoon. Craig leaned against the wall and I moved so I could take him in my mouth. He tasted like Dylan’s ass. My cock sprang to a steel-like hardon knowing that the last person to service this cock was my son. I put Craig’s cock entirely in my mouth and worked to get all the taste of Dylan off it for myself. I then teased the head by just sucking it. Craig moaned and I took all of him in my mouth. He made one thrust and I backed off and let his stiff member be exposed to the air where I could look at it and lust after it. I would have to pace Craig and this was the way to do it. “Suck it bitch. Put it back in your mouth where it belongs.” I wanted just a few seconds. I knew that Craig really didn’t want to be in my mouth immediately. He wanted to delay the orgasm. He wanted to ride the high of feeling like the cum was going to happen at any minute. “Suck that fucking thing Kevin. Put it back in your mouth bitch.” I could tell from the tone of his voice that he really wanted me to wait just a bit longer and that he really didn’t want to cum right away. I’d sucked off Craig enough times that I knew how to read his voice and his reactions. He would call me a fucking faggot whore bitch while I was edging him. He would occasionally almost beg for an orgasm, but I knew not to let it happen too soon. Teasing him and edging him was what he wanted from me. Craig liked it when his dick was hard and getting attention. He liked his stiff dick jutting away from his body. He loved being aroused and on the edge of an orgasm. I knew this and I was going to give it to him. A half an hour later, Craig grabbed the nipple clamps from the counter and placed them on his nipples while I was giving him a few second break from the sloppy long blowjob. I took all of him in my mouth, squeezed on his cock and massaged the underside of his cock with my tongue. He moaned that moan that I loved to hear and when I heard it, my own cock started to shoot in my jockstrap. Then I made the final move as my mouth worked his cock over. I pulled on the chain between the nipple clamps. I pulled hard. Craig let out a guttural growl from the pain and his cock let out a monstrous amount of cum into my mouth. I wasn’t going to be hungry for lunch. Readers are encouraged to give me a shoutout ail, even if it’s just to let me know you want to see the series continue. That’s the only way I know people are reading. We’ve got more hot sessions planned for these characters, but love to know if these guys and their exploits are resonating with readers.