My cousin

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My cousinMy younger cousin (let’s call her josie ) and I were playingAnd we started wrestling for some odd reason and I felt her tits They weren’t that big but I could still fondle them Anyway she was staying the night and there weren’tEnough beds so my cousin and I said we would sleep downstairsSo we were setting the covers against the sofa and then she Said halkalı escort she was going to get changed when she came back she had reallyShort shorts on and a really baggy sleeveless topWhilst we were wrestling she leapt out and I could see In her top she was wearing no bra which got me hard real fastAnd she stopped and said what’s in ur shorts ? And I said istanbul escort nothingThen she crawled over looking like a slut and touched my dick Suddenly someone upstairs shouted we were to go to sleepWhich we started to do until she came over to me and started whisperingIn my ear she saidI know what it was And then stuck her hands down my shorts,I was beylikdüzü escort throbbing And she could feel it she pulled down my shorts and starting rubbing my dickShe started sucking and I started moaning really quietly and I said I’m going to cumBut she kept goingI shot my whole load into her and she just swallowed itI started fingering her but we didn’t want to risk anything so we Finished by kissing goodnight and I could taste the cum in herWe both lay naked and started sleeping with her legs wrapped around my legs and cockThat’s my story please rate it and comment on it Thanks